Tuesday, August 10, 2021

You'll Be Sooooooooorry...



  1. I take it they're pushing the issue?

  2. Gov. Shitforbrains isn't backing down, which is as bad.

    There are current and future job walkouts scheduled to push back on the point.
    When every ED and hospital in the state is suddenly cut to maybe 60% capacity, Gabbin' may notice the bleeding cleat marks in his dick, but I doubt it.

    And things, on both sides, will only escalate from there.

    I'm happy to skip straight to 11, personally.
    No sense dicking around with half measures.

  3. As for knowing each other, I only see your blog and you only see mine and comments I leave here and there. My blogger profile is sparse but concise. I am going off-post topic in this comment as I may, well unless you block me. Your Kung Flu opinion appears to be well informed by your personal professional experience, as it should be and I value it for what it's worth. My opinions where technical matters are concerned have a similar value, there is more than one way to skin an algorithm. I prefer Senator Rand Paul's approach to masking. You can hear it at this link: https://rumble.com/vkonmc-it-is-time-for-unfiltered-news.html

  4. Chip,
    I don't block anyone simply for disagreeing with me.
    I just won't tolerate people being dicks and assholes about it.

    Nothing you said remotely qualifies as the latter.

    FTR, I applaud Sen. Paul, and his position, as one that has been sorely absent in the national debate.

    That said, masks, properly worn, work exactly as intended. That's beyond argument. It's scientific fact. Has been for over 100 years. A question settled for Dr. Paul the first time his medical school curriculum covered germ theory, let alone before he ever scrubbed into surgery.

    But despite the scientific reality, I long since covered why neither voluntary nor mandated masking will ever work, some 16 months ago:


    You would probably do well to understand the difference between what masks do and do not do, and what people do and do not do.

    It's a two-variable system, and I think you can guess which one is the not-so-hidden flaw.

    For comparison, we've had firearms for 500 years, and The Four Rules since before I was born, yet there are still 400-500 assholes who kill themselves or others each year in the US by completely preventable accidents. It isn't because guns don't work right.

    As my daddy noted on multiple occasions, "You could kill all the horses in the world, and you'd still have a lot of horse's asses walking around."

    People who try and palm the failure of mask mandates on functional mask failure may be blissfully ignorant, or deliberately stupid about the real problem, but in neither case are they correct. But if we make policy based on the stupidest 1%, we'd all be walking, forced to wear a bicycle helmet and hockey pants while doing even that, and steak knives would look like kindergarten scissors.

    I'm a walking, talking example of the fact that masks work. 18 months in the COVID pit, at bad breath range, without a sniffle.
    36,000,000 Americans (or at least 35,400,000 of them) are walking breathing examples of the fact that a lot of people are functional idiots.
    In case annual flu season wasn't a big enough clue to humanity.

    It's that simple.