Friday, July 30, 2021

From Sea To Shining Sea


"Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute."
And not one square inch for commie tyranny.

Vis-a-vis this at WRSA just now:

"The former United States of America is irrevocably torn into multiple pieces.

All that remains is the drawing and securing of new borders."

With all due respect to CA,


First of all, it's simply morally repugnant. The Pledge of Allegiance says "One nation, indivisible..."

They were not just whistling Dixie when they wrote that.

We may have to throw some foxes out of the henhouse, but not a single chick will be ejected. Sheepdogs who barter some of the flock for an easy day don't last long. The only easy day was yesterday.

One of us is all of us, and there's not one square inch of US soil I'll freely part with, to cede to the commie Progtards, before I'd rather gladly see them all in Hell for daring to try.

Secondly, this isn't lifeboat ethics. Start throwing people over the side, and suddenly all the other guns will be pointing at you, and you'll be next over the gunwale the second it's convenient. Mark my words.

Thirdly, there are no "boundaries" to divide up. The coming conflict isn't a North-South thing, with clearly defined interest areas. Anyone who thinks it possible, or wise, to attempt such, is quite simply fucktarded beyond further argument, or else hasn't been paying proper attention.

You can't make peace with cancer. Either you kill it, or it kills you. Decide.

The coming conflict is going to be street-to-street, house-to-house, floor-to-floor, and in some families, room-to-room. Stop kidding yourselves, and wrap your heads around that reality.

The only way this can be carried out, is to win it all back. If that means we carry on afterwards with half the population - or more - gone forever, so be it.

Further commentary on this, I leave to the Bard of Avon, from Henry V:

"He which hath no stomach for this fight, let him depart. His passport shall be made, and crowns for convoy put into his purse. We would not die in that man's company..."

And to those who foolishly thought they could jack an election, and hijack a country, with no penalty, do I repeat the following message, from the same source, to tell you what follows:

"Bloody constraint. For if you hide the office, even in your hearts, there will we rake for it. Therefore in fierce tempest are we coming, in thunder and in earthquake, like a Jove. And if requiring fail, we will compel. This is our claim, our threatening, and our message."

To any who might contest such requiring:

"Scorn. And defiance. Slight regard. Contempt. And anything that might not misbecome the mighty sender doth we prise you at." 

Steel your hearts. Sharpen your steel. And yet again,

This isn't just going to get uglier than you imagine before it's over.

It's going to get uglier than you can imagine.


  1. More like whistling past the graveyard of a long dead republic.

    The Pledge of Allegiance says "One nation, indivisible..."

    That pledge has no more meaning than a song of fealty to Hammurabi.

    FUSA became terminal with the invention of the railroad . Let it die.

    Build something else and stop trying to cram completely different peoples into one nation out of sentimentality.

    A nation needs one history , one culture, mostly one religion and probably one ethnic group to be stable. Multi whatever like we have are one thing, empires designed so power hungry men can have more people to rule and better different people they have frith with.

    1. Except for that whole religion thing. You that eager for an inquistion?

  2. "We would not die in that man's company
    That fears his fellowship to die with us."

  3. Aesop, I understand you're expressing an aspiration for us all, and I appreciate that. But, the Democrats have already started talking about Vaccine Sanctuaries, places where the Vaxxed can live free from the Unvaxxed Unwashed Masses. Others have talked about not having to interact with Republicans. Of course Republicans have been seceding from Blue Cities for years.

    So, maybe we will have "target-rich-opportunities" instead of Secession. However, the Big Sort is continuing, and Secession is the next step.

  4. I dont always agee with you but I agree. We dont give up one inch of of any state.


  6. Aesop - Sincere question because I am interested in your answer: If not division, there where do the vanquished go? In such a contest as you describe, there will likely be hundreds of thousands if not millions (it is just a guess) that neither actively participate in any kind of shooting match. I am guessing that there would be huge population migrations - but where to (well, answering my own question I guess it would be Mexico or south of that or Canada, as there is not really anywhere else to go geographically)?

  7. I've had the luxury of a few years to come to terms with that which must be done. So I guess I'm as prepared- spiritually- as I can, all things considered. For those who haven't seen it, I suggest this:

    It describes what the progressives will do to you and everyone you love. It's brutally honest. Read it- ALL OF IT- and understand your enemy. And then take appropriate action.

  8. Fuckin eye.. I ain't running from shit and I ain't giving shit up... I own ALL of America...

  9. I will simply repeat what I've said before: a serious attempt at secession/national division probably will happen at some point--at the rate Biden's going, possibly before the next election. But for a variety of reasons, including those Aesop has previously laid out, this will not prove a stable solution, and will prove to be the prelude to a winner-takes-all contest.

  10. Marty Great Scott and Bluefield have the right sentiment but truth is there is no reason to keep the mess together and the rest of the people out there in Blue Land get a say as well.

    The must stay crowd better calculate the costs and whether people will resist your occupation by force. You can win and pay such a high price still lose after all.

    if you do have to let them go, you always have T-Rav's solution, have many children raise them to war and conquest and take everything from BC to Maine and in between and force them to live as you see fit.

  11. Think of it not as a civil war but as a revolutionary war. Tyranny has taken over the country and it is time to take it back. The tyrants are trying to cow us into submission; at some point we will rebel. When the fighting is over the US will not be divided up, it will be cleansed. Just like after the last civil war, the surviving losers will be offered a chance to load up their stuff and leave; their property will be confiscated and they can go wherever they want. Many British sympathizers went to Canada or back to Briton. This time they can go to Russia, Cuba, China, Venezuela or any other country that they want.

    If the tyrants win then there will be no place for freedom to run. That is one of the differences in the way the battles will be fought, one side fights for power, the other will fight for life. Who will fight harder?

  12. “This isn’t just going to get uglier than you imagine before it’s over.
    It’s going to get uglier than you can imagine.”

    I can imagine a lot.