Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What They Want, Versus Will Get

This from GVDL, WRSA, and originally KD.

As usual, Denninger gets things half-right.

There is intended to be a Civil War. The Leftards openly fantasize this, as they see themselves as swooping in to repeat another victory.

Except this time the South is every white person, everywhere.
(They think they'll get over because they "identify" as gay black women. It won't work any better for them than for the frog giving the scorpion a ride.)

But "we" (D. apparently has a mouse in his pocket) won't be stopping it, because "we" didn't start it, don't control the narrative, and have neither the will nor inclination to prevent gravity from working.
The chimp-out under plan is being ginned up per protocol, exactly as thousands of smaller versions have, with a monotonous cadence of hoax crimes, all beating the drum inexorably to fan the flames and direct the muster of exactly the CW intended.

The surprise will be when (and if) it comes calling.

On Day One, predictably to a mathematical certainty, they run out of cops, after two or perhaps three volleys. The cops already know this to a man, hence the distinct lack of vigor to go about it in the first place.

If no learning occurs prior, on Day Two, The Culling begins in earnest.
Instructive, at this point, is the Flight 93 Effect: i.e. in this day and age, you've got about half an hour's free reign to hatch your Clever Plan, and after that, the so-called Sheeple, having been red-pilled to the New Reality,  will come at you, if necessary with bread knives and rolled up magazines. And then you and your Clever Plan are over.

The problem for the Leftards is that Joe Average can do much better, on thirty minutes' notice, than bread knives and rolled up magazines, unless he's trapped in an aluminum tube at 40k'.

It will be ARs and Glocks and such, until all obvious targets have either changed shape, caught fire, or bled out.

Then, the survivors (and pure odds overwhelmingly favors one side, and that side is not The Diversity) will look to who started it, and The Hunt will begin in earnest.

By Friday, people will be rounded up in batches, and shot against the handiest wall, and it likely won't end until Rush Limbaugh is considered the most Liberal Man in America.

You can forget the military; they'll be hamstrung, and the wiser ones (about 98%) will either have joined the melee, or chosen to sit on their hands until the festivities are over, rather than wade amidst an internal war fray. They'll retreat to their bases, and lock the gates, with orders to merely repel boarders, and fire only defensively. And for exactly the same reason the Beijing Guards wouldn't fire on the Beijing students in Tiananmen Square.
The Chicoms had to import hicks from the sticks to do that dirty work.
Our military won't have time for that, not being prepared beforehand.
And they'll see what happens to the cops, from local to federal, and want no part of that pie for themselves. ("Only a fool fights in a burning house.")

{In fact, see if you don't find young and middle-aged guys headed home in their work out gear, and find piles of empty police uniforms in the police station parking lots, when most of them just go home to protect their own families.}

Besides, the military will generally have their hands full assuring six other world powers that the nukes are secure (nations that have them get itchy about that point, to a metaphysical certainty), and those other nations should fuck right off and stay out of this hemisphere, and not stick their nose into the bear fight, lest it get blown off with a response in the megaton range, by way of warning shot.
For the same reasons, there will be a rush to the Mexican Border, but it will be an exodus headed south, not north.

How long The Hunt lasts is an open question, as is how far the decline.
Some areas may last for weeks, some others for only a few hours.
The "Civil War" is liable to resemble more closely the Rodney King Riots, rather than the Unpleasantness of the 1860s. Ain't nobody got time for that, and in any event, there'll be no one left to whack after a few days or weeks, the rest either dead or in hiding or exile, with bounties on their heads.

You think the Left will suddenly show backbone?
Look at an Antifa event: one Moldylocks face punch, and it's over.
The "brave" ones only attack with police escort and at 10:1 odds.
Toe to toe, they scurry like roaches, and when heads start exploding and guts opened up right and left, they'll set Olympic track records getting back to the safety of mommy's basement, if they can make it there unscathed. And those are their "tough" customers.

Hospitals and churches won't be a safe zone sanctuary, and there'll be no Geneva conventions: people will be pulled out by the hair and shot on the steps, when and where found.

Media outlets will be gutted free-fire zones: radio, TV, newspapers. Open season on "journalists", and no bag limit. Mark my words. This ain't going to be Vietnam or GWI or GWII: "PRESS" creds on your vehicle or person will be a death sentence. "The Revolution will not be televised."
You may get some Liveleak and youTube hashed up cell video, but it will look like shakey-cam outtakes from The Blair Witch Project or War Of The Worlds, and liable to get you shot in the face for doing it, so it will not be a wise move to be the guy holding out a cell phone camera like some talisman of protection, unless it's got an NIJ rating sufficient to stop .30 cal incoming.

What happens after that is when things get interesting, in a Chinese curse sort of way, and my crystal ball is hazy by that point.

Then we'll see who's organized, and legitimized, or whether we enter the warlord and dictator period of history.

And whether it starts next month or twenty years from now - if it ever does - is still a wide-open question.

But the Left definitely thinks they want one to start, and are openly salivating at the prospect.
Like all mad dogs.

But mad dogs always get shot. Always.

Then you go after their owners.


John Wilder said...

I've been wondering about the trigger. It will have to be intolerable. I'm betting either an executive order by a D president regarding gun confiscation (they seem to be getting bold enough) or a coup?

There is a red line - still wondering what it is.

Jim Scrummy said...

"As usual, Denninger gets things half-right." Key sentence, I would only add "about" half right. His stock analysis ain't all that hot either on most investments he recommends.

There will be no Appomattox Courthouse surrender this time (if it happens) with Grant being gracious, honorable and deferring to Lee. Nope, not this time, because as you stated if this ball gets rolling it's gonna be lit AF (as the kids say), with scores being settled very quickly and violently. The left always two things either enslavement or your death, and you get to choose!

Don't forget your PT!

Anonymous said...

"Half right" aye.
I don't believe "we" can "stop it" because we are NOT the ones promoting it. We can (and will, I expect) finish it.
Oh, I guess we could "stop it" by going butt-up in submission; but that ain't gonna happen in any numbers that would affect anything. "We" are NOT going to do that and there are goodly numbers of "we" who have had a belly full of the left's bullshit. They mistake forbearance for consent - and the reservoir of forbearance is just about dry.
Boat Guy

Partisan80 said...

Wear a MAGA hat on your next visit to Oakland or Bezerkely. You will personally experience CWII.

That ratfaced weasel Cohen just stoked the Marxstream Media soyboy rage another two years. The Hat® in Austin will get a ready-bag (sick twisted suboids walk around with this bio weapon on their person) of fermented piss and shit thrown on you. Maoists, in Texas for Chrissakes!

What makes you think a magical national reincarnation of CSA will fight in coordination against a full scale pogrom? Do white folks travel in convoys now? I see only mudshark scooterhogs coordinating EBT Reload Day at Mutant Mart, some FBI-run LARPERs with tiki torches protesting CSA history revision and a couple Oathkeepers with full kit facing down a platoon of armed Antifa in Austin. God Bless them, but there aren't enough.

You know who's got its shit together? The DNCCCP, it's muscle MS-13, its media and blacks. Free Shit and Kill Whitey. On message.

I rucked two miles uneven terrain toting a SAW simulator and my Achilles tendon is freaking killing me. Geritol ain't fixing that shit.

Old decrepit white people who can't coordinate jack squat. That's the current reality.

Anonymous said...

"A friend of mine who is a political activist said something interesting the other day, and that was for most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody."

Anonymous said...

The diversity types have no forward thinking or planning, no skills beyond mob violence and twerking, no logistics and will suffer a meltdown when the EBT stops. They are %100 dependent upon der Staat for their daily bread and when the state fails they will fail. I believe the failure of the welfare system will trigger the rage of the diversity. The state will fail when the economy fails.

The cause of the failure of the economy could be another 1987, 1998 or 2008 market crash leading to a collapse of the banking system. The financial system came within a fraction of an inch of collapsing in the Autumn of 2008 and nothing has been fixed since then. The debts have just grown enormously since 2008 and debt is the fundamental weakness of the financial system.

NE Heretic

idahobob said...

I'm 69 years old...........more PT and training.

Jess said...

I think the red line was passed during the Obama Administration. Gun sales went through the roof, and the discontent was more than obvious.

The media tries daily to hide the fact that enough citizens are armed, unwilling to relinquish their power to avoid subjugation, and will find members of their club will be the first to face justice. If they're smart, they'll switch sides, do what's right, and avoid outright focused violence.

Harry Flashman said...

Well spoken. Lots of people are wiggling this loose tooth. They know something has to be done, they're fed up to the gills with how things are going, and very anxious about the downward spiral and how it's accelerating on a day to day basis. But "who will bell the cat" enters into it.

I'd say the scenario you mapped out is plausible. As someone just old me when I ran into him at the magazine rack in our grocery store, "If Trump will blow the trumpet, I'm ready to go."

Sabre22 said...

That is why the DimmocRATS want to disarm the the republican base. If they can get the guns their constituents in the inner city will have an easier time of it. If they don't the DimmocRATS are going to lose a lot of constituents. Ask the DimmocRAT candidates who is going to enforce an Executive order banning guns. The local cops are not they want to live. the County sheriff's will not and the state police won't either. The BATFE will not be available as they will not be around. I agree the military will sit it out.

Anonymous said...

If you were trying to start a civil war,what would you do different from what is being done now? Just a thought.

Aesop said...

Starting wars is easy.

The better questions are: Once you've started a war, how do you end it, and on terms favorable to yourself?

If one cannot answer those questions, they are not tall enough for that ride.

I've answered it for the Right, generally: if one gets started, we "Kill Fucking Everybody".

Then we're not doing it all over again in 20 or 50 years.

Anonymous said...

It's no mystery why the Party of Insurrection, Treason, Sedition, and Usurpation wants We the Peons' guns. Every major .gov outrage is preceded by attempted seizure of the fighting/all guns in the hands of said peons.


Anonymous said...

The point I was trying to make is,they ARE trying to start a civil war.

Dram said...

John Wilder - I agree and am guessing some combination of the following will kick things off.

- An obviously rigged Presidential election. The Dems openly rigged a lot of House elections last year. Seems like a trial run.

- A coup. They tried already and will try harder if Trump wins again.

- Federal gun confiscation.

AaMcavoy said...

Have you seen the movie Office Space? I'd argue "the Saxon" doesn't slowly awaken. His restraint is slowly erroded, until his extreme, first impulse is finally released.

Anonymous said...

This may be a little too inside baseball for most folks, but CivWar II will not only be fought in the day, but also at night. If you don't have some kind of thermal sight for your rifle, you will be prey for anybody who does.
Also, as the old saying goes, if you're not part of a gang, you will be prey FOR a gang.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 8:47A

Agreed, absolutely.
They think it's what they want.

Part of the charm of the Left's insanity is that they are sincerely and unambiguously insane.

Crew said...

Since this is not easily available:

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for the shrill blast of the whistle to go over the top.

I agree Journalists are fucked six ways from Sunday. The diversity will eat them but the Right will string them up.

Anonymous said...

The better questions are: Once you've started a war, how do you end it, and on terms favorable to yourself?

The answer: No one will be able to end it, it'll have to burn itself out. I think some, maybe "many," think it'll be Blues vs Grays like before. Sorry, no. It'll be individuals, small groups, some gangs (for as long as a gang can survive), some moderately well organized militia groups, isolated survivalists, all with their own missions and scores to settle, plus the great mass of panic-stricken Average Joes and Janes struggling to get by. There won't be a Robert E. Lee or Ulysses Grant to sit at a table in Appomattox and exchange pleasantries.

That "burn out" process will be ugly, violent and of indeterminate length. It would be immeasurably better to read about it in tomorrow's paper than participate in it today but that won't be the way it works.

McChuck said...

If we end up with 120 million white patriots (WWII population), it will be a major win.

If we end up with 90 million white patriots (WWI population), it will still be a win.

If we don't fight, they will kill our people and destroy our culture. The only sure way to lose, is to give up without fighting.

Warmongerel said...

The Left are, mentally, children ("It's not fair!" "He has more than I do!"). As such they are unable to think things through. Just as a child breaks a window without thinking about the consequences, so the Leftist don't think about what their actions will bring.

The biggest thing that they fail to think about is that their opponents control all of the food production and transportation industries. How many preppers do you think live in the slums and high rises in the cities where Leftists live? They start starving within two weeks, tops.

And, speaking of cities, how hard would it be to lay siege to their relatively small enclaves to make absolutely sure that no supplies get in? Answer: not hard at all.

They would eventually have no choice but to try to fight their way out, using their gang-bangers as cannon fodder against bikers, LEOs, cowboys, pissed of suburbanites and former and current military personnel. Pretty sure that's not going to end well for them.

I always see people on our side wringing their hands over some supposed long, drawn-out civil war. It wouldn't last a month.

SabaShimon said...

Why I don’t live in a city, nor ever will again. I think the scenario changes drastically from urban to rural.

Jonah Kyle said...

Thank God for AOC. Yes, I said it, but not for the reasons one would expect.

Clarification is NOW being provided to the masses, and now the Red Line is not a heretofore unknown boundary to 90% of the population, but will become more apparent over time, IF we keep hordes out of Congress and the White House in 2020. MAYBE.

But I sense that, like most here, would prefer a Red Line than none at all, and more importantly, a positive inclination toward Kinetic Commencement rather than the inescapable slide into the abyss.

oughtsix said...

@ Jonah Kyle: the inescapable slide into the abyss.

Which is why I am concerned that the CW II baiting by the left is just intended to scare the monkeys and push the Overton Window farther to the left. The useful idiots who are the face of the left are not making the decisions. The bastards who are may be a good deal more canny than Occasional Cortex.

Keep pushing, get folk even more confused and frightened, but don't come for the guns... yet. "Drain the old white guy pool," I suspect, is the plan. Do that a little longer and they think they will get there.

I fervently hope for The Trigger to happen soon. Since even the puppet masters are insane and filled with the worst sorts of desire, I give us good odds for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

Study-up on the Spanish 'Civil War' because that's what's happening here. Driven, led and supplied by Moscow, just like today. All the actors in this version fill the same roles as in Spain/Europe, insert 4GW and Rawanda and you have "CWII~USA". And like Spain there will be foreign troops and equipment on US soil.

Anonymous said...

Oh you mean the spontaneous groups of decrepit whites who always erupt from nowhere in the aftermath of natural disasters to provide coordinated assistance for rescue, medical care, and security. Copy.

robert orians said...

Been reading some overseas blogs for a while and the rest of the world hates America and is fascinated watching the decline and eventual destruction we are entering . Are your daughters ready for the UN troops ? Will we surprise them and survive the coming financial collapse . That is the common thread the rest of the world is betting on . Our betters have sold us into debt and there is soon a piper to be paid . Got preps ? Can you protect them ?

Anonymous said...

The left does have a distinct advantage: organization. Once Antifa has guns, they're organized enough to plan and execute hits against isolated opponents, and the right has no equivalent (nor any QRFs). Antifa doesn't care about winning a straight-up fight any more than a prison gang. They'll resort to shooting people in the back and attacking them under cover of darkness.

What the right needs is an organization like the Suidlanders in South Africa. The Suidlanders are a Civil Defense organization (i.e., purely focused on evacuation and noncombatants), but this will provide much-needed order and cohesion. Otherwise, we're just a bunch of scattered loners who think we're the star player of the team (which doesn't even exist).

Phil Carson said...

I can definitely see it going down like Aesop points out. If anything, its about to say fuck this shit and do something about it.
It's the analogy of pitchforks and scythes writ large in the 2000"s.

They make a huge mistake throttling the steam pressure vent of the pressure cooker of civilization they have created. The hubris to think this force of nature can be contained, and then denied its natural place in civilization, they don't have words for that kind of stupid. Only a final violent end.

This force of nature will end up blowing the whole top off and what comes out will not be stoped till it decides to.
It is the nature of such antagonistic censorship of a culture. Along with violating every code of the culture. It is nothing you can contain no matter how arrogant and ideological you are.

Your trying to subdue the single most creative, industrious, prosperous, inventive, culture of the human race.
Also one of the most successful, martial, and inherently violent in history. The most heaviest armed civilian culture ever known, exactly for what is being attempted against it.

Here's a meat grinder, go ahead stick your dick in it.
Go ahead.
We will wait patiently.

ChuckInBama said...

When this starts, it can't stop until we get EVERY LAST ONE of them.

JWMJR said...

I am old a decrepit. But I know how to organize people and I know how to scout advantageous fire and move positions with wide or narrow fields of fire as the situation may require.

Hauptman said...

Oughtsix summed up what most of us feel: "I fervently hope for The Trigger to happen soon."
Time is not on our side and we have the fire in the belly as well as the resources. Look at Portland OR, they control Oregon politics (can you say gun confiscation?) from a feces smeared, needle-strewn freak show base. And they just keep pushing.

Anonymous said...

No sane person wants any form of combat. One on one or full out shooting war. However, no one ever accused the left of being sane. Another however is that while sane people don't want it sometimes dirty jobs have to be done. I saw this coming in the early 90's but thought I'd be dead and buried long before it got this advanced. Getting up there in years but one need not be a trigger puller to aid patriots.

Anonymous said...

Block or take out a few key bridges and highways around Boston, start a couple of large fires, and you will shut down the city and surrounding cities. Days, weeks, easy to do. Traffic on a 'good' day is a nightmare. Introduce some discord and destruction, and the city will descend into chaos. Food and supplies will run out in days. Services will stop, there will be looting and the entire area will be a war zone. The goal will be to push the fleeing population south into liberal hell-hole Connecticut, and reclaim Massachusetts as the cradle of freedom and liberty.

Reltney McFee said...

Anonymous 2:15: I like your thinking, but, how to apply to Detoilet? Or Chicongo? Or (insert other pestilential hellhole here)?

One problem I see, is (as our host Aesop has observed) that not everybody "behind enemy lines" is, themselves, enemy. If "we" (My mouse say's hello!) seek to have any sort of moral authority, that may be sort of important to address.

Another issue is what to do with the refugees. While there is a considerable body arguing for a "final solution", that, as well, presents problems. In my view, some sort of morally defensible rules of engagement are needful, if that previously mentioned moral authority is to exist. For example, shooting those that are shooting at you seems like it is obviously sensible.

Executing journalists, for one example, while attractive in the abstract, may present some post event moral/authority/governance problems.

I believe that Aesop, himself, has suggested that it is important to have a plan to "win the peace". That oversight greatly complicated our adventures in Iraq. We, this time with no mouse in my pocket, need to consider that.

I am no combat veteran. I hope that I, and my children, can die in our beds, peacefully, with that status intact. I have, however, been a medic in Detoilet, "back in the day". If my insights are valid, I agree: a few clever folks, with a bit of luck and cold hearts could render the city of their choice uninhabitable. Once that particular dragon has been enraged and released, even if the pranksters interventions are reversed in a week or two, I doubt that anything short of 101st airborne can restore order.

That, or entropy. Once enough are dead, things will quiet down.