Thursday, January 14, 2021

To My Brothers and Sisters In The Military


In 1945, before even most of your parents were born, the American military, along with those of the British, French, and Russian forces, put on trial the senior officers of the German military, for their role in following the tyrannical and despotic regime of Adolf Hitler, even into genocidal mania.

In every case, those commanders pled to that tribunal that they had no idea what all was being carried out by the Nazi high command, and that they were military soldiers, doing their jobs, and  "just following orders".

To a man, that defense was thrown out as completely insufficient, and wholly inexcusable, and as a result, they were given harsh prison terms, and some were executed by hanging, for crimes against humanity. Because they did, indeed, "just follow orders". 

The execrable letter above, from your duly appointed commanders, is nothing more nor less than them telling you to "just follow orders".

The best face to put on it is that it constitutes nothing less than deliberate and damnable treason, by those very officers entrusted with the leadership of you all, and protecting the safety of the nation.

The generals and admirals you all swore oaths to obey (I swore the identical oath, like you, and it had no expiration date) have abdicated their leadership role above you, and have, with lies of omission, committed you to the same path as the German generals and admirals did to their troops in 1933. Rest assured, both they and the nation will bear the cost of their leadership failure, here and hereafter.

There are serious questions and challenges about the presidential election of 2020. Criminal flaws and unconstitutional breaches of law led to massive irregularites, and make that entire election's alleged result entirely suspect, and the declared winner completely fraudulent.

You know about fraudulent enlistments. Some of you witnessed people in your basic training units or first duty stations suddenly whisked away, because it was determined by proper investigations that they had enlisted to serve fraudulently. That's how it works in the military, and how it's supposed to work in the nation at large. But the nation has been failed by those who should have known better. States certified elections, for partisan reasons, which even a blind man could see were falsified. Courts refused to so much as examine a single piece of evidence that would have proved such was so, beyond any reasonable doubt. The Congress followed suit and ratified those fraudulent certifications, and all levels of government intend to see to swearing in a commander in chief over you who has no more right to the office than does a banana.

We are not a banana republic. But your leadership wishes to behave as though we were.

Your leadership was therefore placed in the unenviable position of having to decide whether to exercise the judgement entrusted to their leadership positions. To a man, they have chosen to abdicate that trust, and command you to follow them down that dark road of feigning no knowledge of the realities above. Just follow orders.

Almost every one of you knows the Leadership Traits. Many of you, by heart, and you live and embody them every day, upon which the safety of the nation depends.

Your commanders have failed to show Integrity, failed to exercise Intelligence, completely abandoned Courage, used criminally poor Judgement, completely abandoned Justice, and acted entirely out of Selfishness, in ordering you, in no certain terms, to jump off the cliff with them and for them, lest they risk their own positions of confidence and trust. They have sold you and your loyalty down the river to protect nothing but their own pensions and positions of authority.

If they had possessed the slightest inkling of duty or honor to their country, they would have resigned and turned in their stars, rather than order you all to do what they should not and could not do. They are faithless and worthless for failing to do so.

They have, by these breaches, made an unsound and untimely decision, set a horribly bad example to their troops, utterly misinformed you, and have abandoned any pretense of looking out for your welfare, or that of the nation they are charged to serve. Those are leadership failures of the worst kind.

America has many enemies. As always, most of them are foreign, and we beg you and pray you to continue to serve us all, to protect this great nation from them. But now we also have domestic enemies. Your chain of command has chosen to ally with them, and certify the presidency of a banana.

In terms you cannot misunderstand, 

That is an unlawful order. It carries no weight, commands no obedience, and following it will not protect you from any consequences, nor the wrath of a justifiably enraged public.

Rest assured, there is ALWAYS a Day Of Reckoning for nations who follow the path you've been ordered to take. The consequences will be dire and eternal.

Disobedience to your chain of command, justified or not, is a fearful thing, whether one is a private or a general officer. Anyone who does so will face harsh discipline, by a system with swift and draconian punishments for those it deems guilty.

And yet, your leaders, by abandoning their duty in this matter, have now forced every man and woman under their command to have to weigh and consider every order they are given, from here on out, and decide which orders are lawful, in furtherance of the oaths you and they took, and which ones may be or are unlawful, and command you to undertake things as horribly wrong and vile as anything perpetrated by soldiers serving the Nazi regime.

Your command, by failing to acknowledge reality, has lied to you, and is trying to lie you into obedience to an entirely unlawful and illegitimate command, and left you in the difficult position of deciding when and whether to obey, and when and whether to disobey, any further orders.

You alone will bear the consequences of your moral choices. And any immoral choices, should you make them.

I thank Fate and a merciful God that in two separate terms of enlistment, I never served under such circumstances, but I pray for you the wisdom to know your duty, with every order you are given. And I pray that should you find yourself at the fork in the road between serving honorably, and "just following orders", you will find it in yourselves to be honest, intelligent, courageous, just, and unselfish, and do the right thing, as you have done every day since you enlisted or were commissioned, and undertook the heavy burden of your oaths of service.

It is supremely unfair and wrong that your commanders have laid such a heavy burden on every serving person's shoulders, but such is the situation in which you now find yourselves. I would be derelict in the oath I took were I to fail to inform you that this is so.

Choose Honor.

Do what is right, always, even at the risk of disobedience. You must do no less.

We, the People, do not ask this of you. 

The oaths you took DEMAND it, and your consciences compel it.

The fate of the nation hangs on your every decision, both in the here and now, and in the hereafter.

- Aesop, USMC

Once A Marine, Always A Marine


  1. This needs to be printed up and circulated around the DotMil units in -everyones- A.O. Well done

  2. Of note: the oath of enlistment carries a requirement to obey the orders of the president and the officers appointed over me. The Officer oath of office has no such stipulation.

    To your point Aesop, this letter demonstrates, in my mind, an abdication of the responsibility inherent to the office.

  3. I took both oaths.
    Those commanders are faithless, and have allied themselves with domestic enemies of the Constitution, deliberately and with malice aforethought.

    1. Why do I keep getting that were in that Spain of circa 1935-36 feeling?

    2. I too took both, which is why I brought up the difference for those not aware. Discussion of the difference was a constant refrain at TBS when I went through.

  4. You - again - knocked it out of the park with this response, Aesop. I agree it should go viral amid the .mil types.

  5. I have been wondering, since 2008, why there were not mass resignations from Pentagon brass, or even service wide. Either they were swamp critters from the get go, or they thought just keeping a low profile and riding out the next eight years would be sufficient.
    And then the Obimessiah proceeded to purge any high ranking military who were not "woke" enough to toe his line of BS. I had hopes in 2016 that Trump would call back all of those defenestrated and either reinstate them, or ask them where they'd prefer to serve again. Such has not happened to my knowledge, and we've also seen prime examples of those we once thought we could admire (Colin Powell, Mattis, etc.) out themselves to be deep state moles complicit if not outright guilty of the sedition we see today.
    I've always emphasized two words in that oath: "all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC..." Thanks for an epic rant Aesop.

  6. Well done, Aesop! One of your best posts, and that's saying a lot! I remember taking my oaths, and during training they explained the difference between a lawful order and an unlawful order. I don't see how Pres. *, in his diminished capacity, is going to be able to issue lawful orders.

  7. Well said.

    The problem is that "just following orders" is a bad defense *once you have been defeated*. If you win, it is a non-issue, and probably comes with medals and accolades. The dicey bit is *while* things are not yet decided and/or you are in the process of losing: obey the order and be fucked when the show ends; or refuse it, and be fucked right now. To stay with the Nazi example, after the failure of the July 20 plot, things went very badly for anyone - and often their families - who seemed to be insufficiently dedicated to ensuring the final victory. And how well would things have gone for Soviet troops who refused orders from commissars? Beria wasn't known for being forgiving. Same held true for the guys that Stalin et al. ordered to find an execute "traitors": if you were given the order to take out 500 of them, and you only found 499 and stopped, you got the honor of being #500, and your family and friends might well win a free camping trip.

    People will generally act to gain/avoid the certain outcome rather than the uncertain one.

  8. Not sure when the letter came out but I sure in the hell doubt Nov. 4, 2020 up to Jan. 6, 2020 one. Sadly those who need to see it won't. Old school oath takers is all the matters. I watched all the new senators take their oath when they were sworn in beginning with the same words and it was truly disgusting that I had to turn it off even before I saw one democrat say the oath. I have active and retired veterans near by and I am good with them. They were not cut of the same cloth.

  9. It seems to me that by the very fact that they felt.compelled to write that letter indicates that they not only realize that the Election was a color revolution, but they are in on it and they are telling the military to disavow their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign AND Domestic.
    When the JCOS are part of a color revolution coup, it's a Dark Winter indeed

  10. Well said. Let's hope people understand those oaths.

  11. Im just an old Vet from a different game but I wish they would have declared martial law and let you guys count all irregular votes and fema can help navigate through the actions as needed we have to know the Real Winner needs to be in place for our future together

  12. the state of our officer corps saddens me more than the sorry state of our country. I used to endorse serving some time in service to youngsters. now I encourage against it

  13. "Why do I keep getting that were in that Spain of circa 1935-36 feeling?"

    If we are, it must be the very early phase. My understanding was the Spanish civil war was quite brutal, similar to the Balkans in the early 1990's.

    "the state of our officer corps saddens me more than the sorry state of our country. I used to endorse serving some time in service to youngsters. now I encourage against it"

    Obama replaced a lot of senior leadership at the Pentagon during his two terms in office. This was well-discussed in right wing blogs and even the MSM at the time. Being a liberal, of course he did not put operations people not to mention combat veterans at the top. No, he would have replaced them with administrative people. You know, the guy who spent his entire career as "assistant" to verious leaders. Richard Marchinko talked about this in his Rogue Warrior novels during the 90's.

    I suspect those with actual combat experience think more like us in these blogs. The liberal-left is playing a very stupid game.

  14. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!"

  15. Was it just me, or did anyone else not see a date on that letter as well?

  16. @carolinaTURTLE - no, you're not the only one to notice. It's the first thing I noticed when I was first shown this by a fellow patriot. When was the last time you saw ANY official memo that didn't have a date on it? Curious, indeed.