Sunday, June 30, 2013

Prudence v. Chicken Little

So, apparently, I am "over the top".

On any number of things, certainly, but not least of which on the suggestion that the decision in the Zimmerman trial may not comport with the sensibilities of a goodly number of indigent, unemployed, and overly entitled urban yutes, who have a rather elastic concept of the definition of personal property and one's civic propriety responsibilities.

Quick, get me my smelling salts.

I watched helmeted OD-clad National Guardsmen riding city buses each morning to go downtown to the riots in Watts as a child.
I loaded bandoleers and was prepared to hand out weapons to neighbors who'd asked for the loan after the verdict in the trial of multiple LAPD officers last seen beating Rodney King to a pulp in the course and scope of their employment.
I watched the fires first-hand, and saw the miasma of smoke columns from thousands of fires, while snipers shot at firemen, and the police cowered helplessly for three days while the city burned.
I have watched on TV as any number of miscreants celebrated the Lakers' championship(s) by burning local cars and businesses and stealing their wares.

So I beg some indulgence for having the temerity and unmitigated gall to suggest that it's a fatal confluence to have:
- the most race baiting president of the US, ever
- said president lacking any wits whatsoever, or the internal filters to censor the ramblings of his un-American rants and musings to the public
- record minority unemployment, by any standard but the Great Depression
- an unseasonably hot summer, and everyone out of school
- the most speciously expressed case for a hate crime in recent history
- a criminal murder case so thin you could read through it, likely if not certain to produce an acquittal on all charges for the man who is guilty only of being innocent, and having had the foresight to bring a handgun to a fistfight, with a side bonus of saving the Florida taxpayers from a lifetime's worth of room and board costs for future thug Trayvon Martin.

So I therefore suggest that the result, when it comes to pass, highly favors the formation of an excuse mob, not outraged over racial injustice, but rather, enamored of the opportunity to pick up two free armfuls of the most expensive Nike tennis shoes, and unburdened by any sense that it being illegal somehow makes the looting of such merchandise actually wrong, in any practical application sense.

Personally, I plan to have suitable weaponry and contingency plans to repel boarders, both in transit, and at home. Given recent history, that doesn't seem the height of insanity.

If exactly nothing happens, I will happily go on about my business undismayed, let alone feel in any way disappointed.

But it seems to me that doing nothing to prepare, and trusting to the innate law-abiding nature and bon homme of the race-baiters and their minions, as one's best defense, is liable to get one killed, or at least risk a severe jacking -up.

Your mileage may vary.

But if your response to my prudence is, like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, to hold your palm up, and advise me to "Remain calm! All is in order!", be advised I'm trampling you, just on general principles. And if an actual riot occurs, I'm picking your pockets, and doing a flamenco on your junk before I move along. Over the top - of you.

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