Monday, May 20, 2019

Storm Warning

From comments:
Aesop, do you anticipate any of that (the indictments and prison time you mentioned) actually happening? I have zero faith that it will. Zero.

You may be right.

I know what should happen, but not what will.

That uncertainty alone is cause for great alarm for anyone with any common sense.
The entire point of law is that it be fixed and reliable for all.
Without that, when it's random and capricious, it's worse than no law at all.

If there aren't indictments, trials, and convictions over what's gone on, I can tell you what I do have faith will happen: there's going to be war.

Not a tantrum, or a disturbance, or a riot, or even some low-intensity nonsense.
It's going to be a full batshit war. It will come in its own time. Maybe slow unfolding, maybe all at once. But come it will.

People are going to start looking for an excuse, any excuse, and then they're going to find one, and hunting season will be open. And once it starts, it's going to spiral out of control, like things do, and one side or the other will become extinct before it's over.

The social construct in this country is that every two to four years, we have peaceful revolutions at the ballot box.

Now one side doesn't want to play by that any more, and has spent two years subverting every branch of government to support a slow coup against an elected president. Either we nip that nonsense in the bud, and people responsible pay with their lives spent in prison for a decade or two, or we're going to start getting governments by hard coup, with all the trimmings, and we've seen how that's played out, from Russia in 1917 to Venezuela yesterday.

Folks won't wait to be rounded up, they're going to go looking for the troublemakers, and standing them up against the nearest wall.

And anybody, including police, government, or military, who picks the wrong side, will get stood right up against one too, to the last man.
And if they're very, very fortunate, we won't go looking for their wives and kids after that.

That's the lit road flare the current crop of jackholes in Congress, and the perpetrators of the Russian collusion hoax, are juggling in a wading pool of gasoline.

They're about one more cover-up, one gun grab, or one attempted impeachment, away from finding out what the old rules look like in practice. When you have to take a hand, and you won't be left in peace, there's no percentage in sitting it out for another day, and a lot of people are going to start taking a close interest in their neighbors, with a view to culling the problem from hell to breakfast, until they work their way all the distance to the top of the totem pole.

I suspect a lot of other societal dysfunction is going to get a blowtorch up its tailpipe as part of the show.

The prospect of such times frankly scares the hell out of me, but not as much as the prospect of sitting on my hands and watching the crooked communists in power march ever onward, and plant 100M of their friends and neighbors in mass graves.

Because that's where we are headed if nothing happens, and no one cares.

Now imagine if, ten or twenty or thirty years ago, someone had told you such a thing would be discussed seriously.

As CA says frequently over at WRSA:
This is where we are now.
Imagine where we'll be.



  2. My opinion is that it will probably look a bit like Yugoslavia circa early-90’s. Thanks for the response. I’d bet money on the war, but not on the indictments.

    Their side never seems to really pay the price.

  3. For such a happening, which would you choose if you could have only 1?

    Long gun

    shot gun, buck shot and rifled slugs. What gauge?
    M1 Garand.
    M14 or civilian model.
    AR 15.
    Lever action 45 Colt, 357, 44 magnum
    What if you could have two?

    Hand gun
    semi-auto: 38, 45, 357, 44, other

    revolver: 38, 45, 357, 44, other.


    1. .357 guns fire .38's but not vice versa. Drop the .38

  4. The swamp is too deep and too powerful to be drained. Trump may do some good for America economically but he is spending a great deal of time and energy just trying to keep the criminal left from succeeding in their coup attempt. And since the media whores are TOTALLY complicit in the criminality of the commie demonrat left
    NOTHING OF CONSEQUENCE is going to happen to ANYONE on the left who is anyone of importance. A handful of low level sacrificial lambs may be offered up as scapegoats to do a few years in Club Fed.....MAYBE. But NOBODY like Clinton, Obama, Jarrett, Holder, etc. etc. will EVER see the inside of a cell.....EVER!!!!
    The only meaningful outcome from this circus is MILLIONS of tax payer dollars will
    go to a boatload of DC Shysters who are billing THOUSANDS of hours of "legal time"
    to keep the charade of justice going.

    1. Agree they will all skate because our heroes are either with them or they have pictures of them If pizza gate did nothing Satan has their backs

  5. When justice is perverted, and judges legislate,
    When free speech is censored, then banished as hate,
    Then the only rule standing will be Rule 308.

    1. When? It has to be soon. It has to be. Or it’ll be too late.

  6. Hate to say it but.....
    NOTHING will happen to the Communists, No Jail, No Hearings, No Court..
    The Shoppers will Shop, Porn Freaks do Porn, and the Working Stiff Work till there Stiff.
    The End.
    The MSM deserve whatever comes there way though, and as a potential juror, folks should keep that tucked away.

  7. I fear you are correct, as frightening as it is, but when it comes to the Democrats, all we ever hear, after going through countless and expensive hearings and investigations of their crimes is; "THERE IS NO THERE THERE." No matter what they do, no matter who or how many innocent people they screw over or kill, no matter how many of America's children they corrupt: mentally, morally, ethically, spiritually, or even physically, the leftist scum always come out smelling like a rose while the rest of society pays the price.

  8. Call me when the show trials are over.

    And when they are, we're ready to dispense justice the old fashioned way. Because that is where we're headed.
    The justice system favors those with the money and influence to skate. Always has. There isn't a judge out there that doesn't have a price, a jury that can't be corrupted and bought, a news outlet that can't be controlled, and a population that can do anything about it.
    Trump is merely a reprieve, a bump in the Marxist highway. He'll be gone at some point, and I don't see anyone yet fit to replace him.

    My advice to all: find your "good place to live" right now and work your way into the community. Don't wait.

  9. Peter B,

    When you give a link to a video, could you please include a title and brief description so we know whether it is worth clicking on. Thank you.

  10. Apologies to Matt Bracken.

    And if judges collude
    And politicians connive
    Then it won’t be too rude
    If we go the .45

    And if our rights get trod
    By Antifa et al
    Then go the bi-pod
    And the .50 cal

  11. As Ned2 above stated, '...find a good place to live ...'. We did and we are here; hopefully when 'it' comes we will be so far out of the way that the initial die off will take care of 95% of the problem - hopefully. Regarding the politicians - but 'we are working for you' don't you know? Truthfully, no - 'they' of whatever flavor don't give one shit about you and yours - hell, they don't even know who you are and to that end leave you and yours on your own. Anarchy? we are in it now (rule of law gone, money talks/bull shit (spewing out the mouths of the pols and MSN) walks and in the end YOU get to make your own decisions of whatever nature how to live your life. As Remus at the Woodpile Report says: stay away from crowds.

  12. I can tell you exactly what they said 30 years ago. I called into an early morning talk show because of a bout of insomnia. Whatever the topic was you could see it pointing to where we are today. But to say it 30 years ago was to be a kook.

    Not that I'm defending but why ever should the pols care about voters at all? They bend over the electorate and give us a dry corn-holing at will... and we re-elect them. Even when there is obvious voter fraud.. crickets from those who should care (yeah, repubs, I'm talking to you. Better read some history about what happens to the 'loyal opposition' once the other guys are in control).

    This will go spicy. No way out. Either the traitors skate and it goes down that road. Probably the scenic path. If even one of these turds is convicted and sentenced as they should be the fascist 'anti-fa' and other assorted left loons will be out for blood. IF that happens and IF you happen to be in indian country you best be watching your six. Your loony progtard coworker, neighbor, or family member may just decide they are in need of a whupping.

    Interesting times indeed.

  13. If they win and especially if they lose they will take to the streets. The camps and ovens await should they take over.

    Remember that "they" likely already know who you are and the list is in the hands of the local enforcement agency. You will be targeted. Going to a hiding hole will not make a difference and only delay and have you isolated.

    Eternal words of General LeMay "When you kill enough of them they will stop fighting". Us or them, Remember in hand to hand the guy who gets in the first shot usually wins. Second if surprised and your means are taken form you Mr. Molotov is your best friend. How to make the cocktail and many other interesting items, the Army manual is online PRINT IT OUT. Go to a range on a regular basis. Find some one who has been there and done that (I have not)find out what happens and how you are likely to behave so you can survive. Go hunting and learn how to get prey into your sights and pull the trigger. Ain't nothing like the tv shows.

    I can not offer any words of comfort and most will do nothing, too whatever. 3% the American Revolution but it is enough.

  14. ...and just to add another, perhaps smaller possible trigger point to the mix, the Nevada legislature recently passed a law which directs their Electoral College electors to cast Nevada's votes according to the National Popular Vote totals. They've now joined 18 other states that will cast their Electoral votes that way.

    MSM is of coarse silent, as are any CONgress critter or senator.

    Also nothing from the Trump administration or the Atty General.


  15. If the indictments roll out, the Left WILL go to war.
    If the indictments don't roll out, the right NEEDS to go to war.

    War is inevitable at this point. Encourage the Dems to pass every insane, twisted, sick law their pointy little heads can invent. Turn up the heat fast enough, and the frog will jump.

  16. eh, if or more likely when things go sideways and the shooting starts, best be sure it starts all over, heavily, and with fierce vengeance. See, if just small pockets of a shooting rebellion happen then the gov will swoop in, overpower, and crush it.

    The media and gov will declare they have saved lives and will never tolerate rebellion. Most of middle america moms who are not in the immediate zone of conflict will breath a sigh of relief that it didn't happen in their community and thankfulness that gov put down the violent dangerous people. That's sort of how it will, IMO, get played out and publicized.

    however if rebellion against the communists and criminal class quickly spread and couldn't be ring-fenced by gov and media, then by shear numbers they would be done for.

    think the news/anti-news is bad now, if things got hot you would NEVER know what or where it was happening just by reading the internet or listening to the news elsewhere. At least you wouldn't know the truth and you would have to but guess at the anti-truth.

    I'm beginning to think that the criminal governing class is too deep and spread to be taken out without there being violence. also thinking that they may have numerous
    'dead-man switches'(plague/chem/bio/nuke) and would not hesitate using them in this country if their power was truly threatened. might be partly why the most known ones still walk free.


  17. Some good friends were giving me a little good-natured guff (as good friends are wont to do) over my insisting they get ready for what's coming:

    >What, S18? You think it's gonna be, what's it, Wher-ol or whatever?
    >W.R.O.L. Without Rule Of Law, yeah.
    >Makes you say that?
    >Because we're already there. We're already in a 'Without Rule Of Law' scenario.
    >How so?
    >People like Hillary, Obama, Comey, and so on, aren't in jail, and neither are at least half of Congress who should be there with them, and most of the unelected government as well. Reporters are blatantly lying about people and not suffering for it, antifa and their ilk still largely roam without fear of law enforcement, it only seems people like you and I get whacked with the Law Hammer, and so it goes. If the Law is not equally and rigorously applied to everyone, then it is worthless.
    >Is it really that bad?
    >Yep. We are already in Civil War Two: Electric Boogaloo, just most people haven't realized it, or if they have, have yet to act on this reality; and it's only going to get worse. Now, what were we talking about before you got me distracted?
    >We were going out to find me my first rifle...maybe I'll need two...

  18. Huey P. Newton once opined;

    "A 45 will stop that jive"....

    Course, Huey be dead...shot down on an Oakland street.

    I guess his opinion had an element of truth.

  19. I don't see anyone on the left going to jail. If they do, the remainder of the Left completely loses their shit.

    When that happens, those that are List Keepers will do wonderous things with scoped rifles, one at a time. That'll work for about two days. Then, we're full sriracha and I don't give a flying fuck where you are, you aren't far enough away from "it" to remain untouched.

    It's coming, sure as tomorrow's sunrise. And not 1% of people that are 'ready' are actually 'ready.'

  20. It explains why fedgov spent so much arming non-military departments during the Obama regime?

  21. So make sure you find where they live now, like we have.....

  22. War is already here, my friends. Most of us just don't know it yet. The good news, when the shooting starts, the purple-haired social justice warriors will melt away, like the little snowflakes they are.

  23. M44 and a Barrett.

  24. Sherman reportedly told Lincoln that they needed to kill 300k+ southern men to insure the South never rose again. Do the math on today's much larger population.

    See you on the barricades.

  25. We are the only nation that has never had a violent transition of leadership. That has been an anomaly among history. The law of averages was bound to catch up to us eventually. The only question now is how many bodies are going onto the pyres.

  26. Definitely blood, good honest open violence in the streets would be far better than letting those commie fucks keep spreading their sedition, the democrat party is a criminal organization dedicated to sedition and helping its allies commit treason. Exile or prison or death are all that are fit for them, not fucking "deals". A Civil War is much preferable to this unjust peace, the democrats and rinos like mccain and their globalist pals cannot be simply allowed to fade away and die in their beds someday. And frankly even if clinton and obama and the whole bunch perp walk it won't be enough as long as the marxists dominating academia are permitted to keep warping our youth, as long as the poor are hobbled into dependency upon welfare programs, as long as the globalist continue to destroy the middle class by sending jobs overseas or by replacing Americans with socialist-minded foreigners. Unless the democrat party and every progressive-globalist "non-profit", ""foundation" and "org" are dismantled and their members and contributors jailed, exiled or otherwise disenfranchised and soon, war will be the only possible way to preserve any kind of nation here, much less restore one that follows anything near the intent of the Constitution and founding principles. And even if preservation and restoration are impossible, we still shouldn't let the globalists/left do the harm that they have done to our country without at least inflicting millions of casualties upon them in self-defense and vengence.