Thursday, September 2, 2021

Some Thoughts On Accountability Lists


Accountability List: If something gets broken, somebody's going to pay. The Accountability List concerns exactly which somebodies that will be. True for gift shops, true for societies.

Accountability Lists

1) Make them.

2) Update them frequently, as necessary,

3) Implementing them is always up to the owner. Nothing says you have to wait until All Hell Breaks Loose.

4) Implementing them sooner, rather than later, may actually prevent All Hell Breaking Loose.

5) Whether it does or doesn't, it will always tip odds more in your favor. If you're in a fair fight, you really screwed up.

Just saying.


  1. All warranties are void if the seal is broken.

  2. Why my momma, a direct decedent from the Irish Troubles taught all six of her kids to fight dirty, fight to win and fuck the me.

  3. ^ that right there, anon... the 'seal'- or, the oath not only to the Constitution, but to each other as countrymen - has been broken. Thus, the warranty is now voided. We now are not obligated to, nor obliged to 'negotiate' with those who broke this arrangement. So be it.
    Original Grandpa

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  5. OPSEC folks. Anything you say (and write down, and especially ANYTHING posted to the internet) CAN and WILL be used against you. Be the grey man. If you need to compose such a suggested list, make double sure it cannot be connected to you.
    I understand that Aesop here, is a known site, and even he is very, very careful about what he posts, and DOES NOT post. And yes, even saying this here marks me, but we're all on lists somewhere.

  6. I once heard LTC Allen West say the following: "If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck."

  7. Our enemies keep such lists as part of their SOP. I remember Yuri Bezmenov (1970 KGB defector) talking about how he was amazed at how quickly the VC were able to round up and kill dissenters when they took over Hue during the Tet offensive. Then he realized that part of his job was to keep a file cabinet on everyone in his area who would be a threat "come the revolution," and that his communist counterpart in Hue must have had a similar file cabinet.

  8. Suggestions for who should be on said list:

    Local gender studies professor
    Local radical leftist activist (if you have any)
    Local big dollar Biden campaign donor
    Local propagandists (they call themselves reporters)

    If one is really feeling sporty, you can add your local AUSA office to your list.

    Anyone and everyone who is a nexus of leftist thought and/or action is fair game.

    1. This.
      A million times this.
      Not that hard to figure out who makes the naughty list.

  9. I keep thinking that things will back down, but then I look at Australia . . .

  10. Right you are, John-- Australia is our frog in the pot.