Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What Next?

If you missed it, read yesterday's post of CDC warnings.

If there are mass quarantines in effect at some point, you're going to need some things.
Some of them you know, and some of them you probably haven't made provision for.

1) Water
One gal/person/day, minimum.
If you're planning on city water continuing to flow, of luck there.
Hope ain't a plan.
Three days without water, and your kidneys will begin to shut down.

2) Food
Figure out a menu for a month. Focus on variety, and calories, ideally of easy-to-prepare food.
Now get to where you have six to twelve months' worth on hand.
If you're planning on the .Gov handing out MREs, of luck there.
Hope ain't a plan.

3) Rx and OTC meds.
Your pharmacy probably won't be open, and you may need to care for yourself and/or family members.
For any conditions you already have, and possibly also Kung Flu.

4) Lights and Heat/AC
If water stops, what makes you think power, gas, etc. will still continue?

5) Banking and cash reserves
Your landlord or bank is still going to expect you to make rent/mortgage payments.
Ditto for property taxes. Trash or utility bills. Any other regular payments.
Whether banks are still operational is an open question. Options, and a cash reserve float, would be prudent. Doubly so if this becomes you not going to work for an extended period, non-voluntarily.

6) Your home version of 9-1-1.
Protection from stupid people, because you've got something they didn't plan to have.
I don't care if, for you, that's a big dog, a baseball bat, a loaded .45, or prayer beads.
People are stupid now, pre-panic.
Think hurricane, that lasts months, here.
Imagine your stupidest near-neighbor, two months into being hungry every day.

Hopefully, nothing gets this bad, or lasts for very long.
But it might. And stay-at-home quarantines are what CDC is talking about when they talk about "community mitigation measures" and "tele-schooling, and tele-working".
And yet again, hope ain't a plan.

Notice I said nothing about isolation gear.
That's because
a) you won't have enough, ever
b) playing outside in a pandemic is about as bright as playing on the highway
c) the results are likely to be rather similar
Stay inside means stay inside.
Going out and about is simply rolling the dice with catching something you didn't have, until you got stupid.
Don't do that.

Someone really smart would start doing an inventory, and see where they're short, then start backfilling those holes in their abilities. That way you're the solution, and not part of the problem, if/when this becomes a thing.

And if it never does, nothing on this list goes bad overnight, and solves 99% of your problems in every other disaster/problem you're likely to face.

It's also too late to shop when they announce things are shutting down now, like they will, with barricades and check points already up.

So decide whether you'd rather be a month early, or five minutes too late.
You only get one chance to make that choice, and it's now.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CDC: Now Hear This

h/t Borepatch

(ABCNNBCBS) "CDC warns Americans of 'significant disruption' from coronavirus. 
U.S. health officials issued a strong warning about novel coronavirus on Tuesday.
Until now, health officials said they'd hoped to prevent community spread in the U.S. But following community transmissions in Italy, Iran and South Korea, health officials believe the virus may not be able to be contained at the border and that Americans should prepare for a "significant disruption."

"Ultimately, we expect we will see community spread in this country," Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said Tuesday at a news conference.
Messonnier added that Americans should channel their concern about the virus into preparing for its arrival. 
Officials said that Americans should continue to practice protective measures -- hand-washing, staying home from work when sick -- while local officials should make sure systems are in place -- teleschooling, working remotely -- should face-to-face interactions need to be reduced. Health care facilities should be prepared to increase telehealth systems and delay elective surgeries should the need arise, they said.
Messonnier noted that every community's response will be different. What's appropriate for a community with local transmission may not be appropriate for a community in which no local transmissions has occurred. 
So far there has been no community spread in the United States. Forty-three people repatriated on charter flights from Wuhan, China, and from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for COVID-19, and 15 cases have been detected in the U.S. via the country's health system. Among those 57 cases, only two involved human transmission in the United States, and those transmissions were among members of the same household. 
Health Secretary Alex Azar told reporters at a Tuesday afternoon press conference that U.S. would be undertaking "the most aggressive containment efforts in modern history"
"We are going to continue taking those measures but we are realistic that we will see more cases and as we see more cases we might have to take community mitigation efforts," he said.
If the White House's request for funds is improved, the $1.25 billion will be earmarked for accelerated vaccine development, the procurement of equipment and supplies and to support preparedness and response activities, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget."
 For those having any difficulty parsing officialese, let me be crystal clear:

1) Kung Flu is coming.
2) It's going to affect your everyday life for some weeks to months.
3) Including up to 3% of people who'll probably die. Hopefully less, but...
4) Quarantines, like closing schools, businesses, and public events and activities, are in the cards.
(That's what "community mitigation efforts" are. Capice?)
5) That means you won't be going to the game, the movies, the mall, or the supermarket. Possibly not even work and school.
6) The CDC just told you to get your collective sh*t in one bag, and start preparing to bunker in at home for an extended period of time. EXTENDED. Which means as long as "for 2020". Possibly ALL of it. It's now February. Let that sink in. Act intelligently now to avoid a panic.
7) Don't even think about going to the hospital for this. You'll be #463,197 when you get there, and we'll be serving #18. If you're lucky.

If you want the rest of the story from the rest of the world, condensed, and with the politics hacked out, the excerpt continues below.

We'll talk about this further later on.

Otherwise, that is all.
Carry on.

"At the same time, Bruce Aylward, an epidemiologist who led a team of international experts in China, said that the epidemic is slowing in China.
In addition to a falling rate of new infections, hospital beds are opening up and there's no wait for tests at fever clinics, Aylward explained. It's impossible to know if this trend of decreasing cases will continue, but for now, Aylward thinks China's response to the outbreak, which included rapidly building hospitals and imposing strict lockdown measures in cities hardest hit by the virus, is working.
"The implications are that you can actually effect the course of this disease, but it takes a very aggressive and tough program," Aylward said at a WHO news briefing in Geneva on Tuesday.
As of Tuesday, China's National Health Commission said it's received more than 80,000 reports of confirmed cases and 2,696 deaths on the Chinese mainland. More than 83% of the cases and all but one death were in Hubei province, which includes the city of Wuhan. Chinese authorities have since placed the city under lockdown.
An additional 121 confirmed infections have been reported in the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao as well as Taiwan, with two deaths in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan, according to China's National Health Commission.
WHO experts in China are currently reporting a 2% to 4% fatality rate in Wuhan and a 0.7% fatality rate outside the city. For mild cases of the disease, there's a roughly two-week recovery rate, and for more severe cases, the recovery rate is between three and six weeks.
COVID-19 causes symptoms similar to pneumonia, ranging from the mild, such as a slight cough, to the more severe, including fever and difficulty breathing, according to the CDC. There is no vaccine yet for the virus.
The outbreak of the new coronavirus has continued to spread overseas, with at least 2,069 confirmed cases in at least 33 other countries, resulting in at least 33 fatalities, according to the latest data from the WHO, which has declared the epidemic a global health emergency.
Although the virus "absolutely" has the potential to become a pandemic, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it's still too soon to classify it that way.
"For the moment, we are not witnessing the uncontained global spread of this virus and we are not witnessing large-scale severe disease or deaths," he told reporters at a press conference in Geneva on Monday. "Does this virus have pandemic potential? Absolutely it has. Are we there yet from our assessment? Not yet."  
The heightened warning came on the same day that officials said a relative of a U.S. service member in South Korea had been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. In a press release, U.S. Forces Korea announced that it had been informed by South Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that a military dependent living in Daegu had tested positive for COVID-19.
It's the first time a U.S. Forces Korea-related individual has been infected with the virus, according to the press release.
South Korean Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo said as of Monday there were 13 South Korean military personnel infected.
Partly as a result, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Monday that the United States and South Korea were considering scaling back an upcoming joint military command exercise.
Japan has the third-highest national total, when including the nearly 700 cases diagnosed aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
The cruise ship has been quarantined at Yokohama port since Feb. 5 and 695 people on board have tested positive for COVID-19. Three passengers have died, all of whom were Japanese nationals and in their 80s, according to Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
All those who have been infected were brought ashore for treatment, while the rest were confined to their rooms until the quarantine period ends. Passengers who have tested negative for the virus have been disembarking the ship since last Wednesday.
Clusters of coronavirus cases in Italy and Iran have raised concerns of the global spread of the outbreak.
As of Tuesday, Italy's Ministry of Health had recorded 322 confirmed cases and 10 fatalities. The majority of those cases were in the northern Lombardy region, prompting some towns to suspend public gatherings, demonstrations and sporting events and to close schools, businesses and restaurants.
The initial cases in Italy were linked to Chinese tourists, according to the health ministry. Syracuse University alerted students Tuesday that it was closing its Florence campus for the semester and helping the 342 students who were studying there return home.
"We believe this is absolutely necessary to reduce the risk of our students being unable to leave Italy due to Italian containment efforts," the school said in a statement.
Switzerland and Austria, which border northern Italy, reported their first COVID-19 cases Tuesday.
At least 95 cases have been confirmed in Iran, along with 15 deaths, the country's state-run news agency reported.
Schools were closed across the country on Tuesday for a second day, and health workers have begun a daily sanitizing of public buses and the Tehran metro.
Among those infected is Iran's deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, who is head of the national headquarters tasked with containing the coronavirus outbreak. He had strongly opposed suggestions to quarantine the hard-hit city of Qom.
Meanwhile, a tourist hotel on the island of Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands has been placed under quarantine after an Italian guest tested positive for COVID-19. The guest, a doctor from Italty's virus-hit Lombardy region, went to a local hospital on Monday and was placed in isolation along with his wife, who tested negative for the disease, public health officials for the Canary Islands told ABC News.
Around 1,000 guests staying at the Costa Adeje Palace hotel have been confined to their rooms while health workers test everyone for the virus on Tuesday. All samples will be sent to Madrid for testing, officials told ABC News.
So far, Spain has two confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, according to the WHO. "

Raw Product

From CTH, here are a couple of YouTube videos regarding the effects, direct medical and secondary economic, of Kung Flu on the U.S., from interviews with US Trade Rep. Peter Navarro, and the four talking point items the U.S. is focusing on in response.

Watch and learn.

Hate Lines?

h/t In The Middle Of The Right

Gorilla, 800#, 1 each

h/t Silicon Graybeard

On SiG's blog last night, this excerpt and ensuing discussion, sourced to commenter and fellow-blogger LL:
"President Xi went on the record, essentially saying that it was an accidental release from their own bug factory yesterday. Some media outlets picked it up. If the White House suggests that it's an engineered product, I think that the DJI will tank and drag a lot of stocks with it."
RTWT. Including LL's original post on the topic.

That may be what happened, and what will, but I think ascribing this as any sort of admission by Xi - yet - goes a teeny bit beyond what can be sourced.

But there's a much bigger problem if the underlying assumption is true, and that China has let a bio-weapon slip past the goalie and hit the streets, worldwide.

Such would pretty much open the ball on economic and diplomatic sanctions and other retaliation against China amongst nuclear powers and expulsion from the UN Security Council, for openers. And then things get ugly.

But let's grant LL's premise, arguendo.

Nota bene the dearth of any authoritative scientific commentary from the CDC, HHS, ASAMRIID, Korea, Japan, Oz, Italy, or WHO, et al, about something that should be rapidly confirmable with nothing more complicated than microscopy and basic biolab analysis, and something that was or should have been known to them all nearly two months ago.

So there would be two possibilities:

A) TPTB are capable (and did) recognize an obvious bio-engineered virus escape into the world at large.
B) TPTB are not capable (and did not) recognize the escape of an obvious bio-engineered virus into the world at large.

Either way, the follow-on conversations should be breathtaking.

I'll grab some chips and a cold drink.
Talk amongst yourselves.

And we repeat for emphasis:
Regardless of the biological effects of this virus, and the potential for direct pandemic results, or not, the second- and third order effects are likely to be far, far more significant, far-reaching, and long-lasting.

If you aren't mentally playing 14D chess with this stuff in your heads, you're already behind the curve.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

Go to the linked pdf to see this readable. Warning: May induce nausea.

Oh, the whole COVID-19 Kung Flu thing keeps on getting better.
CDC COVID-19 Quarantine Algorithm

Per CDC, unless the person of interest is actually direct from Hubei, China, or a healthcare worker exposed to someone proven by laboratory test to have COVID-19, the risk is assumed to be moderate to nothing.

A person from here, and who was infected by someone else here, who could have full-blown Kung Flu any day now, is dictated by this asinine algorithm to present NO INDENTIFIABLE RISK(!!). "The Great and Powerful Oz Has Spoken!"

No, really.

This happy horseshit from the same @$$clowns who told you in 2014
"Ebola will never get here"
"If it gets here, we can handle it"
"Any hospital with isolation can do this".

When you keep asking retards the same questions, it's a mark of insanity to expect different results.
And when you're banging your head against the wall, it feels so good to stop.
As I told you in the Gilligan Effect comments, the solution to the castaways' ongoing problem is simply to kill Gilligan in S1E1.

The CDC is apparently populated entirely by Gilligans.

Kabuki Psuedosecurity Theater.
You have to admire the chutzpah of people doing spot checks for
fever for a disease that sometimes doesn't present with fever, and
has a 2-14 DAY latent incubation stage. Almost like they were
deliberately TRYING to spread the infection worldwide within
 a couple of months.

See how long before this inescapable problem bears permanent, ongoing fruit.

(80/20 CDC stands for "C**ks**kers Dumber than Clowns".)

The Empire Strikes Back

From Comments, the FedIdiots have responded to Costa Mesa's federal lawsuit and the resultant temporary summary federal injunction last week that kept FedGov baboons from dumping 50 coronavirus infected persons into a totally unsuitable and unprepared abandoned Camp Retard in the heart of Orange County CA today.

Allow me to summarize their case to the federal court:

I've gotta say, it's a pretty ballsy move to respond to the court by inferring that the judge who slapped you silly in the first place should lift the injunction, based on the contention that she was a clueless moron for issuing that injunction.
"Your Honor should lift this injunction, because the court was clearly deranged when it issued it. We therefore request that you ignore the pointed questions from the Boobs of Boobville in daring to question our supreme right to do whateverinhell we wish, without any public input or oversight whatsoever, because FedGov. Signed, Poindexter X. Busybody, Federal Bureau of Asininity"


I'm pretty sure that's a great way to get your case thrown out of federal court so hard and fast it doesn't even hit the courthouse steps before it lands in the gutter, and to ensure that the injunction will become a permanent stay.

I could be mistaken, though. Perhaps they've found a federal judge who enjoys being told that she was unequivocally stupid and clueless when she issued her previous ruling.

Go, Team Fucktard!

PSA: The Ten Essentials

For the seven people who read this blog, and the 8 billion who don't, who don't know what The Ten Essentials are, we provide the following list as a public service:

Ten Essentials: The Classic List

  1. Map
  2. Compass
  3. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  4. Extra clothing
  5. Headlamp or flashlight
  6. First-aid supplies
  7. Firestarter
  8. Matches
  9. Knife
  10. Extra food
We bring this up, because of stories like this one over at Zero's blog, better titled: "Darwinian Selection Thwarted Again", and a reminder that anyone who ventures off the paved road into the bushes so much as ten feet, who doesn't have these items or equivalent on their person as a matter of course is not "sort of a survivalist", but rather, exactly a jackhole moron, best used as a food supplement for apex predators. No, really.

It should be noted that of the above list, the Nitwit Couple in question possessed exactly zero items on it, per all accounts. And they live in the Bay Area. Now, see if you can guess why Nancy Pelosi keeps getting re-elected there.

We further share that we do not even venture to so much as Disneyland, from which we could walk home if necessity presented itself, without all ten items on our person (yes, even the knife; there are ways, gentle readers ;) ). Let alone travels farther afield than that.

{For the Moron Posse, this is just the Ten Essentials, not the Everything-You-Need Ultimate Survival Kit For Bugging Out Forever. If this is news to you, you're not tall enough for this post. We note again, this in in reference solely to the Nitwit couple above, who possessed not one single item of it, not for surviving the Zompocalypse after falling off your sled in the Iditarod. FFS, get a clue.}

And we further point out that you may rely on this testimony that while watching the video of search and rescue drones retrieving this pair of nitwits from the clutches of a NorCal dayhike that started out as a three-hour tour, our most fervent wish for the pair was not "how wonderful that they were found alive", but rather

"Put them back! Mother Nature isn't finished with them yet!"

Don't Be Those Guys.

We love it when perennial troll morons pathetically try to sharpshoot our wisdom, by posting their idea of a "better" picture, and predictably does another epic faceplant:

Word To Your Mother, Cub Scout:

Our picture was illustrated by an assemblage of gear from REI, a high-end outdoors chain that supplies things like expeditions to Mt. Everest and such, as well as millions of hardcore outdoors enthusiasts, and contains the exact Ten Essentials (and then some) proven over decades by The Mountaineers, who have promulgated the very concept of Ten Essentials since Ever.
Your gear was sourced from Wal-Mart, entirely from the cheap China-made schlock they retail.

The GPS in our picture is better (and pricier) than the entire contents of your "better" picture, and the SOL space blanket in our sourced pic will outlast the tarp and backpack in yours. And if you tried looking at our picture, you will note that it has, indeed, "multiple sources of combustion". I posted the picture because it is the exact Ten Essentials (plus a couple of extras) . (You could have looked it up yourself, if only you could follow links.)  Not because it's the Everything-You-Need Ultimate Survival Kit. This is Strawman Fallacy stuff for mid-level morons. So much for brilliant analysis from the Halfbright Scholar of the Great White North.

I make this blog look easy because I'm far beyond your 23 IQ points.
Go back to telling us that hobby drones will never be weaponized, because it's unpossible.
And stop making it so darned easy to point out your foolisheness. I hate always being the one to kick the retard. And it always takes twice as long to explain things to the Short-Bus Kid. I wish that didn't always turn out to be you, with a tedious predictability, but it is. Over and over again.

Meantime, don't quit your day job, Homer. And enjoy the extra blog-looks you'll get for free just for being Comedy Relief. Again.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Semper Fi

75 years ago, today.

Semper Fi, devil dogs.

Top. Men.

If some of them seem familiar, you may have met them when they were the
2104 Ebola Response Planning Group. Why break up a winning team??

So, originally, the quarantine camps (and, presumably treatment centers) for those exposed to or positive for coronavirus were supposed to be Travis AFB in NorCal, and March ARB is So Cal.

Which, being both long-time military bases, and former SAC bases, have built in safety, security, and seclusion, plus obviously being airbases, making transport in and out stupid simple, and with the post Cold War drawdown, both bases having ample unused space to erect an ad hoc quarantine camp within the confines.

And then, 50-IQ (I'm being sporting) federal officials with CDC et al got some wild hare soopergenius idea to suddenly move 50 people known to be infected with full-blown coronavirus infection to the former Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, once a giant campus for short-bus kids, and abandoned for years recently. (Because who wouldn't want to dump a bunch of people suffering this year's probable global pandemic right in the center of Orange County a few miles from Disneyland, instead of on a dingy old military base with SAC-level fences and perimeter security, amirite?)

And then the city of Costa Mesa, in which it is located, got wind of the scheme, and they asked a few teensy questions.

Questions like:
1) The facility has been abandoned and idle for years, nigh onto a decade. The toilets don't flush, the water doesn't run, there's no power, and nothing's been in service for years. So how, exactly, do you propose to get water, power, sewage and waste disposal service, and a few million other things there up and running, in 24 hours or less? Were you going to magically pull all that out of your ass, Uncle Sugar,...or what?

2) What's your containment plan for this? The facility, in the middle of residential neighborhoods, is contiguous to high-density apartments and a public golf course, with two schools nearby. Just wondering?

3) So, if something - anything - happens there once you bring in the infected patients, and someone dials 9-1-1, how, exactly, did you contemplate we're going to respond to the scene of a known international pandemic biohazard site? And where would we take new victims, as opposed to just leaving them right there?

4) What local hospital(s) will be co-operating with and assisting with care there?

5) How were you planning on dealing with the metric f**ktons of biohazard waste?

6) How many people did you imagine you could put there, and for how long?

7) What's your master plan for decon when and if the site is closed down?

And a few hundred other basic and pertinent questions, to which, apparently, the answer from the Black Gaping Maw of Fedholia was, "Fuck all if we know!"

And then sanity made an appearance, and a federal judge stepped in at the request of the city in question, issuing an immediate restraining order on executing any such jackassical "plan", until such time as the feds have the slightest wild clue about WTH they're doing, and how they'll accomplish it, and can explain it all in open court in blistering detail.

The question I want answered is What effing jet-fuel genius thought they could just whistle up a derelict abandoned state facility, and turn it into a biohazard refugee camp and instant hospital, on an effing whim?!?!?
And WTH would anyone suddenly decide that two underutilized former SAC bases were "unsuitable" for people known to be infected with Kung Flu???
This smacks of bureaucratic retards finger-banging the pie because they could, and dollars to donuts, from 3000 miles away, in a windowless bastion of stupidity impenetrable to common sense.
Even using Alcatraz Federal Prison makes more bare sense than this, and it's been derelict for nearly as long, but if anyone is serious, the correct answer is either an under-used military base, exactly as originally planned, or a scratch-built purposefully-designed biohazard facility out in the desert, miles from anyone else, surrounded by layers of concertina containment and a moat.

No one's copping to burping out this asinine plan to dump them into vacant acreage amidst millions of people literally just yards away, which leads one to believe someone in Washington District of Criminals is spilling industrial quantities of blood out of the fresh cleat holes in his own junk right about now.

The inescapable answer is that one of the former residents of Camp Retard grew up, got a job with FEMA or the CDC, and thought moving 50-2000 infected patients into his old Camp Snoopy home would work like a charm. Because FedGov.

Apparently thinking about things like personnel, operations, logistics, and medical basics, not to mention site security, was never thought of. Not once. Not even as an afterthought.

And just to be scrupulously fair, there is probably no place whatsoever in Los Angeles or Orange Counties - none at all - where anyone with more than two functional brain cells (which automagically de-selects 99.98% of government workers out of the decision tree) could or should contemplate placing people with coronavirus, for any articulable reason on God's green earth, that would withstand five seconds' intelligent scrutiny. Unless you were a military biowar planner trying to optimize the spread of the virus in about 0.2 seconds.

Sleep tight, America.
Once again, we've put our biggest dumbasses and @$$clowns right in the lead on this outbreak.
What could possibly go wrong?

And when you start getting all black helicopter about how this started in China, try to remember that their government officials are even less sophisticated and intelligent than ours.


Dear FedGov: Word to your mother:
It's bad enough that you clearly are using baboons throwing darts to come up with your emergency plans, in about 99.99832% of documented actual events.
But it's probably far worse to find out, publicly like this, that both the baboons, and their keepers, are being fed a steady diet of crack cocaine, LSD, and Thunderbird.

Fed Response: The Empire Strikes Back

Sunday Music: Girl From Ipanema

One of the top jazz hits in history, covered more than anything but the Beatles "Yesterday", a number one in '63, and samba-smooth, sexy, and timeless, crooned by non-professional and virtual novice Astrud Gilberto, the band leader's wife (because unlike his wife, he couldn't sing in English). The Getz/Gilberto album this came from became the first jazz album to win a Grammy as Album Of The Year, and still deserves it in any year.

Friday, February 21, 2020

The Road To Serfdom, And The Train To Freedom

SiG's got a great post on how software licensing is creeping into everything, including high-end items (cars, tractors, and all "your" stuff), and making slaves of nominal "owners".


Like much of the march of progress (and chaos) this is going to take lawsuits to fix.

People are going to have to sue to force hardware manufacturers to assume the cost of upgrading, for example, a PC, when it is no longer capable of handling the operating updates.

It's going to have to be turned back around on them.

When Ma Bell owned the phone system, the phones were built like brick sh*thouses, to last 100 years of heavy-duty use. The onus to upgrade them was on Ma Bell, not you.

Alternatively, people will have to revolt: if my PC/car/gadget can be turned on and off, downgraded, etc., then the maker is going to have to eat 90% of the costs for it up front, as it's no longer "mine".

I'll happily pay $20/year to rent their machine, and they can do what they like with it.
If they're not willing to do that, and take the hit on not collecting revenue up front, someone else will build machines that will run actual open-source software, and run existing computer and software companies out of business, exactly as happened to music companies, as is happening to movie and television production studios.

Boilerplate "licensing" agreements aren't worth the signatures they're not signed with, and it's going to take some nuclear lawsuits to make that point in court, but it's inevitable. And it's happened before.

Precedent: how Thomas Edison killed the NJ movie industry, and cut his own throat

Back in the day, Edison & Co. tried to shake down everyone making a movie as someone who owed him a cut of the action, since he'd invented the camera and the manufacturing rights for the projector, and NY/NJ courts and judges, in Edison's pocket, upheld that idea. I should point out that typical "Joisy" tactics were employed to enforce this racket. (Click the link and watch the video, it's a great short explanation of what really historically happened.)

So half a dozen young gentleman of primarily Ashkenazi heritage realized that if they were going to make movies, they'd have to get out from under Edison's thumb, and they hopped the train westward. They arrived in Phoenix the one day it was raining in months, so they continued on to Union Station, in Los Angeles, and decided that was the perfect place to make movies.

Edison's stranglehold on the technology was eventually broken, and the rest is history. Literally.

The next train hopped will be metaphorical, but somebody (or a lot of them) are going to do with software and the internet of my things, what guys named Laemmle, Fox, Zucker, Mayer, Thalberg,  etc. did with motion pictures: break them out of serfdom.

Mark my words.

People will be free, and they will own their possessions outright. You can't stop the signal.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

And It Only Took Them 60 Years To Figure This One Out

h/t Free North Carolina

Seems the Air Farce (an honorable alternative to military service) has finally figured out what Gun-Lego users have known for a decade or two: you can make the AR platform any size or purpose you want.
( The U.S. Air Force developed a new assault rifle that breaks down into two pieces, allowing it to be stored in the ejection seat of modern jets. The GAU-5A carbine is designed to provide the firepower necessary for aircrew to defend themselves until rescue.
The GAU-5A was designed by the Air Force Gunsmith Shop.
Um, no.
It was designed by Eugene Stoner, and 60+ years later, is still doing a helluva job, if you let it. The GAU-5A (which AR haters - which we are not - will doubtlessly note stands for Gun, Automatic, Useless, 5th Attempt) will be a vast improvement over previous downed pilot toys but there's a hitch:
someone's going to have to teach Air Farce pilots how to shoot rifles.

But despite all of them having been to college, doubtless if they apply themselves, and have good marksmanship instructors, they may yet be able to master that difficult skill set.

It always warms our cold, green amphibious heart whenever the Air Farce remembers they are a branch of the military, and acts like it, however briefly. It shows there's still a spark down deep than can be kindled. Now if they'd only embrace CAS as a mission, instead of an annoyance, we'd give them a proper Arc Light and AC-130 cheer. But little steps are better than none at all.

Still, it's ironic, given that they're the reason McNamara >ptui!< inflicted the original weapon on the military to begin with, that it took them so long to figure out what any foole knows.

THIS is How You DO It

I read every comment posted here. (Yes Trolls, even your screeds that I sh*t-can.) Some mornings and some comments make everything worthwhile. This is one of them.

From Comments:


Thank you for recognizing our work to create the muster here in Bedford County. Yes, there are many of us that read your blog. Like you said, it didn't take much to be honest. Just a close knit group of guys that have had enough. We have been lobbying at Lobby day for years now, went to the rally, sent our emails, made our phone calls and we have been training with a more quiet and smaller group for years now.

We decided it was time to make this happen. We put out the flyer which was a copy of the Floyd County muster flyer (which happened back in Jan), and then started posting it in every convenience store, fire station, YMCA, etc we could post it. Called the news media and sent them the flyer, told them what was going on, etc. Some of our team met with the Sheriff and his team and he was very supportive and glad to see we were organized, had thought through everything and he saw no reason for him nor any of his deputies to attend after he learned of our intentions and why we were calling it.

With that, we borrowed a PA system, had some signs made to place in the roads to direct people, found more volunteers, created our muster cards, had hats made for sale, and made it happen. Again, the work of a dozen focused men to create this and then about 25 of us (men and ladies) on the day.

Now what? Now, we go to the Board of Supervisors and make this an official militia so there is legal weight to it. We have training scheduled for the next two months already, we have emails and info regarding next steps ready to go, we are looking for more trainers and land to train on. We are meeting with the Sheriff again and keeping a dialogue open.

We are also organizing the Campbell County Muster as well (adjacent to Bedford County) and hoping for the same turn out.

But wait, there's more:
Wes Gardner (Yes the one in Va) said...
Thank you for covering our event in Bedford.

We are currently involved with groups putting together militia efforts in the following counties as well:


And a few others in the early startup stages.

We are sending a very clear message to Richmond and the rest of the country that we will not stand by idly as our God given rights are trampled on.

Also, you hit the nail on the head! We are going to be a mobilized force that can work diligently to put forth strong candidates that will truly represent the commonwealth.

These forts will help to ensure that Virginia remains a great place to raise a family, start a business, feel safe from crime, experience the birthright of freedom that was born here.

We will continue forth and carryon the fight.

God bless you
God bless America

That's an embarrassment of riches.

Like we've been telling you, small groups of committed individuals change the world: they're the only thing that ever has.

22,000 people once is a mob photo op.
500 guys in one county, who have guns, won't comply, and train together month after month is a battalion.

Learn the difference.

And in 90 counties? That's an army of freedom.
Before whom tyrants (even elected ones, like Gov. Blackface Babykiller) tremble.

Best Wishes to the fine folks in Bedford County doing this, and kudos to them for doing the same thing in the counties next door. And so on. And so on.

You go, patriots.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What You're Freaking About, Versus What You Should Be Freaking About

John Wilder

has a great post today about the greater lesson (and impact, in all likelihood) of the Kung Flu of 2020.


This has been the greater lesson all along: the problem is not the Kung Flu getting here nearly so much as it's about the second- and third-order effects, here, of Kung Flu rampaging across China, there.

This is the Mel Brooks Comedy Theory, applied to economics: "Tragedy is me stubbing my toe. Comedy is you falling off a cliff."

They have 400,000,000 people in China (at last report) on house arrest, most of them in their industrial belt. If you get anything made in China, you won't be getting it, probably for the rest of 2020.

No Keebler elves making your crap means no Keebler cookies. Or anything else. Multiply that times the second largest economy on the planet, and we have a problem, Houston.

But the beauty of the Invisible Hand is that (assuming people who aren't lunchmeat for brains running the show) capitalism starts doing workarounds ASAP for all the things China cannot provide.

Kung Flu is going to be the Third World Full Employment Act of 2020, and entire industries elsewhere are going to reap the windfall.


In the short term, expect scattered PITA, with a chance of disasterpiece theatre.

Bonus: GMTA. Peter adds another 2¢ at Bayou Renaissance Man.
Blogs are on our bloglist for a reason.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Some Miscellaneous Tab Clearing

First, a few points:
I told you if you were worried about coronavirus, that N95 masks would be a good idea.
Turns out I nailed that, a couple of weeks before TPTB caught up to me.
I told you a substantial portion of US medical supplies come from China.
A week later, the CDC noted that supplies that won't be forthcoming from China could be a real problem.
I told you in 0.2 seconds that keeping 3000 people on a Plague Ship was world-class dumbassery.
A week later, with infections on the MV Death Princess proceeding at just about the exact nominal rate I suggested, TPTB suddenly reversed course, pulled their heads out of a tight dark place, and got right on that, by bringing everyone home.

Look guys, really, I am that smart a lot of times, particularly with home court advantage on subject matter, but let's get serious: I apply common sense and simple analytics (and you can too), whereas TPTB are hampered by the fact that most of the HMFICs are incompetent jackasses with middling 2-digit IQs and festeringly inflated senses of their own intelligence.
Forrest Gump is smarter than they are too. There's not much trick to this.

And if TPTB are running you back and forth like sheep, and spreading recockulous propaganda that shouldn't fool a child or a half-wit, it's to keep you off balance, panicked, and too busy to take a minute to think about things. You can learn not to do this, or you can live a short but interesting life.
As dinner for something higher on the food chain.

Next, there's been a good bit of back and forth in comments about cobbling together your own homebrew protective masks.

Let me be as subtle as a train wreck about that idea:
It's about like asking if you could solve your water supply problems by flying C-130s to Alaska, and bringing back snow to melt down.
Yes, you could do that, but if you had those resources, why in hell would you want to???

So yes, there's probably some way you could make a substitute filtration mask.
But if you could, why wouldn't just have done that from the get-go?
Because it would cost you $50-$500 a mask.
At which price point, you could be buying N100 powered NBC/CBRN respirators, and Level A Encapsulating Suits, and building your house to BL-IV laboratory spec.
And if you made a homebrew mask you'd need 3M lab space to verify that it worked.
And if you had a 3M science lab, you'd just stay inside, and skip having the mask.
And if you didn't have a 3M quality test lab, you'd be walking into a contagion plague with untested equipment, hoping it would work, and you wouldn't know if it failed until it was way too late.

Show of hands: how many of you would build or buy a "bulletproof" vest on that basis...?
Untested. It might fail. But if it did, you'd know right after the bullet entered your chest.
So, I've got those vests right now, for sale...any takers??
Beuller? Bueller...?? Ferris Bueller...??? Anyone? Anyone???


Lastly, one lone jackass (anonymous...color me shocked) piped up to cock-a-doodle-doo that the VA state senate voted down this year's attempt at an AWB, because of Gun Woodstock. How fortunate that it failed. But let's get serious: Gun Woodstock didn't get you there.

So, a few points:

1) If Gun Woodstock was such a good idea, why not hold twenty more of them?
You know why not: it accomplished nothing, and wasted a month's time.
2) If Gun Woodstock is what got the AWB killed, why didn't it kill it in committee, long before it ever got to the floor?
Because it accomplished nothing.
3) If it was all that and a bag of chips, why did all those other anti-2A measures not get killed too?
Because it accomplished nothing.
4) If Gun Woodstock was so effective, why was VCDL and everyone else tickled to death and shocked as bejeezus when the AWB was voted down?
Because they knew Gun Woodstock accomplished nothing.

Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan.
Claiming that your Stupid Party did something is like being the seventeenth terror group to claim responsibility after a bomb goes off, or to yell "I am Spartacus!"
No credit for something that's not due you will be awarded.

We already gave some pointers on doing some things that would actually be effective.
Well, lo and behold, some people in VA decided to use their heads for something other than a hat rack, God love them:
On Saturday, Feb. 15, more than 500 people showed up to the militia muster call in Bedford County to volunteer their energy and their skills to the cause. As advertised in the flyer for the muster call — which was posted on Facebook on Jan. 30 — registration for the militia was open to all able-bodied residents between the ages of 16 and 55.
According to the flyer, “This muster will be a historic event and will demonstrate the will and resolve of the people of Bedford County and the Commonwealth of Virginia to defend their rights, resist tyranny, and secure for themselves and their posterity those liberties that have been purchased with the blood and treasure of generations of Virginians.”
Attendance records for the hundreds of interested residents will be brought before Bedford County administrators so the group can be formally recognized as the Bedford Militia. After gaining official recognition in the county, the members of the Bedford Militia can bring their unorganized militia up to par with the guidelines of Virginia Section 44, which covers unorganized militias as well as the National Guard and the Virginia Defense Force.
Wes Gardner, a member of the Bedford Militia, says, “The Attorney General saying that they’re going to enforce the law and if there’s any sheriffs that won’t enforce the law that they’re going to remove those sheriffs, well this is a community effort to protect the community, including the duly elected representatives, including the sheriff.”
Attention whores need not apply. Go, Bedford Militia.

So, what never-before-attempted magic did that group use to organize this historic assembly?
What one weird trick was so effective at actually doing something that would, no shit, halt unconstitutional tyranny from occurring?

They put up one m*****f***ing Facecrack post!

Mirabile dictu! Facecrack?!? Who KNEW you could talk to people on social media, without requiring a parade permit, a podium, a PA system, a month's organizing, or chartered busses a month in advance?!?!?
Holy Shit, Captain Obvious! Local, Local, Local WORKS!!!!!

So, next question:
In less than a month, without any asinine Gun Woodstocks, 90% of VA counties became 2A sanctuaries. So, besides Bedford County, there are only 94 other counties, and 38 independent cities in VA. 90% of whom are 2A sanctuaries.

So...why in blistering fuck are just about all 142 of those other municipal entities sucking hind tit on this, and why haven't 90% of them announced similar militia musters for, oh, let's say...THIS EFFING WEEKEND?!?!?


If someone runs for office in Bedford County next election, d'ya think that those 500 patriotic Virginians in Bedford County just might be a by God political force to be reckoned with? That will metastasize into 5000, or 50000, votes? From here on out? For county sheriff? For state assembly? For state senate? For governor? For Congress? For the US Senate? For POTUS?

So where are all the swinging Richards who showed up for Gun Woodstock, in all those other counties? Don't they have Facecrack? Twatter?? The internetz???
Or are they all just one-shot Johnny, "I went to da Gun Woodstock, my work here iz dun!"

If they're serious, they should get cracking.
If not, they should STFU, and just roll over and see how it feels to live behind enemy lines, and watch their birthright get voted out from under them by invading liberal hordes.

Look to Bedford County.
You like liberty?
You want freedom?
That's how you get liberty, and keep your freedom.

Learn THAT lesson, and stop half-assing this.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Today On The DUH! Channel...

h/t IOTW Report

The White House doesn't trust China's coronavirus numbers.
No, really.


Yeah, who could possibly have seen that coming?

Oh, wait, that would be everyone else.

Sunday Music: Love's Theme

The other bookend for the week of St. Valentine's Day.This ain't '70s schlock, it's pure compositional genius. If he only ever wrote just this, Barry White would still belong in the pantheon of musical greats. Spin it.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Even Obozo Wasn't This Stupid

Let's be serious though. Like Shrills would take the warm-bucket-of-spit job to run with a guy who's polling at less than 3%, and has less chance of getting nominated to run for president than the Harvey Weinstein/Bill Cosby ticket.

This has to be either National Lampoon or The Onion, trolling ABCNNBCBS, or else George Stephanopolopolopolopolous and Michael Moore drunk-texting NPR and MSNBC after splitting a case of bad tequila.

Reliability Factor: 1
Comedy factor: 11

Dear Gilligan,

For those all butthurt elsewhere because I'm a "condescending cocksucker know-it-all", read comments here, like this gem today, and walk a mile in my shoes, before you pop off.

"You can't wash your hands every time you touch something. You can't wear a face mask 24/7 and if you did the likely hood is that you would become infected FROM the dirty face mask. AND as you pointed out, the virus will get here and go pandemic. So what it really comes down to is most everyone will be exposed and some will die, some will get pretty sick, some will get a little sick. So explain again why we should turn our world upside down in a futile effort to not catch this virus? IN FACT catching it early, before the hospitals are overwhelmed, might just be the best thing that could happen to you."
The jokes writes themselves. But as Senior Drill Instructor warned us once,
"There are no stupid questions, only stupid people."

(6,2 and pick 'em, some wiseass regular reader made that whole post up and threw it against the wall just to watch the fun, but I'll treat it as legit and use it as a Teachable Moment.)

Let's take it point by point:

You can't wash your hands every time you touch something.
1) Yes, you can. Unless you're a quadriplegic.
2) You could wear gloves, and just wash your hands when you take them off.
3) Millions of people do 1 and 2 every day. They're called medical workers. Handwashing is not a superpower.
4) No one told you to wash your hands "every time you touch something". Just before you stick your fingers in your eyes, up your nose, in your mouth, before you eat your food, and after you wipe your behind. Just like we teach preschoolers. Try that, instead of "every time you touch something", and see if you can manage it.

You can't wear a face mask 24/7, and if you did, the likely hood [sic] is that you would become infected FROM the mask.
1) No one told you to do that either.
2) If you don't have one now, you'll probably never get one, because they're mostly made in China, and they've declared them a "strategic national resource". So you probably won't be able to get any for a year or more, at least from the world's #1 manufacturer.
3) You only need to wear one when you go out in public, if a pandemic breaks out.
3a) If a pandemic breaks out, you shouldn't be going out in public to begin with, unless it's unavoidable.
3b) If it's unavoidable, you should be wearing a mask then, not 24/7.
3c) If you have a job where it's unavoidable, a mask should be provided for you by your employer. If it's not, it's not unavoidable. See 3a, above.
4) When you wear a mask, you wear it because of an actual risk. Unless you live in a homeless encampment, 24/7 wear is recockulous.
4a) If you live in a homeless encampment, you're already screwed, and coronavirus is probably the least of your worries.
4b) But if that's the case, how did you get on the internet?
5) If you wore a mask 24/7, you'd roll over it in your sleep, and ruin it.
6) Straw men always make for stupid arguments.

AND as you pointed out, the virus will get here and go pandemic.
1) -100% for reading comprehension. I pointed out neither thing.
2) The virus is already here.
3) Whether it becomes a pandemic is an open question. The likelihood is high, but not anything like certain. Yet.

So what it really comes down to is most everyone will be exposed and some will die, some will get pretty sick, some will get a little sick.
1) No one knows how many will be exposed to it.
2) 3% of those exposed will die, give or take.
3) Virtually all the other 97% exposed will get sick. How "little" that is depends on a lot of things.
4) An unknown number will be sick enough to hospitalize, some of them in the ICU. IDK about you, but my co-pay, even with gold-plated Blue Cross, runs about 20% for hospitalization, which runs $2K/day, and $10-15K/day for ICU. Maybe you're rich, but ICU is usually several days to a week, and I can think of better things to do with a spare $2-10K.
5) You'll also pass your sickness along to family, friends, and co-workers, usually giving it to 2-4 of them. Including kids or older adults, who may die because you were too lazy to wash your hands.
6) See if you can guess why none of the other folks will want to work or play with you, come the day.

So explain again why we should turn our world upside down in a futile effort to not catch this virus?
1) It's not futile.
2) See 6, above.
3) If it gets big enough, you probably won't be given a choice.
Read this. It's straight from the CDC. TL;DR? Public health authorities have the ability and the will to cancel all sorts of things in the interest of public health. Schools, public gatherings, closing businesses, etc. And if that happens, most businesses, and all people brighter than you, will decide that going to work or leading a "normal" life isn't worth the risk. And if nothing's open, you're not getting gas, you're not going anywhere, and you're not doing anything. As in the case of China, that may be enforceable, as are all government edicts, at the end of a gun barrel. So then, you're either shot, or in jail, with a bunch of fellow rugged individuals, and no mask. Best wishes on your chances then.
4) "Turning your life upside down" will greatly inhibit the spread of the disease, and make it far less likely that it propagates wild and unchecked to the entire population. See 1, directly above.
5) "Turning your life upside down" will probably save a number of lives. Which most folks would agree was worthwhile, unless you're a sociopath.
6) I'm not saying this is you. But if anyone is a sociopath, they probably deserve to get infected, and hopefully they'll be in the lucky 3% who'll die. But the Universe is random, and we probably won't get that lucky.

IN FACT, catching it early, before the hospitals are overwhelmed, might just be the best thing that could happen to you.
1) Catching it early will guarantee you hordes of attention from the CDC you really don't want. In a jabbing you ten times a day and cramming things into bodily orifices you'd rather avoid, while being in guinea pig prison, sort of way.
2) I assure you, those of us who work in hospitals have a finely-honed radar detector for @$$holes who deserve the problems they have, and we talk about it amongst ourselves all the time. And we really, really, really don't have one fuck left to give for people so narcissistic as to live out the hypothetical you expressed. Please believe me when I suggest that at the leading edge of a pandemic, you do not want to be That Guy.
3) What ever makes you think hospitals aren't overwhelmed now, even without coronavirus pandemic?
4) If you're not dying, you're going to be kicked the hell out after minimal treatment. Not least of which because there isn't much we can do. Ask me how I know this.
5) If you are dying, you're going to ICU, and if you're that sick, you're already pretty well fucked, at that point.