Monday, July 13, 2020

Fixin' To Hope To Start To Commence...

One more day chained to my oar, after which I should be able to begin blasting and shoveling the debris, in order to get down to installing the NIB Whizbang Blogmaster 2020 v3.0, accompanied by the obligatory large blue cloud of £@#$×÷+₩£!?×& symbology floating out to sea somewhere between Pt. Concepcion and the Channel Islands.*

If Bill Gates et al wanted to make an even bigger pile of money, they'd invent a desktop computer which worked better whenever the owner cracked it sharply with a stout Louisville Slugger right on top of the tower, and provide suitable sound effects and blinking lights for the effort.

Just saying.

*(My father, like Jean Shepherd's, worked in profanity the way some artists work in oils or watercolors. I have surpassed the old SOB, given proper motivation. Dealing with a new computer system is motivation above and beyond that bar.)


  1. Yep, guaranteed! Sigh... Here's hoping it's successful!

  2. Good luck Aesop. I have my mid 2010's laptop and I loathe the day that I have to upgrade.

  3. "If Bill Gates et al wanted to make an even bigger pile of money, they'd invent a desktop computer which worked better whenever the owner cracked it sharply with a stout Louisville Slugger right on top of the tower, and provide suitable sound effects and blinking lights for the effort."

    Pfffft. If he wanted to make more money, he could design a system that does not flash the blue screen of death in the middle of an update after you sneeze.

    Switch to Linux. You can do it. Crap, you ran this blog from a tablet, for God's sake. Installing Linux would be about 20,000 times easier, take you 20 minutes, and you'd never have to support that shitbox quadrillionare eugenicist again.

    Just sayin'...

  4. Aesop, check my post today.

  5. It's not as hard to run a blog on a tablet as you think. Linux can be very complicated depending on which one you get. And yeah, I have Linux, that's how I know. The ability to Google some part of the software setup only goes so far with Linux, particularly because the people writing the help blog assume you have a computer background or have used Linux for years already and know what they are talking about before you roll up to the article.

    I am very pro-Linux and never want to go back to Windows, but some honesty about the system would be nice. I damn near ended up dumping my Linux machine and getting a Mac in the beginning because Linux is not all roses the way commentors here keep trying to portray it. There is a real learning curve to get around for it, especially when the help blogs think you already understand what they are talking about and leave out half the information you need to be able to install an update.

    Yeah, that's experience talking again. More frustrating then running a blog on a tablet? You bet.


  6. If gates wanted more money, all he'd have to do is create a sickness for which he had the only cure. Wait a minute...

  7. Agree with Klaude. Get Ultimate Edition Mint and be free from the tentacles of MS. Linux works! At least go with a dual boot system if you can't get away from Billy.

  8. @Skip,

    Left you a comment there.

  9. It's true that there is a learning curve with Linux but everyone learned Windows, dint they?

  10. The fact you quote the great Jean Shepherd gives you even more creds, Good Sir.

    As for my dark past, I worked enough with The Gates Disease (various iterations of Windows) being an installer and default network admin for several alphabet agencies since '87 when I left the Army. Which is why we use Macs, iPads and OS-X/iOS stuff at home. I'm done with Whin-Doze and Bill's own Mark of the Beast products.

    Good luck on your install. Back up your backups ("redundate" as Cisco Systems advises us), and have physical volume backups off site "somewhere else." Like with the ghost scary black rifles you don't own.

    Glad you're back, Bro.


  11. So, Aesop. Just posted a comment responding to Rhea, and was signed in under another username. Would be grateful if you might consider not approving that post, because I am a dumbass and probably should have determined that I was logged in before posting. Thanks...

  12. Klaude

    The learning curve around Linux is steeper because when you go online to get help, the people who allegedly can explain Linux leave out half the info because they are sure you know what they are talking about regarding the system.

    Ask me how I learned this.

    Yeah it is harder. Doable? Yes. But not the instant easy answer people in the comments section here act like it is.


  13. Lancet has a study saying 5,000 people in the UK did not go to the hospital for heart attacks because of the virus.

  14. Ahhh Jean Shepherd ... what a reconteur. My childhood was influenced by his stories. His like will never be seen again.

  15. @Borepatch,
    When I have real internet, rather than this tablet-based versimilitude, I'll dig into that Lancet study. I suspect world-class shenanigans without any further reflection.

    1) Positing to ascertain the number of dogs that don't bark strikes me right off as the same "science" that got us globull warming and phrenology.

    2) Global warmism and a host of other national insanities haven't covered UK "science" with any glory since Watson and Crick unraveled DNA.

    3) If 5000 people had heart attacks in the UK, given the glory, wonder, and attention to customer care that is the internationally recognized abortion known as the UK National Health Service, the most obvious first question to ask is "How could they tell the difference between COVID, and any month since the 1950s??"

    And those are valid observations before even cracking the cover.

    I'll dig into it presently, assuming it's not officially discredited and renounced by end of the week.