Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sunday Music: So Bright


After last week's pick, and with all that's going on, you had to know that once I'd dusted this one off, it was coming at you on a Sunday. Top 20 rocket for one-hit wonder Timbuk3 from Christmas of 1986.


  1. Let all study NBC warfare again like we did in the service. I wonder if the armed forces have switched from Social Justice training and back to military training, like NBC basics?

  2. Was listening to an old Art Bell this weekend where his guest talked factually about nuclear war. Man, I'd like to avoid that.

  3. I just can't get dust in the wind out of my head. And I am starting to wear sunglasses at night just in case.
    Weird science just poped into my head, damn its only Tuesday and I am already wondering what little blast from the past, no pun intended music you will launch to us next Sunday.
    I know you served in the Military when we actually had one, I know you are an experienced medical professional, I know you are an American as pissed of as me, maybe more, but sometimes I wonder if you were once also a DJ at K-SHE 95 out of STL the classic rock I grew up with, as you hit the classic rock so well on the Sunday music posts.
    On one hand I don't want Sunday to come, as its one less day to prep, on the other I look forward to you taking me back to high school days or at minimum a time less concerning.
    Thank you Aesop, While I often adamantly agree with, other times it is exactly polar opposite, but every Sunday you are my DJ of choice.