Monday, July 20, 2020


Sometime last month, the hit-meter rolled past 7,000,000.

We are frankly astonished each time it rolls over another million views, and more so at the increasing frequency each time that happens. And somewhat humbled.

We thank ALL of our readers, every one of our fellow bloggers who link us, and the 99.8% of our commentariat who bring something useful to the table.

You folks are the main reason we do this, since this blog brings us a steady $0/yr since ever, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sincere thanks, and best wishes to you all.


  1. Nice! There's a reason you have received so many visits.

  2. Aesop before the Woodpile closed you and old Remus was my readings to get a clear vision what was going on. Don't you go anywhere buddy.

    Your insights have blessed my family more than you know. I keep praying things are not going to be as bad as it seems but trouble is coming or as more popularized "Winter is coming".

    I hope someone keeps the sidebars of the Woodpile alive as we are going to need that short course in the thinking and tactics of the leftists. I've tried to copy it for a wall hanging but I'm no computer techie.

    Thanks again for your service Aesop.

  3. Congratulations. That is awesome.

  4. Congratulations Aesop. Quite a milestone.

  5. Congratulations on seven million!

  6. Congratulation sir!!

    It is well earned. I don't comment often, but do read almost every day, and of the days I don't, I catch up on the days I do. I frequently learn something new, or get a chuckle, or sit here nodding my head in agreement.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work. And I hope you continue to blog for another 14,000,000+!!

  7. Thank You.

    Just heard from a good friend who travels the country teaching tactical shooting. Says ammo shortage is critical nationwide. He stopped at Brownell last week and on shelves only 7mm, 300 WinMag, and a few exotic loads. Bought 500 count boxes of .22 at a small town Iowa general store and felt lucky to find them. But there’s plenty of.450 Bushmaster. Go figure.

  8. Always getting better and that is good news. Thank you. side note, been outta town first comment made me go look at woodpile. Shed a tear at the notice put up, first time I saw it. Stay safe Aesop and all the people who read this. Ammo, yes saw a comment yesterday 556 50 cents a round.

  9. Hornady 9mm Critical Defense is unavailable, AFAIK, ANYWHERE online.

    Apparently it's a big favorite for 9mm CCW carriers.


  10. Keep up the good work and true news! You are on my daily read list.

    Stay safe and stay frosty.

  11. Congrats on the milestone! I love your dry wit and morbid sense of humor - just like mine. Your writing is very enjoyable. Keep it up.

    I know this isn't an ammo thread, but I've been an FFL for 30 years and it wasn't this bad under Obola. What 9mm 115 FMJ I have is going for .60/round. Haven't been able to buy a self-defense gun from a distributor in 8 weeks. It will get worse through the election cycle, and depending on the election results, it could get Walking Dead bad.

  12. Just keep on doing what you are doing and you will keep right on adding to that impressive total.AS I for one will keep on reading.

  13. That is quite the accomplishment, good for you!

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Great job on the 7 million. That is an astonishing number of hits. And they are coming for a reason, of course.
    As for the ammo shortage, I feel blessed, because I have a sufficient supply of both 9mm and .22lr, plus 2 boxes of fmj and a box of corelokt .308 for my mauser rifle for hunting deer.
    That is all of the calibers that I own. I had to sell my .45 ACP, 1911, because it was not a good fit, for my hand, I couldn't reach the mag release, even with an extended mag release button it. I will pick up another, sometime, but it will be in 9mm, and I will check the fit of the gun to my hand first. I shoot that gun very well, the 1911, I just have to get one that is comfortable.
    I had shot my son's AK 47 before,but he has gotten an AR 15, and I shot that a couple of weeks ago,and I shot that, and now, when the prices get back and the availability of them gets back around, I am going to pick one up. They have limits, but they are just so damn accurate,and so much fun to shoot. I might look at getting one in both 5.56 and .300 blackout,so I could use it for white tail deer here in Michigan. Although last year, the main cartridge that I heard on a Michigan Outdoors television show was showing a buckpole,up near the bridge,and nearly all of the hunters,from old to young, were using the .450 Legend. Not sure what rifle they were shooting it from,an AR or a bolt action,but they seem to be very effective, as well.


  15. Aesop are you still alive friend?

    Almost a week with out hearing you here nor at Bayou Renaissance Mans site. Hope your OK?



  16. I'm fine.
    Life is just doing its thing.
    If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

  17. Well, we're glad you are ok. Congrats on the hits!!


  18. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  19. Watch this space.

    I have proven permanently incapable of shutting up.

  20. i suppose if you get busy with other stuff, that's one reason for going dark, although myself and the rest of the tinfoil-hat mafia will suspect some form of foul play...

  21. Lol. Ne'r a more fitting epitaph for a man who yet lives.!��

  22. Hope you are doing well Aesop. Look forward to hearing from your soon.

  23. Hello?

    Uh, HELLO??? Where'd you go? Will you please come back?

    Asking for a friend.

  24. Dammit Aesop, enough is enough. I don't know what you're problem is, but we pay damn good money for your ramblings. Get your shit together and feed us!


    I trust /sarc is unnecessary.

  25. And best wishes to ypu , Mr. Aesop. I hope all your plans are proceeding well.

  26. Aesop I'm Jonesing for an fresh article and thread of comments here. Since Ole Remus moved onward to the happy hunting ground things seem to be getting stagnant?

    Need ink for your pen how about it's some 89 days until the mail in fraud election of our new president and a dangerously large part of the Senate.

    Or maybe how folks are arguing about masks *Still* and how it's like arguing about the chair placement on the deck of the Titanic?

  27. Hello Aesop, I wanted to say "Thank you" for your writing, wit, and perspective. Congratulations on seven million. I truly appreciate your watchful eye on Ebola and Covid-19. I listened and your early warning which allowed me and the family sufficient time to prepare.

    Recently, I have felt moved to reach out to the scattered voices across the internet wilderness to say “Thank you”, before it is too late. Recently, the sane voices have been going silent. It seems like societal events are headed in a direction, after which it may be difficult to say “Thanks”. I truly pray that I am wrong Also, I figure after reading your writings for years, I should drop a note of gratitude. Thank you, you have made a difference in my life and others.

    Should you ever be in the Houston area after the pandemic party is over, please let me know and we welcome you in for some good chow, watering, and conversation with my family. If Central Texas BBQ meets your fancy, then I’d like to take you out to my favorite spot.

    I hope this message finds you well and once again “Thank you”.

    - Another Random Voice in the Wilderness (vicinity of Houston)

  28. Everyone deserves a vacation. Maybe even more so in these trying times.