Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Just The Facts, Ma'am


From Fran Porretto's blog, this past week, some points to ponder:

All the following factors play into an American’s decision to accept or not accept The Jab:

  • The probability of catching the disease.
  • The probability that the disease will be fatal.
  • The probability that the vaccine will prevent the disease.
  • The probability that the vaccine will have side effects worse than the disease.
  • Awareness of alternative approaches and the probabilities associated with them.
  • Any incentives and coercions associated with accepting or not accepting the vaccine.
  • The probability of significant changes to those incentives and coercions in one’s personal context.

     The most significant thing about the above factors is that all of them have large error bars. No one’s sense for any of the probabilities above can be firm enough for confident decision-making.

     That isn’t the case with most older vaccines. The polio vaccine, for example, is well understood. It has been demonstrated to be effective and safe, in the 99%-plus sense in which those words are usually used. But the record of polio vaccine in use is open to anyone who cares to study it. And the polio vaccine wasn’t urged – in some districts, forced — upon us by political forces and agencies with spotty records for veracity.

     In other words, we are being asked to make a potentially life-altering (possibly life ending) decision under a dense, dark cloud of uncertainty. In such conditions, the choice made by some will appear unreasonable to others, perhaps even hysterical.

Go there and RTWT.

(BTW, his rationale stated for not getting the jab is beyond dispute, and similar to my own, though I have a number of additional reasons, which I won't go into at this point. He mave have some additional reasons as well, but the only one he expressed therein is merely legal. My own are political, legal, philosophical, medical, moral, and religious, any one of which would be sufficient for carrying the point, but the weight of all of them makes it an absolute root-hog-or-die no-go decision for me, forever, and I'm willing to play with lives - mine and theirs - as poker chips in that dispute.)

However, his points aren't nearly as murky as he states.

In order:

The probability of catching the disease

While there are dozens of variables, maybe hundreds, this isn't that hard.

Per the Johns-Hopkins Kung Flu map/data page, a cursory look shows the US with a smidge over 36M documented infections. Stay out of the weeds about how accurate the tests were, are, or will be, and focus on a simple reality. There are about 330M people in the US. So your raw shot at getting Kung Flu, over 18 months, has been about 1 chance in 9, or 11% (36 divided by 330 + 10.9%). It's higher in NYFC, suburban Califrutopia, or any major city, and damned near nil in BFE, WY or the Dakotas. And that's after 18 months of this nonsense.

Yes, growth can become exponential, but it literally fell off a cliff last February, when everyone stopped being the World's Biggest Jackasses after ever-bigger holiday gatherings for Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years'. This is because overall, on average, people are bastard-covered bastards, with bastard filling.

The same thing happens with flu, bubonic plague, Ebola, measles, and every other epidemic or pandemic. When people stop spreading the plague
du jour by being raging jackasses, either voluntarily or mandatorily, it tapers off. Hopefully before reaching a pK of 100%.

So if you act like a jackass, and hang around with jackasses, as always, when you play stupid games, you'll win stupid prizes. In this case, Kung Flu.

But the average person's chance for getting it can be curtailed just as easily. So on average, in any given year, your raw chance at getting it is right around 10%. (And BTW, the vaxx does nothing whatsoever, on its own, to alter that percentage. Individual behavior once vaxxed, however, increases your odds for getting Kung Flu, and passing it to others. We'll get to that.)

The probability that the disease will be fatal

This past spring, we ran the numbers of 26 states plus the District of Corruption (out of 50 states +). Before politicization, and the rampant Covidiocy from most of America (and the world) having less grasp of actual science of anything, especially epidemiology, than they do of the efficacy of washing their hands before they eat or after they crap, the worldwide accepted CFR for any given coronavirus was 1-5%. Period. (No amount of hand-waving and goat sacrifice will suddenly transmogrify that number down to 0.1%, or 0.000001%, or any other damned thing. If you're doing that, or trying it, you're the witch doctor in that equation. Put down the rattle and bones please.) With Solomonic precision, we assumed that Kung Flu would probably split the middle of that bell curve, assuming no further precautions were attempted.

Well, lo and behold, Hawaii, isolated by an entire ocean, separated into multiple individual islands, and sealed off from air or boat travel for months, had a COVID CFR (deaths-to-cases) raw average of 0.5%. That was the only state we found that got under 1%. NYFS and Joisy,  the over-achievers in the group, after leaving the NYFC Subway open every day for months during the height of the pandemic, without even sanitizing the cars in any way overnight for months, and mandating infected elderly be housed in with uninfected and debilitated potential infectees, managed to achieve 2.8% and 2.9% CFRs, respectively.  Those are the ends of the curve, for the 26+ states we looked at. (You want to check all 50, knock yourself out.) The nationwide average was about 1.9%. This after draconian nationwide and worldwide shutdowns, mask mandates (observed to degrees ranging from solid to not-a-fucking-bit), the halt of all travel, tourism, air line flights, conventions, employment, or school in the country overall, and in at least 45 of 50 states. Which, we point out for the thick-skulled, is doing a wee bit more than the assumed not-a-fucking-thing when we selected 3% as the round average.

IOW, we nailed this. {Haters, suck on that, and enjoy your 6' party sub sh*t sandwich.}

Mathtards who try to lump the uninfected into their totals to get some recockulous lower CFR are quite simply too short for the internet, and too stupid to know what they don't know. The COVID CFR is damned near exactly 3%, and in all but the afore-mentioned case of Hawaii, fell between the 1% and 5% goalposts, just as unpoliticized science told you it would, from before this was fornicated 50 ways to Sunday by known asshats like Fauch the Grouch.

So you can expect, apart from other factors, a 97-98% chance of survival.

If you weigh 350 pounds, smoke 3 packs a day, have diabetes, emphysema, congestive heart failure, asthma, and you're aged 70+, your survival odds drop appreciably. At the other end of the bell curve, if you're 20, run marathons, have 8% body fat, and bench press V-8 engines, your odds go up in the same way. IOW, math and statistics have not ceased to function just because TPTB listen to idiots. That said, healthy 20 year olds can still die, and train-wreck old bastards in the declining years may survive. It's just not the way to bet. This can all be filed under "Duh."

The probability that the vaccine can prevent the disease

Alone among the list in the easiest answer to arrive at, that probability, per the CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and everyone with an IQ above room temperature in Buffalo in January with the windows open, have pegged that probability at exactly 0.000%. ever.

Not 90+%.


Getting the jab means you can still get COVID again, still get sick from it, and absolutely can continue to pass it on to everyone you contact, like Johnny Appleseed with a sack full of Covid virus and a backpack sidewalk blower. For prevention of anything, including needing to wear a snot mask, the vaccines, every damned last one, are all known and agreed to be, completely worthless.

Getting the vaxx does NOTHING to "help others". Let me repeat that point:



Those same scientific entities all note that there's a possibility that the vaccine may confer you, the recipient, with lesser symptoms on subsequent go-arounds. Except when it doesn't. Which may sometimes mean the vaccinated will have worse symptoms than the unvaxxed.

Yes, really. Hand to God Almighty. You could look it up.

Notably, these truths aren't on the "Get Vaccinated" PSA posters or ads. Wonder why...

They didn't tell you. I just did. Sorry if this is news to you.

The probability that the vaccine will have side effects worse than the disease

This was poor wording on Fran's part.

The disease kills you. And in at least 7000 or so US cases to date, so does the vaccine.

So the way that was worded, the vaccine is just as bad as the disease, but not worse.

Oh, there are also another 6000+ people that we know about with permanent disabilities from the vaxx. Strokes, heart attacks, blindness, etc. It's on the CDC VAERS website. Go look. And BTW, those adverse reactions have nothing whatsoever to do with age or co-morbidities. Being debilitated, and having your young, healthy lifetime stolen overnight, coupled with a lifelong disability, may be considered by some people to be a fate worse than death. Especially with a disease with a 97+% survival rate.

There have been another 250,000 adverse effects reported. That we know about. All those numbers may have been fudged harder than Detroit election returns last November, and we'll probably never know that, or by how much, either. Ever.

What we do know is that of the 11% of the country that's gotten COVID, about 2% of that 11% died, and probably another 2-4% (SWAG there; feel free to link any actual specific numbers) were severely ill and hospitalized, some with permanent damage and disability as a result.

The probability of an adverse reaction (up to and including death) from the vaxx is about 0.2%, as far as we know.

So the vaccine, in raw numbers, is only about 1/10th as lethally harmful as the disease.

Unless you're one of the ones who dies, has a heart attack, stroke, and a small army of other serious consequences. Just like Kung Flu is no big deal to the 98% of people it doesn't kill. But if you die, or your dad, mom, brother, sister, etc, dies, it's kind of a bitch, and it doesn't matter to you at that point that you had good odds, but died anyway, does it?

FTR, in the 70s, there were a small number (53, nationwide) of deaths recorded from receiving Swine Flu vaccine. It was pulled from use immediately and in perpetuity, and that's the last you heard of that. COVID vaxx has killed at least 140 times as many people, yet it hasn't been pulled, and in fact, TPTB want to kill almost as many more to get to 100% vaxx numbers.

At gunpoint, if necessary. For your own good.

For comparison, when 19 ragheaded fanatics flew four planes into NYFC, the Pentagon, and a PA farm field, and killed only half as many people as the COVID vaxx has to date, we went to war worldwide, sent half the military of the US to kill the perpetrators, and laid waste to two entire countries. One wonders when the Army, Navy, Air Farce, and Marines will start napalming the CDC, White House, Congress, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson, which would seem to be absolutely indicated, and which eventuality we would cheer until our throat gave out.

Just saying.

But wait! There's more!

The vaxx has only been around a few months, less than a year even in the earliest experimental forms.

We therefore have no wild idea what new Hells it will unleash on the recipients at 2,3,5,10, or 20 years out. Nor what happens when those recipients reproduce for the next generation and more. Nor will we until 2,3,5,10, and 20 years, and the births (or not) of succeeding generations.

I'm not speculating; just stating the obvious facts. These mystery concoctions may do unimaginable harm to everyone who's gotten it, and to succeeding generations, beyond anyone's wildest imaginations.

Awareness of alternative approaches and the probabilities associated with them

We know there are alternative treatments, which when applied early, make COVID less of a threat than a dose of clap. Hydrochloroquine (HCQ) has been used against malaria for decades, with safety far beyond anything seen for the COVID vaxx jabs. And while it was derided out of Trump Derangement Syndrome rather than scientific and medical rationales early on in this pandemic, even the Enemedia at ABCNNBCBS has had to circle back, and retract their farcical critiques, to admit it both works and is safe.

What we don't know is how much more effective and how much safer HCQ, Ivermectin, or anything else is, because there aren't billion$ of dollar$ in patent royaltie$ for sale worldwide at stake for drugs in common use for decades. Nor does the use of easily-manufactured and safe remedies offer TPTB the prospects of unbridled control over one's entire life, including the power of life and death, let alone work, travel, and such paltry other concerns as being left the hell alone to freely enjoy one's personal birthright of liberty.

Any incentives and coercions associated with accepting or not accepting the vaccine.

The probability of significant changes of those incentives or coercions in one's personal context.

Here, precisely as with the farcical inability of the "vaccine" to provide any protection from the disease, we are on rock-solid footing.

Government overreach, at all levels, only ratchets one way: UP.

The only wrench that corrects that, in all of recorded history, is to start stringing the bastards up by the neck to the nearest tall object, or to shoot the m*****f*****s in the face.

Period. Full stop.

The old Soviet maxim was "plunge the bayonet inwards until you strike steel."

The head of SAC's well-known answer to that was straightforward:

BTW, if the only successful value of "Enough" is 100% of them, I'm just fine with that.

Say "When".


{As Comments have already borne out, stick to what you know and can prove, kids, and stay away from the wildest imaginary scary hairy boogeyman that you can imagine, or attempt to extrapolate from a gnat hair of truth. This is not an exercise in imagination. More Pasteur, and less H.P. Lovecraft, if you please. The title of the post should have been a hint.}


  1. Please elaborate on the assertion that the vaxx has zero percent effectivity in preventing Wuflu. Not arguing, only inquiring. There is so much contradictory info and statements swirling around, I find it difficult to get just the plain unmanipulated facts. I would think the # of breakthrough cases seen, compared to projections of the # that would have occurred without vaccine is one way to look at it - but credible data is in short supply, and the models - at least the early ones - have shown to be inaccurate. Given that the J&J version uses a more traditional method to producing antibodies vs the experimental mRNA, I do not understand why effectiveness would be so low for J&J compared to say, the polio vaccine you mentioned, or other vaccines. There are certainly FAR. more side effects evident with these vaxxs than with any prior - and yet the beat rolls on. So many questions, so much uncertainty. Reminds me of the adage “Truth is the first casualty in war”.

  2. I refer you to the video recorded comments of the CDC director on CNN, referenced earlier in the past week at this site from Conservative treehouse:

    Had I copies handy, I would similarly refer you what's probably in the package inserts of the various vaccines.

    The CDC tippy-toes around the reality, but the fact is, they only looked at prevention for a total of 7 days, and before there were any, let alone multiple, variant strains to test it against.

    Earlier "we hopes" nonsense in the early FAQ guides have been OBE: Overtaken By Events.
    Which is why mask mandates are back, COVID cases are up in the US despite >50% full vaccination, and something like 90% of the new COVID cases in Israel, with an 80% vaxx rate, IIRC, are people supposedly "fully" vaccinated.

    The only thin reed TPTB have left to beat is that the vaxx may confer some mitigation of COVID symptoms for re-infection. Or, not.

    They are no longer even claiming it prevents the infection, nor reduces the spread, since it manifestly does neither thing.

    1. In my employer, they had cattle-call style vac events (allow the irony to roll over you...)

      And near daily emergency responses to vaccine-ees who DFO.

      I, personally (like any other nurse) physically hunted up and examined the no-shit, hard copy, in each box of vaccine, package inserts.

      A blank (yes, B-L-A-N-K) sheet of paper, larger than a baby blanket.

      So, you are considerably more informative in this matter, than the manufacturers.

  3. Lockdowns, masks and social distancing haven't drastically reduced the number of kungflu cases. With a 98% survivability rate, I'll take my chances being unvaxed. I already had it In early December 2020 and only had sniffles. Been taking B6, C, D, zinc and elderberry since the beginning of this thing, and I attribute that to the mild symptoms. I don't think this thing will end until most of us have had it. By then, our friends in Wuhan will probably have something else to gift the world with.
    Best way to avoid it, as Ol' Remus used to say, is to stay away from crowds.

  4. Epidemiology and history both state that the current % of Americans who have contracted the beer flu is likely far closer to 70% than 10%. I am an undocumented case. Twice, actually. My wife is a single documented case, when she had it twice. Take into account that even the government has admitted all along that many people contract the virus, yet experience no or very mild symptoms, and you can correlate reality with the lies they tell.

    As for the dreaded Delta variant, which is apparently identical to a mild cold or seasonal allergies in the vast majority of cases (again, in accordance with history and epidemiology) - what is the test to determine you had this particular variant? They'd have to du a full genetic markup to tell. I don't see that happening, especially when the most common beer-flu test for the previous 15 months was proven to be bogus.

  5. i find myself using the second part of your statement more and more often these days....."shoot the m/f's in the face". hadn't used that wordage since my youth in the military, but it best sums up what needs to happen.

  6. COVID doesn't aerosol spread by fleeting person to person contact, only by sustained presence in an indoor enclosed space. It doesn't spread by surfaces, and doesn't spread outside. Lock downs are precisely the wrong thing to do, as it encourages everyone to stay home, and if someone in the house gets infected, they bring it to the house and infects everyone around them.

    Ivermectin offers large benefits both for those with symptoms and as a prophylactic. HCQ similarly works well to combat the virus if given early. Funny how every study testing HCQ only used patients on respirators, and therefore 95% likely to die.

    To me, the biggest story out of all of this is the total silencing of any discussion of treatment of this virus. Poor Dr. Pierre Kory has to be the most censored doctor on the face of the planet right now.

  7. Don't we miss Ol' Remus? He would have a field day with the savagery and lies now being participated in. Mz Barnhardt put up an interesting article from 2016 on Moderna.
    I AM not vaxxed, WILL NOT be vaxxed, and no-I am NOT ANTI VACCINES! This is an experimental drug with unknown side effects that possibly will kill you. No thanks.
    Folks cannot follow basic hygiene practices anymore. I work with mostly men at my job now-they can't remember to flush the toilet after using, so I am assuming that they aren't hand washing. (And one of them is a management trainee.) I try to sanitize my corner of the job, wash my hands, and avoid being too close-although I work with the public. Did you read the number of movie people who no longer make their kids take baths on a daily basis? Yeah, unless they see dirt, the kid is okay. Imagine the same child at 20, reeking of body odor and cigarettes. The Romans considered themselves superior because they did bathe daily. It stopped about the same time the Empire went into decline.....WHEN did basic hygiene get thrown out? (Cleanliness is next to Godliness.)Taking dumps on a major city street, used syringes in city parks, homeless sleeping on sidewalks; all instituted and encouraged by the political parties. Stay away from crowds, politicians, and Karens.

  8. It's gonna be around till Jesus comes back. Can't close Pandora's Box. And we need public trials for Anthony Fauci and everybody else connected with him. He's implicated up to his neck in the funding of this fiasco.

  9. "And in at least 7000 or so US cases to date, so does the vaccine."

    The VAERS data have to looked at carefully. I have done searches in it to look at COVID vaccine associated deaths.

    The entries vary wildly in quality, because anyone can create an entry. One record consisted of the age of the person, sex, and the comment "My mom died two weeks after getting her first vaccination. I thought you should know." Nothing else. Another, entered by a nursing home, had good medical history of the person. The male patient had heart disease, diabetes, and end stage renal failure. He refused dialysis, got vaccinated a few days later, then died. From kidney failure. Did the shot cause that? Well, no. Refusal to get dialysis killed him.

    So, VAERS records are useless in aggregate. You would need to examine each one to see if there was anything significant.

  10. And good luck getting HCQ, Ivermectin, or anything else that 'might' prove beneficial... Doctors won't prescribe it under penalty of losing their license, Pharmacies won't fill a scrip if you get one... etc.

  11. @McChuck,
    The easiest way to disprove something is to grant the premise. Then follow it off the cliff.
    That premise is nonsensical. COVID has an r-naught of around 1. Not 157.
    Sorry man, but you're talking black helicopters, witch doctor hand-waving, and bong hit "science", not facts. The two are not interchangeable.
    Bring me documentation, or forget about it.
    Seasonal flu doesn't even get 70% population penetration, and that's without it EVER having to negotiate year-long lockdowns of most of society, 300M face masks, or oceans of alcohol hand sanitizer. If it were even possible, it would be a bio-warfare planner's wet dream.

    No sale, and whoever you're listening to is talking out their fourth point of contact, and the basic premise of that argument is quite simply recockulous, short of the entire population of the country French-kissing every person they came into contact with, daily, for the last 18 months.

    Other than that little snag, great.

    It's the rough equivalent of things like the imaginary number of rapes, based on how many aren't reported (think about it), or deaths from second hand smoke, or globull warming scenarios, or "building" an entire giant dinosaur skeleton from a single tooth.
    Which only works until you find out the tooth is actually from a local pig.
    "Building" and "pulling the whole thing from out of one's ass" are not the same thing.

    You want to have religious/philosophical discussions about Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, go on ahead, but this isn't that. I was talking about things we can touch and see.
    Not things we can imagine.

    As to the "Delta variant", (which we ignored on purpose due to the following) other than its probable basic existence, the concept is almost the same total horseshit, every time you see or hear it, because there's no direct test for that, as was noted on these pages last week. So any prognostications about how it's propagating, what it does/will do, or any other wild thing, is pure malarkey and hokum.
    All statements about it, and what it's supposedly doing, can be safely classified as Bigfoot stories, once again entirely pulled out of someone's ass.

  12. @Edmund,

    Look at the VAERS reports all you like, with the flaws you noted.
    You can explain one or two deaths. Maybe 20 or 50. Perhaps even a couple of hundred.
    Not so much 7000. That would take turning the process over to Dominion Voting Systems.
    Just as one motorcycle death classified as COVID doesn't erase the other 600,000 and counting.
    Hand-waving is what witch doctors do.
    (The fact that out of nowhere, TPTB instituted a universal 15-minute wait after getting vaxxed, to make sure people weren't dropping dead immediately afterwards, ought to have been the clue bat there for you. Ditto the number of spontaneous abortions when given to pregnant women, and the fact that it's not approved for children under 12. This isn't happening in a vacuum. The problems are both massive, and real, and despite all efforts, that reality has gotten out there, and cannot be explained away conveniently, no matter how much anyone may wish it otherwise.)

  13. The number 7,000 keeps getting kicked around for VAERS deaths reported. My reading is that as of July 20, 2021, they are reporting in excess of 12,000 deaths with over 70,000 serious injuries.

  14. Your reading of what?

    6,490, as of 30 seconds ago.

    And the CDC is redacting that data regularly.
    Which is rather the entire problem with all of this.

  15. A federal government agency alters data? Say it ain't so! /sarc

    Not like NOAA hasn't been doing that to temperature records for near on 20 flipping years now. Tony Heller talks about it non stop.

  16. @Aesop - I got the 70% number from epidemiology and history. As I said.
    In the first year of a novel epidemic, 10-20% of the population contract the disease.
    In the second year, the total reaches 50-70%.
    In the third year, the total reaches 80-95%.
    And then, herd immunity (or extermination) having been accomplished and natural variability selecting the less deadly forms, the epidemic burns itself out.

    For reference, see the "Spanish Flu" outbreak.

  17. @Aesop wrote:

    Look at the VAERS reports all you like, with the flaws you noted.
    You can explain one or two deaths. Maybe 20 or 50. Perhaps even a couple of hundred.
    Not so much 7000.

    Sure you can. 167 million people have gotten a full dose of COVID vaccine. Millions over 65 have gotten it. If you have that many people, odds are that a bunch are going to die. About 0.87% of the US population died in 2019, pre-COVID. So, of 167 million people, over 1.45 million people will die at that rate. So, 7000 associated deaths is probably not due to the vaccine.

    The fact that out of nowhere, TPTB instituted a universal 15-minute wait after getting vaxxed, to make sure people weren't dropping dead immediately afterwards, ought to have been the clue bat there for you.

    Gotten any other vaccines lately? I had a similar wait when I got my shingles shots before COVID vaccines were available.

    Ditto the number of spontaneous abortions when given to pregnant women, and the fact that it's not approved for children under 12.

    Well, testing of the Pfizer vaccine in 5-11 year olds is underway now. It's not uncommon for drugs to have trials in adults first (for informed consent reasons), then adolescents, then younger kids. Because, kids are more or less different species from adults. That's why pediatrics is a specialty and kids don't go to internists.

  18. Edmund,
    I'm posting that to demonstrate the abysmal lack of basic mathematical common sense rampant on the Internet.

    You don't get to hand-wave the usual death tally of the entire population over an entire year and just magically erase all other causes, or any one in particular, simply because it suits you. Deaths don't work like that, and neither does even the VAERS data.

    Now, if you weren't an actual idiot, you could tell the class what the annual rate of deaths by vaccination are for America in any year, or any average of years, and then multiply that number (something on the order of 0.0000002994) times 167,000,000, and see how different 50 annual US vaccine deaths is from 7,000 vaccine deaths, and you'd actually be comparing apples to apples, instead of to pineapples.

    You doing that would probably require reversing the lobotomy, but we yet live in hope.

    And I get vaccinated annually. I've never had to hang around for so much as 5 seconds afterwards. It self-evidently comes as news to you, but I give vaccines for a living, for going on a quarter century, so I have some wee familiarity with the procedure. Manifestly more so than yourself.

    And under the heading of being So Ignorant To Not Know What And How Much You Don't Know, vaccines are not "tested" on children. Ever. {"You Colossal Fuckwit!" should go without saying, but I couldn't restrain myself.}
    For your bankrupt fund of misinformation, a few legal pointers:

    It's not just common for drugs to be trialed on adults, it's the fucking law of the land, both here in the US, and internationally, since ever, and anywhere outside Nazi Germany. It's illegal to perform medical experiments on children, hearkening back to at least the Nuremburg Conventions after WWII.
    This is because:
    1) Children cannot legally give consent. They're minors, FFS.
    2) Parents cannot give consent for children to volunteer for clinical trials.
    3) Therefore, children cannot volunteer nor be volunteered for medical vaccine testing.
    4) All vaccine clinical trials are therefore done only on healthy ADULTS.
    5) After ALL that, after years of exhaustive trials (for actual vaccines, not the COVID not-a-vaxx), multiple commissions and layers of medical professionals recommend using an ADULT vaccine on CHILDREN, who are literally thrown under the bus in batches, to see how it goes, and only provided the benefits far outweigh any possible risk or serious adverse effects noted after the fact

    This entire process was shitcanned for the COVID not-a-vaxx candidate vaccines, and all manufacturers absolved of any legal liability whatsoever for what happened afterwards.

    For most sane people with an IQ above 80, that shocking new development might have been a second giant clue-bat applied smartly upside the head, to encourage your further attention to the fact that The Time-Honored Rules were being fornicated twenty ways to Sunday throughout this entire process.

    As this is all obviously news to you, mayhap you might consult the CDC's webpage, and perhaps bump up both your game, and your IQ, whilst you paddle back to the shallow end of talking about things you know about, instead of talking out of your Fourth Point Of Contact.