Monday, March 21, 2022

The Little Things

 h/t Wilder


  1. Too true..been going on in the West for 200 years, and no letup in sight...

  2. The wheels came off a long, long time ago--but no one paid attention because they were to busy standing on street corners waving the American flag while shouting "Murica'!" --and also waiting for the second coming which is never coming BTW.

    We are too busy minding other people's business around the world rather than filling the potholes in our own roads and protecting our borders.

  3. This is how we ended up with drag queen story hours; the crown act; an ever expanding group of alphabet people demanding to be celebrated for their sexual practices and proto simians freely engaging in violent chimp outs deemed :understandable ".

    1. You can now add criminal tourism to your list of ills. Individuals from south america coming in on a little known visa loophole who then proceed to target upscale neighborhoods for looting. Consequences? None because they only do the looting in areas with lax bail enforcement, aka Soros DA's.

  4. The fundamental question for a conservative is "What is it that you seek to conserve?" I turn the question around and say to the libertine: "Yes, you are free to violate any of the conventions of culture that you wish. You WILL accept the consequences of your choices.
    Yeah, two lug nuts will hold a wheel on. If you're really paranoid, use three.

  5. Thats why we are involvedd with every crisis around the globe, as well as instigating a fair amount of them, to see our own people distracted from the fact that here at home the elite overlords running this circus ran the wheels off it 120 year ago. And every stinking one of the bastards profited from it.

  6. And the old solutions were the old solutions for a reason . . .

  7. "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office"
    ~Aesop (~550 BC)