Monday, February 25, 2019

Wish: Granted

Re: Heh at WRSA, and the federal ruling that a draft of only men is unconstitutional, we saw this shrill bleat that such manifest fairness is unfair go unanswered:
It is interesting to read the comments on this subject. It seems most commenters would enjoy seeing their young women getting drafted into combat, getting killed or mutilated, and many call women by vile profanities. Only a few men like you hold the line in your own lives and resist the temptation to bitterness and self destruction.
It seems that few WRSA readers have the foresight to see that the enemy has already set up residence in your head and wrecked any future you could have had in a decent, moral society if you take joy in the thought of having your own women forced into combat, killed or mutilated.
Hey, hold my beer:

Dear Lori,

1) Shells that landed inside your perimeter can be assumed to be aimed fire. Welcome to combat. It's a bitch like that.

2) "Their" young women? Ha! "Your body, your choice." Wait, what?
People told you for fifty years that if feminazis wanted to push for military service equality, you'd get it, good and hard. Welcome to the party, pal. The federal courts just punched your equality ticket. Enjoy combat. I hear it's a peach. Bummer you can't change biology, huh?
That rustling sound is your chickens coming home to roost.

3) "and many call women by vile profanities".
Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of the caterwauling about toxic masculinity, rape culture, and 57 other flavors of anti-man feminist horseshit polluting the culture for 50+ years.
Men built the culture and the civilization, and even gave the Sisterhood the very equality they're now enjoying, and all the Sisterhood has done with each expansion of that equality is squat and shit harder on men in general, and in specific.
Imagine a sentence that begins with the word "Go", and ends with "yourself", and see if you can cleverly supply the missing four-letter verb that belongs between the imperative and the object in that sentence.
Some of us aren't holding the line, we're holding our sides while you get your equality, good and hard, just like you bitched, whined, moaned, and pussy-hatted for. Wasn't you? Go bitch at three generations of bull dykes in congress, et al, whom you let do your talking, and voting. Now you'll get to enjoy feeling like men do when the military draft makes them Fate's bitch. Legend has it your gender has some experience with that, so all y'all should take to this like a duck to water. Pisser about how heavy the packs are, huh?

4) "bitterness and self-destruction".
Really? You mean after watching generations aborted in their millions, women en masse making sport of degrading, deriding, and ridiculing men as a gender, for decades, we're not already seeing the root of that bitterness that lead to civilizational self-destruction? On what planet? Maybe you've noticed the growth industry of importing women from foreign lands as yet uninfected by the American Harpy Disease as brides here, who have still some wee notion of the eternal sense of division of roles by gender, courtesy of biology, and who're not afraid to be mothers, while resisting the asinine fairytale notion that you can "have it all", instead preferring marriages that endure, and motherhood in a two-parent traditional family, while resisting the perennially failing idea that you can skip those things, and have an endless parade of penises, and a career, and then squeak out a child as an artificially inseminated career woman, with Government as the Baby Daddy, because Gloria Steinem lied it into truth.

5) "It seems that few WRSA readers blah blah blah"...
No, sweetheart, the enemy has been sitting in residence in our institutions. Perhaps you've been asleep for fifty years. Men have not.
They're tired of being accused of rape every time some drunken bimbo has buyer's remorse the morning after. Or makes a story up out of whole cloth for a shot at a payday.
They're tired of having no say about an abortion, but being saddled with full support for any baby delivered.
They're tired of being saddled with paternity in a marriage despite that fact that up to 30% of all births within wedlock (itself a vanishing fraction of total births) are actually bastards sired by sluts catting around on the sly.
They're tired of women yammering for equality, then treating husbands and fathers as disposable, after garnishing their paychecks for anywhere from 18 years to life.

So how about some more actual equality:
A baby isn't your body. So from now on, no abortion unless the baby consents to it as well.
Good luck with that one.

Child support is 50/50. Women will be henceforth required to submit child support payments to the state in escrow. Women who fail to pony up the same amount as the father will be declared unfit, lose custody, and be imprisoned. Welcome to Deadbeat Mom status. Sauce for the gander.

No spousal support. You want spousal support, stay married. Divorce is henceforth a declaration of a desire by the filing party to be self-sufficient, entirely on their own hook. Alimony is hereby reset to $0, in perpetuity, in all cases. Each party departs the relationship with what they came into it with, and 50% of all joint assets produced during the union. And nothing more going forward. Now you're equal. You don't get to marry and divorce your way to an endless monkey-branching half of every man's paycheck as your lifetime pension plan if you don't honor the "until death do us part" section of the oath.

False and unsubstantiated accusations of rape, battery, or sexual harassment will be mandatorily prosecuted, with non-negotiable sentencing of the guilty equal to the highest sentence allowed for a man convicted of the same crime. Plus civil damages and loser pays lawyer fees. Due process is a thing again.

Three false accusations of same will constitute Three Strikes, and lifetime incarceration.

Aw...too soon?

6) "wrecked any future you could have had in a decent, moral society..."
Stop, you're killing me, and my sides hurt from laughing.
Look at teen pregnancy, the number of abortions, divorce, out-of-wedlock births, shacking up, marital infidelity, and every social pathology traceable incontrovertibly to single parenthood (read single motherhood), and tell we where is that decent, moral society you've fantasized. Maybe among the Amish, or back in 1950. No one's seen it hereabouts for decades.

7) "if you take joy in the thought of having your own women forced into combat, killed and mutilated".
Apparently you've missed those same men, in droves, warning you that's exactly what you were going get if the Sisterhood kept pushing this anti-biological codswallop contrary to reality forever that women are physically equal to men, and missed as well exactly the commenters you deride (hard to break old habits?) tell you until their tongues had calluses that 99% of women don't even belong in the military in the first place, and never have, let alone within a country mile of combat duties, because there isn't 1 in a literal 1,000,000 women who could even pass the physical.
And that it's going to get women and men killed and maimed when it's tried, and on top of that, cost us a battle, a campaign, perhaps even a war.

But the Womyn Of The 21st Century are immune to such facts, logic, and millennia-long biological realities, and aren't having any of it, because the Sisterhood has pink-pilled them into oblivion chasing exactly this nonsensical fairytale nightmare.

If all we had to do was draft the lot of you, and kill and maim you in the literal millions to finally eradicate the error, I'd happily see an entire generation of lunatic women dismembered and slaughtered, just to see the pitiful few croaking and bloody survivors come crawling back to common sense on their bloody stumps, and let us try again societally in 20 years with generations yet unborn and untainted by the poisonous nonsense of retard feminism.
It would be a bargain for everyone but yourselves if the inevitable bloodbath only looked like WWI trench warfare, and wiped you out to the last lip-quivering Wannabe Combat Barbie.

And since that appears to be the only way 99% of you will ever wrap your empty, ungrateful heads around reality, the day cannot come soon enough.

Pucker up and kiss the pig you've been applying lipstick to since the 1970s.
You chose your date for this prom, and now you're all about to dance with the partner that brung you to this point: a civilizational death wish.

Skip to my lou, baby.
Full gender equality, at last.
While biology laughs her ass off at you and the insane Sisterhood who wrought this (99% of whom will never bear the brunt of this asininity which you foisted upon yourselves), and the Gods Of The Copybook Headings sit in the wings with their pens ready to tally up the cost of reality coming so late to your empty heads.

Some lessons leave a mark. Fortunately this one will.

And perhaps, next time you want to call out a gender, try pulling the board out of your own Sisterhood's eye before taking a half-assed swipe at men. You hit like a girl.


  1. Miss/Mrs Lori, (if I may assume to use an unapproved/unwanted gender title)

    No WestCiv man wants to see the women of his society maimed or killed in battle.

    Likewise, the same men do not want those women to demean, belittle and generally treat them as useless scum.

    Women, get treatment for your feminist mental disorder, accept your biologically determined roles and help men try to turn this civilization around before its gone.
    Staying disabled by the feminist disorder will result in men less civilized determining your fate. FYI, should Western Civilization go away, be prepared to submit to the males who remain. Failure to do so will not be as painless as failing to honor and protect your men.

    1. The women doing all vulgar stuff you see in the media are not the issue; they are lost already. What the draft will do is take the good ones who do value family over job and send them off to slaughter and PTSD. There ARE good women out there, and drafting them will destroy what the enemy of our souls could not until now.

      What I had assumed was that WRSA readers were more conservative in their moral values than most, and that they would want to see their women adopt more traditional values that strengthened families. For men to group all women as radical feminists and then rejoice to see all women, including the ones with good values like being stay home moms drafted seems self defeating. If the "good" men (which I thought might read blogs like these) rejoice to see ALL young women drafted because of the vocal, obscene ones seen on television, then I would logically conclude that the enemy of our souls has won a major victory and is indeed living rent free in your heads and is getting you to self destruct. I hope I am wrong, but I do not see how it could be otherwise.

      It is enlightening to read the assumptions made about me in the above blog and in comments. Here is a bit about me; see if it fits your assumptions and assertions. I spent 14 years as a Navy fighter pilot, became a Christian and left the military to stay home and raise kids. I am rabidly conservative, against abortion (my husband and I have offered to raise children that would otherwise be aborted and adopted three children). We live a victorian life here where women often run around in long skirts, maintain their purity before marriage, and play classical music on the piano when we are not working our farm. My husband is a respected leader in our home and would never speak the way many of your men speak here, No woman in our home would be disrespectful to our men. But I ask you; we have a daughter who has maintained her purity in all ways, is hard working and sweet, loves Jesus and respects authority.....where would I find a moral man for her for a husband?

      What I see here is despair; the kind of despair that will result in defeat.

      As for the Kurdish woman in the above picture, find out the situation. If the Muslims come here like they did to Kurdish lands, our women would fight to the last with our men just as she did. Better beheaded than raped and forced into Islam. You should hope yours would, too.

    2. Don't worry, good women can get a deferment by getting and staying married to a male Citizen and having children.

    3. Your assumptions are predicated on the men getting a say in the proceedings. We did not. Those of us who are heartsick at the general state of things, and especially the more recent developments, certainly were not consulted. By this point, our opinions are usually derided as mansplaining, anyway.
      I do like to see people get exactly what they ask for, though.

    4. Lori: Bravo, well said! 14 yeasrs as a Navy fighter pilot? A meritocracy if there ever was one, well done!

      No one wants to see women drafted. I do not want to see women drafted. Not my daughter. Women have for the longest time filled useful roles in the armed forces, arguments about specific combat arms (i.e. infantry) aside.

      Most commenters here know nothing of combat. The comments here are disgusting. I understand the anger at rabid feminism, yes there is a sort of 'I told you so' cynicism about women being potentially drafted. But no one should really want it or support it. We hopefully will not have to face the draft anyway, unless the current volunteer model becomes insuffient in future survival war.

      Anyway, sad to see you treated thus way. Also, Wendy Stringer's point about the kurdish female fighter (heroine) is well made and is a callous example posted and slavered over by people who themselves most likely have no combat experience.

      Sad days on all sides.

    5. Better Beheaded than raped and forced into Islam..yeah, sure, we believe you. I look around all over this lovely town I live in and I see LOTS and LOTS of bold, patriotic young women - out there learning how to shoot, navigate, close with the enemy etc etc etc...So many patriotic young lasses, wearing those "Colors that never run" of the Red White and Blue..Lori - you live in an alternative universe. I suggest you take a stroll on a warm spring day along the lovely Dogwood blossoming trails of ANY university, college or High School you pick - even here in the SE, see how many groups of young ladies are gathering to discuss the wonderful freedoms, liberties and privileges bestowed on them by their forefathers (sorry - forepeople) in this magnificent land. You are delusional. Let me name one name to you -- Lena Dunham. Now, go off and fantasize about the brave American fighting womenzes standing tall for freedom and liberty against the Muslim Hordes...phhhhtttt....

    6. Well, anonymous, you have many good points. I wouldn't go within 10 miles of a university campus. I joined the Navy because I loved this country and was grateful to live here, so I wanted to serve her. And I did. That was several decades ago. I don't make policy; the door for service was open and I took it, and was glad to offer my life to serve her at that time. And you are right that this is not the same country; this blog alone is enough to convince me of that. God doesn't have to come down with his angels to see if the outcry about America's filth is true like He did to Sodom and Gomorrah before He burned it up with fire; He can just have His angels read the blogs and have a pretty good assessment. But again, anonymous, I was against drafting women (at least for anything but support roles), not for it, and for many reasons but the main one being that delusional common sense.

  2. Not pertinent to this post, but Cold Fury has been suspended.

  3. If he was suspended for content, tell him to contact They're hosting Gab and won't back down. Nothing I ever read at ColdFury was illegal or threatening so it's time to move away from the main hosting providers, who are suspending for content alone that they disagree with. Aesop, we don't want to lose you also, so you might want to look into getting the hell off Blogger soon, hosting yourself elsewhere, and using some free blogging software.

    As for women and drafts, they damn well asked for it. End of subject.

    1. Who was he being hosted by? I only want to know so that I can go there, in person if possible, and curse them out and fuck with them in the strongest possible terms.

  4. "As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!"

  5. A deserved and well said retort on the subject. I truly hope your post goes viral; it needs to more than most women can possibly know. And it all comes down to your illustration at the conclusion.

  6. The POS's will just head to Canada like slick willie.

  7. Thank them for the diversity in the ranks as well.

  8. I recall years ago in Idaho when someone told the state I was the father of her child and I knew otherwise. Came up with the proof and provided it to said state via US mail, then made a follow up call to the State AG office, asking to have the crap (arrears) they put on my credit record removed. To my astonishment I heard this "woman" tell me they were still going to go after me for that money. And I had been told by Idaho residents (which I wasn't) previously, that if they think they can get away with it, the state would get multiple "father" to pay child support.

  9. The hysterical thing is, that any time that a female decides to get out of deployment, they make sure they get pregnant. The whiners now have a binary choice, motherhood or combat. LMAOROTFL

  10. Time to end that unfair exemption, and make pregnancies an automatic 1-year extension of service obligation for all ranks.

    In wartime, getting pregnant within 6 months of pending deployment should constitute "making yourself physically unavailable for duty", and be judicially punishable by commanders.

  11. robins111:

    Not necessarily. Under current social rules, a quick trip to the local abortuary (after the unit has deployed) would solve that problem.

    But then why should pregnant women be excused from deployment? Even to a combat zone? If babies can be killed up to the moment of birth, does it really matter if it's done by abortion or artillery?

  12. Syllogistically true, but at some point, the mental and physical health of the individual factors into their utility for the good of the group.

    Putting a preggers chick into a jet cockpit and inducing a spontaneous abortion during a dogfight at 20,000' feet costs you both aircraft and wingmen when due to high-G maneuvering, she's clutching at crushing abdominal pain rather than watching her six, and at that point, the consequences obviously outstrip the utility of the "if the service wanted you to have children, they'd have issued them to you" philosophy.

    Equality says "Go have your baby. And when you get back, you'll have been rolled back a year for promotion, and incurred an additional 12-month service obligation."
    You want to knock a kid out during a training rotation, with minimal impact, ROWYBS.
    You get pregnant to miss a deployment, and that extra time is spent in Leavenworth, and becomes 5 or 10 years.

    Or, serve one master for your tour instead of two, and enlist the assistance of Captain Norplant until you get out.

    Better yet, realize the military is not the place for 99.9% of women, ever, under any circumstances, except in certain stateside-only job categories that could be filled as well by hiring you as ancillary civilian support staff, with no rank whatsoever.


    The reality is that the military needs women like it needs deaf radio operators and blind gunners.

    1. The reality is that the military needs women like (it needs deaf radio operators and blind gunners)

      ...a fish needs a bicycle. FIFY

  13. During my tour at NSGA Adak (1985-1988), 40% of the command was female. In spite of constant lectures and contraceptives handed out like candy at sick-bay, the pregnancy rate at any one time was 25%. The uniform shop carried "maternity" uniforms, and a special flight to Anchorage took off every week carrying women ready to deliver. Those female sailors NEVER returned to Adak, and every work-center was chronically short-handed. Now I hear that women are being assigned to combat ships; the Navy didn't learn the lesson.

    Read Heinlein's book, "Starship Troopers" to get a rational idea of women in the military. (Skip the stupid movie; it was a satire.)

  14. It's only that we have created a society where Truth must NOT be spoken that this situation exists. If a group cannot meet a standard, the standard must be changed. If combat effectiveness is impaired, combat effectiveness is no longer the goal. As is often said, you can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

    I very much like your equality plan . . . (point 5).

    A very good week of posting, Aesop!

  15. Equal rights = Equal fights.

    'Nuff said.

    - Juliet Lima

  16. A civilization that permits women in combat is on a sharp, downward slide into barbarism.

  17. I can just picture it now,
    a whole platoon of screeching women coming over the ridge displaying the only weapon they truly know how to use.
    Naked from the waist down,
    Bottoms bouncing with the effort,
    boots pounding in the dirt,
    the women’s platoon conquer the enemy by making the men think of humping them.
    One gook spots a pussy he wants,
    but another of the enemy, thinks she isn’t his type and shoots her and,
    he gets shot in retaliation by the guy to his left that had just fallen in love with her.
    within ten min the enemy has killed itself or surrendered in an effort to get closer to some of that sweet poon.
    The smell of cordite and Chinatown fill the battlefield.
    The women of platoon 69 have conquered again.

  18. Steve Miller said...
    I recall years ago in Idaho when someone told the state I was the father of her child and I knew otherwise. Came up with the proof and provided it to said state via US mail, then made a follow up call to the State AG office, asking to have the crap (arrears) they put on my credit record removed. To my astonishment I heard this "woman" tell me they were still going to go after me for that money. And I had been told by Idaho residents (which I wasn't) previously, that if they think they can get away with it, the state would get multiple "father" to pay child support.

    Steve Miller,
    Oregon is no different. My son paid support for 18 years for a daughter known not to be his...wife's own admission backed with DNA testing.

  19. The ultimate equality bitch slap will be when some of them actually survive battle and come back maimed, disfigured or with their minds shattered. Then they will get to enjoy the VA system too.

    Another epic and most assuredly well deserved riff Aesop.

  20. "Gee, I wish I was a man. Then I could join the Navy."

    Hey ,sweetheart. Just join the Navy and then you'll get your wish. We'll even pay for your sex change operation.

  21. Excellent, just fucking excellent....

  22. Mrs. Lori,
    Thank you for your service and your dedication to family values.

    I'd like to point out that you opened fire on men at WRSA first with demeaning generalities. See, we're so used to taking incoming fire from women, when one does it we just assume that its another man hating feminist. Perhaps if you had opened with your "a little bit about me" first there and explained yourself better fewer of the men would have had a problem with what you said.

    A woman like you describe yourself to be is the model that the true men of WestCiv seek, love and protect against all enemies foreign and domestic, male and female.

    1. Well, I didn't mean to open up fire per say...but most of the comments did either call women profanities, or with joyful glee look to the results of combat on mutilating women. Perhaps you should re-read the comments at that post and see if it isn't true. But if what I said was wrong, isn't it still wrong no matter what my background or values? Or are we so shell shocked that we are just shooting at each other now as soon as we see movement?

      As for this civilization, I think we see so much of the pink hats, etc. that it has driven us mad with despair. Yet I know at least a half dozen good, Christian women my daughter's age in our area who were home schooled, kept themselves pure, and are hard working with good morals who want to be wives and mothers. What drives me to despair is looking at places like these blogs and thinking," the left is gone, and now the right is too". I am not sure that there are a half dozen good Christian men left in this country to be their husbands. We have actually considered sending her to visit our friends in South Africa who are Boers (white south Africans) thinking maybe there are a few good men left there who do not have this raging insanity in their heads.

    2. Perhaps these ladies should postpone their S. African adventure; that formerly robust nation is circling the drain, having been delivered wholesale to black S. Africans who celebrate their own brand of 'diversity' with sporadic (for now) white murder, rape, farm/industry confiscation and all the mayhem that derives from same. In as little as five years they will be living on donated food and bottled water
      and will blame their misfortunes on white people.

      As to the kerfuffle about your comments, I am of the belief--stated above--that decent Men of the West would never send any of their women into combat but, by the same token, should absolutely require a momentous change in attitude: end the "I am Woman, Hear me Roar" mantra and replace it with "I am woman seeking a good husband to make a home, have babies and honor God and Country." Can today's American Woman cease hostilities, shave off the pink or green or purple hair, refuse to sleep around at will, stop dating the 'badass boys' and give a 'normie' a fighting shot? I have my doubts.

      Mark Steyn nailed it in 2008 with "America Alone," showing that Islam will dominate the West by demographics. He's right, too, because while Muslims have 3-8 progeny here in the US, our typical white American couple has a puppy & two abortions.

    3. Anonymous you also have some good points. The reason I mentioned South Africa, knowing full well that place as I am often in contact with friends there. The Christians there have undergone great refinement and many Boers are rock solid good people with good Christian values. The men there are quite moral and decent. Yes I know about genocide of whites. But consider that physical death is not to be feared as much as moral death, and America is undergoing a moral death.

      And as for the other anonymous comment about women defending this country that I was deluded, I didn't mean American women, I meant the women of my tribe having their men's backs.

  23. Thoroughly enjoyed reading that one ... As I do most of the ones you write ... That was a particularly good one ... Paragraph 5 ) hits home with me , as the dust from that nonsensical windstorm finally settled with time for me , so I found the humour to it , but nod that I wholeheartedly agree with you saying that the situation is a 50-50 deal , as I have been saying it should be treated as such for 30 years now ... Great read Aesop

  24. Didn't see the ' Identity ' thing the first time ...

  25. This is getting good. Maybe Lori has lurked at WRSA for a while and read comments from a few of the truly sad excuses for men whose ex-wives married extremely poorly and perhaps decided to move on leaving behind the poor sap to miserate about how badly he was treated by the fairer species.

    And these trolls don’t even know how much and what they reveal about themselves in their ravings about the treacherous woman. They should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves, but are too doltish to be, so we will have to be embarrassed for them on their behalf. Hopefully they have not reproduced.

    Lori sounds a bit like my wife (less the military background) and her daughter like mine; a chaste virgin when married at 22. My lady is razor sharp and loyal as anyone you’ve ever met. I’ll take her as a wingman before just about any of the blowhards that frequent these forums. She’s a pretty happy gal too. I make sure of it. It’s a tough job at times, but I’m up for it.

  26. Your very own post in reply, Lori:

  27. Waitwaitwait...

    America is so lost you were thinking of sending your white daughter to South Africa...?

    So, it goes without saying you don't keep up with the news from SAfrica much.
    By much, I mean "at all, to any degree, whatsoever".

    I cannot nor would I answer for the other posters at WRSA.

    Nonetheless, your post springs from a delusion: that any women anywhere belongs in military service.

    But society, including a substantial majority of your sisters, thinks just the opposite.
    And now that delusion is going to demand, in the name of actual equality, that women be drafted and serve in the combat arms, and get blown to pieces.

    File that epiphany under :"No sh*t, Sherlock!"

    "everyone without serious handicap should be eligible for selection by lottery--men and women, students and non-students. Once the lottery had determined who would serve, assignments based on physical classifications could determine where and how. The question of women's service is the most emotionally troubling aspect of this generally emotional issue, but the progress of domestic politics over the last ten years suggests that the answer is clear. If any sexual distinctions that would deny a woman her place as a construction worker or a telephone pole climber have been forbidden by legislators and courts, what possible distinction can spare women the obligation to perform similar functions" - the Atlantic, April 1980

    Reality on this topic has been coming at you like a freight train for 40 years.
    It's long past time you looked up the tracks and noticed it.
    Ignorance of the train is no excuse.

    1. The physical death many Boers are undergoing is not as bad as the spiritual death those in the States are undergoing.

      And as for the rest of your comments, are you for drafting women then?

  28. To quote Lori, "I am not sure that there are a half dozen good Christian men left in this country to be their husbands." Geez, you just love painting with a broad brush. I can find you a dozen good young Christian men in an hour on any given Sunday or Wednesday night. What rock are you living under? Gotta send your daughter to freaking South Africa to find a man? Devoted to the future of the U.S. you are!

    You may be despairing, but we don't have time for that crap. And what are you doing handing around on the internet getting studded like this? Don't you have something better to do? I know I do, but I'm on a break.

    1. Both points well taken, Felix. I'm sure there are good young men out there, and I agree you would find them in a live church. Our churches are not that way and you see the morality there worse than the world.

      As for our point about what am I doing on the internet, you are also right. I was sick and also took a break, and I ended up on this blog from the wrsa link. I shouldn't have. I will take your advice and stay away. Maybe more of us should do the same. What would Jesus think of these comments?

  29. Women need men who are winners. The "Western War fighters" that have returned home since the 1950s in a steady stream, all broken and burned, BUT WITHOUT DECISIVE, FINAL GLORIOUS VICTORY, have been disgracing all Western men IN THE EYES OF ALL WESTERN WOMEN, or at least in their subconscious minds anyway. If instead these war fighters came home soaked in the enemy's blood, even adorned with their shrunken heads, the Western women would clean up their act and behave much better as a whole. But since the majority of Westernized men have fallen under the twisted, corrupt Dark Powers of Empire, they have denied themselves their right to these most precious and vital nutrients: victory, glory and honor.

    Women are biologically repulsed by "War Without End" and rightly so. Westernized women see right through the lack of drive for final, decisive victory and dominance. They instinctively detect the foul odors of unending and needless draining of scare resources. Thus women are filling in a vacuum with their own crazy self-generated bullshit.

    The coming set of discontinuities will gradually alter this particular deteriorating set of circumstances, for better or worse. The battle will come to all, yet only the worthy will survive it. Weak men and women will rapidly perish. Women without contraception or advanced gynecological services will die in childbirth. Women in the military and law enforcement will see their companies decimated by an enemy inspired and insanely driven to take her body aprize. All women without male-dominated security networks will likewise be taken aprize by gangs and psychos.

    Women would rather be dominated by primitive brutes than pedestaled by weak men. Remember that for the day "your" women consciously betrays you to a stronger, more determined adversary at the first clear moment of opportunity.

    If, in the final analysis, Western civilization is to continue existing, then the survivors will be those who thought and acted according to their natural and unspoiled genetic endowments. Real men will resume primary responsibility for logical analysis and problem solving, cooperation, self-improvement, strength-building, etc. Traditional women will resume primary responsibility for the care of hearth and home, sanitation, nutrition, emotional support and inspiration for their men and children. Men and women will once again form strong families. Families will form strong clans and tribes. Human evolution will get back on track.

    Either that, or extinction.

    Choose your enemy carefully, and act accordingly.
    Fight and lose, and don't come home alive, because your women will not want to have your children anyway.
    Fight and win, and your genes have one more shot at immortality - your women will honor and respect you as a husband, father, protector, provider, leader and winner.
    Good luck and God Bless America

  30. @Aesop:

    Respectfully I think that the woman you choose to be the poster child for the feminist women in combat fantasy meme was very disrespectful to the real live person that is in the pictures.

    The name she went by was Barin Kobani (her real name was Amina Omar), she was 27 years old and a member of the all-female fighting unit (the YPJ) of the Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units).

    She died bravely fighting Syrian rebels backed by Turkish forces in battle in Afrin, Syria in February 2018. It is said that she had killed over a hundred enemy fighters in her short military career.

    After she was killed the enemy fighters cut off her head and mutilated her naked body and posted the pictures and video for propaganda and psychological warfare purposes.

    She deserves much respect. She died bravely choosing to fight to the death for her freedom and for her Kurdish people rather than surrender or submit.

  31. In my opinion, a better choice for the feminist fantasy of women in the combat poster girl who would fit right in with the WW2 woman wanting to join the Navy poster would be Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock who was Officer Of the Deck and Tactical Action Officer Lt Natalie Combs, who were not talking to each other and as a result crashed the USS Fitzgerald into the much larger ACX Crystal container ship in June 2017.

  32. He would think that if the comments here send you running for the powder room, you have no business serving in any military worthy of the name.


    Allow me to summarize:
    Amina Omar died serving in an army she never should have joined.
    Propaganda assignations of her martial prowess after the fact are PR fantasy, not reality.
    And she's still dead.
    Wonder Woman is a comic book tale, not reality.

    But it's going to take her X 1,000,000 to beat the stupidity of this nonsense out of the culture.
    Apparently, nothing less will do.

    But until the Wannabe Combat Barbies admit the whole concept is farcical, they're going to keep pushing until they kill off enough women for the surviving remainder to realize what total dumbassery this whole idea is and was.

  33. Lori, I wish you a speedy a recovery. May God bless and keep you and yours.

    Anonymous Western Civ Analyst, amen. I had not considered that aspect of our military non-victories but, your point is well made. The paths to victory are well known, but the choice has been made not to win. Far more sinister than I knew. Well done.

  34. Lori,
    Like ALL women (see I did that broad brush generalization thing) you seem to be unable to simply admit you were/are wrong, apologize and go back to submitting to your husband (if you ever did because the majority of women I see in the church want to rule over, not submit to. Broad strokes again by the way). You keep doubling down on your characterizations of men because of a few commentators at WRSA and here.
    Instead of pointing out the splinter in the eyes of the men commenting, perhaps you should do as Jesus said and examine the plank in your own eye.

  35. Come on Aesop.

    IIrc, Australians looked at it and something like 2-3% of women would in actuality pass the physical.

    I once dated a one-in-a-million type, spawn of height-selected college athletes. They let her compete in male kickboxing events, she even did pretty well. Even though she was biologically female, she was also 6'6", lean and around 200 lbs. I dare say she'd probably have done fine on a physical, performance wise, but she was less robust than a man of that height would be.

  36. Love the reality check. And yes, those chickens ARE coming home in droves...

  37. Frankly, at this point, I don't really care. The Soviet Night Witches and the 800,000 Russian female soldiers in WWII had many distinguished examples, especially in the sniper ranks. They were segregated into female units, though so men were not tasked with saving their bacon. Integrated ranks are sure to fail, if that is the plan. Also, with so much obesity in the population, drafting females may be the only way to fill out ranks these days. So if standards are kept high, ranks are not integrated, it could work somewhat. A few Amazon battalions might be formidable. I guess we will see how it works out if we ever have to go up against 200 million screaming Chinamen!

  38. No, Lori, I'm for equality.
    Throw them all the hell out until or unless they can pass a single (male) physical ability standard. Damage control timbers and hose packs and artillery shells don't weigh less for women, because physics isn't subject to the delusional demands of the Sisterhood.

    The 0.03% who can make it over that line, we can deal with on a case by case basis.
    We'd get about 2-8 women per year who could actually cut the mustard.
    They won't be in combat arms, and the ones there will have earned their places, rather than been gifted it as Affirmative Action Special Snowflakes, something no woman has done in military service for over 150 years, since a couple of them snuck into the ranks disguised as men during the Civil War.

    You're not for that.
    You want to serve, but not in combat.
    You want to fly jets, but not get drafted.
    You want the icing, but you won't take the cake or clean the dishes afterwards.
    It's 20-30 years beyond that nonsense, and you're still denying the obvious reality.
    You're Spike Lee without the pigment.

    That's a ridiculous position to take now, as it was in the day.
    The Congress has decreed, in their wisdom, that all jobs in the military are now open to women, common sense and biological realities be damned, and the military has lowered standards at every point across the board to accommodate that nonsense.

    Judicial fairness and basic honesty demands they register for (and be called into) any military draft, exactly as one wise judge has now pointed out, and not just including combat arms, but requiring that, in perpetuity, or else admit reality, and go back to being the second-class service members nature intended them to be.

    Or better yet, leaving the profession of arms to the men entirely, and be utilized wherever possible, in civilian roles, in their droves. The military has gone all-volunteer to spare us a perpetual small draft. The correct answer is to throw the women out, and start drafting men, instead of perpetuating anti-biological nonsense.

    But events, the law, and the Sisterhood, fueled by Affirmative Action exemplars like yourself, have over-ruled that reality.
    You've sewn the wind, now reap the whirlwind.

    The first draft of women should be preferentially the children of women who served, to drive the point home good and hard.
    If service was good enough for you, it's good enough for your daughters.

    Anything less is sheer, undisguised hypocrisy and blatantly unfair sexist double standards.
    What a shocker from the Sisterhood, and its beneficiaries.


  39. No WestCiv man wants to see the women of his society maimed or killed in battle.

    The feminists may be of our race, but they are no part of our society or Western Civilization. Let the enemy maim and kill at will.