Thursday, October 2, 2014

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...

So, in no particular order:

There are now 80 contacts in Dallas being traced.

Five of them are children, comprising attendees at two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, all public schools covering the entire K-12 range.

Duncan was hurling all over the sidewalk outside his family's apartment on the 28th on the way to the ambulance. (Fortunately, this isn't a problem, as Ebola is only spread by bodily fluids. Like bloody vomit all over the public sidewalk, where neighbors walk, and pets and children play.)

Duncan was a fired FedEx worker, who knew he was exposed directly to Ebola, but lied about it and decided to "just come to the US".

CDC guidelines are totally inadequate to protect the country from untold additional infected travelers coming here.

Surprising absolutely no one paying attention, the media fucktards spewing BS are totally bereft of basic reasoning skills or common sense in talking about this topic. (Hint to the WaPo: you don't stop flights from countries with raging infection to protect the 300 people on the airliner, you stop the flights to protect the 300,000,000 million people at the arrival destination.)

Duncan was only hospitalized because after his first ER visit, his nephew called the CDC direct, and asked them "Ebola patient? WTF?"

And there either is, or isn't, a second Ebola case in Dallas, depending on which public health official doesn't know what the hell they're talking about, or is flat out lying. Take your pick.

Meanwhile, some parents have pulled their kids from the four affected Dallas schools, and United Airlines is contacting passengers and testing aircrew from Duncan's "Ebola Express" flight.

If people start an exodus out of Dallas, you can forget about future attempts at contact tracing when hordes flee to the four winds. Double that if one of those five kids becomes symptomatic.

At which point I have to figure it's 50-50 whether the governors of the contiguous states declare a health emergency, and shut down their borders with TX, and to hell with Washington's opinion or approval, unless those governors are clinically insane, and politically suicidal.

And reportedly, but unconfirmed officially, hospital workers in Dallas are under gag orders, and Duncan's first-trip blood tests were handled as normal specimens, so one of the first things the CDC did was to essentially seize the hospital's lab, and ship everything to Atlanta, so all those patient lab tests are in limbo (for a 968-bed acute care hospital, which is one helluva lot of tests, for everything from routine blood work to cardiac enzymes of current or post-heart attack patients and cancer biopsies, and everything in between). We're evidently not meant to know any of that.

And all this chaos is after barely two days, from one confirmed case.
Throw a zero, or two, after that "1", and let me know how you like our odds to "contain" this simply and easily short of full draconian quarantines and near-martial law.

And despite the doom and gloom, I really only got truly depressed when a quick search of youTube confirmed that to date, no one has yet done a good "Hitler Rants" parody on this whole thing. You creative folks with a black sense of humor and razor wit, get on that, will you please? We could use something to lighten the well-deserved drumbeat of this impending apocalypse, even for a couple of minutes.

If we somehow manage to nip this thing small, or even moderate, I humbly predict that the political aftermath will include tumbrel carts in the equation. But I'm an optimist at heart. If it goes full retard, it really doesn't matter anyways, does it?

{Housekeeping note: This and all related posts have been placed under the added "Ebola" label, for the convenience of - several thousand, apparently - new visitors.}

And here's the "cleanup crew" who are dealing with Duncan's rabidly infectious spew on the sidewalk outside his family's apartment:
This is a newschopper capture image of the crew cleaning up the Ebola-infected vomitus outside the apartment where Duncan was staying, where he puked all over on his way to the ambulance.

Note the total lack of any personal PPE, and that the crew, equipment, their truck, and any subsequent stops they "cleaned" from then until now are future Ebola locii, with no notice nor oversight by Dallas public health authorities on scene. Oh, and they've now spread it hither and yon about the complex, for neighbors, kids, and pets to play in.

These are exactly the 70-IQ motherfuckers who are going to kill us all, every day, forever.
Write that on your hand in case you're tempted to believe for one fleeting moment "the authorities have a handle on this".

Oh, and note that the two geniuses doing this job have cleverly left their water sippy bottles just at the edge of the spray/splash zone, one above the car, and one at the front bumper.
"I don't often drink bottled water, but when I do, I like to smear the bottle with Ebola vomit before I suck on it. Stay thirsty, my friends."

Darwin Award winners right there, folks.

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Pakkinpoppa said...

WRSA had a link to a chart where Clorox stock is...surprise...going higher.
Bleach and (more) canned foods are on the list. Bleach may go bad after a while, but I do have some pool shock as well.
Now I just need to find some of those handy Tyvek suits.

Thanks for the information on this, too many else seem to be under the impression that nothing bad "can" happen.

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