Thursday, September 2, 2021

If Only



  1. Takes care of the ones over there. Wouldn't care to use that method on all the ones over here.


  3. I'm curious Aesop, why were the Taliban a problem for us? Osama was a Saudi-CIA construct. The Taliban never hid him, the CIA driven ISIS folks did to include Osama's "retirement home" RIGHT Next to the Pakistani version of West Point. YEAH, they NEVER knew he was there after all didn't he DIE from Kidney issues in a cave a decade before AND was Proven KILLED by US Forces at least one... The Taliban never attacked us until we invaded their country.

    Now given our "Leadership" just shipped in a few thousand unvetted Muslims (The Religion of PEACE Don't Cha Know) from that Kabul Afghanistan cluster *uck I expect the Socialist-Democrat's invited some special terrorism inside the UA as well as MOAR expected Democratic voters eh?

    A better target or three is much closer to home. As I like the Smithsonian maybe something less vaporizing might be in order?

    1. The Taliban aren't the problem. They just wanted to be left alone to fuck goats and little boys and beat their women and other such Muslim things. Now, that's repugnant shit, but they didn't want to bother anybody.

      The problem is that the Russians invaded them which drew in Arab jihadis from Saudi and other places. And when the Russians left the Arabs, who did want to attack the infidels and start a caliphate, used their land for training and planning ops against the 9/11.

      Read "The Accidental Guerilla" by David Kilcullen (ex Australian infantryman) to get the story.

  4. We need to nuke the building where all the chinese communist leaders are

  5. That's what I'd like to see over what was Mecca, maybe create Lake Mecca, Lake Medina, and Lake Kabul.

  6. Just think. Elimination of the Taliban/Isis problem and rare earth mining all in one!

  7. We should clean up Washington first.

  8. Wilder has it right. Why should we go into someone else's yard looking for trouble when we've more than we can handle in our front yard?

  9. The Taliban were exactly the problem, because they provided a safe haven and training ground for the OBLs of the world.

    No Safe Havens.

    Stay entirely on your own patch and fuck your own goats?
    No problem.

    Shelter any outsiders, or step one toe outside your patch?
    White Light Of Knowledge.
    Serve as Object Lesson pour encourager les autres.
    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    There's a reason there aren't any overt pirate villes left in the Caribbean:
    British yardarms.

    Time to bring that concept forward four centuries.
    Via SAC.