Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Everyone Must Kneel To The New Regime

Fair enough. Allow us to demonstrate the proper technique.

Don't forget a tight range sling hold.

You asked for it, Your Fraudulencies: so you got it. Enjoy the fruit of that harvest.


  1. Oh My God did I need that laugh!
    Thank you

  2. Everyone preaches judgement...that's not who we are...that's what they want us to do...let's pray for them (yes, from warrior poets society)...
    So... a question...when is enough enough? When does the spark ignite? Who blows the whistle? Everyone seems to be sitting back waiting (and unfortunately this includes me, as things have to be coordinated and simultaneously occurring lest one individual be labeled a domestic t-word). Asking for a friend, you understand...

    1. I used to shoot some damn fine scores in the sitting and kneeling position, M-1, M-14 and M-16.
      Instead of chest beating, learn some breathing........B.R.A.S.S.

    2. Aye, there's the rub indeed. When, not if. How to know? An instructor at college told me that, at some point, it won't be happening a world away, but in your own backyard (we were talking about various natural disasters, but still...).
      Does it have to get to that point? Clear and present-like?

  3. So, who will bell the cat? I'm asking for a friend.

  4. I have always maintained I, and while projection is not the intent herein, we will know what I and/or we need to know when I and/ or we, need to know it. It follows that then and only then will I and/or we, know what to do.

    Insofar as that "Domestic T" word goes, so what is new about that? I recall the 2009 DHS position White Paper. If you haven't made that list at this late date, take heart. There may still be time to weasel your way clear.

  5. back in 2009, i read a book about the mutiny on the Russian battleship Petomkin (in 1905) which happened a few years before the Russian revolution of 1917. My point is: tyranny has to get VERY bad before people begin revolting. On the other hand, deplorables probably have a lower tolerance to tyranny (compared with the average Russian peasant) in addition to the numerous well armed & battled hardened veterans among us that will make gun confiscation turn out differently than expected? But how it really will go perhaps is known only to God. (ahead of time, at least)

  6. When one party can - and DOES - steal both the presidency and flip the Senate in back-to-back blatantly rigged elections, it's as bad as I'm willing to let it get.

    The time to start shooting tyrnats isn't when their minions are on your doorstep.
    It's when they think they're untouchable, and don't think it will ever happen.

    And you finish the fight, for all time.
    Like Carthage.

    People should talk about the burnt spot where the cancerous Democommunists used to be, for the next 5000 years, after we're done.

    1. Everyone is sitting with bated breath, waiting for an easy button to appear, and even if it should miraculously happen, these cancerous vermin aren't going to stop what they're doing. People sit in denial of what work awaits them.

  7. And no one wants to be the lone wolf that gets caught and imprisoned or have their family humiliated. Remember Dorner and the DC shooters? Took the feds awhile to corner them and all eyes were peeled for them. Imagine 109 Dorners. Plus widespread acts of not-easy-to-fix infrastructure sabotage.

    The more that happens, the more happens.

  8. Wife got a real kick out of how to kneel to the new (fraudulent) regime.
    Understand she earned her HS Letter with a target .22. Rode her bus with the rifle, and all the school asked was to put the bolt in her pocket.

    Early 1970's. Better daze.

    Night Driver

  9. They are following the same evil that was present in the Days of Noah and will continue until the grand finally. Different casts, same script.

  10. If Biden were smart, he would just takes his fraudulent win and the graft that goes with it, and tread softly.
    But he's nrsmart, he's stupod, so he claims a mandate to seek vengeance in the name of healing and unity, and to turn the country into a dystopian Marxist state.
    the awkward stage is over