Thursday, August 4, 2022

Athlete Deaths Up 1700% Because Vaxxholes

 h/t 90 Miles From Tyranny

Just don't ask where it puts that injection.


And at current course and speed, they're on track to increase 4,120% over any year from 1996 to five minutes before the Vaxxholes started killing people.

Brighter folks call this a "clue".

Obviously, it must be Trump Putin systemic racism Global Warming.

Couldn't possibly be culling the population deliberately. Nosiree. No way, Jose. Not a chance. 

Be careful what you wish for.


  1. No vibrancy ever came up with a not-a-vaxx.
    Therefore they are a construct of the white male patriarchy and must be cancelled immediately in the spirit of egalitarian equity.

  2. Nothing to see here . . . pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  3. Here in SW Ohio, not to mention the Columbus area, an assortment of stores ranging from small specialty shops to big box stores are starting to ask customers to wear masks again. Not because of the Kung Flu, but because of monkey pox. My wife and I refuse, save at the medical offices we have to visit after her recent fall.
    I have been resisting the growing temptation to tape a mask to my hind quarters and see what kind of reaction I get. There's an event this weekend in Dayton that is insisting on masking up for monkey pox. Since my genteel wife won't be going with me, I plan to mask up, so to speak.

  4. What will be the other side effects we discover in the next five-ten years?

    When this all started in December 2020? I thought the people that were anti-vaccine were tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. I was wrong, Wrong!, WRONG!!!

  5. Genius, Plague Monk!

    Maybe I'll sew a mask to the ass of a pair of shorts, and stencil "Monkeypox Awareness Mask" on it.

    We'll know the effects five-ten years out in 3-8 more years. And we have 270M beta-testers for data on DNA therapy. By the ten-year mark, I'm pretty comfortable saying that the vaxx will have killed more people than the original strain of the outbreak. (All according to plan, rather self-evidently.)

    On the bright side, we may see a drop in real estate prices, and traffic will be thinning out, but I may end up working at the hospital until I'm 75, until we can train enough replacements for the formerly young and healthy sheeple who got jabbed and can't work anymore, because of disability or death.

    Blind compliance has a steep price.

  6. I was ready to initiate Aesop's Project Mayhem when the current employer was planning to ax everyone who didn't get the job. That option is not off the table if they try to push it again. It might not accomplish much, but it would amuse me a great deal to deprive the admin office of their Christmas bonus.

  7. I think I'm going to tape a mask to my ass during my next visit to my Dr.
    That ought send them into orbit.


  8. Nemo, I've thought about doing that when I go in for a checkup later this month. because she and the (woke)head of the practice have been pushing both masking and the kill shots, despite my long history of lung problems. OTOH she's the first doctor in over 50 years who has really helped with certain medical issues, especially the diabetes, which she helped me bring under control.
    She freaks out enough when I bring certain types of reading material into the examination room; either some of the Grimtooth's Traps volumes or Aviation Leaks and Not A Space Agency Tech Briefs.
    She's professional and cute, unlike most of the other doctors I've had, and most importantly, she LISTENS!!!
    Good luck if you do wear the mask on your a$$ on your visit!