Monday, October 14, 2019

Thanks, But...

Project Veritas and James O'Keefe are national treasures, certainly.
And getting insider video of CNN openly putting the "ass" in "enemy asset" is pure gold.

But there's a wee problem.

Y'see, yuuuuuuge swaths of the country have known that not just CNN, but ABCNNBCBS et al were all enemy assets, totally penetrated, since so long ago it was known as the Clinton News Network.

So while the hundreds of hours of insider whistleblowing video now are nice to see, to confirm what we've known all along, the bigger point is we've known it for nearly thirty years. People who figured this out in their late 20s, when Fat Bill was just a former Arkansas governor with aspirations, are now old enough to qualify for senior meal discounts at Denny's.

It's not earthshattering, and it's barely news, even putting the whole sordid spectacle out for everyone to see.

The thing of it is, what we're up for now - or maybe it's just me - is seeing an angry mob smash in the front windows of CNN corporate HQ, sack the building, beat the employees out the door with whips made of cords, and then set the whole goddam communist edifice on fire, and walk away singing party songs afterwards.

Pour encourager les autres.

We want someone to crazy glue a football to Jeff Zucker's hands, and then livestream it as an entire college defensive backfield sacks him. Over and over. Say about 300 times in a row, give or take a few either way.

We want to see Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and their fellow quislings walking down the street, and suddenly getting rabbit-punched by bystanders, as "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is shouted into their bloody and swelling pummeled faces. Hell, I'd buy that on disc just for the nostalgia factor in a generation: The Day The News Got What Was Coming To It. They've been kicking America in the crotch nightly for years, decades even; it's way overdue for America to administer a little payback.

Dulce et decorum est.

So James and Project Veritas folks, thanks, and keep up the good work, but target identification, or even confirmation, isn't what it would have been if this were still December of 2016.

We're so far past that now, it's like coming up with the decoded Japanese plans to attack Pearl Harbor, and putting them in the newspaper. In January of 1945.

What's called for at this stage is more like target eradication.
What we want is to see the other side stomped into small pieces.
We want their institutions as firebombed and gutted as Tokyo was. And only part of me would want to add "metaphorically" to that sentence. They've had it coming for a long time, and betting against the party with a memory like an elephant is a poor percentage wager.

We know who the enemy is, we know what they've been up to, and we're a wee bit past "gotcha" games.

What we want is simple.

We want to crush our enemies.
See them driven before us.
Hear the lamentation of their women.
(That's a trick item, since all of them are women, even their "men".)

Because that's what is best in life. At least it is the way things stand now.

We've been patient, and we've been good.
And Christmas is coming, so figuring out what's in our letter to Santa this year isn't that tough.

When the Democratic presidential debates are put on indefinite hold, and the House of Representatives can't make a quorum because of convoys of arrestees carted off in the first sweeps, you'll know we're on the right track.

And if the system can't get that right, it's part of the problem, not the solution to it, and things are likely going to get sorted out in real time, and a good deal more kinetically than one might normally hope.

I leave the closing thoughts to two icons of the Left:

Given who it is that's pointing the cameras, now you know why.


Anonymous said...

We HAVE known who the leaders of our enemies are ( some of them) for some time. It IS gratifying (and indicative) that a CNN staffer was willing to wear a wire, albeit as you note at a late date. Still, one ( more actaully) of the rats are deserting. That is still a good thing.
Atlanta's a bit of a commute for most of us. The trick is gonna be to brighten the corner where we are.
I'm reminded of a remark made in a discussion of Waco; a Fed LEO asked his interlocutor " You'd go all the way to Waco? " The response was "Why would I? There's plenty of you sunsabitches right here"from
If you're not doing "area studies" already, get to it. You can't brighten your corner if you don't know your local problem children
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Justice at 3200 fps!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw the headlines from Project Veritas. But I didn't click on them to read the article. I already know CNN and all the rest are marxist controlled. Hell my spell checker even flagged marxist when I didn't capitalize it. They do good fantastic work but I am personally way past the point of having to see it confirmed on videotape. I'm guessing our world will a get a lot smaller and local in the coming fun times, so best to pay attention to your local AO and make appropriate plans. Don't automatically count out people you think are, or were part of the system, you may be wrong.

Tucanae Services said...

"What's called for at this stage is more like target eradication.
What we want is to see the other side stomped into small pieces.
We want their institutions as firebombed and gutted as Tokyo was."

Well in part you will get some of your wish.

"Another blow for CNN as they're set to lose their airport monopoly
CNN has been the only TV provider in U.S. airports for two decades
Now an advertising network is partnering with entertainment shows to install more displays near boarding gates to give travelers options
Comes as CNN's ratings have been sliding all year"

The competition is coming from Clear Channel, no favorite of the Left. Why is that an issue? You look at CNN's economics, the airports are a big chunk of their income stream. I doubt that WarnerMedia will be willing to feed a big chunk of their profits into a loser.

Anonymous said...

yea, same as 'tell me something I don't already know'. I do'n think cnn is the originator and controller, they are willing accomplices to a bigger scheme. but so what, yes they should all be tied and dragged behind pickup trucks.

someday it may come to rifle and scope, until then it sure would be nice if some enterprising tech-head types took up the sport of hacking the msm feeds and screwing with their computer systems.

the same captain obvious theory can be applied to schooling and big corporation management. it it duck season yet?

Anonymous said...

Knowing who your enemies are and being able to confront them are two different things. Keep in mind these elitists are ensconced in secure living/working environments and are surrounded by armed "operators" who have had the same training and life experience as the former military- survivalist posters on WRSA.
No one here is going to take the time and risk jail to punch the likes of Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, or Rachel Maddow in the mouth. As frustrating as it is, the planning of any retaliation needs to include things like night letters, pranking, and other long-distance tactics. Google Dick Tuck. Tuck was a Communist/Democrat operative who made it his life's work to harass Richard Nixon, after he exposed Alger Hiss. And of course, there is also George Hayduke. Bleib ubrig, my friends. DWEEZIL THE WEASEL.

Ned2 said...

How many individuals own the entire realm of news media globally?
Probably less than a dozen. They are all bought and paid for. Changing their behavior or the behavior of the social media sites isn't going to happen, regardless of how many exposes are done.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who figured this out in the Clinton era or before this is a yawn fest. However, as incredible as it may seem, there are many many people to whom this will be shocking news. Suddenly the 'fake news' of the 'alt-right' is going to become fact and they will have to redefine reality (or definitely choose to ignore reality.. you know, insanity)

An example: approximately 6 months after Target went gender bender with their loos a coworker of mine had not a clue. They thought I was out of my mind to say such things. Only 'news' source for that person - CBS. These people need to be red pilled and this expose of CNN will help. I reckon many of them will be right pissed when they learn how they have been lied to for a long, long time.

Aesop said...

That won't happen.
Anybody who's clueless now, always will be.

When most people stumble over the truth, they typically get up, dust themselves off, and continue blithely on their way.

Mike_C said...

"We want someone to crazy glue a football to Jeff Zucker's hands, and then livestream it as an entire college defensive backfield sacks him. Over and over. [...] We want to see Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and their fellow quislings [...] getting rabbit-punched [...]"

No decent, loving, open minded human being wants any of that! What kind of horrible person would one have to be, that one could be so (in order) Anti-Semitic; Hispanophobic; racist and homophobic; and homophobic? The enlightened individual will understand the four persons listed are the true victims here!

Anonymous said...

I understand that Venezuela has an opening for fat cats, at the prisons.

Aesop said...

"Jeff Zucker is the kindest, warmest, bravest most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life." - Frank Sinatra, The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

John Wilder said...

And NBC? Using fake footage?

Wow. It's like they're not even trying.

Aesop said...

ABC was using the fake footage.
NBC's m.o. is to put explosives in pickup trucks and blow them up during crash testing.
CBS just posts 5-minute-old documents, and claims they're 1969 originals.
CNN just skips evidence, posts wild accusatory shit, and skips straight to editorial sentencing 24/7/365.

It's hard to tell the players without a program.

John Wilder said...


Bezzle said...

It's not just "ABCNNBCBS", it's the entirety of the national press corps (including FOX and the rest of the ostensibly "conservative" chat-n-grunt class).

It's a never-ending game of perpetual distraction and multi-layered lying.