Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Apprentice: Wyoming Edition

 Cheney: YOU'RE FIRED!

This blog joins the good citizens of Wyoming in wishing a tender farewell to the most faithless representative seen in modern times, in a manner that befits her service to her constituents:


  1. She should not let the door hit her in her fat ass as she departs. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  2. She can return to her home in Virginia now and enjoy being the resident 'Republican'on CNN and MSNBC or she can join the Grifters at the Lincoln Project and work to elect Communists.

  3. Liz managed to make herself one of the most hated women in America. Joining the ranks of Hillary, Amber, & Nancy. Quite the accomplishment.

  4. She now claims she might run for president. Bwahahahahaha. BFYTW Lizzie. Her husband is a douche canoe as well.

  5. Filthy Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill gonna suck Koch. Why pretend to be surprised???

  6. And now this treacherous cunt thinks she's going to run for President, after losing 3-1 in her home State.....

  7. She didn't get the message. She now says she's going to run for President 2024. I'd guess she's listening to her idiot father, Dick, too much.


  8. Cheney is comparing herself to Lincoln now. 🤡
    Harriet Hageman won because she was very plain speaking.
    “I think we need to make the federal government largely irrelevant to our everyday lives.”
    “I am going to reclaim Wyoming’s lone congressional seat from that Virginian who currently holds it."
    "We only get one House seat, and we can’t waste it on someone from Northern Virginia who does all of Nancy Pelosi’s dirty work to distract voters from Joe Biden’s disastrous administration."

  9. Dream ticket for RINOS in 2024: Pence-(Liz)Cheney.
    Until I worked in northern Indiana @2018, I thought that Pence was very well regarded by the state's conservative residents, and was one of the reasons that I reluctantly voted for Trump and Pence in 2016.
    While the client was woke and filled with H1B types, the rest of the area was very conservative, and nearly all of those I talked with loathed Pence as being an opportunistic lying son of a female dog, who would do anything for a vote.
    Personally, I think the choice in 2024 is going to be Zombie Biden/Stacy the Whale vs Pence/Dr. Ozzie. Not that the repubs will get any electoral college votes, mind you.

  10. Aesop said...

    "Lincoln? More like Edsel."

    LOLOLOL.....Now that's funny....😂

  11. She’s no Lincoln. At best she’s another McClellan: doddering, timid, and ineffective enough to think that she/he could be president. Oh, and McClellan had no desire to undo slavery any more than Liz wants to undo Marxism!

  12. I've spoken to several democRats who have told me that they voted on the Republican't ticket JUST to vote for 'Liz.
    Which means that plenty of the percentage who voted FOR her were on the democRat side.
    Which also means that the folks running on the DemonRat side primary didn't get as many votes.

    That's pretty dumb.

  13. Looks like Liz will have some spare time. Maybe her dad can teach her how to shoot people in the face?