Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Net IQ of Congress Just Went Up Ten Points

Race-baiting communist, babbling drooler on countless news clips, and poster child for everything wrong with Baltimorons, Rep. Elijah Cummings is dead, unfortunately about 40 years late to do anyone any real good.

This will leave a momentary vacancy on a few House committees, but with the current surplus of lackwits available on the Democrat bench, that won't last long.

We regret we won't be able to attend the funeral, but we're looking forward to sending the happily former congressweasel's office a nice note today, expressing our full approval of the occasion.

R.I.H., race-hustling shitweasel. I feel sorry for your family, mainly for them being related to you.

Beyond The Pale

I'm informed by the media that shortly after this indecorous outburst, Alzheimer's Nancy walked out of the meeting. Unfortunately not from shame.

I observe FTR that had this sort of horseshit occurred in the Jed Bartlet White House on The Left Wing, President Bartlet's response would have been,

"Madame Speaker, you can sit down and put that finger back in your mouth, or I can have the Secret Service Police throw you out of the building. You're a guest here, not the resident, let alone the President, and if you cannot conduct yourself appropriately, we can conduct a manners lesson that'll see you bouncing off the steps on your way to the sidewalk. Now sit your ass down before I come around the table and throw you out the door myself."
Pity President Trump didn't get the chance to deliver the same message.
With any luck, he'll just turn around and do the same finger pointing at the next five States of the Union. (Or, with any luck, just the next one, before Madame Lunatic becomes the House Minority Leader again, and then retires to join Shrillary at the chardonnay table for three bottles a day.)

Pelosi needs to be put in a home with soft walls. She's clearly lost her fucking tiny mind, and it was never much to begin with.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Breaking News From ABC...

h/t Stilton Jarlsberg

Just obtained the latest ABC footage from Turkey's assault on the Kurdish cities there:
Just spitballing here, but I think those Turkish war oliphants are going to play hell with that Kurdish cavalry.

They followed that with what they identified as B-roll shots of an NRA meeting where Trump was mentioned:

Next up was a story from the southern border, about a citizens' militia trying to stop illegal border crossings:

They closed with a live interview with Bernie Sanders, showing the news crew how he's feeling after his heart attack and cardiac stent:
After that, they broke for commercials, which didn't use to be the most honest part of the broadcast. I couldn't take any more, so I turned the idiot box off before they came back with the second half.

You should all bear well in mind the old entertainment industry adage (seen on more than a few crew members' T-shirts), which contains quite a bit of raw truth:

Theater is life.
Film is art.
Television is furniture.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Thanks, But...

Project Veritas and James O'Keefe are national treasures, certainly.
And getting insider video of CNN openly putting the "ass" in "enemy asset" is pure gold.

But there's a wee problem.

Y'see, yuuuuuuge swaths of the country have known that not just CNN, but ABCNNBCBS et al were all enemy assets, totally penetrated, since so long ago it was known as the Clinton News Network.

So while the hundreds of hours of insider whistleblowing video now are nice to see, to confirm what we've known all along, the bigger point is we've known it for nearly thirty years. People who figured this out in their late 20s, when Fat Bill was just a former Arkansas governor with aspirations, are now old enough to qualify for senior meal discounts at Denny's.

It's not earthshattering, and it's barely news, even putting the whole sordid spectacle out for everyone to see.

The thing of it is, what we're up for now - or maybe it's just me - is seeing an angry mob smash in the front windows of CNN corporate HQ, sack the building, beat the employees out the door with whips made of cords, and then set the whole goddam communist edifice on fire, and walk away singing party songs afterwards.

Pour encourager les autres.

We want someone to crazy glue a football to Jeff Zucker's hands, and then livestream it as an entire college defensive backfield sacks him. Over and over. Say about 300 times in a row, give or take a few either way.

We want to see Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and their fellow quislings walking down the street, and suddenly getting rabbit-punched by bystanders, as "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is shouted into their bloody and swelling pummeled faces. Hell, I'd buy that on disc just for the nostalgia factor in a generation: The Day The News Got What Was Coming To It. They've been kicking America in the crotch nightly for years, decades even; it's way overdue for America to administer a little payback.

Dulce et decorum est.

So James and Project Veritas folks, thanks, and keep up the good work, but target identification, or even confirmation, isn't what it would have been if this were still December of 2016.

We're so far past that now, it's like coming up with the decoded Japanese plans to attack Pearl Harbor, and putting them in the newspaper. In January of 1945.

What's called for at this stage is more like target eradication.
What we want is to see the other side stomped into small pieces.
We want their institutions as firebombed and gutted as Tokyo was. And only part of me would want to add "metaphorically" to that sentence. They've had it coming for a long time, and betting against the party with a memory like an elephant is a poor percentage wager.

We know who the enemy is, we know what they've been up to, and we're a wee bit past "gotcha" games.

What we want is simple.

We want to crush our enemies.
See them driven before us.
Hear the lamentation of their women.
(That's a trick item, since all of them are women, even their "men".)

Because that's what is best in life. At least it is the way things stand now.

We've been patient, and we've been good.
And Christmas is coming, so figuring out what's in our letter to Santa this year isn't that tough.

When the Democratic presidential debates are put on indefinite hold, and the House of Representatives can't make a quorum because of convoys of arrestees carted off in the first sweeps, you'll know we're on the right track.

And if the system can't get that right, it's part of the problem, not the solution to it, and things are likely going to get sorted out in real time, and a good deal more kinetically than one might normally hope.

I leave the closing thoughts to two icons of the Left:

Given who it is that's pointing the cameras, now you know why.

Another Douchebadge Homicide

h/ts to Kenny and Miguel

Q: When does an open front door on one's own house justify the death penalty?
A: When you're black, it's 2:30AM, and you live (for the moment) in Foat Wuth.

Well played, Officer Friendly. Another murdered citizen to chalk up to giving stupid people  guns and badges.

Like DPD assassin Amber Guyger's "accidental" shooting, this is another open and shut case of second degree murder, and nothing less.

It's easily solved: simply notify all citizens in both municipalities that "shoot on sight" works the same both ways, and tell FWPD that any citizen who sees them on the streets may open fire anywhere and any time without warning or any legal penalty, and see how they like it when the law is enforced the same both ways.

Alternatively, take away FWPD's guns and body armor for six months, and let them re-learn how to function as cops instead of killers, starting with a month-long force-wide indoctrination into Peel's Principles.

All of which to start after they fire and prosecute the officer who did this for murder, and discipline everyone involved who knew it but didn't come forward or identify it as such, beginning with their termination.

Either there's one set of laws for everyone, or there's no law at all.

If Fort Worth chooses anarchy, I suspect citizens will fare much better than rogue cops will thereabouts, but it's their choice.

The closest thing to penance Fort Worth could do by way of apology, to mitigate the relations they're about to enjoy, would be to deliver this soon-to-be-ex-officer's head to the mayor on a platter. Literally.
Anything less isn't nearly enough.
But if he were any kind of a man, he'd go home and eat his gun himself, and save everyone else the trouble.

A badge and gun are a heavy responsibility, too heavy for anyone this recklessly stupid, and this was egregious foolishness, graduating to deliberate unlawful homicide, with no excuse or mitigating circumstance whatsoever.

And it starts with thinking your ass is special, and the rules and written law don't apply to you.
He didn't learn that yesterday; this is doubtless an institutional thing, and only draconian measures are ever going to burn it out of the woodwork once and for all.

But in slim mitigation of this murder, FWPD did exactly two things right here:
1) Required their officers to wear body cams.
2) Released the footage immediately.

Now, go on a roll, starting with firing the officer, vacating all criminal and civil immunity for cause, handing him over to the D.A. with a department recommendation for indictment for second-degree murder, and make his partner an accomplice.

Then this will stop being funny to TPTB and the idiots who do it, and become a goddam lot less frequent.

Henry the VIII½th

h/t Daily Timewaster

To Random Mom:
Martha Stewart Overachieving Halloween Costume Achievement: Unlocked!

Bonus props to her daughter, another budding Wednesday Addams.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Music: Werewolves Of London

One of my favorite earworms, this song is like a potato chip. Once I hear it, I want it 40 times more, one after another. Both a riff off last week's selection, and still apropos to the season (you'll see this material again), this week's choice from 1978 is arguably the best track the far-too-soon-departed Warren Zevon ever laid down (and that's saying something).

And if it sounds somewhat familiar: that's Mick Fleetwood on drums, and the inimitable John McVie laying down that bass line. (And FTR, Kid Rock's sampled stolen copycat version, like all such unoriginal crap, is an abomination to music. Don't even start with me on that.)

Draw blood.


Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Past Is Another Country

The Golden Age in the Golden State, circa 1958.
Actual service, for 25¢/gallon.
If somebody did this now, even at current prices, they'd be sued for inducing heart attacks in customers, and they couldn't find nine people in 50 states with this kind of work ethic under the age of 40.

It was really like this in America once, kids, every single day.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Weep for what you've lost.

If you prefer, a lighter take from 1963's comedy classic It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World:

This Penny Is Going To Drop For You. Get Busy.

h/t Fran Porretto

Don't wait until the last minute to get busy. It might be too late.

This word of wisdom from Ned Ryun at American Greatness:
"So if you’re wondering how all of this stops, how we return to normal, I will tell you what a friend  told me: 'There is no normal. There is only Clausewitz.' There is only absolute and total political war on this axis we face until we beat them into an unconditional surrender. The Left wants it that way because they think they can win. They want no holds barred total political war. Since we can’t escape it, I say we give it to them measure for measure."

For the Common Core grads out there, what is referred to is von Clausewitz' classical maxim:

"War is the continuation of politics, by other means."
We note in passing that though von Clausewitz never said so, the reverse is also true:
Politics is the continuation of war, by other means.
The left has been waging war on this presidency since 11/9/2016.
It doesn't matter that they've been firing blanks for going on 3 years, what matters is that they keep reloading and shooting.
We're getting to the point where that's going to have to be answered decisively, and not just with mere ridicule, or a strongly worded rebuke.
Politics is war, and they want to throw out any rules, and go for victory by any means necessary. (In their own innate twisted moral calculus.)
That always leads to real war.
Every. Single. Time.
The Left is continually playing in the streets. (Where, nota bene, you oughtn't play.)
Let them. Nothing happens there of note or import, by and large.
But as has been noted times without counting at WRSA and other sites, if they don't stop their nonsense (and they show no signs of any outbreak of common sense, and in fact are more unhinged now than three years ago, if such is possible) the day is going to come when you're going to have to Rooftop Korean.

Not metaphorically.
Not rhetorically.
As Churchill wryly observed, people who won't change their minds, and won't change the subject, are fanatics.
They suffer from deranged lunacy. It progresses to violence, inevitably, and already has.
Every time they've moved to seize power, in every country, for a hundred years and more.
And if they oppose your vote in the polling booth with their votes on the street, you're going to have to vote from the rooftops, and deal with rabid dogs in the time-honored way.
Wrap your head around that. You may be in for the long haul, or you may be One Shot Paddy, but the day is going to come.
Save Oklahoma, there isn't a single state in the republic that was all red in 2016. There are probably no precincts that are, anywhere, from coast to coast. You're not fighting NYFC, Hollyweird, or the DC swamp, nor will you be. They're just logistics and air support. Jam their signal and monkeywrench their efforts, and they no longer get any vote.
The people you're going to have to sort out, down and dirty, all live within five to twenty miles of where you're sitting, reading this, right now. Bobby O'Rourke, and the witches on The Spew won't be knocking on your door to take your guns, coerce your support, or haul you to the boxcars, come the day. The people who will are already in place nearby, whether you or they know it now. So you may as well face that fact.
Nobody landed at Normandy or Iwo Jima tasked with conquering everyone on the other side. They were simply told to take their 10 ft² of beachhead. And then move forward, and take another 10 ft². All the way to Berlin and Tokyo.
Your mission will be to locate, close with and destroy the enemy by maneuver, fire, and close combat. Just like everyone in every infantry back to bands of hominids fighting turf battles thousands of years before anyone thought to write it down.
They want the fight that's coming, because they can't out-argue it, they couldn't out-vote it (God Bless You, James Madison et al) and they think they're entitled to rule. Worse, they think they're going to win, by divine right, among other reasons, even if their only deity is their bellies, and whatever hive consciousness passes for their minds.
We've beaten fanatics like that, in living memory, but generally, you have to get their attention first.
Beware the wrath of patient men.

And then make them understand that the alternative to adopting a new worldview is a few facefuls of dirt. Dealer's choice.
Nothing less seems to do the trick.
If you're not buying a case of canned goods at the market and the sporting goods store every paycheck, you're doing this wrong.

And don't forget to spend the time to learn how to use them.
Tools without training are toys.
You don't need hobbies, you need habits.
Get busy.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Hear, Hear!

h/t Liberty's Torch

Everything goes to sh*t. Literally.

Linda, posting on Fran Porretto's website, linked to an excellent interview of City Journal's Heather MacDonald, talking about the root causes of homelessness.
"On homelessness my argument is simple: You just don’t allow this behavior. That’s the starting point. It’s not compatible with the long-term life of cities. Once you establish that — something that was uncontroversial 50 years ago when the police would move people along, and there was unanimity that if you were in public you would have to meet basic norms of public behavior — then you don’t let people colonize the sidewalks. 
Why is any given city where someone ends up on the street morally obligated to provide housing to that person? Nobody’s ever explained why that is. Say somebody comes from Seattle or Iowa to be homeless in San Francisco. When did San Francisco taxpayers become obligated to provide housing for him?"



I'm not a sociologist, anthropologist, or field reporter. I've only taken care of homeless douchebags (and, to be fair, that insults the other 0.5%, to whom I offer my apologies) for a quarter of a century, and my take is identical, and in stronger terms.

People aren't homeless because there aren't homes for them.
Not even in Top Three Most Expensive Cities to live in the U.S. San Franshitco (the other two are NYFC and the District of Corruption, if you were wondering).

People are homeless for several reasons, most of them intertwined like the trunk of a braided ficus tree.

What are those reasons?

1) They're batshit crazy, in ways that, until the mid- to late-1960s, would have seen them happily locked up for life in appropriate facilities in perpetuity. No small number for violent behavior and poor impulse control.

2) The don't take their psych meds for that, because those drugs make them feel "weird". (Normal people call that feeling "sanity", by no coincidence.)

3) They self-medicate with alcohol and drugs, because
   a) it feels great! and
   b) it gets the voices in their head too drunk or stoned to be intelligible for the people with too many personalities in their head already. Genius, right there.

4) Homeless shelters have rules, chiefest among them being no booze or dope, and if the batshit crazy alcohol/drug addicts who are most homeless forever could follow rules, quit alcohol and dope, and act civilized, they could hold down jobs and pay rent or mortgages like everyone not on the streets does since pretty much forever. But they can't, don't, and won't.

5) We've built them a hammock (not a safety net) as wide as the entire state of California to sleep in. Which last world-class stupidity is why they're overwhelmingly here: they drift westward until they hit the Pacific Ocean, and they can't go any farther, coupled with being mollycoddled here for fifty years by jackass do-gooder idiots, and an amenable climate, and voila. A gazillion homeless bums, and stacks of feces and needles as far as the eye can see.

6) Laws preventing this stopped being enforced, due to soft-hearted do-gooders in power, and soft-headed judges ruling that it must be so.

So you'll never solve the homelessness problem by subsidizing them, feeding them, and building them shelter, any more than you'll put out a fire by throwing on more gasoline.

Solving the problem is easy:

I) First offense for vagrancy: six months in a chain gang. In the summer, they'll spread asphalt and fill potholes in the desert. In the winter, they shovel snow on mountain passes. And when it rains, they're out in it picking up trash, filling sandbags, and shoveling mud, 24/7 until the sun comes out. Throw in green bologna sandwiches, MREs, and pink underwear, deny any time off for good behavior, so they do the full 180 days, and you're done.
Second offence: 364 days.
Third offense: Felony, and five years.

It's not funny once, and after twice, they'll leave for good, or stop getting picked up.
And we'll have the smoothest roads and the cleanest streets in the country.

II) Stop feeding them. Unless they work for it. From sunup to sundown. 30-minute breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but not until they've earned each meal. And no money for anything.

III) Anyone too disabled or decrepit to work does drug tests the entire time they're on public assistance. One drunk or drug positive, and they lose benefits for a month. Two times, and they lose a year. Three times, banned from assistance for life. Vagrant as a result? See #I.
If they can't shovel asphalt, they can mix concrete, or serve the meals. Medical exams to document ability or disability. No disability? Pick up a shovel, or starve. Dealer's choice.

IV) Any do-gooder agency or non-profit, religious or not, is free to do whatever they like in terms of food or shelter: on their own premises. Your circus, your monkeys. You feed homeless people, who become a blight on society, and the citizens and municipalities can sue for damages. Everything from public health to crime comes out of your wallet. Just like feeding stray cats that crap in your neighbors' open car.

For an easy and egregious example: There's a bunch of @$$hole simpletons at the nearby Catholic church, who've allowed a dozen homeless to encamp on church property. And have now drawn 200 more to the sidewalks surrounding. Right across the street from families with kids, in homes with a median price of well north of $500K. The city should bill them per person per day for maintaining a nuisance, and when the bill exceeds the property value of the church, the church should be seized and closed, and sold at auction to the highest bidder. 
They should also be liable for damages to homeowners across the street. When you have to pick up after your dog's mess, how can we demand less of do-gooders letting people shit on the streets across from someone else's homes?
Notably, I have yet to see a priest or nun out there shoveling up the shit, or cleaning the sidewalk. Doing it in chains will be good for their souls, I assure you.
Otherwise, like day following night, I predict someone's parents are going to do some high-octane redecorating in the parish one of these days, and the church will deserve it.
Neither priest nor parish want to take those douchebags into their own homes (which would be actually bearing the burden up for which they signed), but they're happy to let their little gaggle of human debris shit and drop dirty drug needles on their church neighbors' lawns week in and week out. Jesus had a thing or two to say about that sort of hypocrisy, and the religious leaders who were the target of that truth crucified him for it.

V) Three times on a psych hold, and you get removed from society in perpetuity.
One violent offense, where any injuries occur, same deal.
Off to Shutter Island, for life.
If someone is too crazy to live peaceably, they're too crazy to be in society.
This isn't hard to understand.
(Califrutopia has a number of suitable large offshore islands inhabited only by goats.) They're too far to swim from, the water temp would kill any attempt, and there are no trees to make rafts or canoes. Once they get dropped there, they stay there. In perpetuity. No rules. They can run around naked, chase butterflies, weave baskets, jump off the cliffs, or drown: IDGAF. Fly over and kick out crates of meals once a week or once a month. Do a health clinic monthly. No limits on charity and supply shipments in. But the days of meth-head batshit crazy people running in traffic, attacking people, shooting up drugs, and shitting everywhere, while decent folks are locked behind barred windows, are over. Families are free to care for relatives themselves, or they can be put back into mental hospitals until they get better (which, in  every case, is never). But three times when you've gone so barking mad that it becomes an issue for the authorities, and your free-to-roam-in-society privilege is revoked for life. No more bullshit. Gone.

VI) And any doctor or judge, or both, opining or ruling a formerly insane person is now sane, is automatically obligated to take in such person in their own home, for a year each, before they are set at liberty in society.
Skin in the game, bitches. If they're not sane enough to sleep down the hall from you, they're not sane enough to set loose in my neighborhood either, are they??

VII) Any judge at any level ruling against this in any respect gets a homeless shelter erected next door to his/her house, by law, and 100 homeless residents, and billed for all the blowback that follows. (That's assuming they survive the tar-and-featherings - or worse - that will inevitably follow, courtesy of their friends and immediate neighbors. The natural check and balance on a rogue judiciary was always meant to be The People, and not just in the jury box. The black-robed assholes who think they're immune to the consequences of their rulings are going to find out what that looks like, good and hard, if they don't wise up pretty damned quick.)

The cost of all this? A literal fraction of what we squander annually mollycoddling illegal aliens, the violent insane, drug addicts, drunks, and various other wastes of skin from 49 other states, 7 territories, and 191 other countries. Any country that bitches whines or moans about this treatment gets ALL of their native fuckups back, in one lump shipment. At bayonet-point, if necessary. Starting with Mexico. And y'all can have your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk the same way. Freight trains run both ways, and it's past time you got your relatives back and owned up to your responsibilities.

None of that will ever happen here under the current lunatics running the asylum, so it's likelier that when the common working-class people have finally had enough, there'll be a renaissance of Committees of Vigilance, and a Purge.

I'm okay with that too, but I'd rather do this non-violently, and lawfully.

One way or another, though, it's going to happen, because Califrutopia is so far past broke we can't even see it in the rear-view mirror with a telescope, and what cannot continue, will not. People foolishly think cities will shrivel up and die when that happens, contrary to all evidence from written history.

No, it won't be like that, but the stacks of corpses of the lumpenproletariat who'll stoke the bonfires will be visible for miles, come the day. And any "homeless advocates" are likely to end up on the same pyre, without a second thought.

And the Grapes of Wrath is going to take on a whole new meaning when the vintage comes ripe for bottling. Mark my words.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Zeroes Rolling By

So, a little while ago, we rolled past another million visits. Took us about 6 months since the last time. In perspective, more people have been here than will probably watch MSNBC all year. For Rush, Instapundit, Drudge, etc., this is just the afternoon's hits on a slow day.

But for this little curbside lemon stand blog, we remain somewhat astonished, and humbled.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hoist A Glass!

Che got nine bullets in his sorry @$$,
and all I got was this rockin' meme! Salud, bitch.
Forgive the lapse, but as Boat Guy reminded me in Comments, today is the anniversary of the date in 1967 when sociopath commie bastard mass murderer (but I repeat myself) Ernesto "Che" Guevara performed his highest duty to mankind, by volunteering as a target for a detachment of the glorious forces of freedom in Bolivia, where he was wounded, captured, and later executed summarily. Dulce et decorum est.

A toast, boys and girls, to the outstanding marksmanship of Las Fuerzas Armadas de Bolivia, and their virtuous achievement of making another Good Communist, in a hail of gunfire. Nice shooting, amigos. Viva Libertad!

And be of good cheer, fellow diehards: today means we're another year closer to Dead Hanoi Jane Day. Whenever that day comes, it cannot be too soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Headlines Ripped From Last Week's Shift

h/t Silicon Graybeard

More sociopathology from the people who
sold you on single motherhood.
What could possibly go wrong?

From SiG's blog: The Awful Toll Of Puberty-Blocking Drugs

Anecdotally, caring for suicidal pre-teens has gone from a monthly thing to a nightly thing for me.
IOW, a 3000% increase in the last 10 years. And finding pediatric psych placement was difficult when it was only a monthly occurrence.

When young, impressionable, and immature-in-every-way children are told - endlessly - that boys are bad, men are rapists, and masculinity is toxic, why would anybody be surprised that, given the illusory option of switching (as if that were even possible), some boys would?

And when girls find out they're smaller, weaker, and that biology and reality don't care how awesome they think they are, they'd want to 'roid up and change teams too?

The lunatics running the asylum have set upon a course designed to f**k kids in the head for (foreshortened) life as their stated intention; why would anyone be surprised that it's having precisely that effect, and delivering the intended results?

Until this retarded magical-thinking lunacy is properly labeled as the child abuse it has always been, for everyone practicing or preaching it, there's no hope for civilization.

Forget It, He's Rolling...

With that in mind, go read Tam's QotD.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Put The Bong Down, Man

Sweet Suffering Shiva.
"Yesterday, Mike Adams of Natural News alerted us to a directive signed four days ago on Oct. 3, 2019, by Marine Corps Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, ordering Marine Corps Reserve units to active duty “in support of” the United States’ civil authorities."
(FTR, 19th Ward is usually not a whackjob site, but someone got suckered on this one, bigtime. I yell because I care.)

Say no to drugs, m'kay?

Pres. Trump signed an order authorizing calling up USMCR units for duty if requested by the state governor(s) involved, for duty in support of a declared disaster.

Y'know, like floods, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.
The last time that happened, AFAIK, was during the Rodney King riots in L.A. in the 1990s.
As a rule, governors call up their Notional Guard units first and last, they don't call SecDef and ask for the Marines unless all hell has broken loose.

But, as anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size, and/or 5 seconds' time in the actual military can tell by reading the order, no one has been called into active duty by it.

It's a m$#;%^f@;*%ing CONTINGENCY order, dumbass.

Anyone seriously peddling the twaddle that this is "to thwart a coup attempt", and that the entire Marine Corps Reserve has thereby been called into active duty, needs to untwist their tinfoil hat about 42 sizes, after they pull their head out of their fourth point of contact.

Which means Mike Adams (for Alex Jones, it already goes without saying) is an idiot, bucking for full jackass, as is anyone in the Headless Chicken Posse buying their bullshit, based on their recockulous misanalysis of a standard contingency order.

Oh, and I got a collect phone call from Heaven, at 8th and I St.:

Your move.
But for openers, I'd stop reading nonsense like that fairytale Natural News website and thinking it's hawking serious info.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Absentee Ballots Not Accepted

Today on the Duh! Channel

h/t Daily Timewaster

I have no way to check the veracity of this.
But if it ain't true, it oughta be.
And I have anecdotally heard similar stories regarding the Secret Service Presidential Protection detail.

Sunday Music: Rhiannon/Dreams

If you were anything but deaf when listening to last week's choice, you heard the unmistakable Stevie Nicks singing back-up vocals, with a voice that cut through an entire generation.

Fleetwood Mac, presciently named for the only two members of the band not to have left at some point, drummer Mick Fleetwood, and bassist John McVie, was a well-established R&B rock band with nine albums under their belt, when personnel turnover left them wishful of adding self-taught guitar virtuoso Lindsey Buckingham, after hearing some of the cuts from Buckingham-Nicks in a recording studio. He told them if they wanted him, they had to take Stevie Nicks too, as a package deal. They agreed, and the rest was music history.
In this case, 3+2=37,000,000, which was how many albums they sold on the next two albums combined. Choosing one or two cuts from their best work is difficult, and about as hard as a parent picking which child they love best, but the one that put them on the map on their eponymous tenth album was this one:

(Too tame? Try watching either of a pair of live performances that'll blow your socks off. That wasn't just cocaine running the show: you're looking at raw power onstage.)

And the bookend has to be this one from Rumours:

Rock and roll icons are dropping like flies at the moment, but fifty years after they're all dead, these tracks will still be classics.
Kick off your October with some appropriate musical magic for this time of year, and enjoy.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Survival Tools

I've used these plenty of times, but hadn't thought to put them on my list.
But I should have.

So go over to Mason Dixon Tactical and read J. C. Dodge's clear and simple write-up.

I'm also a fan of his carrier choice.

You'll have to go there and find out for yourself.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Size Of Church Bells

h/t Phil

This meme courtesy of POTUS' Twitter feed.

The Jeopardy clue to the title is : "What is 'How big are Trump's cojones?'"

Love him or hate him, what's undeniable is that we've got the first president in forty years who knows how to handle the job.


Feeling The Bern

It's quite the news day today.
(LAS VEGAS)Sen. Bernie Sanders, 78, was hospitalized Tuesday night in Las Vegas.

  "During a campaign event yesterday evening, Sen. Sanders experienced some chest discomfort. Following medical evaluation and testing he was found to have a blockage in one artery and two stents were successfully inserted," said Sanders’ senior adviser Jeff Weaver on Wednesday in a statement.
Having a wee few decades in emergency medical care, let me let you in on a little piece of commonly-known information.

When you have "chest discomfort", and an artery in your heart is blocked to the point where you need two coronary arterial stents in the cath lab, there's a catchy phrase for that condition:

It's called a heart attack.

That is what the old communist bastard is suffering from, and that should end any further discussion of his viability as a candidate for president, henceforth, and ever.

A heart attack is Nature's way of telling you to knock that shit off.

We hope Sanders has the good sense to throw in the towel, and enjoy his few remaining years peacefully, at one of his multiple luxury mansions. This couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.


h/t Kenny

Convicted murderer. Righteously.

We love it when a story we've been following finally pays off.
DALLAS - Amber Guyger found guilty of murder for the fatal shooting of her upstairs neighbor.
Her story was pure undiluted bullshit from the moment she uttered it.
We are right glad a jury had no trouble setting her lies aside (they came back with their guilty verdict on second-degree murder in just five hours), and finding that she murdered the man she had complained about for noise multiple times, including the morning before her last shift as a police officer.

We covered this multiple times when it happened last year, and the discrepancies between likely reality and her fairytale version of events began to resemble the chasm known as the Grand Canyon. Nice to see all the lies she told then finally paying off with this conviction.

It's also nice that with everyone watching, the prosecution didn't throw the case, despite the attempt by the Texas Ranger investigating team to whitewash this assassination under color of authority, by a deranged and entitled douchebadge.

We wish the needle was an option in this case, but since not, would be mightily satisfied if inmate Guyger gets beaten soundly every day from now until she hopefully dies in prison. And goes to hell.

Better luck with that fairytale in your next life, douchebadge.

UPDATE: Ten years in prison!
That gives the convict population 3652 days to do to her what she did to the guy upstairs.
Dulce et decorum est.

F-35 Thunderjug, Doing What It Does Best

h/t CDR Salamander

Which thing is fail beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

Surprising me not a whit, it turns out that the Mission-Capable rate of the F-35A Thunderjug has not increased, but rather dropped in the last year, compared to the year prior, and now sits at under 50%, the second lowest number of any airframe on the entire inventory list. (And, Word To The Air Farce's Mother, the F-22 isn't covering itself with much more glory, either. Thank heavens we picked the second-best airframe in that selection process too, right?)

Yet again, we remind anyone listening, it's long past time for TPTB to stop lying to everyone including themselves, admit that the F-35 in all variants is the Flying Edsel, shitcan this entire monstrous p.o.s. program, use the remaining inventory as air strike targets, and try again from scratch. This cursed plane has only destroyed one military target of value: the Pentagon.

And anyone who ever touched the F-35 project from start to finish should be court-martialed, drawn, and quartered, including, if necessary, the corpses of any retirees who have already died. If they remove smaller body parts of offenders like tongues and fingernails with hot pincers during questioning, so much the better.

Pour encourager les autres.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

That Face When... hear that Speaker Alzheimers and her Clowncarnucopia Of Fail Clowns have decided to go ahead with impeachment inquiries, a year out from the 2020 elections:

Just so we're clear here:

Then-Veep Biden, in a flagrant display of nepotism and outright corruption while in office, extorted Ukraine into firing their prosecutor, when said prosecutor was investigating shenanigans by the company on which his son, Hunter Biden, fresh from being kicked out of the Naval Reserve for being a dope fiend, sat on the board of directors, and was then collecting a salary of $50,000 a month. Doubtless for his sterling business acumen, and not at all because he was the ne'er-do-well son of the sitting VPOTUS.

(And I have a bridge for sale cheap if you believe that one...)

Biden has admitted he did exactly this, and no one's whispering a word about investigating that, charging or prosecuting him for it, or anyone pulling Gropey Dopey Joe aside, and suggesting he take a gun and one bullet, and go seclude himself and do the honorable thing, for the Dumbocrat Party and the country's sake.

Instead, President Trump is being investigated (!), for asking the Ukrainians, in compliance with a treaty signed into law by Bill Clinton, to fulfill their obligations, and investigate said corruption, in pursuit of criminal conduct, including that by a sitting US government official, in exact obedience to the oath of office he took on January 20, 2017, to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed", as he is charged to do in Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution.

In short, Demented Nancy & Co. are investigating a sitting president for upholding his oath of office faithfully, and thus seeking to remove him from office for doing his job exactly as intended for every occupant of the White House since 1787.

If they succeed in their fifth  sixth open coup attempt since 2016, or damage Trump to the point that he loses in 2020, and the Dems aren't swept out of control of the House next year by a landslide, you can look forward to one thing above all others.

I think there's almost certainly going to be a shooting war in the streets.

Whether over just this, or the totality of the treason going on non-stop since 11/9/2016.
(We won't even go into what's been going on since 1800 or so.)

Because at that point, there will be no further reason to do our revolutions every four years peacefully at the ballot box, as we've done for 230+ years.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. " - President John F. Kennedy

And the Dumbocrats are doing this because they think they can win that war.

Which, quite frankly, should scare the hell out of every sane person in the country.
Once that Pandora's Box is open, no one alive has any idea what the results will be before it's closed again.

I could be seeing this all wrong.
But that's not where I'm putting my chips.

And even if it doesn't: The other side is willing to risk that to fundamentally change  undermine and subvert the America you grew up in.

What are YOU prepared to do?


Sunday Music: Gold

John Stewart, California kid and once 1/3 of the Kingston Trio, had a solo career in which he recorded more than 600 songs and released 48 albums, and even wrote the Monkee's last #1 hit "Daydream Believer".

This track was the pinnacle of Stewart's solo success at #5 on the charts, as the first cut on his 1979 album Bombs Away Dream Babies, also the peak album of his solo career. He got a little help on this one, with Lindsey Buckingham co-producing it and playing guitar, and with some killer background vocals from one of Buckingham's friends. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Why This Argument Always Ends up The Way It Does

From comments to a link of my post at Borepatch's, courtesy of frequent commentor on multiple sites Beans:
"To use your DQ reference, say I'm on my Harley and are coming back from the shooting range with my AR race gun all tricked out. And I want to use the can. So, if open carry is legal, why can't I carry muh AR, hurhur, into DQ so I can drop a deuce and get a cone?"
Stupid hypotheticals are still stupid.

Take your AR home from the range, and then go get your ice cream. The hallmark of adulthood is impulse control and learning to live with delayed gratification. (Except, evidently, for some owners of modern carbines.) Jackassery problem solved.

(And FTR, nobody said you "can't" carry there. The word was "shouldn't". Learn the difference.)

Stop pimping arguments for the childish morons, please. You're just enabling them. As is Angus.
You both ought to know better.

You can contort all you want; if someone's open carrying long arms, in most times and places, and absent exigent extraordinary circumstances, no matter how you want to twist and gyre, you're overwhelmingly likely just being a dick for no good reason.

That has nothing to do with "them" coming for your guns.
That's been true since at least the 1960s, openly.
And yet, people then didn't wander into the local store packing a rifle either, just because they could. Because it was stupid then too.

The Open Carry Retard Posse needs to stop making everyone who owns, or carries, look as stupid as the twatwaffle who thinks his wish for ice cream right now and "muh open carry rights" trumps common sense. I don't need nor want people with a mental malfunction to self-select and appoint themselves spokesholes for "the movement". Those retards are drawn to attention-whoring like politicians are attracted to news cameras and microphones. They're making the problem worse for everyone, for zero gain, except scratching the itch of their own psychosis. The end result is plenty of good cause to restrict a natural right, because they're that short-sighted. Hitching your wagon to their tractor of Dumbass isn't helping anyone, in any way, except those who are "coming for your guns".

I repeat, please, stop enabling stupid people and carrying their water.

Otherwise, take your same hypothetical, and make it stopping off for a tour of the White House, the local government building, or watching the weekend high school football game, and show your work. "Why shouldn't I be able to register my vehicle or pay my property taxes on the way home from the range with an AR-15 on my back?" It's that stupid, and there isn't enough lipstick at the entire mall to pretty up that pig.

Stupid ideas are always stupid, and nothing in either natural law nor the Second Amendment ever changes that. Play stupid games...

So why does this idiocy persist?

Because you can't argue someone out of a position with common sense and logic, if he didn't use them to get to his position in the first place.

Newsflash, kids: the Second Amendment isn't absolute. Neither is the First.
They are both limited by common sense and common law.
And neither gives you the right to gratuitously scare the shit out of people, which is all this is about.
You want to exercise the right to carry a weapon when you need one, which means you can't be out flaunting your surrogate dick everywhere all the time, when you don't need to.

Try a thought experiment: Think Navy Seals. Army Special Forces and Rangers. Marine Force Recon/Raiders. The SAS/SBS. Certified Tacticool Badasses. Operating operationally way beyond you, any day of your life.
Posted below: All the times you see them toting guns to the supermarket, the bank, and the local ice cream parlor, 1960-present:

So just maybe, catch a fucking cluebat there, right in the back of your head.

And when, because of fucktards coming in with their carbine on their shoulders, and sending little old ladies and schoolkids into tizzy fits, Dairy Queen bans all open and concealed carry on all their private property, which trumps your Second Amendment rights by a country mile, because you were busy being a civil rights attention-whoring jackass, don't come crying on the internet saying the business owner hates guns.
The reality is, the business owners hates idiots. And the shoe fits.

When an entire state bans open carry, because you've made their case for them, take full responsibility. You greased the wheels on that, and then pushed right along with the gun-banners, to make guns in public less likely, because you could.

When you manage to turn the trend around, of allowing open carry, and start turning the clock back to no carry anywhere nationwide, like you will, own that too.

Well played, genuisii.

Because, snowflake Baby Duck historically clueless folks, back in the misty beyond of time out of mind, even Califrutopia was a full Open Carry state. No, really. Just like Texas is now. So, how'd that work out?

One day, somebody realized that meant for anybody not otherwise prohibited.
So we got this here:

When it's 1966, and you've lost the NRA and conservatives like Reagan, you've lost the entire country. And you did.

What could possibly go wrong now? Ask voters in Philly how they feel about Black Panthers monitoring polling places with weapons in hand. (Probably the same way cops in CA felt about a carload of armed Black Panthers rolling up to "monitor" them writing tickets to black drivers in 1966; just a hunch.) CA wasn't a Leftard Paradise in 1966. You could look it up.

And this isn't about race. It could be (will be) biker gangs. MS-13. Antifa. PETA. Skinheads. Save The Whales. Or any 57 other groups of fuckwits. And in about 0.2 seconds, people will see the gaping elephant-sized hole in your Open Carry Everywhere arguments, and that's the ball game for you, for another century or more, while the tide rolls back in those same 45 states.  (You'll be dead by then, but hey, fuck your kids and grandkids, amirite?)

Now ponder the timeless logic that "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
I blame Common Core and stupid parents for not raising kids to know the meaning of "ought". Getting the concept across nowadays is harder than teaching Chinese calculus to most folks.

Own your fucktardery, if you've been trooping your hardware in public in the first place, to be a dick, because you have no common sense. And then apologize to everyone else for making yet another place off-limits to self-selected sensible carry, or any carry at all, because of your jackassery.

Like. This. Has.

I will list, below, every instance of the Open Carry Assclown Posse owning that, since ever:


So stop being dicks, stop carrying water for the dickheads, and go bandage your own dick if you think this is an unlimited black and white discussion.

Real life is harder than that.
It requires some brain usage.
The Founders saw that requirement as a feature, not a bug.
Try and keep up.

It's taken 50 years of hard, patient work to claw our way back to laws in 90% of the country based on common sense.

So, if only for the novelty where open carry is concerned, try using some