Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Fartacus Breaks Wind Over His Fever Swamp Fantasies

h/t WRSA

Bill of charges at Ace of Spades HQ

Some people are worried about this.

Boys and girls,

Mercenaries always know two things, which for them, are the Prime Directives:

You can't collect if you're  dead.
You can't collect if the client  is dead.

The sort of gun control espoused by Fartacus and his minions violates both those core tenets, with rapidity and certainty, which is why the enthusiasm for such horseshit runs at a steady and exact 0%, even in Chicongo, NYFC, Bahstun, Detroitistan, and San Franshitsco, to this very day, and always will, especially amongst the JBTs voted Most Likely To Get Shot In The Face For Trying It.

The life expectancy for anyone enforcing Fartacus’ fever-swamp dreams of ass-raping the Bill of Rights would be measured in seconds after the third or fourth outing.

By Tuesday noon, they’d be out of not only cops, but troops too.

And when the pendulum swings the other way, Madame Guillotine rules for the rest of that month. Then Fartacus would end up hanging on a crossbar just like his cinematic namesake. History and the survivors alike would laugh at the irony.

The thought of 20M Dorners would make runny shit run down half the trouser legs in police HQs from coast to coast.
The other half would likely be on Team Dorner, especially the farther out in the countryside of flyover territory you got from libtard bastions.

Never. Going. To. Happen.
And if ever foolishly started, over in about an hour, due to lack of interest by the survivors.

This nonsense is just red meat for the 60-IQ base.
While Fartacus would like to enact his moronic fantasy slate, there are still enough old pols in the DNC that remember the debacle of 1994, and what caused it, so it’s never going to happen again.

The Uniparty in DC knows promises are for the idiots, never meant to be kept. Keeping them is what happens in Venezuela, and also why it is what it is today.

But even making them should still be grounds for that final tumbrel cart ride for the perpetrators. The only good thing is that they’ve dropped forever all pretense of “we’re not coming for your guns”, and are now enthusiastically stating that’s exacty what they’re about.

Okay, Leftards.
Call that toss in the air.

This is just Fartacus, setting himself on fire politically, to draw some pittance of a crowd, before he's predictably primaryed out, along with 15 other political dwarf lackwits.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan called out this sort of nonsense out way back in 1991 B.C. (Before Clinton), in calling Lying Bill's used-car salesman populism "boob bait for the bubbas". DPM nailed that in one.
Fartacus is polling at what now, 3%?


There are only three actual contenders at this point:

Commie Sanders, heir to 100 years of failed state-run communism.
Gropey Joe, eight year heir to HopeyDopey.
Shrillary Not-Running-Yet Cankles, 40-year heir to the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate.
(And one more gin-soaked face plant in public, and she's done forever.)

The rest of the clowns in that Volkswagen are just there to fill out check-boxes on the Diversity Bean Card.
One of the others, maybe two, may make it to the semi-finals.

Stop worrying. It's too early.
Stock up on beverages, chips, and popcorn.


  1. (golf clap)
    Me, I want them to spike the ball NOW. Sooner is better. Like the quote you've mentioned before - "shoot twice, go home," but the longer we wait, the worse it will be.

  2. John Wilder, you are correct. Now is preferable and would save lives. But the tolerance of the Saxon is not yet exhausted, most still have too much to lose. I also fear that the fix now would leave deep pockets of the plague to fester and grow setting up round two.

  3. Real right-wing media would ask the other Democratic politicians, "Do you renounce Corey Booker and all his works?"

  4. Aesop, believe she guzzles Chardonnay not gin. Gin is for the Deplorables. This way she can hold her head high and her cankles low when she shouts from the floor, "Help!..I've fallen and can't shut-up!"

    1. Bwahahahaha! Excellent!
      - the real Penny Pincher not that imposter

  5. This, as they say, "is going to get interesting." Red Flag laws are in conflict with multiple parts of the Constitution, most notably the 5th Amendment, and when the Best Case presents itself will undoubtedly wind its way up the judicial chain.

    Where the game will change is the point at which RF laws begin to run aground, judicially speaking; the Lefties aren't going to quit, they'll just invent another tactic to try.

    That, I believe, may be the inflection point for The Great Festivities to begin; there will come a point where a percentage of the masses - not a majority, by any means, almost certainly not even a "substantial percentage" but a large enough percentage to command respect, decides "y'know, we've put up with your crap long enough; we've been patient and followed the whole legal thing, multiple times, in fact, but each time you get slapped down it's 'here we go again' with another brainless scheme. You haven't learned the easy way, so allow us to provide an educational experience that you will absorb."

    Game On, and it won't be Game Over until we decide it's over. The Unpleasantness will, unfortunately, be epic, and while not the slightest bit enjoyable to either side, one side will enjoy it even less.

    I really, really, really hope it won't come to that, but things aren't looking so good in that department.

    1. I wonder what would happen if it was common practice that every attempt at 'Red Flagging' the squealer had to have their name on the warrant for public viewing. A few of these trouble makers disappering of having accidents would likely cause a few self righteous assholes to rethink.

  6. I would love to meet this Fartacus fuckhead in a dark alley some night.

  7. I think Harris makes it to the finals - you are right about the rest. Booker is an absolute joke.

    I too wish they would just do it now so we could get it over with. I know lots of cops and National Guard soldiers (used to be one) who would contract a long illness or even mutiny before going on gun collection missions. So I wouldn't feel too bad thinning out the rest.

    1. I hope you’re right, but in MHO, the cops will do as they are told to do.

  8. Hey Fartacus, you were Mayor of Newark, NJ, for many many years, why is it still a shithole of shitholes? Hell, in Jersey, the po-po are not even confiscating the 15 rounder magazines, since they are all illegal (the NJ po-po are even subject to that law off duty...I'm sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west that many of the NJ po-po have magazines well over the ol' 15 round limit in their personal collection...). Farty also plays for the "other" team, like his hero Barry "Frank Marshall" Davis Jr. does...which really doesn't go over to big in da'hood.

    So, when the sporting festivities to kick off (it's not an if, but a when), the other side does not realize it will be: a) No holds barred; b) No ROE; c) No tag and bag limit; and d) No Appomattox Courthouse Ceremony, type of engagement. Winner take all, with anybody left on the losing side, being Nuremburged, if lucky. Something I do not want, but no matter how I tell people on both sides this reality, most don't listen, including my own siblings. All we (and I) can all do is prepare accordingly, and enjoy these days we have without the two-way range, as best as possible. Take care of the little things that matter, which will in many instances take care of the bigger things that matter.

  9. "Gonna need a bigger boat, er warehouse for all the popcorn"

  10. Either the Dims in the House are stupid or they are scared out of their wits. Doubling and tripling down on getting Trump/Trump Jr/Barr/whoever. The 2020 election is either going to be a massive repudiation of the Dumbocrats or the beginning of the shooting war if the D's take control of everything.

  11. /sarc Being light on the loafers will Booker be the lead dancer in the Spandau Ballet?

  12. The mechanism is already in place for confiscation. That’s your Red Flag bullshit.

    It’s in place and now all they have to do (and they will) is expand it bureaucratically and administratively until it allows them to take whatever they want, whenever they want, for whatever reason they and using whatever force they want.

    So I do believe they have the mechanism in place in a lot of areas, and I think Red Flag Laws will continue to proliferate until one of two things has happened:

    1. The reds will eventually push it to far and your prediction in the above post will come true. This is preferable.

    2. Team liberty, or whatever we call ourselves this week, will wake up too late and we’ll lose before mounting even a feeble defense.

    We will see. As CA says, tempus fugit.

  13. 5:32, mass confiscation is not on the table.

    There are two things that could be tried though

    #1 pass a freeze law on all semi autos and magazines of any kind, legal to own and transfer existing stock but no new one may be made. The idea here would be to wait out the supply. You could throw in a buyback of the now no longer made types to reduce the supply further

    #2 Second, a ban on manufacturing certain kinds of ammo and gun conversions. No more 9mm or .45 or 5.56 or whatever after 20xx

    Either of these could kick of the Great Festivities and neither will be tried.

    Red Flag laws will be used and misused but not in enough numbers to provoke a lot of retaliation and in most cases, the person being disarmed will be a legitimate threat and as such, it won't provoke too much backlash

    The laws are highly illegal not that this stops anyone and who knows how the courts will go.

    Also there are so many gun out there, confiscation is pointless. There are more guns that people to use them by far and more made every day.

    Ammo is the choke point.

    Longer term, I think its less what Felix suggest "has too much to lose" but for most, nothing to gain .

    No one out there on the Right can articulate "How society would be better with our revolution" and as such no one is able to get the mobs of individuals to do anything together even vote, much less worse.

  14. Good point, A.B. Prosper. Nothing to gain does play into the equation heavily. Revolutions historically do not make things better. The American Revolution is the exception not the rule. You are also correct that the Right is a very lose collection of individuals. But given the appropriate stimulus, we line up fairly quickly.

  15. How about we all start filing red flag complaints with the local LE Office naming our politicians and etc as the target.
    Document all and then force an FOIA request at the end of the year.

    "Feinstein threatened me with violence if I didn't do ABC...."

  16. Because you're the go-to guy for Ebola updates for a bunch of smart people (I just tag along making noises as if I understand)

  17. The D0rner manifest0 is fascinating reading. Make sure you find an unredacted version. Here is one...

  18. Recently I became aware of the interesting and significant difference between 'the Sheriff' and 'the Police' (or any other law enforcement arm). As with many great concepts of our law enforcement and justice system, the US borrowed the 'Sheriff' from the Brits.

    The Sheriff in the US and UK is THE ONLY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT ELECTED DIRECTLY BY THE PEOPLE. Every other law enforcement officer in the world is appointed by a politician. This is significant and important to sit in stillness thinking about for a moment.

    As far as allies of the people (and correspondingly, the 2nd amendment) in law enforcement, the Sheriff might be a partner.

    We've seen this alliance already in the People's Republic of New York State when Sheriffs of every county except one, outside of New York City, signed a letter to the governor, little Andy Cuomo, condemning the unconstitutional SAFE Act.

    This unique characteristic of the Sheriff is something to ponder as we move forward.

  19. Except in CT and AK.
    No sheriffs.

  20. Right now, the biggest socialist in politics that red-state Americans have to worry is about is the one they elected to the Oval Office in 2016.

  21. Red flag laws are just the latest toy of the ruling class, which naturally abhors armed peasants. But, you are not going to confiscate 400 million guns with such laws, sorry. A few dead cops and politicians, and then red flag laws will be done.

    Here is my take at how confiscation will work, written a while back: