Friday, August 12, 2022

Next Problem...



  1. No change, no change, no change; battery six in effect...
    Boat Guy

  2. Good advice anytime.

    Or as bugs used to say never give a sucker an even break.

  3. My Dad claimed he picked some cotton as a boy. I think it was 10 cents a day. I don't think he picked much cotton because that is all he said.

    Was that you on the plane?

  4. It has never been about the money
    It is about submission

  5. Why does the reparations demand never allocate a portion of the demand to current African tribes, the descendants of thos who were critical to the slave trade?

    It is my understanding that African tribes, like most people in the world at some time in their history, made war on their enemies and took their defeated enemies prisoner, and thereafter selling them into slavery. In Africa's most of the prisoners were sold to Arab slave traders.

    The Roman Empire, for example, was greatly dependent on the slave population. Caesar's conquest of Gaul resulted in an explosion of slave labor. Free working class Romans greatly resented cheap slave labor, much like many Hispanic American citizens resent illegal alien competition. I have been told that the very word "slav" was a result of the Viking practice of raiding Eastern Europe for slaves. Perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong. In a similar vein, African slaves who arrived in the Americas were simply the losers in inter-tribal war.

    When Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer famously "took a knee" in the Capitol Rotunda after the death of His Holiness, St. George Floyd, the irony is that they wore Kente Cloth shawls. This pattern was associated with the tribe that was a great mover-and-shaker in the slave trade. After all, it was simply "business." Hilarious!

    Few, if any slaves would have made it to this country without African help, so if we ever get to the point that slave reparations are paid (God forbid), Africa ought to be chipping in a healthy contribution. After all, it would only be fair.

  6. Yup. But it's easier to create a victim than someone who takes responsibility for their own lives . . .

  7. The writer above is correct on theslave source of the"Slavic" countries. Rus Vikings / Varangians (foreigners) came on trading / raiding trips downriver to Constantinople, picking up slaves to sell there.
    Asfor the Arab slavers, read up on Tipoo Tib, a black convert to Islam who nearly depopulated East Africa by himself from his base in Zanzibar, selling hundreds of thousands of slaves to the Arab markets over a period of 30+ years. He specialized in helping one tribe defeat another, taking the defeated as slaves, until his friends got too strong, when he would betray and enslave them. Trustworthy as an Arab. :-/
    John in Indy

  8. I'm in favor of reparations- coupled with repartraition. A one way ticket for $150,000,would be a bargain.

  9. Just a point.

    Whilst the arabs were the largest (by far) of the 'customers' of those African slavers ... notice how the middle-east doesn't have a feral minority causing problems and demanding money?

    That's because they made sure that particular problem would never arise by ... castrating all the males, ensuring they were worked to death, and any offspring the females produced were immediately killed.

    But 'we're' the "uniquely barbaric" ones they want reparations from.

    In a just world they'd be down on their knees thanking us for their good fortune.