Friday, July 1, 2022

Slow Learners...

 h/t althouse

You'd think Leftarded idiots would have twigged to this clue after the
 first 50 years' abortive (you should pardon the pun) attempt

"Following the decision to overturn Roe, 59% of voters think Congress should pass a law legalizing abortion." Because they're both idiots and entitled twats, apparently.

This is what happens when schools graduate functional legal retards for 50 years with respect to basic government functions, and how the Constitution works.

If Congress made any such attempt, based on the current ruling, such law would necessarily be ruled unconstitutional (which it would, in fact, be) and an arrogation of one of those rights "reserved to the states, or the people", by black-letter Constitutional edict. It wouldn't even make it to the printers before it was declared moot, null, and void.

Congress can walk away from this land mine {and they will, except when they're sure it will fail outright, so they can throw red meat to their frothing base(s) without actually owning their choices], or they can attempt to pass a Constitutional amendment, but what SCOTUS has explicitly said they cannot do, just as SCOTUS itself could not do, is make or rule any such thing.

It's quite literally beyond the scope of Congress' business, and any such attempt would be stayed/injuncted/overturned within hours, and then formally if necessary, with all the judicial trimmings.

The states' legislatures may do so individually at their leisure.

They may also vote to do just the opposite, i.e. ban all abortion within their boundaries.

The Congress may not do either one.

And it doesn't matter what 59% of the people overall think. Or even 99%.

Individual rights are not decided by polls.

That was the entire basis for overturning Roe in the first place; it invented out of whole cloth a "right" that is no such thing, and attempted to pass, via judicial overreaching fiat, an imaginary right.

SCOTUS killed that stupid idea for some good time last Friday, with a coat hanger right through its head.

So lobby your state's reps one way or the other, and be done with it, or pass a Constitutional amendment, and try to get enough states on board (3/4ths, i.e 38, which means any 13 states can ban national abortion in perpetuity, and legislatively nullify that attempt forever. If you want to get that passed in 13 states - and you'd get that by next Wednesday for the mere attempt - this is exactly the way to make it happen...) with that to ratify it.

There's no third way, and that's precisely what frustrates the lunatic Left so much: they know they haven't got the votes for that, and never will for any foreseeable future span.

Like Prohibition of alcohol, we tried it the stupid way once, and we won't be doing it again any time in the next few centuries. So use other means of contraception, put on a condom, or try crossing your legs. If only for the novelty of the concept.

But as Sheriff Will Teasle perspicaciously warned people in First Blood, the path of attempting to arrogate rights to the federal government which do not exist under the Constitution leads through Hell.

Truer words...


  1. The lunatic Left - heavy emphasis on lunatic - has spent the last few weeks showing us how holy the sacrament of abortion was to thier religion of narcissism and I am tired of them getting ongoing news coverage about it. I want to know the details of this 59% that are allegedly in favor of this law. Polling only people at a pro-abortion rally skews the numbers.


  2. Yup. I don't think the Left is going to like this Court.

    Good times.