Sunday, April 23, 2017

100 Deadly Skills

 This book offers you all the fun of doing cool Seal stuff, without the downer of all the BUD/S School Hell Week hazing and weeding out suckage.

Example in point (1% spoiler; 99 other skills to go):
Skill 008 - Improvised body armor. (Pic embiggens.)
How hard is that? Let's see the author do it:

So cool, easy, and cheap, I might have to build one or more, test it out with live ammo, and YouTube the real world results.

Next evolution for you? Buy the book. Why? Life is hard and cruel. Even if you're Walter Mitty.

It pays to be a winner.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bite-size Histowy Of Wome

By Tam.
Forget gun-blogging, this is great comedy.
Omens of future problems came with the reign of emperor Joaquin Phoenix who (after going crazy and arranging for the murders of a bunch of senators) was not actually stabbed in the Coliseum by Russel Crowe, but rather was strangled in the tub by his wrestling coach and personal trainer.

If only she had the time, I see a complete Histowy of Wome YouTube series in her future that would rock, 90 seconds at a time.
Cartoon or chalk talks, the occasional mash-up of clips from historical epics, with voiceover narration by Allison Janney or Tina Fey (Peter Ustinov no longer being available).

About Damned Time

h/t the Feral Irishman

Mongo like. Mongo want.
Hell, I'll sell a kidney to get one of these if I have to.
180MPH, 180 mi. range. Screw a sports car.

I could've spent the last year commuting to work in 20 minutes instead of 3 hours' driving.

Somebody tell Bill Whittle about this thing.
And it's a damned shame it didn't fly before Hognose passed away.

Kudos to the Germans who made it, and more importantly, made it work, and best wishes on their future success. I can't wait to see it enter actual production and distribution.
Ferrari and Lambo would be fools for not calling these guys for a partnership, if Ford and GM can't figure it out.

So, that's part of what I was promised growing up.
SpaceX seems to working on another part.

Now...where's my jetpack and laser pistol, you futurist engineering bitchez?

Tunnel In The Sky

Fantastic fiction from a bona fide master of sci-fi, this one originally published in 1955.
I could make a small fortune paying people a dime for every bad Heinlein novel, if they agreed to pay me a penny for every good one. This one is darned good, though not his best, but a great rite-of-passage novel written from the perspective of a middle-schooler in a world where the mere idea of "safe spaces" would be laughed at out of hand.
(As I said, this was released in 1955; clearly, the past is another country.)

Turns out that the graduation "Survival Exercise" goes awry, and becomes a real world survival game. "Hunger Games", but without the retarded dystopian aspects. In this universe, everyone goes, because the going is where the learning is.

No spoilers here, but the lessons in this tale are timeless.
Would that we did this sort of thing now, too. Heinlein knew.
Find out for yourself: read the book.

Friday, April 21, 2017

They're Reavers, Mal.

(If we're taking nominations for the next person who needs to be horse-punched, my vote is cast.)

Looking and watching what transpires day-to-day, one could be forgiven if they thought,
"I must be losing my mind. Nothing makes sense any more."

No, you're not crazy, but the Left wants you to think you are.

The term for that is "Gaslighting".
Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief.Instances may range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.Sociopaths and narcissists frequently use gaslighting tactics. Sociopaths consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but typically also are convincing liars, sometimes charming ones, who consistently deny wrongdoing. Thus, some who have been victimized by sociopaths may doubt their own perceptions. - Wikipedia entry, "Gaslighting"
 Further elucidation from a master:

That vid was from 2014, but things haven't improved since then. In fact, it's worse.

In a thundering essay on the current situation comes a fine and insightful essay, The Weight Of The World, by Dystopic, which you should definitely read in its entirety at his site. 

From Dystopic's piece:
"Talk to a Leftist, and he will complain that dead people who looked vaguely similar to you perpetrated horrific crimes against humanity (while ignoring similar crimes perpetuated by people who didn’t look much like you). The Trail of Tears was your fault, so was slavery, the Holocaust, colonialism, why Somalia sucks today, and why it sucked 500 years ago, and why an overweight lesbian couldn’t get a taxi cab in Manhattan at 4 in the afternoon on a Friday – whatever. It’s all your fault. Carry the sins, accept the punishment, give up your wealth (there was a hashtag running around social media some time ago called #GiveYourMoneyToWomen), shut up and stay in your lane."
"Weaponized Empathy has destroyed these people, body and soul. They mutilate themselves, hate themselves, rail against the very society that created them, and then seek to unload their shame and self-loathing on to others."

Eureka! That's it! Joss Whedon for the win!
The Left today is nothing more nor less than Reavers.

That explains the facial tattoos, the hardware store in cheeks and heads, the rise of psychotics cutting themselves, the plethora of addadicktome and chopadickoffame surgeries the transnormal genderfluid freakshow refugees undergo, with about as much logic as you find at a NOW convention.

It also explains the rising tide of literal hordes of rootless weak-minded fruitcake retards who want nothing so much as to pull everything down, and burn it all, so they can be the Beelzebubian shitlords the cheatcode-embedded video marathons they play make them think they deserve to be.

This isn't just name-calling, this is taxonomy, in the strictest zoological sense.
That is what we're up against. Just. Exactly. THAT.

And whether it's barnyard animals in Animal Farm, or the rise of our dystopian simian overlords in Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes, it never ends well for the humans.

If the Left won't turn back from the abyss next to which they're frolicking, hordes of red-pilled folks are going to cut to the chase, and change the ending of the real life story, and it isn't going to be pretty for the animals, this time around.

If they thought getting punched in the face was bad, wait until they see the big rollout of When Things Get Serious. When the People Who Want To Be Left Alone (CF.: the Founders hereabouts called that condition "Liberty"; some old enough may recall what it looked like) have finally had enough pushing and shoving from the People Who Want To Control Everyone.

There's a price for being slow learners, and it's almost as steep as that last drop.

Think hard, Reavers.

Your targets are running out of patience for your antics.
The lives you save will be your own.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Retread - Medical Text Linkapalooza

I'm dredging this post up while I work on some other things, and because it's worthwhile.
It's reprinted from last October.

As promised:

FM 21-11 First Aid For Soldiers 1989
The Ship's Medicine Chest USCG 2003
FM 8-50 Bandaging and Splinting 1957
FM 8-230 Medical Specialist 1984
USMC Field Medical Service Student Manual 2008 (multiple lesson links)
Operational Medicine 2001 (multiple sub-lessons and links)
FM 21-20 Physical Fitness Training 1998
FM 8-10-6 Medical Evacuation In A Theatre of Operations 2000
FM 21-76-1 Survival Evasion and Recovery 1999
FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination 2002
FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation 1970 (more comprehensive version)
FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation 2000
FM 21-10-1 Unit Field Sanitation Team 2002
FM 8-10-4 Medical Platoon Leader's Handbook 2001
TC 21-3 Soldiers Handbook For Individual Operations and Survival In Cold Weather Areas 1986
ATP 4-25.13 Casualty Evacuation 2013
USN Nutrition and Exercise Manual 1999
FM 8-284 Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties 2000
FM 4-02.17 Preventive Medicine Services 2000
FM 21-18 Foot Marches 1962
FM 8-10-1 The Medical Company 2002
SOF Combat Casualty Care-TCCC 2007
Where There Is No Doctor...Dentist (multiple chapter downloads)
Online TCCC course (individual Powerpoint lessons)
NAEMT TCCC course modules
Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Wound Closure Manual 2005
Emergency War Surgery 2000
USMC Mountain Warfare Wilderness Medical Course 2002 (Windows doc)
Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders Reference Guides - multiple resources h/t WRSA

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. Missing, e.g., is any functional pdf link to the
Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook 2d ed., 2008 which I highly recommend.
(and I deliberately left off any link to the hugely obsolete text
ST 31-91B Special Forces Medical Handbook 1982 which I do not recommend, other than purely as historical reference.)
And there are all sorts of other references out there (some of which I'll cover in the future at some point), but those above are a great place to get started.

Do I want you to become a combat lifesaver, special forces medic, or regimental surgeon with those resources? No. (Of course, if you aim to, the above is your homework; get cracking.) But this list will give you a great perspective on what can (and should) be done, from people who've already done it, under all sorts of adverse circumstances and in multiple environments, and by digging in you'll at least get some perspective on how much you didn't know you didn't know. And not to belabor the point, but most of the other resource texts that you should have are copyrighted material, which you should buy in order to support those authors; the link to get them is called Amazon. Meanwhile, the stuff ginned up by and for the .mil is public domain, by law, and you already paid for it when it was deducted from your paychecks as federal withholding.

The above resources would be sufficient to do a great job in many cases, if you had nothing else available, and would keep you busy for 1-3 years just getting the info into your head.

The links are all current, as of today, but one thing I found in checking sites was that links on the 'Net are an ephemeral thing. Download all of these today, or ASAP, and print them in hard copy at your leisure, after you've flipped through them on your computer.

All of them, together, would fit on a thumb drive. And should go on one, or several.
Pass such a drive/drives along to your group's medic(s), and/or any paramedics, nurses, doctors, etc. you count among your friends. It'll cost you a couple of bucks and some time, but you may equip someone to save your life someday after things get sporty, and possibly even make a better friend.


Wednesday Weapons Website Of The Week: WeaponsMan

For some five years, three months, and fifteen days, WeaponsMan was one of, if not the, best weapons-related website on the 'net. As anyone who visited there will tell you. The bloghost, Hognose, would probably be shocked and humbled to find that out.

After a 2011 teaser post, he hit the ground running in January 2012: over 100 posts in just his first month at it. And long posts, on all manner of topics varied and sundry. Done with intelligence, wit, and a style those of us fortunately who tumbled onto the site discovered, which kept some thousands coming back.

I wish I'd discovered it sooner: I found him because Tam mentioned him, over a year after he started. My first comment on his board was shortly afterwards. When I commented on this post on the Ides of March, 2013, he was quick to make his comeback into a full post, and referral to my site. I don't know what his daily readership was, but I can tell you that notice got me 2500 views in a day. And that was four years ago. It helped that he was effusively gracious in praising what he found, which certainly didn't hurt my feelings either. I flatter myself that we were something of kindred souls.

We're a few years apart chronologically, and served on active duty in the same timeframe, so we clearly shared some military and cultural reference points. No disrespect to Brendan, but I felt in many ways what a lot of folks in the military do in such circumstances: we were "brothers from another mother". That's the best explanation I can come up with for the loss I feel at his passing.

Looking at the posts in memoriam to him this week, I wasn't the only one. In fact, I wasn't in the only hundred such. Virtually everything I could say about him was echoed in one of the 200+ posts in reply to his brother's news that Hognose, AKA Kevin O'Brien, had passed.

If you're one of the frequent lurkers or commentariat from that site, you already know what I'm talking about. If you aren't, you have, for the moment, a few thousand posts' worth of catching up to do, if you want to know why Hognose deserves the recognition he would never give himself. But I'm pretty sure he knew how we all felt about the place, even if we didn't take the time to pour it all out until notification from his brother of Hognose'/(Kevin's) passing.

I'm going to post now what emotion prevented me from attempting yesterday.

Hognose was, indeed, a gentleman and a scholar. He was a renaissance man, in the truest sense of the term. His site, encapsulated by his blog's statement of purpose, was exactly WYSIWYG:
A lot of nonsense is written about weapons, especially on the Net. Rather than rail at the nonsense, we thought we'd talk sense instead, and see how that catches on.
It caught on pretty darned good, Hognose. Thousands of readers can't be wrong.
If it had anything to do with weapons, it was fair game. Cave man weapons, nuclear weapons, knives, clubs, sniper rifles, torpedoes, battleships, anti-rat snakes, "strangling thumbs"; people using weapons, well, badly, stupidly, foolishly, criminals, citizens, cops, troops, and anything that flew, crawled, walked, swam, or slithered, with from two to two dozen legs, and any representation of it in books, films, or any form of media invented or not yet invented, in the known universe, and he blogged it. With wit, with grace, with intelligence, insight, and elan, sufficient to grow his audience day over day, and year over year.

I commented relatively rarely at first, then with more frequency, as many of us did, but in his weekly analysis of his blog, he looked to metrics. When he was puzzled by some posts' lack of response, compared to others that drew them like picnics draw ants, my only answer was absolutely heartfelt and honest:
Sometimes, Hognose, we just stand here open-mouthed and gawping at the lesson you're teaching during the period of instruction, and marvel at the product.
I wish I could see the actual stats of how much output he produced, how many words, how many posts, how many comments, and how many views. His regular readership, from 50 states, 16 territories, the District of Columbia, and 60 or 80 countries already know that whatever the final tally was, it was impressive, expansive, and 24K gold, as a rule.

The response of that commentariat now has been as well, because people were drawn to the blog like iron fillings to a magnet, and we could all recognize quality when we saw it. If he had a post, there were frequently five other viewpoints from people who were subject experts from some piece of it. And as a rule, far less of the norm of poseurs or nastiness one is apt to find anywhere else on the internet. I think, because no one wanted to disappoint the bloghost, or force him to intervene; the decorum was disciplined, largely by mutual consent.

So while it lasts (or please, God, until it finds a new host/home, for posterity, because having the blog disappear along with the man would be a criminal waste) go see what you missed. His blog ought to be one of the places where the Internet truly is forever.

And at the root of my tremendous sorrow and sadness at Kevin's passing, is probably the good kind of utter selfishness and regret:
I'm tremendously sorry that a continent separated us, and we never met face to face, and I'm sorry for myself and the rest of us going forward that such a wonderful man, and such a special place, have left us, and we can only be thankful for the memories of what we all had, knowing that the chance for any more of it is largely gone forever.

I'm glad Small Dog Mk II has a new home, despite the loss of his owner. And I'm sorry, as I'm sure his brother is too, that Hognose will never get to fly in the airplane they were building together. Brendan O'Brien, I hope you get to finish that plane someday, for Hognose. I suspect a couple hundred of us, at least, would like to hear about it when you do. If my own sense of loss, being naught but an internet acquaintance, feels like this, I cannot fathom how deep must be your loss, and your father's, at Kevin's passing.

But I'm pretty sure Kevin doesn't need the plane now, because he has his own wings.
And his passing sparks anew in me a fervent hope that there's an afterlife, where families are made whole, and old friends can meet face to face for the first time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I say ye Kevin O'Brien.

With gratitude and respect,

(This post was a whisker late for the Wednesday time hack. Which Hognose, of all people, would certainly understand.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

R.I.P. Kevin O'Brien, of, AKA Hognose

Just not feeling like posting anything further today, boys and girls.
Can't hardly see the keyboard anyways.

Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

PSA: Preventative Maintenance

Some of you who come here may also drop in over at WeaponsMan's blog, linked over there somewhere --------->.

The only information I have, is secondhand, from someone who got the info off the Book of Face.
Having duly listed such as gossip until further confirmation, what I read was that Hognose, Keeper of the Blog there, allegedly suffered a heart attack. Degree of seriousness unknown.
(And if that's not the case, my profound apologies, and continued well wishes for a speedy recovery to whatever the problem is.)

I suspect many of us (self included) are of such an age where that is always a possibility in life. (FTR, I've seen them as young as 35. Cheeseburgers do add up, boys and girls.)

Casting no aspersions nor blame on his Hoginess, not least of which because his fitness regimen, residing deep in the frozen wilds of New Hamster and vicinity, is probably better than mine, I offer the following no-charge health advisory:

Get your damned annual check-ups.
Take your meds.
Watch your diet.
Lose some fat.
Do your exercise.

Again, I am in no way stating nor implying Hog failed at any of those things.
But many of us do. Myself included.

Nothing is going to give you immortality. But doing the routine maintenance can let our inevitable physical decline from prime to grave be a prolonged and gentle glide, rather than a smoking crater into the ground from altitude.

And the parts last longer if you take care of them properly.

We lost people like Andrew Breitbart to failure to do basic things, listed above.
And I wish Hognose nothing but a speedy recovery, and hopes that this was a minor event, and not the kind that shaves years off one's life or future activities.

But as inevitable as each of our ends is, I don't want to lose anyone, (including some people that are mainly internet trolls) to stupid, preventable health issues.

I see what that failure of self-care leads to every day, and I hate that kind of waste with a passion you really don't understand.

It'd be a real shame if any of you missed the apocalypse because of treatable but ignored health issues, because come the day, those zombies aren't going to shoot themselves.

If you want to live and learn, you cannot do it in that order.
Take care of yourselves. Please.

UPDATE: Per online announcement from his brother Brendan, WeaponsMan, Kevin O'Brien, AKA Hognose, passed away this morning (before this post even went up) at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. Initially conscious after a Friday afternoon heart attack, he later suffered a complete and hour-long cardiac arrest. His heart was restarted, but he never regained consciousness.
He is survived by his father, brother, and hundreds to thousands of loyal and intelligent blog readers who counted his posts a daily joy, including myself for the last four years.

"May he be safe in Heaven half an hour before the devil knows he's dead!"

(As I type this, it seems to be awfully dusty in here at the moment, and I seem to feel like I swallowed a potato whole. Hopefully I'll see him on Fiddler's Green someday.)

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life

Not a spy, never was, don't plan to be one. But the takeaways from this book are worth the cover price.

You can see the guy's original pitch from Shark Tank,

along with another dozen YouTube clips from various TV shows, to get a small idea of what the book's about, but the book is far more comprehensive in many ways.

Most important is his focus in the book, not on gear, not even on technique, but primarily on the mindset of situational awareness, which avoids a lot of problems from the outset, alerts you to the problems you can't avoid, and gives you time and options to come out ahead when faced with crappy choices.

Even if you can't get to his Utah Spy Camp,

you can teach yourself a ton of various and useful things just with the benefit of digesting this book.

It could save your life from a carjacking or home invasion, let alone foreign trouble, or even during actual cloak-and-dagger work.

And even if you never need it, it's a cool read.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin

"The Berkeley PD has been tried in the balance and found wanting." - Daniel 5:25

     Exhibit A: The Berkeley Police are, and have been, an open joke.

The point of the exercise in Berkeley Riots 3.0 was to shut down the Right. Period.
If the Right loses, game over.
If they win, the Leftards push back harder; eventually, the po-po will show up with Mommy Logic(c), blame everyone, and shut everything down. Game over again.
Heads they win, tails you lose.
This means we either push it beyond sanity, or get beat.

After the Third Battle of Berkeley, our side is 1-2. Ann Coulter is showing up 4/27, and then there's May Day, 5/1. This ain't over until it's over.(I suspect it's just getting warmed up. This has been pre-season play, so far, until someone decides it isn't worth it, and retires for good.)

At least those representing our side aren't getting punked now, like they were at first.

And all the cops are doing is teaching our side to ignore them.
Hey, Chief Dumbass, and Officer F**khead: is that really the message you want average citizens to take away? That you're at best neutrally uncaring while they're getting beat, and at worst, actively aiding and abetting the clear enemy? Well-played; let's see how that turns out when this goes to guns, all around, as it will with near inevitability.

(Dear Leftists: These fat-bodied trolls are your version of JSOC Ninjas, if you go there. The rest of your team gets worse from here on down. I urge you to reconsider trying armed violent protest. You'll be going up against a lot of people who've played this game for real, in three wars, and came out ahead against far better than you could ever hope to recruit. This is not your game. Stick to tantrums, or make out your wills.)

You should take a lesson to heart, Blue Hordes:
You don't have enough ammo, guns, or TROOPS for things, once Joe Average marks you as a bigger threat than staying home.
Which means you'll be staying home, or not ever returning there again, and the streets will belong to whichever side has the demographic edge. It won't be you, even if they call out the National Guard. (Think about that long and hard, @$$holes.)
And when you try to make a comeback, you'll be rightly greeted like Nazi collaborators by society, and I don't mean figuratively. If you're lucky, they'll only stamp swastikas on your faces with hot fireplace irons, and then turn you lose. If you're not, history will be rather instructive in where you'll end up. The overwhelming likelihood is at the ends of ropes, in batches.
What will happen to Antifa at that point doesn't bear serious thinking, if one wants to sleep at night.

But before then, the problem will be Team Blue, not Team Fucktard.

Or, those charged with upholding the paperwork outlining a peaceful civil society could go back to being impartial keepers of the public peace, and start bitch-slapping the violent Left, totally precluding the necessity for a violent Right.

Think that one over long and hard, Blue Crew, and tell us how many paychecks you'll collect sitting on your hands, after you're dead or disabled.

"When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable." -JFK

Your ball, Barney Fife.
You can be the cops, or you can be the Keystone Kops, but not both interchangeably.
So, did y'all want to be the referees...or just the soccer ball?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Backyard Homestead

For succinct, all-in-one-book advice on upping your food self-sufficiency, it's hard to beat this 2009 manual.

It adequately (though not exhaustively) covers dozens of topics, and includes sample layouts for smaller and larger lot sizes. For anyone not in a NYFC townhouse or loft, there are literally dozens of ways for you to get yourself off dependency to the local supermarket, and producing your own healthier, fresher, and infinitely renewable source of better foods, whether times are good or bad. In fact, even somebody in a loft could raise chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat, and grow quite a container garden. There are few worse things in life than starvation. Especially when you don't have to.

And waiting until they're bad is a lousy way to learn. Possibly in a terminal way, come a severe economic downturn, or worse. There are other books on self-sufficiency, but for bang-for-the-buck, this one's the best of the best.

Antifa Pwned: Commit To The Comedy

There seems to be a Clowncarnucopia of Fail videos going up on YouTube by the minute, showing Antifa to be just exactly what I said some weeks back. Color me side-splittingly tickled pink. I highly recommend that if you like a good laugh, you look them all up.

If anything that I wrote here, which was linked numerous places, contributed to Saturday's comeuppance to the Pussy Hat Army being so epic, I'm happy to have served. The preparedness game seems to have been upped on the MAGA side notably. Which is only a surprise to Antifa, and their foolish tagalongs.

So much for the notes from others than only the Left is showing up to move the ball in the streets. They are, in the words of Patriot Retort, "Tissue Terrorists": i.e. about as sturdy as Charmin. So now, it isn't even safe for them in liberal idiot bastions like Berkeley.
Boo frickin' hoo.

Long video:
Slow-mo close-up of the money shot:
(FTR, punching bag's new internet nickname is Moldylocks. ROFLMAO!)

Nota bene she grabs his collar with both hands before he adjusts her outlook on violent protest. Self defense, in all 50 US states, 16 territories, and the District of Columbia. 
Gender equality isn't so fun when it smacks you in the face, is it, Antifa-tardette?
But I admit, it is twice as funny as watching the other side sucker punch old men and pepper spray women going to a lecture.

Comment from Rainman, at WRSA:
[O]n her facebook account the day before the riot she threatened the scalp a 100 nazi’s. The feminazi’s brainwashed this 97 lb girl into thinking she could duke it out with adult men. Luckily she just got off with just a headache and a black eye. She makes her living off of a very liberal 1st amendment, yet wants to take that right form me, by force. If that punch was 3 inches lower she would have lost teeth and been out of the only job she is qualified for. Hopefully that punch knocked some sense into her.

So now you've lost at violent protest, too, and decisively, Lefty Lunatards.

Do you really still wanna scratch the itch of trying armed violent protests against the MAGA crowd??

Yeah, thought not.

Most of us had you figured out about this time in life:
Piss off, Antifatheads.

What A Difference A Couple Of Months Makes: Toldja So Edition

Apparently, somebody decided to drop 58 guys nicknamed "Tomahawk" onto Berkeley yesterday. It went about like it did in Syria:

Link: Antifa Beaten Silly by Pro-Trump Rally in Berkeley
(Okay, let's be fair: Antifa was silly before they were beaten.)
[W]hen Antifa was met with force, they ran away.As far as domestic terror groups go, Antifa may try to look the part. But they aren’t nearly as terrifying as they think they are.
Yes, they are a domestic terror group. They use violence to obtain a political objective. And isn’t that the textbook definition of terrorism?
But terror only works when those you seek to terrorize are cowed into submission.
Please, do RTWT over at Patriot Retort.

Q: What's black and blue and red and stupid all over?
A: Antifa, after yesterday in Berkeley.

I can do this for four to eight years. Tip your waitresses. Try the veal.

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Walking Drum

In his lifetime (1908-1988), Louis Dearborn L'Amour wrote 105 works (all still in print and wide circulation): 89 novels, 2 non-fiction works, 14 short story collections, and dozens of pulp novel pieces. None of them is like The Walking Drum, which IIRC, was about his fourth to last novel.

One of the worst things about his death four years after its bestselling release, is the fact that there would never be a sequel. Because 468 pages in the first one just wasn't enough. It's nothing like the dozens of western tales and stories he wrote, being instead a late medieval/early renaissance historical novel. And given his total mastery of the history, as well as the craft of writing, one of such breadth and scope as to be a masterpiece epic.

If I had to pick three books to take with me (in the H.G. Wells challenge from The Time Machine) this book would make the cut. If I hit the Powerball, and could make five novels into movies, this one would be at the top of that list. I could spin it into three feature-length pieces without much effort, and put even Lord Of The Rings and the Indiana Jones serials to shame. Without even breaking a sweat.
(Beau L'Amour, call me, we can talk it over at lunch.)
It's that good.

If you haven't read it, you need to. Unless a great story bores you to tears. This thing has everything you could ever want, and it's crying for being put onto the big screen. It's only been out now for thirty three years; beat the rush, and read this book.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Take A Breath

The schizophrenia is palpable.
We get rid of Obozo, send Shrillary to the showers - probably forever - thus ensuring she doesn't drive the country right off a cliff in fifth gear, and somehow, someone straps a 2x4 to Bitch McConjob long enough for him to use the nuclear option, derail ChuckU Schumer, get Judge Gorsuch confirmed to SCOTUS, and pave the way for Trump to carpet the country with conservative judges in every district and circuit, undoing Leftist destructive judicial activism for decades. Pretty good, right?

Then Trump drops a few dozen old Tomahawks onto one of the vilest dictatorial regimes on the planet, one of the OGs of the Axis Of Evil, and everyone on both sides, but especially those nominally on his own, totally loses their collective shit.


Take. A. F*(#!ng. Breath.

1) We had troops in Syria since last summer. If you haven't been on the barricades BMWing about that since January 20th, (let alone since Congress signed off on the AUMF last year) kindly STFU. You're a poser, a Johnny-come-lately, and you're just virtue signaling your imaginary moral superiority. It's just as noxious and obnoxious when you do it as it is when the Leftards do it, and the preening self-awarded superiority is just as unearned. The other one or two (three, tops) of you out of 300M, go ahead on. At least your consistency is an actual virtue, this time out.

2)"But the sarin attack is a false flag!"
Really, Cupcake? So, everyone who "knows", and can back it up, that Assad is a swell fellow, doesn't have nerve gas, and would never ever use it on his people, because it's bad, raise your hands.
Beuller? Beuller..? Ferris Beuller...?
Yeah, thought so.
Assad has the weapons. Not just his own, courtesy of German and Brit chemical companies building him the infrastructure, nor least of which from any number of midnight flights from Baghdad and vicinity, in 2003, just before OIF kicked off, and a like number of truck convoys. Unless you figure that was just Saddam's sons flying to Baghdad for the great hummus at this cool mom-and-pop stand at the bazaar, and the after dinner show at the Casbah.

3) "But Assad was winning! He would never do something so stupid as to pull the world down on his head!"
Right. Like Khaddafi wouldn't bomb a Pan Am flight over Scotland a coupla years after getting an F-111 telegram up his butt for blowing up a Berlin disco before that.
Like Saddam wouldn't taunt and test the Coalition with not one, not two, but hundreds of violations of the no-fly zones, and then playing footsie regarding WMD inspections, after having the world's sixth-largest land army turned into the world's largest corpse and scrap collection on the highway from Kuwait City to the Iraqi border. This is why Operation Iraqi Freedom never happened, right?
Sociopathic Middle Eastern dictators don't act rationally.
Write this on your hand with a laundry marker.
That's generally how they got to be Middle Eastern dictators.
Psychotic and unpredictable is a defining characteristic.

4) "But Putin is upset! This could be WWIII!"
Russia's economy is smaller than Italy's. And Putin pulled back, because he's a puss, and a bully, but not a stupid or insane one, and he isn't going to trade Moscow for Damascus, ever, nor his dacha for a brick wall and a blindfold.
And now Assad knows just how far Putin will go to back him up. In this case, across town for a beer, until the fireworks are over.
Putin also knows now that Assad's crap will get him in trouble, and next time, the American warning might arrive with a good deal less than two hours to pull his people back.
What neither of them knows is what the next thing is that'll give Pres. Trump a case of the ass with Syria at 3AM.
But there's no uncertainty that using WMDs, especially on civilians, is right off the table.
Whether they did it, or not.

5) "But this couldn't be real! Because reasons!"
Look, Baby Ducks, for 72 years, the one thing Russians did as good Soviets, was dezinformatsiya: disinformation. In fact, they've been at it since the Byzantine Empire ran things east of Rome. (That would be before Gilligan's Island, for those of you Ivy League history majors). They're kind of good at it, too. Maybe you've seen their work on ABCNNBCBS lately?
So when all their outlets crank up minutes after the smoke cleared, why is anyone surprised that it's all intended to cast doubt and aspersion on US motivations and rationales, let alone effectiveness? Oh, wait, let me guess, because you were born after Madonna's last hit record, and the Cold War, to you, is about as relevant as medieval poetry, or trench warfare at Verdun. Got it. Sorry six millennia of recorded world history happened before your birth, but what the hell can we do to make it up to you? Geez, you probably still think pro wrestling is real too, right? (Wait, you mean it isn't?!)

6) This is the Middle East. Entropy was invented here.
So, how did Britain's efforts go, in Afghanistan?
How about Britain and France, across the rest of the region?
How about the Soviet Union's efforts in Afghanistan in the 1980s?
How about our work there, and Iraq, to date?
Or in Iran before that?
Or anywhere else from Morocco to Pakistan, ever?
So, the Russians are backing Assad's regime now. Please tell the class the last longest lived prior puppet regime in the region. Show your work.
Bonus points: where was the last puppet leader buried, and how did he (and probably his whole family) die? What about the other ten or twenty times its been tried?
Let me know when you spot the trend.

So in summation, we burned up some aging cruise missiles, to erase an entire squadron of Assad's dwindling loyalist forces. (Bet your ass the other squadrons will bear that fate in mind from here on out.)
We gave the surface Navy in the Med some good training and a great live FIREX.
Putin has his pants around his ankles.
Assad has a bloody nose.
And Kim, Xi, and the mullahs in Teheran are leaning forward much more attentively when we speak.
President Trump, and the US, are much more feared. Which means respected.
As Niccolo Machiavelli would've said, "You could look it up."

Some of you old enough to remember may recall, this was how things used to be for the U.S., pretty much every day. A serious country, with a serious leader. And note that our current one hasn't gone on a forty-country World Apology Tour, or kissed anyone's ass or ring. What a difference a little peaceful regime change makes.

And now, the Norks want to party like it's 2009?
Good luck with that, Gangnam Fool.
From where I sit, I can Xi someone tiptoeing up from behind, with a big stick in his hand.
Korea may be getting a new ruling clan any day now, but I suspect they're definitely going to get a new attitude.

So keep up your PT, stock up on supplies, go to the range for some practice.
The world is still a scary place, and there's plenty of real things to worry about, and for which to prepare. So all you dutiful good pessimists, cheer up: bad times are always coming. (The only question is when.)

But apparently, the days of America walking around with no pants are over for some time to come.
Take a breath, and enjoy the show.

"You have five airbases. Now it's four. Would you like to go for three?"

For those still inclined to disagree, your medicine is ready at the pharmacy pick-up counter:
 I'm pretty sure it's covered under your mommy's insurance, once you fill out the proper claim form:

Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment

Just what it looks like: a private company, in this case Skyhorse Publishing, printing in dead tree form what your tax dollars paid for.

You can get it in pdf form here, for the price of electrons and data stream, or from the Government Printing Office for Uncle's cost, or you can get the Skyhorse version at brick-and-mortar Barnes and Noble stores, or from Amazon here.

This is, AFAIK, the current version, which, as state-of-the-art hands-on initial trauma treatment, you should get, learn, and master.

N.b.: Not all of Skyhorse's bootlegs of US military manuals are so current. Caveat emptor.

You would be well-advised to search and seek out the YouTube videos that illustrate and explain the various techniques, as well as getting yourself one apiece of certain key items (tourniquet, wound dressings, etc.), making them sacrificial training aids, and cracking them open for repetitive hands-on learning. Just like Big Green does for everyone from E-1 and up.

Because the worst time to learn how to treat a fresh bullet hole or a sucking chest wound, is when the blood is spurting out bright red and fresh in front of you. Doubly so if it's also your arterial lifeblood doing the leaking.

Get it, learn it, live it.
If things get sporty, you will see this material again.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Day The Universe Changed

History: Since first taking a class by the name, I've been fascinated with the subject. First, because it is who we, broadly and individually, are. And because it provides the only way to know us truly, which is by observation during operation.
Philosophy is theoretical, and chemistry, physics, and the rest of science just a laboratory/petri-dish experiment.
History is humanity, in the wild, in its natural habitat.

Most of you probably learned it originally, as I did, as a linear series of dates, places, names. A did this, went to B, did C, and so on.

Burke's view of history, in this groundbreaking book (and companion TV series) isn't like that.
His far more coherent view of history (and the correct one, IMHO) is to see all of us as wheels that move because of all the other wheels. A did B because of C, D, E, J, Q, and Y, who were also doing G, M, and T, which led to Z.

As proof of the pudding, in not just this book, and a BBC series of the same name (1985), but also in Connections 1, and Connections 2, also with a companion book, and Circles, and The Knowledge Web , Twin Tracks , The Pinball Effect, and The Axemaker's Gift , he proves his point, again and again and again, in some of the most delightful trips through history, science, and technology you'll ever find. (Nota bene: the TV series' were from when PBS, Discovery, TLC, etc., were worth the price of your cable bill, before everyone went all Bigfoot and reality crap, all the time.)

He starts out with the premise that 18th century sugar plantations led to the space shuttle, or that pre-industrial loom-weaving led to the modern computer. And then, in an A to B to C to D all the way through to Z series of moments, lays it out step by step, and proves his original point, right in front of you. QED.
Imagine Penn and Teller teaching college classes, and Penn laying out the trick backwards and forwards, and still dazzling you. Burke is that good.

What makes TDTUC special is that the book will take you from ancient man at the dawn of writing to about 1980, when the book was first penned. The first in his delightful series, it hands you all of history in a way you can access, while enjoying the entire ride. Western Civ without the boring part.

My introduction was, while sitting on a movie set surrounded by prop books (crates and bins of books used to fill out a wall of shelves), having run out of my own entertainment while rigging crew spent days coiling up the detritus of a modern feature film, finding the original hardcover book amongst the piles.

I read toothpaste tubes on long boring days in the military. When you're bored, anything is interesting. This was far more than that. Starting out, it grabbed me from the outset. So much so that larceny momentarily took hold: I pinched the book (the statute of limitations has expired), and took it home. I read that thing for two days, no-stop. Then started over again. (And not being an actual criminal, replaced the volume the next day with something else of similar size and heft from a thrift store, so the prop house was not shorted. Relax.)
And then found a new copy as well, so Burke hasn't been shorted either. Money well spent.

Part of what set this book apart, besides being the first in his series of offerings, is the multitudinous illustrations of primary source drawings, paintings, etc., that make Burke's points, and even better, the copious bibliography of more books he drew on for further research, elucidation, and inspiration.

It's twenty years since I serendipitously stumbled onto the original book, and I'm still only partway through Burke's bibliographical lists. And I've read the follow ups, and re-read this one half a dozen times.

If I founded a model university, Burke would be the chair of the History Department.
The beauty of the Internet is that now, you can hire him to tutor you, for the price of the book. Screw $200K in tuition, exhaustive knowledge of this volume would put you ahead of most history graduates in doctoral programs.

And for the TL;DR set, you can find some of the original BBC episodes online, bootlegged onto YouTube. Tease.

So there you go: a review, really, of seven books and three TV series, for the price of one essay.
Start with this one. This is pure genius, and lightning in a bottle.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ex Libris

Well, color me Duh!

I post, sometimes multiple times daily, and sometimes only once a day, or once every several days.
Mainly because some days, I'm busy, or don't have anything worth saying. (Some days, per some responses, even true when I am writing something. YMMV)

The only exception to that was when I culled the 8'x8' Wall O' DVDs/BDs for a year's worth of Best Movies. (Starting here, if you're interested.)

They keep making more of them, and I'll review the good, the bad, and the ugly of modern cinematic efforts as I see fit.

But I only have eight feet square of movies.

I have two hundred feet of bookshelves. (Not counting a baker's dozen floor stacks here and there all over. I'm pretty sure, with books and DVDs, when you leave two together alone at night, they make offspring. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

I never liked book reports, but I love the reading thing. The two hundred feet of shelves full was probably a tell in that regard.

Viola! Books. A new daily post topic for me, for some good time to come, if I can stick with it.

Not all of the books I own, assuredly, just the ones worth the time. At a book a day, I'd die first. Some classics, some new finds. For preparedness, other sundries, and pure arcana. There's more to life than the apocalypse. I may even go back and forth, one for one, or something like it. Moderation in all things.

First one up tomorrow.

                     If I hit the Powerball, I'm building this at my home.

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." - Marcus Tullius Cicero