Monday, August 7, 2023

Totalitarian Two Step: A One And A Two...

Floridians can keep this worthless motherfucker.
The nation will miss him like a dose of clap.
I'd piss on him if he was on fire, but only if I got to first 
light him on fire. Contact the blog if such can be arranged.


From an essay on American Thinker today:

"They lied to FISA courts for surveillance warrants, gaslit the media and American people, and are rewarded with book deals, university faculty appointments, television commentary gigs, none receiving even a slap on the wrist. They all conspired to rig or overturn an election with no special counsels and no indictments. Such propaganda and elimination of political opposition fits the definition of totalitarianism.


Where is the GOP on this? Is there any GOP outrage or pushback? So much for checks and balances and co-equal branches of government. Where are the GOP primary candidates on this outrage that awaits them should they ever make it to the White House, and unlike the Bushes, actually push back against the deep state?"




  1. Yeah, DeSantis has exposed himself to be just another politician pandering to the usual swamp things. Signing the Florida anti-free speech law in Israel to appease his Jewish donors at the expense of the Constitution was the end of considering him as POTUS.

  2. "... according to the New York Times."

    Pull the other one, NYT - it has bells on.

  3. You can't be mad at the rattle snake that bit you. He warned you, and bitting is what he is made for. You should be furious at your buddy who threw the snake at you. That is the betrayal. Same with Democrats and Republicans.

  4. @Borepatch,

    The lack of denial of the quote, and the absence of any counter-argument to the exact contrary from DeepStatis or his spokesholes thunders with a deafening silence.
    Maybe he thought it was "off the record", but the NYSlimes has outted him, fair and square.

    He stands in good company with the rest of the GOPe, who're all toeing the same party line.

    1. Desantis stated this on national teevee. Don't remember if was on Fox Nooze for stupid people, or msnbccnn. But I saw it and I heard it. But for sure it was picked up by the secondaries.

  5. DeSantis hasn't been a bad governor for Florida.

    He did well with the Beer Flu, and Florida has a budget surplus.
    I think he went too far in his fight with The Mouse, but, they picked the fight..
    Overall, I give his governorship a B.

    But he has gone stupid on the POTUS campaign trail.

  6. I do not know what to believe. Trump, his minions, and apparently a trove of 'pro-Trump' bots have been taking shots at DeSantis long before he even through his hat in the ring.
    Is he really a deep-state shill? IDK. I certainly don't believe what Trump accuses him of as some of it is in your face bold faced lies that are easily disproven.

    As in most things, time will tell and the truth will rise to the surface.

  7. If you're going to be serving that out to DeSantis, you'd best be doing the same to Team Trump.

    One of his lawyers literally went before the press the other day and said, "Mr. Trump was made aware [by his aides and legal team] that he'd lost the election."

    Broadcast on Fox News, posted to social media. As you're fond of saying, you could look it up.

    Granted, this isn't Trump himself speaking; but if he knew and approved of what she was going to say, he's a hypocrite and a liar, and if he didn't, then (for all his acknowledged strengths) he's as bad at hiring the right people as he always has been.

    Support whichever candidate you want, or neither; it's kind of "pick your poison" by now. But don't call DeSantis a blankety-blank traitor for his remarks and then give Trump and his people a pass for saying the exact same things.

  8. Lawyers are used-car salesmen with a law degree.
    Anything and everything they say is discountable prima facie.

    The lack of DeSantis coming out like a scalded cat in denying the NYT quotation is damning, and leaves him no place to go, except next to Pence.

    The difference between those two situations is that Trump's lawyers aren't running for president.

    So DeepStatis has deliberately chosen a position diametrically opposed to 69% of his own party's base of voters.

    Trying to win by alienating over 2/3rds of the people you need for the nomination is a novel idea, but we've seen it before, with the likes of Mittens and McCrazy.
    DeepStatis is thus just another turd from the same septic tank.

    And let's be clear here: I didn't call DeepStatis a traitor; I called him a motherfucker.
    He may indeed be a traitor to the republic, or not; but he'd absolutely fuck his own mother to become president. That makes him the last guy that should ever be considered for the job, by anyone.
    His continued Not-Ready-For-Primetime campaign is disqualifying, in and of itself.

  9. And as an aside, the first mainstream GOP candidate who embraces the truth that the 2020 election was blatantly stolen and wholly fraudulent will be the only serious opposition Trump could face for the nomination.

    They would also be the equivalent of an MRI machine amidst a circle of claymore mines 0.2 seconds after announcing their run.

  10. "Lawyers are used-car salesmen with a law degree."

    And Judges? Lawyers with political pull....

  11. Irrespective of what good he may have done as governor of Florida, the guy is not to be trusted. He has the hand of the bush clan up his ass acting as his puppet master. Making public appearances with El Jebbe does not instill confidence in his credentials as a non-piece of shit. Then there is the whole Israel thing. Oy vey.

    He is, of course, beholden to big money donors, as they are funding his campaign. That was the one singularly unique thing about Trump, he likely could've self funded his entire campaign, and though he didn't, he did have that option. DeSantis has no such luxury, and will dance to the tune called by the piper. Same as it ever was.

  12. DeSantis is almost Grandmaster FAFO. All the man had to do was cut a deal with Trump and play second fiddle for 4 years, learn who the a$$holes were, then be his own man for 8 years. What a ride. But noooooooo.... lets listen to a bunch of neo-cons who have not won an election since Bush II and watch it all crater. Tsk.

  13. Here's the whole quote. It's pretty interesting, and it's hard to disagree with any of it. Vox Day just posted about how Trump didn't handle the cheating, and so he's not President - just like DeSantis said.

    Of course the NYFT didn't run any of that, just the out of context pull quote.

    Quod etat demonstrandum.

    Oh, and the quote pretty well demolished all the silly "candidate of the Deep State" here. Good grief - it's good to read, you know?

  14. Waitwaitwait...

    You think "Of course Trump lost...Biden's the president" is a better look for DeepStatis???

    Based on that transcript, I think my disgust for DeepStatis was too mild by half.

    Biden's a lot of things.
    President of the United States isn't one of them.