Thursday, October 29, 2020

You've Had 4 Years' Warning...

No matter who wins Tuesday (if we even know that day) someone is probably going to be pissed.
Based on 2016 experiences, likely frothingly so.

The Lunatard Left has been hyperventilating, dry-running, rioting, even killing on a small scale, and working themselves into a suitable frenzy if they don't take down Orange Man this time either, and it's liable to make 2016 look like a church picnic in comparison.

And if they do manage to win, especially with voter fraud like 110% turnout in blue hives, it's going to be even worse.

Being prepared for either eventuality is not the same thing as running around with your hair on fire, and you should be ready to suck it up and hunker down, or take a little well-deserved vacay if you have the opportunity. And canned goods, whether from the supermarket, or in olive drab metal cans, aren't going to spoil this winter if you don't need them right away.

Resiliency means you don't care, because you've got cash reserves, meds, food, water, etc. stocked on hand, and are staying situationally aware of what's happening in the nearest 20 sq. miles around your home and workplace.

Then based on what happens - on a continuum from "nothing" to "mega-riots", you're good to go no matter what.

You've got all weekend; whip that plan into shape, and stay frosty.

And FFS, come Tuesday next, don't be the Reginald Denny/Gilligan who cruises into a riot, and then gets pulled out of the truck.

The only sure thing about this election is that no one is going to go along quietly with the outcome.


Great Scott said...

Good advise.

John said...

Yup, 4 years' warning, plus a COVID check-up. During COVID, I had Pugsley and The Boy inventory long term food preps. Plus we went from two weeks of "normal" pantry to probably two months or more.

Where we are, it will have to get continent-tipping crazy for us to see action in the first two weeks.

For everyone in the cities - my prayers are with you.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Like Remus always said.