Friday, August 5, 2022

Get It Right this Time

 h/t Plague Monk

And as even WHO has noted, your odds of contracting it drop to virtually nil if you keep other people's infected penises out of your @$$. Which is probably good advice even without the health benefits.

(FTR, I can't decide which is funnier: Plague Monk's comment, or the fact that I could Google up a picture of someone with a face mask on their butt within 0.2 seconds of first looking for it. (God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.)


  1. Oh, look. Degenerate sexual deviants and creepy mentally ill men in dresses have defied nature and are spreading a deadly plague. Hmm, where have I heard this story before? The situation seems very familiar. Maybe I saw it in a movie. Maybe my imagination is playing tricks on me.

  2. So once again, the spin machine is working to justify a sick, twisted, Godless lifestyle by lying about a disease which is spread by deviate sexual behavior. I dealt with the gay community for years as a Peace Officer in SoCal. As a group, they are the most miserable, pathetic bunch of human beings I have ever encountered. They have played stupid games and are now winning stupid prizes. And their medical bills will be picked up by the taxpayers. What a country! - DTW

  3. Love your last phrase in the parenthesis. I'm stealing that. The WHO gave a pronouncement about monkeypox transmission? Well, I'm sure that is outstanding advice after all they were so right on about all things Wuflu. What if this phase two in an ongoing biological attack? What better way to propagate an attack than thru a fairly tight knit quasi-closeted group spread throughout a society. Not that anyone could imagine that.

  4. So, word is now that the clot shot has been officially shown to damage the natural mechanisms by which the body builds natural immunity to COVID:

    Archive link if the above paper is taken down:

    Purebloods really will inherit the earth.

  5. A restaurant worker in Georgia tested positive for Monkeypox. She swears she had no sexual contact with a known infected person. Hummmm. I'm thinking I remember she said no sexual contact with anyone. We shall see what we shall see. Took a couple of months for Whuflu to get up to speed. Think 70 days will do it?

  6. I stand corrected. I have told all and sundry that the only positive aspect of Monkeypox is since asses don't have ears we won't have to mask our asses. Yet there it is in a meme. Sigh....