Thursday, December 3, 2015

Local Shenanigans: Allahu FUBAR

                                                   Now they're good Muslims.
The "Before" things unfolded post:

This was a Christmas Party for the Dept. of Public Health, at a developmentally disabled group facility.

So, I doubt this was about someone mad at retards.
Likelihoods, in descending order:

1) Allahu akbar. Nota bene it was a Christmas party.
2) Someone mad at someone at the SB DPH. These aren't the child protective services guys, they are the county inspectors, health, environmental, etc.
Somebody got their business closed because of health citations, and decided to whack the other 10-12 bystanders as cover.
3) Someone else with an axe to grind against San Berdoo officialdom.
4) Magic brownies.

Some fucktard Limey paper and other BS early squawks were reporting they were white men, in ski masks, armed with AK-47s.
If they were wearing ski masks, unless they were otherwise butt-naked, you have no effing clue what race or skin color they were.

And this will be a combined Gun Free Zone/assault weapon/high-cap magazine/waiting period law fail.
Califrutopia fucktard politicians for the Grand Slam Of Fail!
Hint for the Demotards: Criminals don't obey laws.

And just as I was coming in and logging on, the SBSD whacked two of the m*****f*****s, one on the street, and one in an SUV, and word is they have a possible third cornered in the area, within 2 mi. of the original incident.

Apparently they had no exit strategy, and just hung around nearby.
Which tips the odds for Door #1 above way up.

We'll see, but kudos to the constabulary in San Bernardino for marksmanship far in excess of standards (word is the SUV was ventilated, in a Bonnie & Clyde sort of way). Notably, unlike the asshats from Boston PD, they did it without setting the Bill of Rights on fire and locking down half the county; and unlike the asshats from the LAPD, they apparently didn't shoot up two wrong vehicles and twenty-seven nearby houses in the melee either. It's a Christmas miracle.

Oh, and if this turns out to be two Not So Smart Bombs from The Religion Of Peace(tm), I predict open season on mosques hereabouts every Friday until the problem with that particular identity group fades apace with their dwindling demographic. Inshallah.
At any rate, it will cut down any fervor for "Syrian" refugees to be relocated here to about the same level as enthusiasm for Japanese gardeners in CA as of January 1942.
The "After" Post:
So the shooter was Sayeed Farouk Imawannajihad, and the other shooter was his towelhead main squeeze/fiancée/fellow-douchecanoe, Tashfeen Malouk Imawannajihad.
Farouk Imawannajihad was an employee of the agency holding the party, who went there, returned with his bitch, this time both armed with Californicated M-4geries (one by DPMS, and one M&P-15, if you're keeping track at home), two semi auto pistols (Llama, and S&W; thanks for asking), body armor, black clothes and ski masks, and, oh yeah, three previously prepared IEDs left salted at the scene, and later disarmed by authorities before they could go off.

MSNBC and President Barack Hussein FuckYourselfSidewaysWithARustyChainsaw Obomber are puzzled and perplexed at what possible motive could be the culprit here. :roll:

This is Aesop's Total Lack Of Surprise that the Imawannajihads were victims of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, and decided to go out by trying to take out 30+ people celebrating an office Christmas party. Part of the 90% of Islam that gives the other 10% a bad rep. (Anyone inclined to bitch about that summary can give a holler when they have a Reformation, and renounce jihad by sending us the heads of those who preach it, proactively.)
We stopped playing Crusades vs. Jihad in the late 1500s.
Apparently, the other side would like to revisit that agreement, and thinks the lemon is worth the squeeze. Best rethink that.
The last group of fucktard suicidal religious zealots who kept messing with our way of life now have shadows of some of their people permanently etched into the concrete of their streets. We know how to deal with this sort of thing; there's an app for it. And we won't have a gay racist Muslim in the White House forever to give the other side cover.

And on a smaller scale, when random members of The Religion Of Peace(tm) start showing up with their throats accidentally cut, wearing hog's heads like Halloween masks, and with their tiny dicks inserted in their rigor mortised jaws, rest assured I will give out candy to my friends, and have an ironclad alibi.
Hear me, God.


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Yep, that covers it. AMEN

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There, now THAT'S the ol' snarky Aesop we have been missing! Please sir...may I have some more???

Aesop said...

Personally, life has been good.
Until a couple of imported assholes shit in my pool.

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I like your movie reviews... more of those would be awesome if you ever get time.

I loved this piece as always. You make me miss my dad (former Marine - Master Sergeant with two combat tours in Vietnam ending as a door gunner with HMM-164, so the real deal), but I figure he'd be nodding as he reads you :) If someone's writing reminds me of my dad or I know he'd have agreed, I know they're on the right track.

But even with life good, those movie reviews are awesome. No snark required even! :)

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