Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dear Hollyweird and Canuckistan: F**k You Both! Strong Message Follows.

So, the Progtards behind First Man deliberately left out (as in shot the scene, then threw it on the cutting room floor so as not to offend the ChiComs[!]) Neil Armstrong planting the US flag on the moon in July 1969, because it was a group effort of every other country that had nothing whatsoever to do with this uniquely American achievement. What a pantload of Fail from the Usual Hollyweird Assbags.

Ryan Quisling, you can fuck right off back to the Great White North, and take the poncey shitbag director, who shat this piece of revisionist fertilizer out, with you as well. Unlike Canucki Quisling, of whom one might expect such crap, the director is obviously not really an American anyway. Just another walking colostomy sack.


Apparently you learned your history from Howard Zinn, and motion picture economics from Kevin Spacey, and from the idiots who brought us 15 movies about the Gulf Wars that never turned a profit.

We put six of these on the moon.

Because we could.
And because there are two types of countries: those like Canada, that use the metric system; and those that have landed on the moon.

You guys are lucky if they raise the maple leaf flag over Quebec, and speak English there.

But hey, you've got socialized medicine that's so good you all have to come to the US to get surgery, and you have flannel p.j.s.

So, you've got that going for ya.

So before you deign to re-write our history, move out of the Queen's basement, get a job, grow a pair, and grow the hell up.


Stealth Spaniel said...

You have such a way with words and pics, you are truly briliant. My favorite line: countries who us the metric system- and then the USA. Thank you for this delicious post!

MMinLamesa said...

Way back when I first saw the trailer for this flick, it looked like it would get me into a theater to catch it on the big screen.

Leave it to fookin' REgressives to eff it up.

taminator013 said...

I get tired of all these hosers and hosettes coming here from the Great White North to make the big bucks and then having the temerity to criticize our great country. It's been happening for at least five decades. The earliest that I can remember is The Guess Who with "American Woman" and Neil Young with "Southern Man" and a couple decades later "Rockin' In The Free World". Then we had Samantha Bee and her patently, unfunny "Full Frontal". Go back home to the land of high taxes and socialized medicine and complain about your own system of government.........

Anonymous said...

Gotta love these green card Canucks that come to USA, take good jobs from U.S. citizens, then retire to the great white North, taking their U.S Social Security payments and company pensions with them and don't they just love to denigrate the USA after extracting their living from their host country. Typical, eh?


Anonymous said...

I assume you saw article in the Hill about confirmed ebola case in Butembo, pop ~1mm, close ties to Uganda. We're not done doubling.

Jim Scrummy said...

Canada use to kick ass. In WWII they definitely were punching above their weight class. They also provided some kick ass soldiers for the FSSF. Now? A metrasexual intellectual lightweight PM in Justin "from Canada", and Ryan Quisling. They do have a few good hockey players, the only real men left in Canada. Sad.

Aesop said...

@Anon 8:28

Irrelevant thus far.
Bad, because he wasn't being tracked, and he's jumped the vaccination ring and gone to a city of 1M, so it could explode in their faces, but we won't know whether or not it matters for several more weeks.

Otherwise, they (WHO and MSF) seem to be (emphasis on seem) beating this outbreak to its knees, rather than repeating the mistakes of 2104.

Keep your fingers crossed.
We'll deal with it in a week, if there's anything more to cover.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to mention Ryan Quisling's role--(playing himself?)--as the delusional Lars in "Lars and the Real Girl".

If I had any Photoshop skills, I'd be meme-warring with his Real Girl "costar" Photoshopped into "First Man" publicity shots as another astronaut...

Sadly, my skills lie elsewhere...

Beans said...

Aesop in reference to @Anon 8:28

How about the A380 from Dubai with up to 100 rapid fever cases, many who knowingly and were known to board already sick?

Isn't this what you were shouting about last week?

Can't wait to find out what the fallout from that plane will be.

Beans said...

Regarding the stupid movie, my dad worked at high levels with the Apollo program. Knew most of the astronauts, knew all three of the Apollo 1 astronauts.

He always talked about how every one of them, the astronauts, and all the people including the ex-NAZIs were extremely proud Americans.

Glad he died before this shit-show came out. Never saw him so mad as when some kook would talk about the Apollo 1 fire being faked or fake moon landings. Saw him almost 'Buzz Aldrin' someone who was spouting off garbage one day.

Aesop said...

At last report, the Dubai flight was cholera, and only 18 cases.
Nothing more definitive since then, but the response was still a total shit show.

If it had been Ebola, NYFC would be a plague town right now, and probably for the next six months.

Allen L. said...

Let's see, you have a program where you have to consider every single gram of mass (at great cost for sending) before it goes aboard, and is considered against several different alternatives. You then include this mass every single time, but it's unimportant. Their ignorance about reality vies with their ignorance about audiences.

iOpener said...

You Yanks accepted that Gosling prick, he's yours now, don't send him back up here, we already have too many lefty assholes, thanks in part to taking your shitty draft dodgers during the Vietnam war.

Aesop said...

No deal.
Carter gave them all amnesty in the '70s.

Your socialism is home-grown.