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It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

h/t Kenny

Public Psychosis Department:

(Diversity Navy via WaPoo) A biological female who transitioned to become a male is experiencing the other side of the gender coin, and is being accused of committing what feminists allege are male behavior sins.
“I was an outspoken radical feminist,” before transitioning, 52-year-old San Diego resident Zander Keig told The Washington Post Friday.
Keig now works as a clinical social work case manager at San Diego’s Naval Medical Center. She started transitioning in 2005.
She told WaPo that she was encouraged to speak up loudly and often when she was a woman, but now that she looks like and identifies as a man, she gets accused of “mansplaining,” “taking up too much space” or “asserting my white male heterosexual privilege,” by outspoken feminists like her former self.

Sorry Snowflakes: It doesn't matter if you take buckets full of hormones, or even have a surgeon do an addadicktomy, you're never going to "transition" to being a man. She's a male like Rachel Dolezal is black, or Elizabeth Warren is Indian: it's merely a form of untreated psychosis.

"Hello, Cultural Appropriation Police? I'd like to report a crime..."

It's a free country; you can even deny reality.
You just don't get to avoid the consequences of denying reality. Which, in this case, is her feminazi friends not liking her, because her denial cuts into their fantasies, and steps on their toes.

The question of her sex was settled for this loudmouthed whackjob 53 years ago, in the womb.

That reality is harsh, but it's always fair. She can claim any one of 57 genders she wants, but she doesn't get to lay off her personality disorders and rampant psychosis on the one thing she knows nothing about, firsthand: the male sex.

So even though she doesn't really have one, she's just guilty of being a dick.

And now she's finding out the hard way it's also not nice to try to fool Mother Nature.

Somebody should tell her to transition back: loudmouth pushy androgynous women are about as rare as white on rice, in most cities, especially in 'Dago. Even more so on board a Navy base. She'll fit in just fine there. If it makes her feel better, she can even still dress like a grown-up tomboy, and no one will care.

They'll just have to deal with the reality that she's really just an ugly overbearing butch lesbian, rather than a dude, and she'll have to take responsibility for her own actions, instead of trying to blame her attempted adopted gender.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Wakanda Is Real

Wakanda is real.
Don't go to South Africa, or South Central, if you have no business there.
True since 1965.

Color me shocked.

“LAPD advised our on the ground leadership that LAPD could not guarantee the safety of any protesters, and strongly advised that the protest not be held because of the danger.  LAPD added that if a riot occurred, and we were attacked, the LAPD officers would withdraw and we would be on our own.   
Given the high likelihood of lethal force violence (steel pipes and baseball bats to the head are clearly lethal force), and out of concern for the safety of other peaceful protesters such as the MAGA Girls, our advance team leader, Johnny Itliong, made the decision to cancel the protest.”  – Stewart Rhodes
(LOS ANGELES) –  Exercising your 1st Amendment rights is fine with the radical left, as long as your point of view mirrors theirs. 
If it doesn’t, you may be struck in the face with a bicycle lock, or have a brick tossed at your head in the name of fighting fascism.
Recently, California Democrat Maxine Waters proclaimed that she fears “armed protests” from members of the Oath Keepers , a non-partisan group with chapters nationwide.
Before the peaceful protest even began, members of Oath Keepers were threatened with physical violence and faced the scenario of facing counter-protesters who were armed with bats and lead pipes.The kicker, the LA Police informed the more peaceful of the two groups, Oath Keepers, that they could not guarantee their protection.
Told ya so.

Word to your mother: NO police agency can guarantee anyone's protection. It's not their job to be lifeguards for those of you in the shallow end of the gene pool. At best, they'll try and keep things civil, but when you throw on your meat suit and do a cannonball into the shark pool after pouring in a few buckets of fish blood, you're on your own...Chum.

If this is news to you, get back on the short bus, and go back to sampling the flavor of the windows.

Keep your stupid @$$tards out of the 'hood, and stop playing dumbass street theater games in places you don't belong, shouldn't play, and have no chance of doing anything but embarrassing yourselves. Exactly like you did.

And if you're such f###ing rank amateurs at this sort of thing that you couldn't figure this out before stomping all over your own dicks with baseball cleats by announcing the protest first, then doing some basic research, and then publicly having to chickenshit-cancel because you were overcome by hubris and near-terminal stupid, until some bare modicum of common sense belatedly kicked in, you're not tall enough for this ride, and should seek some adult supervision, immediately. "Ready! Fire! Aim!" hasn't worked as a strategy since the Chinese invented gunpowder.

+1 point for belatedly having a moment of clarity, -50 points for being such stupid f##ks you announced the idea in public in the first place. Minus another 50 points, because you had a week or two between Mad Maxine's Meltdown and your announcement to do some due diligence before even thinking about announcing this sort of jackassery.

Well played, Oaf Keepers. ROWYBS. This is why we can't have nice things.

Maybe next time, talk to your "on the ground leadership" before walking out in public with your heads that far up your fourth point of contact.

Just a thought.

I only mention it because the light in my refrigerator is brighter than this.

Good News, Bad News

Another Left Wing Success Story, Right There

I have to admit to a guilty pleasure following the tulipomania surrounding the current candidacy of Evita Guevara-Castro, current room-temperature-IQ darling of the people that brought every disaster to befall this republic in the last 116 years.
Democrats' knee-jerk line is always that Republicans/conservatives are stupid.
"Goldwater was dangerous and stupid."
"Nixon was evil, dangerous, and stupid."
"Reagan was stupid and dangerous."
"Bush (41) was stupid, evil, and dangerous."
"Dubbya was stupid, dangerous, and evil. Oh, and really stupid."
"Trump is stupid, evil, and dangerous."
It's really the only card in their hand when dealing with conservatives.
I'm thinking that says more about Leftards' self-projections and delusions than about objective reality. But I'm not a psychiatrist.
Leftards, on the other hand, as the name implies, are only called stupid by the Right because of two things:
1) what they say, and
2) what they do.
Now, let's be fair, there have to be some smart liberals, somewhere.
I'm saying this based on statistical averages, not any actual evidence.
Because all I can think of is the wit and wisdom of Chuck U Schumer. Dianne Fineswine. Al Frankenstein. Nancy Pelosi. Babs Boxer. Jerry Moonbeam Brown. Mad Maxine Waters. Charlie Rangel. Keith Ellison. Stupid Hall-of-Famers Joe Biden, and of course Al Gore.
(The moment, between election and inauguration, where criminal-elects Gore, Fat Bill, and Shrillary were on a tour of Monticello televised on C-SPAN, and Algore looks up at the busts of Washington, Franklin, etc., in Jefferson's study, and he asks "Who are those people?" as Clinton all but face-palms himself over Gore's incredible stupidity, was pure comedy gold. And almost permanently memory-holed in about 0.2 seconds, except for one guy.)
Stuff like that is why Brilliant Democrats is in the Top Ten of World's Thinnest Books.
Ms. Ocarina-Piñata is right in line with that rich tradition, stumbling over basic answers to softball questions on statements she made in the first place last week on NPR's Firing Line (which, fortunately for her, not even Bronx Democrat voters probably watch, ever.) Her rookie mistake, when she was sincerely and politely asked by a socialism-friendly interviewer to clarify her babbling incoherency, was to actually attempt an answer.
Bill Clinton would have molested the interviewer, Biden would have groped her after a hilarious malaprops, Shrillary would have fallen on her face and blamed the faulty chair and some obscure film on YouTube, and Pelosi would simply have given the most sincere impression of having a stroke as anything since her last televised press conference.
Instead, Ms. Obrador Chavez-Maduro chose to brazen it out using raw honesty, and after nearly choking on her tongue and stammering for a minute or two, cheerfully announced she didn't know sh*t from shineola, because in the immortal words of Gwen Stefani, "I'm just a girl!"
To be fair, when asked why unemployment was so low, she savaged President Trump by sagely noting that it was because "most people have two jobs." For a socialist, this is perspicacity that's off the charts. As someone unlettered in economics, especially from the likes of Boston University, I was under the impression that people having jobs is the exact defintion of low unemployment. In other news from the frontiers of economics, hunger is down too, because most people eat three meals a day.
And though the camera can lie - by only telling part of the story where it's aimed, and hiding everything behind it - this interview is one of those times when television shows you everything, painfully, if not actually showing too much. Watching her verbal paroxysms as she struggles to make a coherent point, and fails over and over, one cannot but realize that Ms. Acapulco-Paella is not only manifestly unqualified for Congress, or even to be merely a congressional page, but must also inevitably confront the clear truth that even when she was only bar-tending, she was probably still fathoms beyond her depth.
Despite her demonstrable affirmative-action graduation from a supposedly prestigious university, and making the rounds of the Usual Suspects' lib-whoring shill platforms with the harpy crones on The Spew, and on Colbert's late-night unhinged whinging rant-fest, solely due to her professed and unabashed love of a form of government that would round those same hosts up and throw them all in gulags (and has!), just being that blisteringly stupid is not necessarily an absolute bar to winning a congressional seat, even for such mental ciphers as Ms. Che Avocado-Salsa. But speaking of bars, her sole employment success to this point, a mere seven years after graduating college, after squandering a couple of hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer-provided money - which is definitely great job experience for any potential congressweasel - is what gives me the greatest hope for the future of America.
That best argument for the robust survival and certain triumph of capitalism over socialism, is that even in 90% liberal NYFC, adopted land of her upstate suburbia carpetbagging  candidacy, no one in a position to hire people would put this babbling brainless twit in charge of anything more difficult to operate than a beer tap, in her pitifully few years since she attained legal majority.
Without affirmative action, and the optimistic forbearance of the committee in 1787 that thought 25 years of age was old enough to serve a term in the House of Representatives, she'd be cleaning houses with her mom, and probably not even doing it as well as mama does, instead of having nothing else to fall back on except Congress.
 And surely there must be some federal job she's better qualified for than one of the 545 positions total, as an actual Decider and policy-maker for the republic, in a nation of over 300,000,000 souls. All I'm saying is, there are dozens of VA hospitals, for instance, where her janitorial cleaning abilities and mental talents would be a much better match. Maybe even a McDonald's on a military base where there's a vacancy running the register at the drive-thru window, and she could use her formidable prior talents with the choices narrowed down to three sizes and a dozen drink options. But if the bar for getting into Congress, even for dim-witted Democrats, is going to be just being young and latina, couldn't you guys try going for smarter, more talented, more accomplished in life, and even prettier, by nominating Shakira, Jessica Alba, Jordana Brewster, or Penelope Cruz?
Just saying.
But hey, NYFC liberals, thanks so much for the laughs.
If you didn't want politics to be this funny, you wouldn't keep sending in the clowns, right?

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Saturday Leftover Puttering

Some baked at home, and the rest stolen from around the internetz...



Friday, July 20, 2018

Happy Peak Of Western Civilization Day

Forty-nine years ago today, and just a few hours from now, is the exact anniversary of when 50,000 steely-eyed missile men, crew-cutted geeks with pocket protectors, test pilots, fighter pilots, and hundreds of metric tons of raw testosterone kicked the rest of the world's ass right to the bottom of the heap, going back to the dawn of time, from the moment that Eagle landed, to when this guy's foot stepped off the LEM ladder.

Neil Armstrong, ace X-15 test pilot, and mission commander of Apollo XI, became the first man from earth to ever set foot on the Moon, and if and until we ever get people to Mars, he put every explorer in history, and even every guy to follow, below him on what Tom Wolfe correctly called "the top of the pyramid."

He was there because he and his sidekick, lunar module pilot, and outside-the-box revolutionary thinker Buzz Aldrin

had managed to land the lunar module manually*, off course, and with mere seconds remaining for landing before a crash-tastrophe, because you don't fly 250,000 miles to puss out at the last 12 seconds, just for such piddling concerns as running out of fuel.

Meanwhile, as command module pilot Michael Collins

was searching the Moon's surface from lunar orbit to spot whereinhell (or rather, the Sea Of Tranquility) Eagle had actually landed, Armstrong and Aldrin were running through checklists and getting ready for the culmination of the combined effort of tens of thousands of people at NASA (back when they had a purpose, and a clue) and hundreds of thousands of contractors and subcontractors, accomplished to make the trip possible, less than a decade from Kennedy's speech promising we'd do it.

Because that's what Americans do.

There are countries that use the metric system, and those that have landed on the Moon.

It wasn't until 8 years later, with the lackluster premiere of uber-mediocre science fiction government conspiracy trope film Capricorn One in 1977 (James Brolin and O.J. Simpson as heroes in that movie should have been the tip-off there), after the moon landings had all concluded, that any one of countless hordes of fruitcakes started seriously espousing the idea that we'd somehow magically faked the landings, necessarily including hundreds of thousands of people, from NASA, to the Russians, to every country with a radar, as being somehow "in" on the hokey asstardian imaginary conspiracy suggested, and all agreeing to STFU about it. Until it was cleverly revealed by people showing how they did it, using special effects and video technology completely unavailable anywhere in 1969. Well played, lunatards.
Occam's Razor alone slashes the throat of that nonsense, but some of these former alien seekers, bigfoot hunters, and Loch Ness monster fisherman still cling to their flat-earth retarded psychosis, despite the fact that people were regularly bouncing laser beams off the reflectors placed there in during the Apollo missions to prove the lie of such nonsense,

and the mental illness persists today despite even recent high-res fly-by photography of the lunar surface that has photographed the sites of all the lunar missions, including spotting the astronauts' footprint tracks and the tire ruts from the buggy explorations of later flights, and spotting the pieces of our space leftovers from altitude, right where they're supposed to be.
Because, as news to the previous America-hating president, we built that.

But you can't argue mentally defective lunatics out of a position with reason and logic when they didn't use that to get there in the first place.

The inescapable truth, for those sane enough not to fart simply to smell their own tailwinds, is that we went there, as the only nation that could, and the one that did, and the glory of that belongs to those who did it, for all time.

America haters at home and abroad: This is what it looks like when patriotic geeks
 cut loose and freak out. So you losers can suck it.

But on the day, that summer Sunday afternoon in 1969, when Armstrong stepped out the door to rendezvous with destiny, there wasn't one single car on the streets, anywhere. I was there, and I went outside, and I saw it with my own eyes, kids, from a house just up the street from where Rocketdyne made the Saturn V engines that took us there, again and again. 
Nothing outside moving, anywhere. Not. One. Single. Person.

Every single human on the planet with access to one was huddled in front of black-and-white or color TVs, back when TV had those choices, and each holding their breath waiting for the moment that the cream of 1969 video technology broadcast the shadowy moment to the waiting world.

Not Adidas. Or Nike. But totally made in America, baby.

Of the only twelve men who've ever walked on the Moon, only four remain alive today, including Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong passed away at age 82, nearly six years ago.

But they, the other astronauts (and even cosmonauts) who made it possible, and the other men and women who built the machines and the systems that allowed us to conquer space and take our first steps on another spinning orb, deserve the eternal glory and thanks of the entire world, both that was and that is, for fulfilling such a primal urge, and manifesting the best and brightest of human destiny.

We need to go to Mars, and beyond that, because that's what we were made to do.
We plan, we measure, and we accomplish, because we have minds to think, imaginations to soar, and dreams to fulfill, always beyond that next horizon.
And we're only at our best when we're doing just exactly that.

We came in peace for all mankind.

*{My thanks to Ian for the clarification in comments. -A.}

Public Domain, Folks

h/t Cold Fury

Text source: Ace Of Spades, by way of Mike.
(If I'd found a pic with Sen. Brain Tumor McCrazy in that lineup, he'd be in that rogue's gallery as well. But we can only work with what we've got.)

But wait, there's more!

Because they have a long memory, a short temper, and a low IQ.
Pretty much like all two year-olds.

Retire To Your Fainting Couch, Mr. Pussyhat

h/t Bayou Renaissance Man

It seems all this frightful broad-shouldered willingness to ignore the whinging of the Lunatard Left, and throw fireballs in reply, has upset another small dog best left on the porch of the GOPe.

Exhibit A:

Think about that. We’re being divided into two camps of increasingly insane and angry people because of hysteria surrounding an issue nobody even cares about. As usual, we can thank mass media for turning this topic into its singular obsession as well as promoting an environment of cultural insanity and stupidity.

As a result, people aren’t having intelligent conversations with one another. They’re just yelling at each other. The dialogue feels more like a political hunger games where people see everything as a linguistic competition of kill or be killed. Language itself has become debased as individuals try to one up each other with name calling and hyperbole. Demonizing and dehumanizing the other side appears to be the primary goal, which will only lead to a very bad place if we don’t take a collective deep breath.

. . .

A major problem with today’s charged political environment is too many people have become too attached to outcomes. Whether that outcome is removing Trump from office, or reelecting him. If you’ll do anything to achieve your goals, anything to grab power, or deploy any tactics to prove your point then you will become the monsters you claim to be fighting.

Well, heavens to Betsy, and pardon us all to Hell, Mr. Pussyhat.

As Det. John McClane sagely observed, "Welcome to the party, pal!"

"If you'll do anything to achieve your goals, anything to grab power, or deploy any tactics to prove your point then you will become the monsters you claim to be fighting  effective, and immune to the made-up taunts of the junior high school-level Mean Girls on the other side, and the handkerchief-sniffing pollyannas from NeverTrump, Inc., after years of stupidly knee-jerk following Marquess of Queensbury Rules, while the other side has been allowed cost-free and unilaterally the sort of lopping-off-heads rhetoric, both metaphorically and actually, that very nearly cost us the House Majority Whip just a few months ago."

FIFY, Krieger, you Cowardly Lion of Faux-Conservative Fecklessness.

If all that causes you the need to retire to the fainting couch, push George Will and Max Boot off it, and have a quiet nap. Maybe put on your footie pajamas, and have some warm cocoa, while mommie tells you soothing stories about the wonders of diversity, the charm of single-payer healthcare, and amnesty for DACA dreamers,

instead of nightmare stories about what happens to missionaries practicing civility in the face of bloodthirsty savage headhunters.

Good lucking blowing out the fire, and resolving to taste bad.

Meanwhile, actual grown-ups are fighting fire with fire here, and since it's escaped your notice, it's working beyond anyone's wildest dreams, thankyouverymuch. This is why football players wear pads and helmets, and cheerleaders wear short skirts and shake their pom-poms. So either gear up, or keep shaving your legs and stay on the sidelines, sweetheart. I played center, which might explain a wee bit of the difference between my way of looking at things, and yours.

If that makes me the insane, angry monster in the nightmares of the likes of Michael Krieger and the GOPe Cowardly Lion Pussyhat Cotillion, my only response is "Boo!"

AFAIK, the Revolution will not be fought while wearing lace gloves, with pinkies properly extended, and the demitasse spoon placed precisely 1 inch out from the center of the saucer at a 45° angle.
You might want to make a note of that.
But for those worried about which finger to extend for the Unpleasantness, this lad's got a far better grasp on it than the author of that vapor-smelling swill:
Now get out of my sight, Puke, and go change your panties. I think you've soiled yourself.
God, how we miss this man.

When Stupid People Breed: Lesson #2,018

h/t Cold Fury

Mike's got some thoughts over the newest Mad Maxine meltdown, this latest her deranged whinging over word that the Oath Keepers are going to politely picket outside her South Central L.A. district congressional office at some point soon.

Rep. Maxine Waters warned supporters on Wednesday of potential “armed protests” against her after an extremist group called for ongoing demonstrations outside her office in Los Angeles.
In a lengthy statement issued late Wednesday, Waters, D-Calif., said she’d been notified about forthcoming protests by the Oath Keepers, which she described as “an anti-government militia” that’s staged armed protests in cities across the country.
She warned her supporters against being “baited” into counter-demonstrations or confrontations with the organization, which she said has a track record of “violent and provocative behavior.”
 "You want to defeat arrogant, fascist Lefty scum, be they the violent Antifa IRA-analog or the Democrat-Socialist Party’s Sinn Fein? This is how you do it: you use their own rules against them, up to the very fucking limit and beyond. You cram a triple helping of their own bullshit right down their throats, until they’re choking, gagging, and begging you to stop.
Like it or not, that’s how it’s done. That’s the Chicago Way."

Um, actually, the Chicago Way is exactly what this is not.
This is merely polite civil protest, which is everything the Leftards quite pointedly are not up to. (And pay attention: even Mad Maxine and ABCNNBCBS both pointedly noted "possible" armed protest, which weasel word gets them out of open and demonstrably false accusations in libel court.)

So if we’re going to be clear, the Chicago Way would be doing exactly what full-throated Chavista Mad Maxine accused the Oaf-Keepers of doing: going to protest her at her offices, while heavily armed (which violates both state and local laws.)

Like Mad Maxine’s communist heroes, the Black Panthers, used to do, which is why laws banning open firearms carry were passed in most of populated CA in the 1960s.
(Then hammered home most everywhere else by the antics of the Open Carry fucktards a couple of years back, taking the right away damn near everywhere in public unless you're on your own premises, or at the shooting range, or hunting, or legally defending yourself, if you're one of the precious chosen few with a CA CCW, are one of the Only Ones, or live in one of the sparsely populated free counties hereabouts where CCWs aren't quite as hard to come by as moon rocks or solid gold Aztec religious idols.)

The East Coast Dignity Battalions of her spiritual children/thugistas have already harassed people in public, at dinner, and in private at home at all hours.
The Chicago Way would be follow her people home, to throw rocks through their living room and bedroom windows, and at any establishment they patronize.

They’ve shot up a softball game full of Republican congressmen.
The Chicago Way would be to kill some Democrat congressmen.

Nota bene, I’m not advocating any of that, especially since they’re all illegal, and advocating that last would be a violation of federal law, and trigger a federal investigation, (except, as we’ve seen, when senile communists representing the Dindus of Souf Central do it on national press conferences).

But I just want us to be clear on terms, and what the Chicago Way is, and isn’t.
Connery was pretty clear on the rules in that clip.

What is going to happen outside her office is waste-of-time street theater on hostile territory, in the wrong neighborhood, where the LAPD will studiously look the other way if the protesters are attacked, while arresting them if they so much as jaywalk or drop a gum wrapper on the sidewalk.

It is, in short, a stupid, pointless, and criminally negligent waste of time.

There are better and saucier ways to make a point, all within the law, and none of them so Casper Milquetoast as waddling around the offices Mad Maxine never visits, to stage a rally the MSM will never report on, and do nothing but annoy the local folks and provide a juicy target for hoodrats and her minions to exploit.

(Low-hanging fruit: Mad Maxine has a spendy mansion in Brentwood, twenty miles outside her district. Probably also a DC home, since she's been there for effing ever. Does she have weapons either place? What about anyone in her family, or on her staff?
I ask, because all those red-flag laws would seem to indicate that concerned citizens have now heard her publicly threaten to stalk and harass people, including government officials. This is the sort of reason to call the police, note her clear mental imbalance and criminal intent, and demand, loudly and publicly, that any weapons in her possession, or within her household, in any locale she may inhabit, be pro-actively confiscated pending due process, including a public sanity trial, for the safety of both communities. Right?? And where are the WANTED: posters, describing her multiple crimes in her original incitement, and why aren't they carpeting every flat surface in her congressional district right now, including bus benches and billboards? Does Sabo have to do everything for you people?
So, whiz kids from anywhere, including Oaf Keepers, who's on THAT case? Hmmmmmm??

And speaking of low-hanging fruit, people lost their minds when a banana peel was otherwise-harmlessly discarded outside some segregated black frat at some liberal indoctrination center, IIRC. If entire piles of them aren't turning up everywhere Mad Maxine goes, lives, and works, 24/7/365 until she finally retires or terminally strokes out, well, some folks aren't thinking very hard.)

But going down to the 'Hood legally disarmed, and under Marquess of Queensbury Rules, is stupid, not confrontational. Sticking your head in the lion’s mouth may look badass, right up until the lion pride goes all Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger on you.

We’ve tried even less than that in the past, to no effect whatsoever, but if this is the best that Oaf-Keepers could come up with after two weeks’ careful deliberation since her public meltdown, they need to go sit down, and have that other think they’ve still got coming.

This idea is almost as well-planned and likely to succeed as the Children’s Crusade was, circa 1212 A.D.

If they cancel now, they’re smart but already look stupid for announcing it in the first place.
If they go, they’re prize-winning idiots, and when you play stupid games, you’re liable to win stupid prizes.

This is the definition of lose-lose warfare, conceived of by people who haven’t the first effing clue what they’re about, since ever, as far as I can tell.

Stay well away, and wait for the YouTube videos of them getting their @$$#$ handed to them at worst, or being totally ignored and ineffectual, at best.

Jeez, didn’t these not-so-smart-bombs pay attention to Malheur, or Charlottesville?!?
What does it take to beat the stupid out of some folks?

Wait and see.

The Chicago Way?

"What are you prepared to do?"
"Everything within the law."
"And then what are you prepared to do??"

Do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that?
If not, get back on the porch. And stop trying to be bad-asses on the cheap.
That's just a recipe for putting your dentist's kids through college. If you're lucky.

No offense to Mike, but whoever does event planning for Oaf Keepers ate too many lead paint chips as a kid. And if Oaf Keepers, or anyone else on the right, are so starved for action that this sort of deliberate idiocy looks like a good idea, we still have too many idiots to weed out yet.

But in every clash, Darwin will have his sacrifices, one way or the other.
Don't be one.

And don't forget another timeless maxim of warfare:

If I were unfortunate enough to live in Mad Maxine's district, sure, I'd harass her (but as outlined above, and not by either picketing in the hood outside her piddling office, or fomenting open warfare).

But at the same time, I'd encourage the RNC to pay for her press conferences, and stump for getting her more on-air time. The more of her the rest of the country sees, the easier they'll have it come November. She and Pelosi are worth twenty seats, and if Mad Maxine didn't actually exist in full foaming-at-the-mouth rabid moonbat fashion, we should invent her.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Plan B Is Coming, Whether You Want It Ot Not


Reply to Tuesday's post, presumably from a serving BP agent:

"The problem is that we (yes, we) don't have enough manpower in the field. We have so many people assigned to details (other assignments) and processing, that there are not enough agents working the field. There are stations and areas (we call them zones) which are totally open. On some shifts, there may be only 2 or 3 agents patrolling up to 12 to 20 miles of border. More agents are inside buildings processing or taking care of the family units and unaccompanied minors. Whenever family units show up, that takes the manpower away from patrolling other areas, which the smugglers use to cross the traffic that they really want to get away. You could have a station with over 400 or more assigned agents only assigning 15 agents to patrol their area of the border. The worst feeling in the world is hearing the radio call out a smuggling vehicle loading up aliens, and there being no agents available to intercept that vehicle. So those aliens are just called gottaways.  
Not all areas require relief, that is, you dont have to wait for the next shift to arrive before you leave. Some areas do require you to wait for your relief to arrive before you leave.
The problems arise when you have a smuggling case or an alien gets hurt. The agent assigned to work those duties (work the case or go to the hospital to babysit the alien) always gets taken from the field, not from the processing duties. What could solve this? Fire most of the management. Change the culture. Make the all areas wait until relief shows up. I'd actually be ok with that if there were enough agents assigned to ensure relief for every agent in the field.  

As for the numbers being wrong, everyone knows that. BP numbers show a very large percentage of apprehensions, but there are not enough agents out there to count the "gottaways". That has been reported to OIG and other agencies who monitor CBP, but nothing ever happens. There are a lot of people getting away, along with a lot of narcotics, and who knows what else. So, in the end, you are correct in being upset and thinking that the system sucks. If you want to fix the problem, fire most upper management, and bring in new blood. As for the sleepers, that is not acceptable. But most of the new guys who come in are taking this as a job, not as a calling. So, we need a total culture reset. Nice article."
You're welcome.
My response was too long for a reply in Comments, so you get this post instead:

You can explain all you want; last I looked, the length and boundaries of the border with Mexico was a known quantity since the finalization of the Gadsden Purchase of 1854, which is why there are actual physical monuments along it every mile from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific, while the Border Patrol has doubled and then tripled in size in just the last decade or two, so it's not like suddenly someone in DC woke up and said "Holy shit, there's 2000 miles of border to watch, we need more agents!"

You, as an agency, aren't "patrolling" it now, you weren't then, and the reason is that no matter if you were budgeted for 2,000,000 agents instead of the current 45,000, management would still put 1,999,000 of them on desk duty, roadblocks, babysitting, or some other horseshit make-work or dog-and-pony show, and claim it was an effort to "focus resources where they were needed", instead of y'know, actually sending most of you out to do your goddam jobs.

Resources will be misallocated by deliberate mismanagement to eliminate doing 90% of the job, forever, both because they can, and because by doing otherwise the problem would end, then shrink to a miniscule fraction of what it is now, funding would stabilize, and cartel bribes would decrease prodigiously. And we can't be breaking anyone's rice bowl.

I feel for you, being apparently one of the approximately 33% of agents who probably still gives a shit, most days. Whenever I met a guy with sweatstains in his cowboy hat he didn't get from sitting in an air-conditioned office all day, I knew I found a good one, far better than the average, but they were only a fraction of the whole bunch, even on the best days.
But another third are just there for the paycheck.
And the third after that are either totally corrupt bought-and-paid-for cartel tools, incredibly mind-numbingly incompetent, or in most cases, both, to the extreme.
The latter third are generally earmarked for supervisory slots in all bureaucracies.

The manpower available right now could shut the whole thing down 24/7/365, if those in charge of the agency, or their federal overlords, wanted it so, but it hasn't happened, so the inescapable conclusion is that simply TPTB don't want that to happen, ever.

I helped shut down 6 miles of border, drum-tight, with just 3-4 guys, for several years, and all that required was an agent or two in a dog-catcher van to come out occasionally and pick up the trash. Not leaving a post until you're replaced has been the standard of performance since Caesar's legions from 200 B.C., so not doing it everywhere and claiming it's too hard in 2018 is simply b.s. If the penalty for leaving a post unsecured was death, as it was for Roman legionaries, we'd have the tightest border in history, in about 2 seconds. Also 40M fewer illegals here, no anchor babies, Dreamers, schemers, and assorted miscreants, a metric fuckton less illegal drugs, and about 25% less crime, but who wants that, right?

It's only too hard when TPTB screw that pooch good and hard, which as you note, it the root of the problem. Firings and prosecutions are the way to handle that, but it would require anyone in charge giving a damn. That they're doing it wrong the exact same way, 20 years later, shows the vast majority are far beyond giving a f**k, and most want anything but functional security on the border.

The simple word for that is "treason".
Those people in charge of perpetrating it better get on their knees and pray folks don't start posseing up on that, and looking for ropes and tall objects to tie them off.
Me, I wouldn't bet on the perpetual forbearance of the average citizen.

You get the hiring leftovers, because everyone knows you're essentially the TSA: just for show, not for actually doing anything.

And when that penetrates to the national consciousness, border security is going to gravitate inexorably towards a .30-caliber between the eyes at range, and the only problem at that point will be the buzzards getting too fat to fly away afterwards, until Pedro figures out fixing Mexico, or just dealing with his own disasterpiece theater there, is a better solution than risking a headshot that ends his dreams forever.

But it's going to get to that, as sure as God made little green apples.
We've tried it the other way, and eventually, reasonable folks will stop screwing around or tolerating half-assed measures, and they'll simply move to the utilitarian approach.
Gottaways will become DRTs.

One bullet, one illegal prevented.
Game: OVER.

The toleration for watching the sixty-year sh*tshow on the southern border is nearing its breaking point.

So we either build that great big beautiful wall, or you guys out on post, asleep or awake, are going to be hiding on your floorboards while everyday folks implement Plan B at about 3000fps.

It's just not funny any more.

Harry Reid, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In 2013, faced with a slim majority in the Senate, and itching to usher in ever-wider swathes of state-mandated socialism Right Now!, Majority Leader Harry Reid and his uber-partisan Dimmocrats used the Nuclear Option: they revoked the filibuster rule that had been in place for a century in the Senate, which required 60 votes to end debate and vote on district and appeals court nominees, changing confirmation to a simple majority, which they then had. This rule allowed any side who could garner 41 votes to block anything, requiring that any nominee had to meet a modicum of bipartisanship and even-handedness to make it through the rocks and shoals of the Senate confirmation process. In fairness, it also made federal offices subject to nomination a minefield that ensured only middle-of-the-road lightweight wobble-wagons (like recently-retired SCOTUS Associate Justice Kennedy) could get past during the Senate's "advise and consent" clause festivities, but it also kept the candidates from the fringes of either side on the sidelines.

Reid decided that after the beginning of the second term of HopeyDopey's administration, they wouldn't need that sort of moderating influence thing any more, and decided to go for the whole hog all at once.

In a rare prescient moment for then-Minority Leader Bitch McConjob, he went up to Reid after the vote that ended the rule and quietly told him, "You're going to regret this, and soon."

True to form, the Senate shifted, and the Republican simple majority blocked entire slates of nominees, just as both Democrat majorities and minorities had done to Republican presidents since the Eisenhower administration, even gleefully holding up Obama's lame-duck attempt to slip a liberal activist judge past the goalie and onto SCOTUS to replace recently-deceased conservative bastion Antonin Scalia, when he died mere months before the November elections in 2016.

Instead, the Senate waited out the election, and then made the simple-majority rule apply to SCOTUS nominees as well as district and appellate court nominees, so after his upset win, Pres. Trump was able to put Neil Gorsuch on the court. Just like they're going to do with Brett Kavanaugh this fall, whether the unhinged Dems like it or not.

As smarmy simpleton Obozo noted in 2009, "Elections have consequences."
Yes...yes, they do.
Gander, meet sauce.

But it gets better still.

(MORDOR ON THE POTOMAC) Senate Republicans broke a record on Wednesday for the number of appeals court judges confirmed during a president's first two years.
Senators voted 50-49 on Andrew Oldham's nomination to be a judge on the 5th Circuit, making him Trump's 23rd circuit court judge confirmed since he took office last year.  
That breaks the previous record set by President George H.W. Bush, who got 22 appeals court judges confirmed during his administration's first two years. 

And as Col. Slade noted at the climactic speech in Scent Of A Woman,

"I'm just getting warmed up!"

What makes it fun is Trump's nominees have all been vetted based on experience, and they're exactly the sort of strict constructionists who never had a chance at nomination under the old Senate rules. They're also young, but even more to the point, they're all appointees to the US Circuit appellate courts, not the district courts, which means they're exactly the people who'll be voting to overrule the district court judicial nonsense from Clinton and Obozo appointed liberal hacks, and due to their age, they'll be doing that for decades after President Trump is dead and buried.

And they're also the go-to bench when future SCOTUS vacancies open up, as future Supreme Court Associate Justice Kavanaugh was.

This is the difference between Marquess of Queensbury Rules, and Queens borough rules.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Dear Bubbas: You've been boob-baited. Consider yourselves epically trolled:
(SAN FRANSH*TCO)The state Supreme Court removed the “three-Californias” initiative from the November ballot Wednesday but said it would decide later whether the plan to break up the state was within the voters’ power to consider at a future election.
In a unanimous order, the six justices said that “significant questions regarding the proposition’s validity” and that the “potential harm” of allowing a public vote before those question are resolved “outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election.”
I could point out the times, not once, but multiple, I told you this was illegal.
I will.

That it was unconstitutional.
Well, while I'm up...

That it was going nowhere.
That it was doomed to failure.
That is was a waste of time, energy, bandwidth, and not ever going to happen in a million years.
Well, since you asked...

Now, will those who simply could not stop themselves from slugging this Tar Baby of Stupid kindly extricate themselves from it, wash the Stupid off with some mineral spirits, and learn a lesson?

Just couldn't help yourselves, could you...?


Figure it out, if the shoe fits:
When you're beating your head against a wall, it feels so good to stop.

When the Califrutopia State Supreme Court, hardly a ready model for reasoned jurisprudence and calm sanity, can unanimously see the lunacy in a plan, consider yourselves warned that you have sailed over the Cliffs of Insanity.

There will be no CalExit, no Three, Six, or Eleventy Californias, and Jefferson was a president, not a state. EVER.

If you've been beating this drum thinking it was going anywhere but the toilet, your village called: They want their idiot back.

Step away from the ledge, and #Walkaway.

Pursuit of the impossible past the point of insanity never
turns out well for Captain Ahab.

SAfrica Commits To Ethnic Cleansing

h/t Irish

(ISANDLWANA II) The Constitutional Court of South Africa recently ruled that 300,000 gun owners must turn in their firearms.
I'm guessing that'll happen bullets first, if at all.

So...when are the white minority there all getting on planes and moving to Russia?
(Where the private ownership gun laws are...wait, what?)
Asking for a friend.

You Can't Stop The Signal

This message was posted by a black activist on Instagram:

So, being dutiful Progtards, Instagram tried to censor it by deleting it.

Silly, silly Instagram. The Internet is forever.

Captain Universe called, Instagram. He asked me to give you a message:


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Build the G####m Wall!

h/t Daily Wire

For those of you who've served in the military, guard posting and relief works like this:

You get put on your post.
You stay on your post.
You don't sleep on your post.
When someone comes to relieve you, you may leave your post.
Full stop.

That's not how the assclowns in the Border Patrol do it.

The show up for shift change and roll call.
Maybe a half hour after shift change, they wander out to their post.
They fall asleep on their posts.
A half hour before shift change, they wake up and wander back to base.

Under the military method, a post is watched 24/7/forever.

Under the Border patrol model, three times a day, from Brownsville to San Ysidro (and also presumably from Maine to Vancouver, if they even take posts on the Canadian border),
there is nobody on the f##king posts every day for an hour around 8AM, 4PM, and midnight. In every sector, across the entire border, 3X/day, 7 days a week, since...ever.

I'm not making stuff up, I've seen this happy horsesh#t hundreds of times, with my own eyes.
I've driven up to agents on border watch points, and taken pictures of them sleeping in their vehicles, A/C on full blast, and had to honk the horn to wake them up in the middle of the day.
I've watched the day shift guys drive away and leave at 3:30 PM, and then 5 minutes later, 25 dickheads in baseball caps with their water bottles and bag o' shit, or 80# dope bundles in burlap backpacks, all pop up out of the bushes, hop over the fence, brush out the tracks, and head off to a rendezvous with a van at the first road they hit.
I've helped apprehend hundreds of such when they crossed onto private property, and called the rest in to their sector HQ, who catches about 20% of them, about 10% of the time.
BP never having seen the others, they don't record them in their stats, as if they never happened.
(Remember that when they report that apprehensions are up, or down. In most cases, they only count the ones they catch, but they only see about 5-15% of what's actually crossing. The other 80-95% comes across scot-free, unseen, and uncounted.)

And hopefull, after they're long gone, with a multi-mile head start, 45 minutes later, the evening shift guy shows up. Unless someone called in sick that shift.
And that's going back a decade and a half that I know about personally.

So now, fifteen years later, this story from TX last week:

(UNEFFINGBELIEVABLEVILLE) Last week, CBS reporter David Begnaud posted a video online of his tense encounter with a human trafficker at the southern border as he witnessed two migrants guided across the Rio Grande "in broad daylight" just a few hundred yards from a border checkpoint. 
Begnaud  went down to the border at Roma, Texas for a story about plans to survey the land for a future security fence. Stationed at a "lookout point" near a U.S. Customs checkpoint, Begnaud and his producer drove over the international bridge to the Mexican side of the river, leaving the camera crew on the American side. 
That's when Begnaud witnessed a smuggler using a raft to deliver two people across the border to the American side. When Begnaud began to film the illegal crossing on his cell phone, a "scout" approached him from his right, threatening that he was "not safe" and needed to leave, which Begnaud caught on film. The threats from the trafficker grew intense enough that Begnaud and his producer became afraid for their safety and headed back to the border checkpoint. 
The illegal immigrants successfully made it to the American side and disappeared into the woods. As he crossed back to the Mexican side, the man guiding the raft gave the CBS team "the finger," noted Begnaud. 
The incident took place during a shift change at the checkpoint, the human trafficers routinely timing their crossings when they're less likely to be spotted. Begnaud underscored in his report that this all went down "in broad daylight" and with little effort from the traffickers, who were able to simply walk right across the river.
{Emphasis mine. -A.}

And BTW, both the scout and the coyote in this video are full-time paid drug cartel employees. There are no free-lancers doing this anymore; cutting into the cartels' rice bowl gets your head on a fencepost - literally; and the Mexican cops will shoot them simply because if you aren't cartel, you didn't pay the bribe to allow you to cross while they look the other way.

If you can walk two people across, you can walk a load of dope across. Or machineguns and RPGs, or Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists. Or plastic explosives, "dirty" bombs, and WMDs. Or any other damned thing you care to bring. It's a total joke.

This is the exact same half-assed blind man's bluff bullshit that's been going on at the Mexican border for forty mother-f##king YEARS!!!

Why the @$$holes in charge aren't hauled before Congress, deposed on live TV, then fired for cause, up to and including the director of the Border Patrol Assclowns, is a national scandal. Because the Congress and every AG in history have all been in on the kabuki "border security" theater game since Operation Wetback was shut down in the 1950s.

That's why there's dope in your streets selling for less than Big Macs, that's why there's an "opioid epidemic", that's why there are 30-40 MILLION illegal aliens here now (not 11M), and that's why there are 100 of them outside your - and every - Home Depot from Texas to Minnesota and San Francisco to Miami every day, and why you're waiting 6 hours in the ER and paying 4000% of your health insurance premiums compared to a few years ago.

Ask your congressional shitweasel why that is, and why they refused to fund the wall this year, and how they voted on that.

Then stand back and watch people's heads explode.

They'll stop this nonsense when folks start gunning the bastards down crossing the border, and not a minute sooner.

Meanwhile, the last reporter to "accidentally" blow the lid off of this was Lou Dobbs. So expect Begnaud to get fired from CBS, and end up hosting a podcast, in short order, for stumbling over and telling the truth.

The only reason it stopped where I was working is that after one Lou Dobbs video too many, right on the heels of someone telling America that "the border is secure", and then video truth proving he was lying showed up the next day on CNN,

someone with the prominent one-letter initial got on the phone from some white building somewhere in D.C., and the next day after that, there was a BP senior executive, the BP district manager, and a uniformed one-star general from the Corps Of Engineers, all politely asking "how can we make your problem go away, so that someone who shall remain nameless won't find something really bad to do to us?", followed by the hasty construction of 10 miles of 15-foot tall fence, buried ten feet deep, and impassible to anything short of hundreds of pounds of high explosives, which shut down 99.9999% of all illegal crossings in that sector, and particularly at the ranch right in the middle of that stretch which had been starring in Lou Dobbs videos for three years, at that point.

The section on the right stops or slows down almost anything.
They also usually add broken rock "ankle breakers" at the bottom of it,
and it goes down into 10 feet of rebar-reinforced concrete.
The stuff on the left stops vehicles - unless they cut through it with a backpack
oxy-acetylene torch in about 15 minutes.
Or build a vehicle ramp up and over it in about 10.
Or just climb over it or burrow under it in about a minute.
Note the horizontally-set ridges, which aid easy hand-climbing.

Except at both ends of that fence, where the boundary reverts to mil-surplus PSP planking helpfully laid horizontally so as to be easier to climb, or to four-strand barb-wire cattle fence, which can be cut, stepped over, or through in about 5 seconds.