Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Really?!? STILL??

If the shoe fits...

Mike has some thoughts about the state of things at Cold Fury today. RTWT

My thoughts on that? Jesus H. Christ.

I have some vague recollection of watching the Establishment and their Enemedia minions brazenly and openly steal, outright, an entire presidential election (and then two senatorial elections, to tip that balance as well), with everyone watching, in ways so obvious as to be notable to Stevie Wonder from geosynchronous orbit in space.

Maybe only *I* saw that. Maybe it was all just a dream.

And then I see Mr. Fraudulent, Emperor Gropey Dopey the Ist, Anointed Leader Of The Serial Fuckup that is become this nation, and former republic, now only one of the banana variety, and I realize it isn't just me, and it wasn't a dream.

So having people, anyone, even those firmly on our side, calling for "MOAR ELECTIONS! VOTE HARDERER!!" is like watching a Spelling Bee at the Special Olympics, with the soundtrack provided by Retarded Kids' Nails On A Chalkboard.


Asking for 100,000,000 friends and neighbors.

Your country has been stolen from you, FFS. A sternly-worded letter to the editor and chanting "We Shall Overcome" is going to work for you now about as well as it would have in Moscow in 1935.

We're past voting at them, harder. Looooooooooooooong past. Ten months of astonishment, and seven-plus months of the most concentrated series of deliberate own-goal shitshows ever seen in the history of this nation, by a guy who not only couldn't get elected to the White House once in his entire career - including 2020! - but can't hit the toilet instead of his Depends most days, if he even remembers to put on the latter. Alzheimer's does that to you.

We tried the bloodless ballot-box revolution, so beloved of this nation the entirety of the time we were an actual constitutional republic. Now, however, we are manifestly neither of those things.

The other side decided the time had come, finally, to preclude that option. You think they're going to give you a second chance on that, EVER?

The Other Side made the choice to end honest elections. On their heads be the consequences. Or hopefully, around their necks. And once a nation crosses that Rubicon, there is no other way out of what follows.

The only way this nightmare ends, EVER, is with rivers of blood, and mountains of skulls.

Ours. Or Theirs.

I vote for Theirs. I'm sentimental like that.

And the sooner the chattering Punditry gets off the tracks, and gets on board that train, the sooner the train can start building a good head of steam to get to that station.

Conversely, the longer they stand there on the tracks, gawping and dumbfounded, because Things Aren't Working Like They Always Did, the more likely the train goes the other way, and unloads at the sign that says Arbeit Macht Frei.

Dealer's choice, Blabbermouths.

Stop whistling past the konzentrationslager.

Pull your thumbs out of your pieholes*, and start loading magazines. Or start loading boxcars.

There is no Third Option here. 

Put up, or shut up.

First one to "Harumph!" is on Their side. No Do-Overs. Stop Commie-splaining, and man up.

*(Regular readers of this blog can imagine for themselves which orifice I was more inclined to supply there.)


  1. People desperately want to 'get back to normal'. It doesn't and hasn't ever worked that way.

    I'm sure people in WWI "just wanted to get back to normal". They came home to the Great Depression, the dust bowl, a country that was transitioning from "mostly rural" to "mostly urban". And then they went BACK to Europe.

    I'm sure people in the US during WWII "just wanted to get back to normal". They came home to a newly minted superpower, suddenly locked in a struggle with another new superpower. It helped tremendously that we 'won', but it certainly wasn't the "normal" that they left.

    There is no going back. There never is and never was. Did Fritz or Pierre "go back to normal" after WWII? How about Hiroshi?

    Even if every office holder and all the regulatory overlords died today, even if wuflu never sickened another person, we would not go "back to normal". We've been changed by the last couple of years as people and as a country.

    What happens next IS up to us, but it will be new, it will be an outgrowth of what came before and it might look a lot like Stalinism in the USSR if we don't act to prevent it.

    IDK where to best apply the lever that needs to move the US away from that result,but people better start looking and better start stocking up on levers, or we will find ourselves there by default.


    1. Well said good Sir, well said!!

  2. We cannot use the system to fix the system!

  3. So who makes the first move then?
    No one wants to be left holding the bag

    1. It's the early stages... No one wants to be the first because they're gonna be a patriot martyr.
      But after the first couple of unsolved acts, everybody's gonna jump in. Nobody wants their story to be:
      "Well grandson, when we had the crazy years, I didn't get involved quick enough and my job was rear echelon fire guard."

    2. Ahh the rub.

      And it best not be 1 person

  4. It’s gonna get ugly. And the most amazing part is that they’re being warned every day, at city council and school board meetings, in chants of “Fuck Joe Biden,” and in calls, emails and face-to-face meetings, and they STILL don’t believe us.

  5. Concur with Nick, there is NO normal to go back to. That world is gone, and we'll have to rebuild out of the wasteland that we are currently inhabiting... HOW we rebuild is the question.

  6. Happy Fourth Turning everyone! Let the Boogaloo commence!

  7. I used to write for “our side”, whatever we call ourselves now. You’re wasting your time, Aesop. Our side is dead. Too full of fat boomers who worship the vote.

  8. There is one and only one vote left. VOTE;308 & FREEDOM This is the only vote you are going to be able to cast that TPTB can not ignore. I just wanted to be left the fuck alone.

  9. Well...unlike out Founders, we have a model and example to start from. Yeah there are some mods to be made but we don't have to start from scratch.
    My question is more along with BAP's; I think they will have to shoot first (certainly my preference), but what if they don't? Do we, like Stahlhelm in the 30's "stand to", only to watch things happen?
    I am NOT looking to provoke, nor troll nor escalate; every day it doesn't happen is a day to get fitter, send some more practice rounds, train the newbs under my care. I don't see any way out of this except through and if that kicks of tomorrow then that's the deal.
    Boat Guy

    1. You were a Weaponsman regular weren't you? Good to see you still hanging around the aether

    2. A lot of commenters & lurkers from Hognose’s blog migrated here after weaponsman went dark…

  10. I think we should win.

  11. @GrayMan,

    I disagree. The spark of BFYTW still lives on in this land, it's just looking for some tinder, and a little fanning of the spark.

    As for "fat old boomers", two phrases spring to mind.
    Both from True Grit:
    For those that doubt the willingness or ability, "Come see a fat old man!"
    And for those who think this is bold talk for a one-eyed fat man, "Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!"

  12. " Old Fat Boomer" here. DGAS bout the "vote" except the kinetic/ballistic vote now.
    Waiting for the polls to open.

  13. As far as "shooting first" goes, we might want to ask Ashi Babbitt about that. Oh no wait, we can't. She's dead.

    Worse still, she was by no means the first, actually. Randy Weaver's wife holds that distinction, arguably. Or maybe FederalGovCo claimed first-blood status even earlier than that. Doesn't much matter, I guess. In this game, it's who shoots LAST that really tells the tale.

  14. For how shall a man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods.

  15. Well, if there is one thing that Californians know, it's what kindling does when it meets a flame. I voted to recall Newsome, but don't expect it to count. There will be a miracle, then Gabby Nuisiance will rule once more. We need to live our 2 lives: our public one and then the one that is planning the firestorm. I don't think that the firestorm is far off. Folks are fed up with special people, needy people, and grifters. It will be similar to an old trailer with an out of control spark. There are no fire stops and the fire department is spread very thinly. Keep planning for the inevitable.

  16. There is no Law. There are no Elections. There is only power---who has it and who doesn't. Soon and very soon we will have the answer to that question. Said Mao, that fat, murderous old syphilitic, "All power flows from the barrel of the gun."

    As for "fat old boomers": I am 68 years old. Yesterday I rode 24 miles on my mountain bike, walked 2 miles and then did floor exercises including 100 crunches. I then polished off four vodkas with orange juice. I was out of Marlboros, alas.

    You want to call me a "fat old boomer"? Ok then. Say it to my face.

  17. True Grit is good. That fill your hands quote supposedly comes from a true life territorial marshall named Frank Eaton. Also known as Pistol Pete and my alma maters mascot. He got the nick name in a shooting contest at Ft. Gibson beating out the enlisted men.
    He killed the men who killed his father.

  18. Mr. Aesop;
    How do I get in touch with you privately?


  19. You either fight for the Bill of Rights or you surrender it to some global bill of rites.

    Corporations are globalist. Nations are not. You want to know the enemy? You own them in your 401k and they made the law that required your employer to put your retirement money into their shares.

    If you lose, you will get the rites facebook thinks you will tolerate.


  20. Aesop, I have been on here for years, read srticles, and ALWAYS enjoyed what you have to say and the way you say it. I have never commented or participated in discussions...until now. You are absolutely right that BCFYTW is alive and well. In fact, I am surprised even who and where I’m starting to see it. I had an incredibly interesting conversation today with a guy who is not only overflowing with BFYTW, but offered a unique perspective of someone who, while so proud to be an American, does not recognize the country that he and his family fought (and some died) to make it to. Interestingly, he and his family came from somewhere (and he has other global connections as well) where our good ole government was fucking around and lying about the whole damn thing. He’s mad as hell. Shit they LIE about every-motherfucking-thing and this ain’t just a new thing. Truth is, for all in the know, this country has not actually BEEN a functional REPUBLIC since the civil war, with various big erosions and smaller ones since. The only reason so many see it now is because they are not even bothering to hide it any more and they ain’t gonna stop unless they are stopped. Friends, the problem actually isn’t these weak, morally corrupt politicians (although they are indeed guilty of betraying us). The problem is those who have bought and paid for them and whose bidding they do. The plus side to that is the puppet masters are not untouchable. Yes, they blatantly stole the election, but with few exceptions these elites only provide us with a modicum of choice between the candidates THEY allow to run anyway, so what’s the fucking difference now?
    Not wanting to be the first one isn’t the issue really. I think there are plenty who would move if they knew where and how to do so and that it would make a difference. I mean, who the fuck wants to do something that does no good and they are simply dismissed as a crazy. I’m thinking this needs to be an organized move, one where the ancient international recognition of a Belligerent kicks in, made in writing like the Declaration, with widespread support. Then it’s not just written off like a few nuts acted out. Plus, without a consensus, it won’t be effective anyway and most likely the wrong people will be hurt. Actions should have the good of the country in mind and be effective, not simply striking out in anger and frustration. There is NO WAY this goes much further without shit kicking off. Period. For instance, shoot them in the face, as you so eloquently put it is the exact response to those who would hold us down and for e the not-vaxx or other totalitarian things upon us. Every one of us need to know EXACTLY what we will not accept and EXACTLY what our response will be when it comes... ecause it’s coming. As far as abandonment of the ballot box, we are indeed in untested waters. Thinking involvement should not be left off where it can do some good though, especially locally. There have been some good results with locals telling school boards, shove that racial baiting shit and other anti-American Agendas Up their asses.
    As far as old fat man, I’m not that damn old and fat. My thought, which might be useful for those who can’t move as fast as they used to is: Think faraway. I am old enough to appreciate (and you don’t have to be d to appreciate them) the Winchester Model 70 and the Remington Model 700. I can still print a nice group off-hand at a long way off and a helluva nice group at a helluva long way off from a rest (ok, my slightly bigger stomach makes prone harder to breath right). So for those that are concerned about not being young, Nimble, and quick anymore, simply think long range. That said, not too scared of these young little confused pussies of the current generation at any range.

  21. The deaths are adding up, monthly. They're mostly hidden, because the Left doesn't want to show it. I'm going to do a refresh, but we are likely nearing the 1,000 mark, and most of those 1,000 are either people in the center, or people on the Right.

  22. @Henry Bowman,

    Send your e-mail addy. Comments don't go public here until I approve them, and I'll zap yours so no one reads it but me. Easy peasey.