Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Music: Feelin' Alright

Because I am.
The epitome of blue-eyed soul, from the blackest white Englishman to ever pick up a mic.
Still can't hear this or any other Joe Cocker classic, without imagining him in full Joe Cocker writhing soul mode, with John Belushi standing right beside him, and doing it better than the original.

If this song can't get you happy, there's something wrong with you.


  1. The famous Royal Studios in Memphis TN, run by my good friend Boo Mitchell and his family, has a large carpeted area within the main recording space where it is forbidden to tread foot.

    This is known as the Joe Cocker carpet according to Boo's aunt, Loraine. Decades ago Loraine and others chased Joe Cocker and his guests from this spot on the carpet because Cocker et Co. were having a lengthy, overly drawn-out orgy there and this was biting into studio rental time plus it was "just plain nasty what goin' on there we heard and saw."

    Cocker was run out and down the bullet-riddled street, no hard feelings mostly just business. So today nobody is permitted to step on the Cocker carpet, both because of respect for history and also "nobody would clean that area, ever, because it's just plain NASTY what was left there!"

    Love ya Loraine, Boo and fam, and this is my Joe Cocker story, the only one I have to offer.

  2. OT Chateau Heartiste has been commied off the web.

  3. Thanks! I needed that and didn't realize it. Wife saw me rockin' out in my chair and asked if I had Parkinson's. After that I just HAD to watch the original 1976 Cocker-Belushi duet.

  4. I remember that SNL episode, back when SNL was funny and cutting edge. Here's a short video cut.