Sunday, July 1, 2018

Chavismo On Your Doorstep

"Estábamos viniendo, pinche norteamericanos! Viva!"

Everybody always wonders where the next really big war/disaster/crisis is going to be coming from.

You're getting all three of the above at once. It'll be coming from Mexico. You heard it here first.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Leftist outsider Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won Mexico’s presidential election handily on Sunday, exit polls showed, setting the stage for a government that will inherit tense relations with Washington and the scrutiny of nervous investors.
From AP:
 Primary platform points:   
♦Amnesty to all drug cartels.    
♦No longer will work with U.S. immigration enforcement.   
♦Nationalize oil industry.   
♦Farm subsidies.  
♦Elimination of multinational corporate influence on farming.   
♦Support and assistance for economic growth plan: using  
•mass migration of Mexican nationals into Southern U.S.,  
•create AmeriMex border region, and  
•remittance of earnings back to Mexico as initiative for rapid domestic economic growth.
Venezuela (you should Google the images from there for the last week)

Venezuela: Another day, another riot in the streets.
Nothing today; nothing tomorrow; nothing all year. Lo siento, hambrecitos.

just moved 2000 miles closer to your home, and you have a built-in demographic already here intensely tied to the fate of the failed state on our southern border.

That Great Big Beautiful Wall is about to become the national security issue of the next twenty years.

Building it cuts disaster off at the pass.
Failing to do so sets us up for what's going in Venezuela and Europe, simultaneously.

This is serious as a heart attack, and you're going to find out that even in Maine or Idaho, you're still in Greater Aztlan, whether you knew it or not.

You have an outright communist poised to grab the controls on a state a whisker from total collapse or open civil war, which both amount to the same thing.

He wants to confront los Estados Unidos, because he needs a unifying bogeyman to take everyone's mind (but Fred Reed's, but then "mind" pretty well pitched that outside the batter's box there) about how Turd-World shitholian Mexico actually is 24/7/365/207 years and counting.

He wants to nationalize the only legitimate industry that brings in hard currency.

He's walking away from confronting the other two illegal activities that do that:
both the drug cartels, and the illegal aliens who send remittances home (who are, nota bene, smuggled into the U.S. by those same cartels, and who then shake down the family members for their piece of the pie when the remittances arrive). In short, he's just made the cartels a cabinet ministry, and handed them their turf on a platter, and a permanent revenue stream.

That funds the cartels beyond the dreams of avarice, fires the starting gun on a wave of immigrants by every means available, and moves the slums of Tijuana, Juarez, and Nuevo Laredo to everywhere they can get to, up to and including the American-Canadian border.

Imagine, for comparison, President Trump handing the Mob in this country the banking industry, and legalizing loan sharking and leg breaking, for the closest equivalent you could posit.

This, boys, and girls, is how wars start.

Not faux Wars on Drugs, Poverty, or Illiteracy, but real shooting wars, like Vietnam, Korea, and the World Wars. And not to put too fine a point on it, but the Mexican-American War, the Punitive Expedition, and the seizure of Veracruz.

You may have no idea what's about to happen, whether in hours or months, but starting sooner rather than later, you're going to get one hell of an education.


  1. It's really too bad that we are never going to get a border wall down there.

  2. Don't be so sure.
    The question just became, "How fast can we get one built?"

    The last question that pointed was when captain Smith asked the Chief Engineer how fast the pumps on Titanic could catch up to the problem.

    And this ain't stopping with CA, AZ, NM, and TX. this is going to affect Michigan, Indiana, Utah...everywhere. Everywhere.

    Because that country's now inevitably going to implode, and they're not going to flee towards Guatemala when it happens.

    1. "How fast can we get one built?" Call the Seabees it'll be done tomorrow. lol j/k but close.

    2. The 'Wall' is not going to be built.
      Cognitive dissonance, just say no.

      American gringo

  3. When can we start shooting these bastards. I'm getting old waiting.

    1. Since you're asking for a permission slip,
      you'll never be free, nor a man.
      However, you will live to be an old slave.

    2. Well said 'anonymous! So what's your claim to fame?

  4. I patrolled the East German border at the Fulda Gap. Triple barrier fencing with AP mines laid between fencing. Not even the rabbits would venture inside that fencing.

    If the commies could wall off borders than certainly fUSA could. Just get the .mil outta Korea. For starters create a free-fire zone. Put 2ID on the Mexican border, armed, with orders to shoot to kill ANY invader crossing into that free-fire zone.

    Just bring home the troops to secure OUR OWN borders. Kill all the invaders.

  5. This bastard is going to get a lot of people on both sides of the border killed. Advocating the overrunning of your much more powerful northern neighbor may play well to Mexican peasants and their leftist elites, the execution isn’t going to be fun.
    If our government won’t deploy our “defense department “ forces to defend the border, will it deploy them to stop armed citizens and state law enforcement from defending their border?

    1. If our government won’t deploy our “defense department “ forces to defend the border, will it deploy them to stop armed citizens and state law enforcement from defending their border?
      I think you know the answer to that one...The state doesn't like competition because then it would show how badly the state is screwed up...

  6. Edward Abbey, a well known SouthWestern writer back in the 1970's and 1980's, suggested the Mexican immigration problem could be solved by giving each illegal caught at the border a rifle and a case of ammo, and sending them back to Mexico to solve their problems the way they always have.

  7. It was only a matter of time...

    Maybe JADE HELM 15 was less about training for the Middle East and Central Asia and more about preparing the battle space in the Southwestern US and Northern Mexico.

  8. @Harry,

    You sparked my imagination with that one. Perhaps there will be the usual covert training on this side of the border to return and destabilize (is that still even possible in Mexico's current state?) that gov. What's the worse could that happen, mass migration north? We've already got that. In all of my life on this rock, Mexico has been in perpetual collapse. This should speed it up to its end. Forget the wall at this point, do as they've been doing and push them back to S.A. They've been increasing no-go buffers on this side of the Rio, why can't we.

  9. Leftists to the north of us, leftists to the south of us, back in the middle again.
    What was that quote from Band of Brothers? We're supposed to be surrounded.


  10. People talk about "down there" and they're forgetting the cartels and drug gangs who are already up here, armed with automatic weapons, and who would form a substantial fifth column force for Mexico. It might be a good idea to find out exactly where they are and where they operate, and be ready to deal with them.

  11. Listening to the local PD take one out right now on the scanner. As soon as he gets in the vehicle with the dope, they drop the hammer on him.


  12. Perhaps a border wall further south where the distance from Pacific to Gulf isn’t as wide.

  13. As often happens with your posts, I am reminded of a Warren Zevon song:

  14. Yes. Mexico fired the starter pistol, and we can now safely say-it's on. To quote the late Warren Zevon: "Send lawyers, guns, and money.......the S* has hit the fan." Of course, the entire disaster will be the White Peoples Fault, and the communists, leftists, socialists, and assorted other dysfunctionals will lament the loss of so many dark peoples. This will probably be the fire that starts burning South Africa, and other African nations, because, well-Africa. Anything for a party that involves looting, murder, and wild times. As for the wall; why do we have to wait on the idiots in CONgress? Some protective details, and construction workers, and suddenly 12 feet tall with barbed wire is possible. I can't yet figure out if Eurabia goes before or after us, but they can't think a sea is going to save them. 7th century jackasses do what they know.

  15. Good post.
    Great ending meme.
    Message recieved.
    Hardening the "F" up!