Wednesday, July 6, 2022

It's Always About The Reefer Madness

Proving once again that when you scratch a large "L" Libertarian, you always find a closet pot-head, comes this slobbering paen of lies to the idiots in NYFS decriminalizing marijuana use, despite the obvious counter-examples from the Left Coast and Colorado about what a disaster it is, on every concievable level. Like we've warned you, and warned you, and warned you.

NYFS To Spend $200M To Fund Pot Dispensaries

"after spending decades generating revenues and expanding the government’s power by waging war on marijuana users, politicians have now found a way to generate revenues and expand the government’s power by making amends to marijuana users.

Through the fund, New York intends to provide financing for 150 marijuana dispensaries throughout the state."

Which plan will fail, epically. 

Marijuana dispensaries will generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the state in licensing fees and taxes.

Oh, REALLY?!? Natzsofast, Guido.

CA Legal Pot Industry On Verge Of Financial Collapse

California's Legal Pot Industry Is Still Failing Miserably

A grower north of Sacramento who has one the nearly impossible-to-get licenses to sell cannabis says that between the wholesale price of cannabis buds dropping as much as 70 percent since last year and taxes up to 50 percent in some places, his customers will turn to underground buying whether he meets them there or not. So he does what he must.

“We basically subsidize our white market with our black market,” the cultivator tells the AP.

“It’s not too hard,” the grower says, to evade the state’s vast, computerized “seed to sale” tracking system. There are few on-site inspections to verify records, and plants vary widely in how much they produce, allowing farmers to get creative in what they report. In fact, the grower says some legal operations unload as much as 90 percent of their crop on the illicit market.

Brilliant. The people who used to grow pot illegally and now have a license to do it legally are now selling 90% of their crop illegally, and paying 0% tax on that. Almost like criminals don't obey laws. Who knew? And the state has given them a license to do it. F**king brilliant.

But wait: there's more!

Legalizing Weed Has Led To Ecological Disaster

The unchecked cannabis ecosystem has caused major economic and environmental damage in California. Many of the state’s estimated 50,000 illegal cultivation sites have been found to use banned pesticides that can poison wildlife and water supplies and are believed to account for hundreds of millions of gallons in water stolen from farms and neighboring communities each year.

Just the news you want to read in a region wracked by a severe drought, which produces 70% and more of the nation's - and the world's - market fruit and vegetables.

Oh, and social costs?

Legalizing Drug Use = 700% Rise In Overdoses, 120% Rise In Deaths

Consider what’s happened in Oregon, where in 2020 voters approved a ballot measure to decriminalize hard drugs — and at the same time establish addiction treatment centers. Unconsidered was the possibility that making heroin and fentanyl legal — subject to a $100 fine that could be waived if one just calls a help hotline — might actually encourage more use.

Instead of harm reduction, OD deaths are climbing. At a hearing on the law, a state legislator from rural Eagle’s Pass reported a 700% hike in drug use and a 120% rise in overdose deaths. Oregon’s secretary of state told the hearing that “in many communities in Oregon we’ve seen the problem with drug addiction get worse.”

The harm-reduction movement needs to accept common sense: Acquiescence signals approval.

Anecdotally, when we started in the ER business nearly a quarter century ago, we'd get a drunk a week, and one OD a month, on average. And we never saw anyone for a problem with pot. The very idea of that would have been laughable.

Now it's 4-5 of each, per night, every night, 24/7/365, including multiple people daily puking their brains out from using genetically engineered high-potency shit that's 100 times stronger than the ditch weed from the '70s. And virtually every single 5150 I've seen for the last few years comes back positive for meth, and THC. Those with neither onboard when society finally throws a net over them are so rare as to be remarkable, the 1 time in 50 it happens.

Neither NYFS's Assclown in Chief, nor hordes of stoners hiding behind Libertarianism rather than just admit they have an addiction problem, will tell you about the economic disaster, the wildly blossoming criminal market, the cartel inroads, the thousands of illegal pot grows, the skyrocketing ancillary crime, or the impending moon launch of overdoses and deaths for cities and towns all over the state, just like in every state that's tried this asinine idea, which has failed exactly as we predicted not once, but twenty times over.

Because all they really care about is getting their weed.

So since they won't say anything about any of that until the horse is out of the barn, and ten miles down the road, we just told you again.

Come back in five and ten years, and tell us we were wrong about NYFS. Like we weren't in Califrutopia, or Colorado, or Oregon, etc., etc. I triple dog dare you.

Fucking stoners just want their high, and will cheerfully assfuck society to get it. Like always.

Meanwhile, countries with the death penalty for drug use or sales have a 0% recidivism rate.

Too harsh for ya?

Ban Narcan, forbid any medical treatment by EMS or medical personnel for drug overdose except the accidental kind for first responders, and let Darwin winnow the field on his own.

Somebody's dying from weed or meth laced with carfentanil? "Bummer, dude. You wanted to get that high? You got it. Good luck with that. See ya later. Rescue 1 clear."

Then the idiot politicians (but I repeat myself) that opened Pandora's Box on legalization and decriminalization can own the results, as the bodies stack up on the sidewalks of Main Street.


  1. "Then the idiot politicians (but I repeat myself) that opened Pandora's Box... can own the results..."

    Except, they won't. You know that. With idiot politicians, especially the Free-Shit Socialists and big-L Libertarians, it's always Someone Else's Fault(tm). That generally turns out to be the person who warned them what would happen if they built policy out of handwavium and balonium.

    [Hmm... In the Department of Redundancy Department, I seem to have repeated myself, as well. It's astonishing how often a big-L Libertarian seems to have a little Free-Shit Socialist inside, straining to come out...]

  2. The phrase "idiot politicians" is no longer repetition. Now we have idiot politicians, evil politicians and Evil politicians.

    Some idiots are also evil, but only some.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. My problem with big L decriminalization arguments of "but we aren't hurting anyone else!" has always been the fact that taxpayers end up paying for drug users bad decisions. You're right that the only way to solve that is to let them deal with the consequences of their actions and let them expire naturally. And massive penalties for driving under the influence or exposing children to second hand smoke

  4. "Ban Narcan, forbid any medical treatment by EMS or medical personnel for drug overdose"

    Well, whataya know. I believe I've posted that same sentiment here and other places on previous articles in the same vein. I support using Narcan once and only once on an addict. Repeat OD's tend to winnow out recidivism.

    The upside of "you only get one" is they don't breed more addicts and the cost to taxpayers decreases over time.


  5. The readers of this blog are among the most astute and well-read group in the country. I need some help from the Hive.

    Many years ago (50ish), I read a sci-fi story about three actions taken by a Group aimed to rid the country of useless eaters. One section was about a massive fire in an Old Folks Home; a second used pure heroin released free on the streets all in one night; I dont remember the 3rd part.

    Anyway, I think the book was called Triage or Triad. I havent been able to find any reference of any kind to it since I first read it.

    Does anyone know what Im asking about? Do you know where to find a cy?

    And BTW, I fully support the withholding of Narcan from repeat users. One strike and you're done. You knew what you were doing.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  6. Call me heartless if you like, but:

    The American Indians have had big problems with alcohol. It was a cliche that you could trade them a few jugs of firewater and they'd give you anything. Even today alcoholism is consistently a far more serious problem on reservations than in the broader society. A big part of the cause was that alcohol was close to unknown in the Americas until the white man showed up, so they never had a chance to build up any tolerance for it. Old World peoples, having been consistently poisoning themselves with it for a few thousand years, had already killed off all those who would be most vulnerable to it.

    Same effect here. There's a spike in usage and deaths now, as they clean themselevs out of the gene pool. Fast forward a century or two, you'll have everything legal but dramatically lower problems.

    Once upon a time, I was having trouble getting to sleep in the evenings. I knew Dramamine tended to make me drowsy, so I took a pill, and hey, it worked. Then about a month later I realized the pill bottle was empty. I said, "I can't keep doing this." I found some breathing exercises that helped me go to sleep, and never bothered getting a pill refill. It's called self-control.

    Also, literally all alcoholic drinks taste the same to me, and I've tried a variety. All I taste is the alcohol, and it tastes undrinkably terrible.

    Darwin works.

  7. Hey AESOP-
    Your latest article on “reefer madness” is both brilliant and bang on! As a senior, 25 year mid-level practitioner in a busy inner city Seattle ED - I find your assessment absolutely perfect with respect to incident and numbers. These newer, Genetically modified THC cannabinoids are fucking ridiculous (sorry I revert to my ex paratrooper type!). Patients come in bat shit crazy all – night – long! They suck up so many assets, that it is frankly - criminal. Moreover, we are growing a whole generational crop of idiots that will be unable to function at any advanced level. You Sir, have a good handle on the “Pro Dope” state milieu.
    Your Pretty smart for a former Marine….
    Be safe-
    “Doc T”

  8. You did not mention stoned azzholes (BIRM) who through their negligent incompetence allow their chirrun to find,, and inges, The Drug DuJour.

    I'm confident that you are aware thereof: likely got lost in your blistering, on target, catalog of goobermint FAIL!

    Simply another failure node in this web of malignant fail.

  9. Up here in the "Great White North" after they decriminalized the commercial sale of pot I head on the local University radio station an interview some "Libertarians" who were complaining that the State needed to start regulating more who could sell pot because they couldn't compete with the stuff coming up from Washington.

  10. AMEN! to all above.

    IDGAF if you drink gasoline, smoke dog crap, or inject everything, as long as I don't have to pay for it.

    And I have been paying for it all my damn life via taxes.

  11. Vagrants and junkies are why I never want to work in a emergency department again. It'd be so fucking great to ban narcan. You're definitely right about junkies. They'll fuck over the whole world just for that high, and we're forced to keep alive to do it.

  12. But the war on drugs has been a disaster on every level, driving gang violence (the cause of most US murders), a police state with massive violations of our civil liberties, destabilizing other countries (Mexico, Central America, etc), and there’s still no lack of drugs in the US. So I’ve moved more towards legalization, as a choice between bad and worse.

  13. If there had ever been a War on Drugs, you'd have a point.
    What we've had has been a Slap Fight On (Some) Drugs, With Collateral Damage.

    When we start running Arc Light missions into Mexico and South America, and shooting down or sinking smugglers on sight at the US ADIZ, and executing dealers and smugglers, give a holler, and I'll buy bonds in that war.

    Legalization is simply throwing gasoline and dynamite on a bonfire.

    1. Wildfire is how nature manages detritus. We have done ourselves great disservice interfering with it, set it free to do its good work. Bert

  14. Agree with you. Death penalty for dealing drugs, with no appeals to infinity. Same for rapists and child molesters. Oh for a politician to say the obvious...the smuggling of drugs into the US is an undeclared war we are losing.

  15. I still think we need a Narcan and 3 tattoo rule.

    You get Narcan, a referral to a drug treatment center, and a D tattooed on your chest. The second Narcan dose, you get driven to, and checked into a drug treatment center with an N tattooed next to the D. The third dose, you get an R and a 60 day jail term in Treatment Jail.

    The fourth time? Your DNR is honored and respected.
    It will never happen in this society. Remember the US Supreme Court said executing rapists is cruel and unusual punishment.


  16. Weirdly, there was still a line left on my "reasons not to move to New York" page. Well, that's full now.

  17. I'm wondering how Silicon Valley is working now with the much higher potency pot available. It appeared that it was an indispensable part of the computer/software arena, starting back in the 70's. Those original people are retired by now, for the most part. Their children didn't seem to be as prolific in their work in that area, apparently. Not sure why.