Thursday, August 6, 2015

You've seen this material before

"Where are you?" - Anonymous

I'm minding my own business.
Chasing down every Ebola story is currently rather pointless.
Consider this my Generic Ebola Response Post until further notice.

1) Ebola hasn't gone away this time, in any way, whatsoever.
Only the media's coverage of the phenomenon has disappeared.
Best described thusly:
2) What's keeping it away now is the simple fact that 99.9999% of the poor bastards in West Africa can't afford a plane ticket out. (A bus ticket to Capetown, Nairobi, or Cairo is another thing entirely).
Except for all the do-gooder doctors, nurses, aid workers, and NGO folks.
(If you're keeping score at home, that would be every non-African case of Ebola except Duncan, last year.) So nothing to worry about, because TPTB at the CDC
a) swear Ebola will never get to the U.S.
b) assure us that if it does, U.S. medical superiority will ensure that no one else could ever get it, because
c) the CDC is from the government, and they're here to help us.
3) With no media attention on their activities, the kleptocracies currently infested with the disease show no signs of ever getting a handle on it, it continues to whack people at a notable rate (viewed in historical perspective), only there's no media attention/scrutiny of their reported cases, no hordes of international help forthcoming, and a notable dearth of doctors, nurses, and assorted other necessary personnel, due to the health care worker casualties from last year's original outbreak.
4) This makes its eventual escape from Shitholia and into the larger world population a virtual certainty, the primary question becoming a game of "When?", not "If...".
5) There are still a sum total of 11 Ebola beds in wards capable of adequately caring for those with the disease, in the U.S. And 3 of those are permanently reserved for CDC and military bio-casualties, in perpetuity. So, 8 beds. Period.
6) The CDC's plan is to ensure the spread to all available health care staff members and the greater population via other patients  let regional hospitals bear the brunt of caring for any additional cases by utilizing their vast expertise in dealing with pandemics, coupled with throwing hordes of untrained and unequipped staff members at the problem, until they all die or quit in droves, probably in about an exact 50/50 ratio, within 3 weeks of any U.S. outbreak greater than 2-5 cases in the same city/region.
7) Given the above, make prudent preparations, because TS is going to HTF sooner or later, given the single-minded determination to keep pointing the Titanic at a metaphorical asteroid field of icebergs at full speed, with the captain blindfolded, until one gets lucky.
Each of these things is just like the other.
In each case, the winning strategy is to be somewhere else, and stay there.
These jackasses pretend not to know any better.
You do.
Next topic.


Hllbillygirl G said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

so we know, and are watching, what should we be doing?

How should we be preparing?

Aesop said...

The way you should be preparing for any twenty other disasters or contigencies:

Have a place to go.
Have a reserve of stuff there to sustain you.
As soon as practicable, move there permanently, and proactively.

Otherwise, you pays your nickel, and you takes your chances, and you're betting that the government has your best interests and ultimate welfare at heart.

Best wishes if the latter is your "A" plan.

Windy Wilson said...

How do you say, "They have a hospital that specializes in this in Cairo?" in the five most common languages in West Africa?

Anonymous said...