Tuesday, September 7, 2021

I Believe They Can Fly

 h/t Glypto Dropem

Classes forming soon.


  1. To all Communists:
    Free helicopter rides for the rest of your lives…

  2. Love the homage to Petty! Definitely miss that guy & his music. Did not get enough credit for sticking it to the corporate music business back in the day. Mike Campbell's slide work on this tune is stellar, another great underrated axeman.

  3. I lived, worked, traveled, solo backpacked and generally raised Hell in almost every country in Latin America for 14 years. One of the most common political statements I heard was, "We need a Pinochet here." Officially and in public, folks are against Pinochet. In private, they mourn him.

    Incidentally, the Chilean Army under Pinochet was the finest in Latin America. I still admire it even though Chilean soldiers arrested me in 2003. Just a "misunderstanding" you see.

  4. Most people don't realize that Russian-American Igor Sikorsky put pen to paper back in 1910 knowing that he would need to find a way to assist communists in their dreams for rotary aircraft assisted free fall demonstrations. Thank heavens he overcame his initial failures and was ultimately successful. We owe him a debt which can never be fully repaid... though I am very, very, very willing to try.

  5. Such packages of high quality organics could find uses as nutrition for plants and ecosystem carnivores.

  6. If we did it like the 'Rona vaccine, it was proven that they could fly and thus we no longer need controls.

    If only they kept the trial going long enough to check out how the landings worked out.

    (related: learning to fly isn't the hardest thing, learning to land is the hardest thing)

  7. As God is my witness, I thought commies could fly.