Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Don't Be That Guy

h/t  Mike

He ends up dying of suffocation and a broken neck before the train arrives, BTW.

FFS: Stop kissing the asses of the sonsofbitches who want to blow your brains out.

And stop listening to the asskissers.


  1. For all their niceties and bleeding hearts. They're all enemies. I know my liberal neighbor would turn a blind eye if the Gestapo showed up to herd me and my own into the cattle cars. They'd probably make the phone call to rat me out. That makes him fair game when BosniaXRwanda starts. No quarter for the enemy, quislings, or grifters.

  2. They hate you statement was one of Kurt Schlicters daily twats long ago that I found entertaining every time I saw it. The other was buy more ammo. He is a master troll. Not sure if he still does it.

  3. Ah, my favorite Marisa Tomei, before she had to keep spouting every stupid thought on twitter.

  4. Prolonged Hollywood rots the brain.
    Especially when you don't have much to start with.