Thursday, October 17, 2019

Beyond The Pale

I'm informed by the media that shortly after this indecorous outburst, Alzheimer's Nancy walked out of the meeting. Unfortunately not from shame.

I observe FTR that had this sort of horseshit occurred in the Jed Bartlet White House on The Left Wing, President Bartlet's response would have been,

"Madame Speaker, you can sit down and put that finger back in your mouth, or I can have the Secret Service Police throw you out of the building. You're a guest here, not the resident, let alone the President, and if you cannot conduct yourself appropriately, we can conduct a manners lesson that'll see you bouncing off the steps on your way to the sidewalk. Now sit your ass down before I come around the table and throw you out the door myself."
Pity President Trump didn't get the chance to deliver the same message.
With any luck, he'll just turn around and do the same finger pointing at the next five States of the Union. (Or, with any luck, just the next one, before Madame Lunatic becomes the House Minority Leader again, and then retires to join Shrillary at the chardonnay table for three bottles a day.)

Pelosi needs to be put in a home with soft walls. She's clearly lost her fucking tiny mind, and it was never much to begin with.


Anonymous said...

Trump was correct getting our troops out of Syria. Way too much risk of having another Benghazi event (U.S. personnel attacked) with a meat grinder occurring between two sides (and their support countries). Our troops get attacked - we get dragged into a response. Voila - Democrat campaign point. Trump plays defense instead of his natural response of attack.

If Trump wants to shut this down fast, he states "Our administration learned from the Benghazi attack. It DOES make a difference !" No more elaboration - leave the Dems to worry about mentioning Benghazi will come up again during the coming election.

Anonymous said...

Pull them all out. Support Isreal and play nice with those countries that will play nice. If we have to go back to war with one of them do it with Tech and from afar. No troups on the gound. Just bomb the hell out of them. Unlike previous wars we can surgically strike just about anything.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Support Isreal...

Why? If we aren't supporting Israel, we don't need allies in the Middle East, and they're not on our side anyway.

Aesop said...

Countries don't have friends, they have interests.

Ours and Israel's interests have mostly aligned most of the time, and they're both the only actual democracy and the only stable country in the region in the last 100 years.

Anyone who can't recognize that much isn't in touch with reality.

That doesn't make them perfect, but it makes dealing with them far more worthwhile than with their neighbors.

If Mexico had been rocketing San Diego daily since 1990 like the Egyptian Arabs have been doing from Gaza, we'd have slaughtered their whole country, and pushed Texas' border to Guatemala about 25 years back. But sending troops to the Middle East, in most cases, for any length of time, is a mistake.

We stupidly went into Lebanon to save the PLO from Israel in the 1980s, and the payback was a quagmire, and getting 241 guys blown up in return. We should have let the Israelis push them into the Med over their heads until they stopped blowing bubbles.

Our policy in perpetuity should be to arm whichever Arab side is losing until they both kill each other off, or finally grow up.
If they come over here, policy should be an Arc Light strike on the terrorists' villages of origin, whether that's some Goatville, or the capital. 1:1.
Then, they'll either knock that crap off, or there won't be anyone left to send.

I don't care which happens.

Thomas said...

My take? When Democrats control the Executive Democrats govern.

When Republicans control the Executive, Democrats still think they govern.

Fortunately, Trump is a no non-sense businessman.

John Wilder said...

As long as Trump is in office, they will fight him every second. He knows that. Unfortunately, he's surrounded by far too many people who have a vested interest not in him, but in the system. He doesn't seem to care - he'll fight them all.

Most amusing eight years ever.

Grog said...

I have a suggestion, a theme song for nasty pelosi's insanity.

And the money quote for her and all the hypocrites is,

"the accusations fly
discrimination, why
your inner self to die, intruding
doubt sunk itself in you
your living catch 22, deluding"

"a mass hysteria, a megalomania
reveal dementia, reveal
in vertigo you will be"

Grog said...

Missed a line in the first paragraph,

"its teeth and talons through" is the 2nd to last line


beau said...

"If they come over here, policy should be an Arc Light strike on the terrorists' villages of origin, whether that's some Goatville, or the capital."

include Minnesota and Wisconsin?

oh, that's right. they didn't come here. they were brought here by our omniscient leadership. oh, well, include the leadership in the response. in the end, they are the responsible parties. 'two birds with one stone', if you will.