Sunday, August 1, 2021

Full Disclosure


I don't want to write this post, but I don't think I can duck the issue.

I was unofficially informed that apparently it will be the policy of my employer to require all employees, presumably including myself (they think), who have not received any COVID vaccinations, to submit to twice-weekly testing for COVID. This would involve shoving a swab up both nostrils two times a week, indefinitely.

If they try that, and make it official, my opening answer will be to invite the person who puts that suggestion into action to tell me exactly how far up their ass they'd like to stick that policy, and would they like my assistance in that endeavor?

Followed by the following blizzard of queries:

1) Who told you I did or did not get vaccinated?

2) Do you have a copy of my signed authorization to release that personal health information to any third party?

3) Lacking any such authorization, how would you possibly know my actual vaccination status?

4) Lacking that knowledge, how do you know which employees to even approach with this suggestion?

5) "Have I been vaccinated against COVID?" That's none of your fucking business.

6) Now you're asking me if I'm vaccinated against COVID? Again, that's none of your fucking business.

7) Submitting to receiving experimental therapies and becoming an unpaid medical guinea pig with respect to their effectiveness and potential complications was not and is not a condition of my employment. If it were otherwise, you'd have noted that from the outset. Trying to bluster and bootstrap it in now as if it were anything less than that is egregiously intrusive, entirely recockulous, and wholly unwelcome.

8) None of the vaccines for COVID are authorized for anything but emergency use. The makers have no liability for what happens to those who receive them. To date, the VAERS reports over 11,000 deaths from those COVID vaccines in just the U.S., and a quarter of a million adverse events. More of both deaths and adverse reactions than the total for every vaccine ever invented in human history, combined, for as long as we've kept records. Those COVID vaccines are therefore unsafe at any speed. And you have no more right as an employer to compel me, either directly, nor by onerous policies for non-compliance, to receive such an experimental therapy, any more than you could demand I submit to gender reassignment therapy, get an abortion, or have a limb amputated.

9) It's my body, and my choice. Shall we call in the company's legal counsel, and see how they'd like to sell the case against that legal position in court?

10) Ask counsel how they'll feel when the next three words I bring into the conversation are "hostile workplace environment". Then go over words like "mental stress and cruelty", "back pay", and "treble damages, plus all legal costs".

11) There are literally hundreds of other communicable diseases I (or any other employee) might or might not bring to work, many of which have no available vaccine. Are you going to test me for those bi-weekly as well? Why, or why not?

12) Are you going to be testing every other employee of the company for those dozens to hundreds of other communicable diseases? Why, or why not?

13) If I'm being singled out and categorized, isn't that the definition of "arbitrary and capricious"? How does corporate counsel like his odds in court defending that plan?

14) Why would you think you need to test me now, 18 months into a pandemic, for a disease for which I've shown no symptoms whatsoever, ever, to date, despite being a front-line caregiver with the sickest of the sick non-stop since the outset?

15) Are you aware the CDC reports that 75% of those fully vaccinated are the overwhelming bulk of those with the newest COVID variant? Will you be testing everyone twice a week, given that that's a far more sensible policy than proposing to test unvaccinated persons (bearing in mind you have no valid idea to which of those categories I belong)?

16) Are you aware that the CDC also reports that vaccinated persons carry the same amount of communicable virus in their bodies as unvaccinated persons? What's your plan to deal with that, and how do you intend to protect the unvaccinated from those vaccinated super-spreaders?

17) Are you aware that according to the CDC, despite being fully vaccinated, a person could suffer a more serious infection than an unvaccinated person? Knowing that to be the official position of the US government agency responsible for propagating communicable disease policy and procedure, why in hell would you suggest anyone get vaccinated, since it confers no immunity to the disease, no inability to spread the disease, and promises no diminution of symptoms if infected, despite getting the vaccinations?

18) In light of the above official CDC reported information, isn't promoting further vaccinations just about the most gobsmackingly dumbass thing you possibly could do, short of suggesting that people lick toilet bowls?

19) Given everything in #1-18, above, would you like to continue this discussion with lawyers, a judge, and a jury, in open court, or would you rather just quietly shitcan this silly-assed scheme, and allow all parties to pretend it never happened?

I'm old, ornery, and smart, and I won't be taking any shit, but I'll happily give it out by the metric fuckton if they try to push this sort of nonsense. I like my odds.

If my employer wants to test my resolve to go all "No, fuck YOU!", and become the poster child for why employment is not indentured servitude, they've grabbed the wrong tiger's tail. If they want to be the poster child on what not to do, I can only warn them that the stove is hot. But as Mark Twain said about the man who picked up the cat by the tail, they're about to learn something which they can learn in no other way.

I'll keep you posted, as appropriate.

If I'm betting, I'd give good odds this jackassery will be quietly strangled to death in a basement broom closet in about 5 minutes' time. Time will tell.


  1. There's talk about making the vaccine mandatory at the current line of work. All I can say is good bye air conditioning. Hello again ditch digging.

  2. Nuh uh.
    I'm feeling a tension headache, of the kind that's going to run to 8 figures to make go away.

    If they want to pay me not to work forever, well and good.

    Otherwise, it's in their best interest to stop trying to foist this on people who wish to be left alone.

    For reasons beyond their wildest imaginings.

  3. Great post, Aesop. I’m saving this so I’ll have some reference material when my company inevitably tries to force me to take this poison.

  4. While I am sorry this is happening to you, or anyone for that matter, I have a vague feeling that they will be grabbing a cat by it's tail.

    1. A man that picks a cat up by the tail quickly learns something that he can learn no other way. Mark Twain (I think)

  5. Thank you for such a clear and straightforward statement about handling this clearly illegal "mandate". Even the use of the word "vaccine" is wrong for this, as it is NOT anything like a real vaccine.
    I needed to come up with a response that my wife can use to any such inquiries about it. We decided that she is to simply say "My medical information is private. Go away." Period, end of subject. My response, like yours, will be considerably less civil.
    Working in the medical field for 38 years, I've had many vaccines, going back to childhood (polio, smallpox, dpt, etc.), including hepA, hepB, shingles, pneumococcal, etc. So I'm not at all "anti-vax". But this Covid nonsense, leaves not "hesitant" or "resistant", but all the way over in NO WAY IN BLOODY HELL are you getting near my with that.

  6. Thank you for your "chat with my manager" briefing.

  7. Almost makes me want to get back into nursing so I too can tell my employer in no uncertain terms to take the jab and the swabs and place them. Only way I would consent to twice testing is anally out in the main reception area at about 8am when hospital lobbies are the most busiest.

  8. All your arguments are based on dialectic and science and facts and reason.

    None of that works in today's environment. Only rhetoric works. Only fear and feelings count.

    I am part of a lawsuit against my hospital (they fired me) over their vaccine mandate. I did not comply with their new policy, and they fired me on June 21 for misconduct.

    They can claim to bypass HIPAA because it's covered by the "operations" exemption to privacy rules. (The other exemptions are treatment and billing).

    If you do end up involving lawyers, I suggest going as a group. We expect it to cost $500,000 before we're done, perhaps at the Supreme Court.

    More info at

  9. How is it possible that these type of edicts are continuing to go forward? Have they not heard of Dr Rob Malone? He all over lately. Just his info alone seems like a slam dunk game over. I heard that in my rural area one hour north of Dallas the hospitals have gotten together and agreed to mandate it all at once to discourage staff moving around. Mind if I send your fine post to a few folk in the field? It’s terrifically outstanding.

  10. Aesop, I had assumed this was coming to your place of employ. Good luck.

  11. my job, at a military college, has left the vax up to us up to this point but the new cdc "guidance" has them squirming. i was going to put in my notice this month but i think i will hang around n see if they pull out the mask/vax mandate again, to which my answer is: no, i will not comply. your move. " but you have to." no, have you heard of john doe v. donald rumsfeld?

  12. I would ask who has what STD and what sexual practices they engage in. STD's are communicable diseases and 100% preventable. Therefor, if one is entitled to know other people's covid-18 status, one should be able to know other people's STD and sexual practice status.

    BTW, Karl Denninger has an excellent blog:

    Karl was the founder of one of the first internet start-up and is the founder of the Tea Party Movement. The content of his postings is 100% solid. Some of the commenters posting there are somewhat into conspiracy theories, but Karl himself is 100% solid.

    I would say his commenters are comparable to those here and are significantly better than those in Vox Day's blog.

  13. I've used Denninger as an object lesson in "What It looks Like When You Pontificate Outside Your Expertise" AKA "what drowning looks like when you get out of the shallow end of the pool".

    He may know the market; well and good.

    But he has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt. Everest where anything remotely concerned with the medical field is concerned, and the problem isn't what he thinks he knows, it's what he thinks he knows that just isn't so.

    You can explain to a man in a ditch how to get back onto the road from where he got. But you can't tell a man spinning his wheels anything until he realizes he's IN the ditch. Anything medical, and he simply floors the gas pedal, and all he's doing, 99 times out of 100, is burning out the transmission, and going nowhere. And the 1 time out of 100 may be an exaggeration on my part; his average may be far, far, lower.

    Denninger on science and medicine is like getting flying lessons from doctors and dentists.

  14. " getting flying lessons from doctors and dentists."

    And we know all about the "forked-tailed doctor killer", don't we?

    Lately the Cirrus SR22 has taken over that role.

  15. BTW, Aesop,

    It appears that vax credentials are not hard to obtain, I know several people with them, and they have not taken the jab.

    Why not get one?

  16. I forwarded to an RT I used to work with at Dallas hospital. Sez outspoken ID doc "doesn't care" who loses their job, the hospital system THR just wants those people out.

    I don't know if there is Houston Methodist hospital active case, only that Fed Judge Lynn Hughes dismissed it. I wonder what a judge is presented with come up with thumbs up or down.

    If it's me, one of your admins, receiving your responses I'm doing a 180 and wondering if my career choice stinks. Or, maybe I'm aware that the DOJ is corrupt and know this non compliant staff will be hx soon.

    Do you know if your strategy has been used successfully? I hope there is enough of a rule of law left. I'm hoping that you're on to something significant.

  17. There is a reason they call two-engine private planes "doctor killers."

  18. I agree with a lot of what you write. However, the information you cite from the CDC (points 15-17) is simply wrong. It is based on (deliberate?) misinterpretations of what the CDC has said. Bloggers rephrasing bloggers, in a game of "chinese whispers", until the final message bears no resemblance to the original. If you believe that the CDC said the things you write in points 15-17, let's see some direct references.

    Vaccinations work. They are not 100% - you can still get sick. Just like you can still die in an car accident while wearing seat belts. If you don't want to get vaccinated, that's your choice, but spreading misinformation is not helpful.

    1. Dear Brad, in early March, 2021, a
      WASH U School of Med study found rapidly declining antibodies in human and animal subjects. Rapid Iike 6 weeks to 6 months. See link from source, below. I wonder how many people were vaxxed since March without this info? Disconcerting omission in coverage, to me.

  19. Reminds me of the United Fund push when(70's) I was working. Just the nose under the tent at that point but the same insidious mind set, now on steroids.

  20. Brad,
    Get up to speed:

    I'm sorry you're two days behind the news, but there it is, man.
    Not "bloggers quoting bloggers", but what the CDC said, word for word.

    So you might want to catch up first, and then revise your erroneous assumptions.

    COVID vaccinations are bullshit.

    Period. Full stop.

    And spreading misinformation is not helpful.

  21. FWIW, being out of Hollyweird and no longer doing the entertainment business, but still reading the trade mags, production looks like everyone is requiring even more onerous testing and tattling than medical.

    If you were looking to that as a fallback, it might not be there.

    Daily testing seems pretty typical as a starting point.


  22. Aesop our hospital has been asking for information about our COVID "Vaccine" status as the Fed AND State Monies is being prorated by the % of hospital staff fully "Jabbed".

    Money drives many a train, thus the earlier regular COVID screenings again driven by the Feds/State disbursement of monies.

    Our exemptions are medical or religious just like the Flu Shots.

    Have you run across any good material for exemptions? I found some Orthodox Catholic materials that can be applied but that's a stretch.

    Any advice welcome. I have more than a few hospital folks looking for this information.

  23. @Redcabinsteve

    I don't know if there is Houston Methodist hospital active case, only that Fed Judge Lynn Hughes dismissed it. I wonder what a judge is presented with come up with thumbs up or down.

    The Houston Methodist case (my case) is still active; it's being appealed. See my post above.

    The judge who dismissed the original case is the most reversed judge in the Southern district. So bad that the Court of Appeals reversed one of his decisions without an appeal being filed.

  24. I have a family member just finishing up their RN schooling and got hit with the same notice. And she's pretty worried and upset. Although they told her it was every other week apparently. Is she pretty much SOL or can she get around it somehow? Any tips? She's not the most confrontational person so I don't think she will put up the strongest resistance to be honest.

  25. Wake me when the targeted up close and personal assassinations start.

    1. To paraphrase an earlier reply:
      “there are some things which can be learned in no other way”.

      I really don’t think they realize that they are picking up a cat by it’s tail.

      I never thought I’d live long enough to see WWHBD become more than just a subtle way to clue in others what had been on your reading list…

      I guess I really am under the curse of “living in interesting times”. Unfortunately. :-/

  26. "...any more than you could demand I submit to gender reassignment therapy, get an abortion, or have a limb amputated."

    Dude, SHUT UP! You don't wanna be giving 'em any ideas here.

  27. There's reasons that there are no vaccines for the strains of the common cold. Some of those reasons are: it mutates very rapidly, it is rarely lethal, and it is......a corona-type virus.

    Things that make you go.....Hmmmmm.........

    Something else: your beloved dog carries multiple strains of corona type viruses in their gut.
    IIRC, they are not transmissible to humans. But if a lab did "gain of function" tinkering, they might would be.

  28. Probably one of the BEST response that I have heard! My employer-not medical-asked electronically if you have had the Covid"vaccine". My response was decline to answer. You just hit it out of the ballpark, so I am saving your entire article. If some asshat shows up to pressure me, I want all of my i's dotted and my t's crossed. Covid is now the Lawyers Full Employment Act. (Just when you thought Junior might have made a mistake going to law school......with a little brilliance and a whole lotta BS, he can pay off those student loans and make real money.) This was never allowed to be handled by the medical community-where it belonged-because it was too juicy a political scheme.
    And Cederq-I like your style.

  29. @GVDL,

    Don't get too comfortable in that lounger yet.

  30. My local Wally World has mandated all employees to get the shot within 60 days. If you're a new hire, you must have the vaccine as a condition of employment. Every single day they have this young WM employee with hand sanitizer and a mask on asking people to get vaccinated at a table at the front entrance.

    And now ALL employees have to have the jab to keep working. So they got that vaccine for nothing.

    The pharmacy administers the shot. I know WM isn't doing this for free. I wonder how much they're paid to give the shot?

  31. Annie,

    .GOV paid up front for the entire COUNTRY to get the shots for free, months ago.
    Which means it came out of your pocket.
    Like always.

  32. @Aesop, my Barcalounger has been customized with a Warthog's main gun and JATO.

  33. Thanks for that. I work in EMS and currently there is no jab requirement, but who knows what the future holds. Since I hate re-inventing the wheel, I copied your 19 questions into a text file in case this shit comes my way, and added:

    14A) What other communicable diseases and STD’s are you worried enough for “vaccinations” or experimental medical treatments? HIV/AIDS? TB? Hepatitis A/B/C? Scabies? MERSA? Influenza? Conjunctivitis? Herpes? Genital Warts? The list is endless.

  34. Which was exactly my point. Weekly or bi-weekly testing? How about daily? Hourly?
    I have been asymptomatic and virus-free for 18 months, in the literal Hot Zone.
    They will be doing NO TESTING on me, as its only purpose is to make jab non-compliance more onerous and annoying.
    I'll wear a mask at work until Hell freezes over, but only if they acknowledge that the vaccinated people have to wear them too, just as long, because they're just as potentially contagious.

    If they won't go for that, they're admitting this is just being done to create a hostile work environment, and not out of any concern for viral transmission.

    At that point, they're over a literal barrel, and their ass is grass.

  35. How about "conspiracy to deprive civil rights", or a conspiracy hook for a RICO claim?

    Let's make it as uncomfortable for Opfor as we can!

  36. I'm good with that, Reltney.

    I'm also willing to make a reasonable compromise: I'll wear a mask, as long as everyone else has to wear one too. It's what we do for people who can't/won't get their annual flu shot.
    And since the vaxxed are no more virus-free than the unvaxxed, fair is fair.

    What I won't do is submit to weekly waterboarding by having a Q-tip shoved up my nose, when I've shown no symptoms of the virus in over 18 months in the Hot Zone. They're not gaining any useful information from it; it's simply to make non-compliance more onerous and uncomfortable.

    If they can't piss test me unless I appear drunk or high at work, they sure as shit can't nose-rape me unless I have actual signs/symptoms of COVID infection.

    If they can't agree to that, they need an ass-raping to equal the nose-raping.
    And if they even request it, I'm putting on a "No Vax" yellow Star of David until they get the point.

  37. I strongly advise against trying to pass counterfeit vaccination papers. They may or may not be able to dismiss you for not getting vaccinated, but they certainly CAN for presenting a fraudulent document. (Think of Al Capone being sent to prison for tax evasion, rather than murder and racketeering. A minor offense that they can prove is more dangerous to you that suspicion of something bigger.) And who's to say document fraud isn't a bigger problem, if you handle other kinds of documents?

  38. Don't forget age discrimination and accommodating the Handicapped if applicable.