Wednesday, July 6, 2022

My 4¢


Today's blogsave is now 2½ times the size of the hard drive on the second PC I ever owned. 12,500 times the size of the drive on the first PC I ever owned. 5 times the size of the total capacity on the company mainframe where I worked when I owned PC #2. But it fits on about 0.006% of the smallest thumb drive I can find at retail.

That's literally 4¢ worth of storage.

I'm betting my entire meme files (including raw stock) might come to a whole quarter's worth.

People worried about their creative content going away: don't be a cheesedick. Save your work.


  1. DUDE, you ain't live until a Rooskie hack (that's confirmed, by the way, although don't ask me why they'd have bothered with my humble little websty in the first place) has wiped out over twenty fucking years worth of archives...which, natch, I had backed up a year or so before, but now can't find on this creaky, slow old iMac of mine (mid-2007 model, God rest its tortured soul), with its puny little 500 gig HD which is crammed to the gills with shite. My new/old--ie, refurbed--27 inch, 1 terrabyte iMac is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I can not WAIT.

  2. That is damn right. I wouldn't think you would need a lifetime of IT work like I have to know you need to BACK UP YOUR SHIT. It never ceases to AMAZE me how little people think of that when storage is soooo cheap.

    I use Carbonite for cloud and have like 5 local copies! I am sure I am overdoing it but digital oblivion scares the hell out of me. Family pics, videos, etc. are too priceless to risk.

  3. Oh believe me, I knew was making a most idiotic mistake. I fell victim to my lifelong habit of procrastination is what I did: Oh, I'll do it later...sigh.

  4. Yes, I bought a 4 Terabyte, external drive for backup from my new Macbook Pro, $99.00. I plug it in once a week, or more often, and it updates automatically. It's an actual spinning drive, SSDs are much more money why spend the extra.

  5. Do Computer Backups, like Guns. Two is one. One is None.

    I have had memory sticks fail. When you make new Backups? Make a couple. All in Anti-static storage bags. One in the safe. One in the Desk Drawer. One sent to a friend. Running Backups of photos and videos? Same thing.

  6. Probably time to do that again. I've got all my base files saved on my 'puter, but it would take days to crunch 'em into shape again. Thanks for the reminder - it's been a year.