Thursday, September 9, 2021

Ah. So.

 h/t  Wilder

What cannot continue, won't.


  1. Damned if he didn't piss off the right people. Got a security warning, 'this site blocked' and had to reset/remove the s from the http to get to a 'proceed anyway' page. Clicked and 'in' at that point.

  2. No real justification for this mandate, esp. as a large part of the population has been vaxxed, and slowly continues to do so. I think this is a case of TPTB want to show their power.
    One of my favorite Japanese art prints, by the way.

  3. millerized: Wow! What software is blocking it???

  4. I use safari and the last three links two said can't open and the last one was filled with this.

    gݬ ⤗� q6��CV�U��T H�2���j� �+ �! ��� \�& �] �� �48�� J� q| �$�&� �M�AƶH� ��z },z { '�CkIH&��xܪ���s%� �X�y-��r�� ��F��M�+�f�g_ *�F�� 3>��:?`����� 1.���� ��K� �qȩ�Ȟ��׆��"[ �w�xֽOh�$��u��I�x�`Աܭ�)楶��� (����]Ш �~��,���1 �7,�ţ~

    on the whole page. lately when I go to Phil's place wordpress says, unsupported browser. Yes I am behind on updates but that is new and new updates may contain things I do not like. It gives you the option to continue on which worked until yesterday but I just kept clicking on different things till it freed me to comment

  5. Damn just got the same on Wilders blog. Connection dropped

  6. Bear Claw might be your computer I am getting ALL of Raconteur's sites just fine.

    Your missing an excellent Wilder btw. :-)