Wednesday, April 7, 2021

COVIDiocy Strikes Again

Since this comment probably won't last long at the site:

You don't wear an ear loop snot mask to protect yourself.

You wear it to protect everyone else from you.

That's why one jackhole not wearing one in a crowd f**ks it up for everyone.

This is only news for people who flunked eighth grade science.

In other breaking news, you don't need one by yourself, outside in the sunshine; nor all alone in your car.

COVID has mainly served to illustrate how scientifically stupid most Americans are, and how thick their skulls are, when such basic information hasn't penetrated after a year.

If you want protection for yourself, you wear an N95 or better (if you can find one).

O, if only someone, somewhere, had covered this simple information and much more, and posted it on the internet, nearly a year ago, to help out the people not bright enough to figure this out on their own.

Pro Tip: If this level of information is too hard for you, lick handrails and stripper poles, and pee on electric fences.

Now, see if you can guess why I'm busy doing projects instead of reading the 'net or posting anything most days.

Remember: If you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic.


  1. It's not only that it's too hard for them, it's also that wearing it violates some imaginary right that they think they have, and a gives them the idea that a vast conspiracy theory that the government is out to get them.

    Meanwhile, I heard that cases have skyrocketed in New York and Michigan, and that Florida beaches were packed for spring break. All I need now is another lockdown order and I will be certain that I am stuck in a time loop, because I have the distinct impression I heard all of these stories last year.

    Hear we go again...

    (And since the death of a loved one earlier this year, my patience with people who think this is a myth has worn extremely thin.)


  2. Some of the hottest pole dances happen when the stripper cleans the pole at the beginning of her set...

  3. i ended up in Japan for my middle school years, (that was 1984-1987) On the subway in Tokyo, i saw a middle aged man wearing a "surgical-style" cotton mask. I was somewhat scary for a 12 year old seeing that for the first time. I asked one of my Japanese classmates about it...

    "Don't be alarmed" i was told. This guy most likely had a cold/virus and was wearing the mask to reduce the chance of spreading to other people.

    This memory made it MUCH easier when the mask mandates (mask recommendations?) were front and center a year ago. I tried to share this story with anyone who would listen. Some did. Some said: "but, but, mah FREEDUMB!"

    And this last Dec/Jan/Feb, when i came out of the grocery store into the frigid midwestern air, i left my mask on because it felt warmer. Then i got into my car all by myself. I was halfway home before it occurred to me i was still wearing my mask all by myself in my car.

    However, i really love those motorcycle dudes who wear their mask, but are not wearing a helmet!

    And then there's Dr. Vernon Coleman...

  4. I used to come here to read something different than the msm and democrats put out. No more.

  5. @gsf1200,

    So what you're saying is that you were too stupid to comprehend what I spelled out for you in blistering detail A YEAR AGO, and only this minute realized how stupid you still are, and still can't figure out why if you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic.



  6. Look at Christy Noem and how they did it. You know WHY you don't hear about it? They didn't destroy their economy. Treated the People with dignity. Aaand, they did NOT have bodies stacked.
    We Neanderthal fools in Texas? Mask mandate, gone,, cases

    Studies show wearing masks doesn't help. Maybe even makes it worse.

  7. What has been determined about asymptomatic transmission of covid?

  8. 1. What does DLTDHYITAOYWO mean? Can't figure that one out or find it.
    2. I am now inundated with non english speakers with raging cases of KungFlu. In the middle of Ohio. And they all work in local restaurants. Nobody's missing work, nobody's shutting down.

  9. @Justin:

    BS flag: thrown. Links to those "studies" or it never happened.
    I've looked at 17 purported to do that, and it turns out they do no such thing, because people on the 'net couldn't figure out a study if it bit them in the ass and said "Hello!"
    "Studies show" that 95% of studies give non-reproducible results. Which proves only that the studies are horse droppings.
    Change my mind.

    Haven't heard. Given the body count in the U.S., I have to assume asymptomatic transmission was working just fine all along, but I haven't seen any verified data in either direction.

    "Don't Let The Door Hit You..."
    And remember: If you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic.'d that work out in Nawlins? Atlanta? Joisy? NYFC? Califrutopia? Italy? China?

    Pre-vaccines, the penetration of the country was 10% or less.
    So the open question now is whether vaxxing enough people now (3M/week, last I looked) hoses this down so it doesn't do in the next three months what it did from last Labor Day to President's Day this year.

    My fingers are crossed, but it's going to depend on
    1) how well the vaccines work in the real world, and if they do,
    2) how many people elect to get them, and
    3) how efficacious they are with new mutated strains.

    We're only going to find out about long-term effects of the virus, and the vaccines, by living through this out the other end.
    We are completely off the map at this point, which tends to give the would-be overlords a scorching case of the "Do What We Say" Syndrome, with a side effect of Talking Out Their Other End.

    Go long on beans, bullets, and bullion.
    This ride ain't nearly over from where I'm sitting.

  10. No, I wasnt trying to be Nawlins. I'm aggravated that most of the staff at all the mexican restaurants and a couple warehouses in town are diseased and nobody's shutting them down. The workers refuse to stay home, poor hygiene, refuse to mask. And when I made noises about a public health issue, I was again told to shut up and stay in my lane. I'm aggravated with the schizophrenic approach to public health. The airwaves and health dept is all king flu hysteria, and on the ground its another story entirely.

  11. Sir,
    Late last year we saw there were two studies in Denmark that showed asymptomatic transmission was not a thing, but the links to those studies went dark within minutes.
    Made us wonder, for sure.

  12. @jen,

    I'm not suggesting you were trying to be Nawlins.

    TPTB, OTOH, seem to be fine with continuing the pandemic, either from plain stupidity, or a sociopathic desire to perpetuate their temporary power. You live there, so you'll have to decide that for yourself.

    In either event, best wishes.

  13. Jen, personally even BEFORE the Kung Flu I was picky about where I ate. Now I am more picky and choose to spend my hard earned cash where they KEEP IT CLEAN.

    However it seems I ENJOY Cooking so when I want Mexican or Chinese (both not clean pre-COVID) I cook it myself and my sweetheart gives me the difference of what we spent for my Toys. Generally the cost of materials is nearly what I give as a TIP, so...

    The internet more useful than most realize. I can find any recipe for anything (even rust and aluminum powder cooking) once I figure out the key words :-)

    My REAL Concern about the "Jab" (it's not a vaccine) is what the hyperreaction some animal studies showed killing off lab critters when exposed to COVID in the "Wild".

    Great way for the Powers that Be to cheaply reduce useless eaters like Senior Citizens. What percentage of the Federal outlay is to Social Security and Medicare??

    But then again I am a History Buff and REMEMBER the Nuremburg trials about the Nazi's medical experiments....